Fashion influencers on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok post about their Ssense hauls and trade tips on preparing for upcoming sales events. Atallah, in addition to being a competitive tennis player, developed an interest in the homes lone computer, navigating his way around MS-DOS. And unlike many of its competitors, Atallah says Ssense has been profitable from day one and hasnt raised outside investment. This is very cutting-edge luxury, people who really have a point of view and are not afraid of making mistakes if theyre wearing something that is a little out there, she says. insta It isnt about prestige as much as its about looking fashionable and being yourself without the need to identify yourself with a particular brand or elite status in that way. Pharrell Williams photographed for an interview about Humanrace, his skin care line, which appeared on the Ssense site. Seeing the two extremities has allowed us to open up our horizons on whats possible.. Designers who Ssense championed at the start of their careers, like Virgil Abloh, are hotter than ever. Today, 29 percent of revenue is generated via Ssenses readers. For those whose sartorial choices lean normcore, browsing Ssense is like slipping into an alternate fashion universe where everything is familiar but just a bit off. As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give each month. Sign up today. How do you ship it? Though Mr. Atallah was an under-14 tennis champion in Syria, whose first ambition was to play at Roland-Garros, his future may have been set when his tennis coach first explained the internet to him. They already have a huge group of young followers in China who will be so excited once Ssense enters China properly, Cheung wrote over email. Five years in the making, Ssenses new store, here in its hometown, is the companys coming out party a sign the company, which started over 15 years ago as a student project and today sells high-end streetwear and avant-garde emerging labels, is positioning itself for a run at the top echelon of luxury retailers. But Ssense has taken a different approach. ABC collaborated with Wikipedia on a T-shirt branded with the ironic slogan Internet Master and produced a limited series of hoodies with Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. Im pretty sure the customers there hated me.. Charles de Brabant, the executive director of the School of Retail Management at McGill University in Montreal, said that Ssenses relentless attention on its audience sets it apart from competitors like Farfetch and Net-a-Porter. Thats what feeds the intuition. I didnt think it was logical at the time, said Mr. Hu, who went on to become the global design director at Nike and is now a freelance designer. This is perhaps the most revolutionary concept that has been implemented in actual practice in the fashion industry. Mr. Hu was taken aback. An audience that Fanny Damiette, Director of Brand Marketing Strategy, calls a global niche one thats culture is so based on digital that it is borderless. Are you ready to transform your business? Just as crucially, Ssense has to stay current and hunt for up-and-coming designers in order to keep customers coming back, a duty that falls widely within the company. Ssense has quietly grown into one of the biggest names in luxury fashion retail, with a recent financing from Sequoia Capital that valued it at more than $5 billion. Mr. Atallahs willingness to experiment with hiring people who lack fashion experience has reportedly led to high turnover among its management team. This is exactly as Mr. Atallah likes it. But hitting ten figures wont be easy. One of his first sights was a row of strip clubs on Sainte-Catherine Street. Where does one wear an $11,000 green shearling robe? The number was within the range of what we had in mind, but we dont see it as the destination for us.. At the same time, they present all that in a very minimal aesthetic that a lot of people really connect with because it comes across as very high quality and contemporary.. On the fifth floor is a slim caf serving adaptogenic drinks (Superfoods and things, Chow clarifies), while the rest of the space consists of a limited selection of strange and fantastic clothing. Luxury retailers have long traded on exclusivity and were slow to move online, allowing Ssense to prosper. Ssense declined to disclose current revenue figures. How do you buy it? His research of the luxury market eventually led him to the head office of Balmain, a fashion house in Paris. Ssense ships to 136 countries out of its Montral warehouse, but next-day delivery is its fastest service, and free express shipping can require orders as high as $500 in far-flung countries. Ssense is also experimenting with new categories. Style, yes. MatchesFashion reported about $280 million in revenue for the year ending in January 2017, and operates three stores in London to complement its online sales. The popularity has meant constant expansion. You can see an Ssense photo anywhere on the web, and you know its Ssense without having seen the logo, Mr. Atallah said. He doesnt like to describe their clothing as streetwear, but it does lean more casual and is moderately priced. And as part of the collaboration, Burberry invited Ssense to add its neoteric polish to its SoHo retail space.

Profitability is elusive, though. Now, nearly two decades after the company was founded, Ssense has become a destination for Gen Z and millennial consumers of designer clothing and footwear. To her, further expansion into China seemed natural. The sites users learned of the deal when they were redirected to Ssenses homepage, where a popup displayed the message Polyvore is now Ssense. Users rebelled, with over 16,000 signing an online petition to bring the site back, and flooding third-party rating sites like Sitejabber with one-star reviews of Ssense. His parents mortgaged their home and invested what Atallah says was a small sum.

Theres a lot more value in engaging emotional attachment than trying to force the product as [shown by] the data.. The approach is more expensive, Atallah says, but it helps establish an identity. Learn how your comment data is processed. What Is Car Camping and Is It Right for You? While the majority of the employees were shifted to remote work during the pandemic, about 150 photo and production employees have maintained a frenzied daily churn, uploading roughly 3,000 to 4,000 products onto the platform every week, the company said.

I would create these huge lines at the post office, he said. Damiette says: those are creative writers. The platform offers over 70,000 items from more than 700 brands, the company said.

Ssense says it will bring in more than $750 million in revenue this year, though that number could not be independently verified, and, until now, has never taken on significant outside investment.

The Top 20 Construction Companies in the United States, 20 Things You Didnt Know about Ultrahuman, The Five Most Expensive Atlanta Falcons Jerseys Ever Sold, A Drivers Guide for the Cheapest Car Insurance in 2022. In 2004, Ssense opened a small boutique in Montral. Collaborations with brands large and small are frequent occurrences, as are lavishly produced cultural events, like the time a replica of Virgil Ablohs Chicago studio was built inside of Ssenses retail space, designed by the architect David Chipperfield, or when the experimental producer ARCA staged an elaborate performance, involving vats of fluid, on all five floors. How do you print labels? When SSENSE sends their shipments out, you can rest assured that every brand included is authentic. Its a coveted demographic expected to represent more than 70 percent of all consumers of personal luxury goods by 2025, according to recent figures released by Bain & Company. Rami was adamant that even if you didnt have money, people should be able to walk away with something from Ssense.

He enlisted the help of his two brothers Firas and Bassel now chief financial officer and chief operating officer, respectively to transform his part-time passion project into a fully-fledged business. Cheung maintains Ssense has an edge when it comes to young Chinese consumers. Merchandise is confined to a few suspended metal racks and for the Calvin Kleinpompoms, a display case spread across five David Chipperfield-designed floors. Ssense styles complete outfits, including hair and makeup, and the final presentation is more akin to a fashion magazine than an online retailer. MONTREAL In June, when Rami Atallah, the chief executive of Ssense, learned that the online retailer he founded had received an investment that valued the company at $4.1 billion, he kept his cool. And should one pair it with the $930 matching gloves that resemble yeti paws? He oversees 1,300 employees spread across North America and Europe, alongside his brothers, Firas, 41, the companys chief governance officer, and Bassel, 37, its chief operations officer. They are less sensitive to the concept of value for money and more attracted to products and brands that speak to them, she wrote. Thats just fine with Atallahhe has hip young customers in 150 countries and is about to go big in China. The exception is a shiba inu who seems absolutely delighted to sport a $935 denim harness.

The first thing you see on the Ssense website is not actually clothing for sale. After years of careful growth, Ssense is not about to take wild risks when it comes to business. So far, the sites youth-friendly presentation and knack for listing just the right items still makes it an appealing platform for the next generation of designers, said Matthew Williams, who has been selling his label Alyx on the platform since early 2017. Chipperfields design is meant to make each event a unique experience. Angelica Cheung, the founder of Vogue China and a partner at Sequoia, helped lead the investment and has recently joined the Ssense board of directors. The company could have handled it in a different way, but business is about taking risks.. They first established the business in 2003 with the headquarters located in Montreal, Canada. They have a very particular eye when it comes to their casting and lighting and styling, she said. Yall got me, Canada., Parker is far from alone.

The best way to say it is that were an artist couple that runs a fashion brand, Guest says of ABC. While thats likely to bring in more mainstream shoppers, Ssense also risks alienating its original customer who comes to the platform to discover "in-the-know" brands instead of commercial labels. Ssense has 26 photo studios, sequestered behind a door with biometric security, to maintain this volume. From my experience in fashion, if its not selling well, he says, they let you know., Ssense is smaller than some of its competitors. This summer, Burberry collaborated with the retailer to introduce a capsule collection, codesigned by Peter Saville and Jo Ratcliffe.

[In order for] Ssense to grow, they need to keep that niche focus as opposed to a commercial focus, says Burke. Atallah says he and his brothers wanted Ssense to be international from the start, and about 75% of sales come from outside the country, with the United States accounting for the largest portion. The next few years could be transformativeand riskyfor Ssense. They dont use knock-off brands. Ssense opened a 720,000-square-foot distribution centre in Saint-Laurent (triple the size of the previous one) in 2019, and another in Europe last year. Mr. Atallah described his growing up in Syria as a culture very, very far from the world of fashion. There is no creative director, for example. Alexa Lanza, the market director of Interview magazine, often uses Ssense as a research tool because of its vast selection of products and visual presentation. But selling $2,000 Guccibrogues to Montral tourists isnt really the point. While the companys marketing materials insist the pronunciation of Ssense is es-uhns, Atallah opts for the more prosaic essence. The valuation was made by Sequoia Capital, a tech-focused venture capital firm, which had made a minority investment in the platform (and whose amount neither company will disclose). Even more, Ssense is the rare retailer perceived as a brand all on its own, a result of Mr. Atallahs desire to make his company a cultural protagonist. It has invested heavily in an editorial platform, overseen by Joerg Koch, the founder of the German fashion magazine 032c, which expanded into a twice-a-year print magazine in 2019. The key to this appeal has been their editorial content. Koch lends the brand even more credibility and heft to attract talented writers and staff for the editorial side. Retail analysts, like Mr. de Brabant, were surprised when news of Sequoias multibillion dollar valuation was announced. An employee floats by in a calf-length belted coat that appears to be the texture of a fluffy fleece towel. When you talk about a story that doesnt relate to product and you try to shoehorn the product in, its not authentic, Atallah said. Its also another way for Ssense to stand out from its peers, whose websites are pure e-commerce platforms. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. People tell us they can see a photo from Ssense anywhere on the web and know its us, he says. If you have not yet heard of SSENSE, then youre in the right place. Wearing purple Salomon sneakers and a gray mohair sweater, he spoke softly and evenly as sales associates trickled into the building, a cold space punctuated by a minimalist steel lighting system and black sandblasted concrete walls (a hue customized to Mr. Atallahs exacting standards). BUSINESS OF FASHION | CHRISTOPHER MORENCY & BRIAN BASKIN. Farfetchmoved $800 million worth of merchandise in 2016, and may ride its Store of the Future retail technology platform to a $5 billion initial public offering later this year. outfit outfits conference wrap abstract

Her academic degrees include AA social Sci/BA English/MEd Adult Ed & Community & Human Resource Development and ABD in PhD studies in Indust & Org Psychology. (He will not disclose exact figures, not even a revenue range.). This story is part of our annual CEO of the Year package. What has allowed the brands editorial arm to flourish has been an ever present and strong foundation in logistics and technology. Ssense Montral is part of that effort, with plans to make the flagship a cultural hub that will stage events, launch products and ongoing cultural programming led by Koch. Ssense exudes that coolness that comes with the new creative class, like artists, DJs and designers, who want to be dressed well, says Thomai Serdari, an adjunct professor at New York University who studies the luxury industry. MONTRAL, Canada For a would-be luxury retail mecca,Ssenses new flagship doesnt stock many clothes. The site launched in 2006 (it was preceded by a physical store), and early on, Atallah approached his family about investing. Ssense is a brand with its own attitude. Were only investing what were making, which makes our business a lot more robust.. Having discovered that high margins could be made selling designer brands like Diesel, Mr. Atallah asked his father for a small loan and enlisted his two brothers to join the operation. The buildings floors, walls and ceilings are pockmarked with hundreds of convertible sockets, making everything in the store from displays to lighting interchangeable. Rami Atallah, the chief executive of the e-commerce platform Ssense, at its Montreal store.

Whats certain is that Mr. Atallah is in the act of placing his largest bet yet: on the Chinese luxury market. It mixes traditional luxury brands with streetwear, a broad term for more casual but fashionable clothing that draws inspiration from hip-hop, skaters and other youth subcultures. They put the onus back on us to be like, what can we do together? he says. After his father, a steel importer, relocated the family to Montreal, Mr. Atallah went on to study computer science at Polytechnique Montreal university, where he first realized the potential of selling clothes online. Get curated luxury & lifestyle insights in your inbox. The first move will be to set up a local distribution centre in the next year or two in order to offer faster shipping, lower costs and better customer service. A few hours later, racks and mannequins were in place for the stores May 3 opening. They know they have style.. There was a time when Rami Atallah practically had to beg for attention. He said that enables the company to play the long game, taking risks on unknown designers, investing in editorial content and projects like the Montral store that may not significantly boost sales in the short term.

You almost expect every garment to be accompanied by an artists statement describing the intention behind it.

With the funding, Ssense plans to make a deeper push into China, a challenging market for foreign companies. The 20 Most Dangerous Cities in America in 2022, The 20 Best Sushi Restaurants in Chicago in 2022. Disclosure: Christopher Morency and Brian Baskin travelled to Montral as guests of Ssense. The Ssense retail store in the Old Port neighborhood of Montreal. Its just seamless, she says. A few days earlier, someone else wrote, I need to delete Ssense out of my memory.. Online, customers choose clothing they want to try on, and everything is shipped from the companys distribution centre nearby. There were no uncorked bottles or public victory laps. There are a lot of people in our community, whether its photographers, artists or creatives from other spheres, who are interested in launching their own fashion brands, Atallah says, and we want to create a platform to amplify those voices. He doesnt see it as a big leap for Ssense, explaining that everything the company does is a thoughtful, gradual process. Atallah said the company is looking into ways Ssense can offer same-day delivery, which he said will become more feasible as Ssense opens additional warehouses. Dozens of companies are competing for luxury goods spending online, a fast-growing market that has tripled in size over the last five years, to about $23.5 billion in 2017, according to global consultancy Bain & Company. works wraps body global applicator distributor ultimate become marketing money change