The total supply of $RBX is 1,000,000,000,000,000 tokens. Players will fight to reach a certain level to be rewarded with $RBX. The second one isPVP Ranking. Ethereum Prints Modest Losses, Consolidation Before Next Big Breakout? This website uses cookies to improve your experience and has an updated Privacy Policy. KRYPTO NEWS. Besides, players complete in-game tasks or compete in ranked matches to receive bonus points. This account is already logged in to Trendsmap. Sign up on CoinW to get 500 USDT rewards. Free access is provided to the 8 hour timeframe for this page. A multitude of projects have been launched over time, but one has the potential to stand out above the others, establishing itself as the next big thing in NFTMETAROBOX. STEP 4: Farming: Players can contribute $RBX to the liquidity pool and receive interest based on the amount of tokens contributed at an attractive rate. Staking $RBX to achieve a lot of game items including cards and mystery boxes then use/upgrade those items or sell them on NFT marketplace. And click subsequently Confirm again to finish) Farming: Players can contribute $RBX to the liquidity pool and receive interest based on the number of tokens contributed at an attractive rate. Users may play games and spend NFT in the game to earn additional revenue in addition to leisure. The amount of $RBX gambled will be held and temporarily locked after the match.

We cover BTC news related to bitcoin exchanges, bitcoin mining and price forecasts for various cryptocurrencies. By continuing to use this website you are giving consent to cookies being used. CZ ALERTA COMUNIDADE SOBRE ATAQUE HACKER DA UNISWAP. LUNA CLASSIC BURN, new notifications video / Launches an Innovative crypto token for Metaverse is, Claim $470 in Trust Wallet FREE Now | New Airdrop 2022, Wazirx trading tricks | How to earn 10000 daily in wazirx without any risk | #shorts #intraday, ALGORAND oder CARDANO kaufen ? Whether players construct their own rooms or be automatically matched with folks of the same skill levels, players/their team will fight with one another through a betting arrangement in $RBX.

Good project,lets make this project go to the moon.. source, If you use the website's content without a Link, your content will report automatically and manually to the, METAROBOX How To Buy $RBX Token on Poocoin By BNB/BUSD/USDT With Metamask/Trust Wallet, PooCoin LIVE TRADE | 1000% PUMP SIGNAL | What is Poocoin REAL OR FAKE SIGNAL | #Poocoin, PooCoin SIGNAL GROUPS REALITY | PooCoin PUMP SIGNAL SCAM!! Join Binance, the world's largest crypto exchange. 2. Generally, NFT is considered a revolutionary invention that will change the whole blockchain industry and the way we perceive digital (intangible) art. Aside from entertainment purposes, users can play games and invest NFT in the game to make additional revenue. Besides, players complete in-game tasks or compete in ranked matches to receive bonus points. Players may invest $RBX to purchase characters and enhance their equipment, such as weapons and outfits, or they can battle other players to win $RBX tokens. METAROBOX. Hope you got value, remember to share with others about this metarobox airdrop second round. Pay with Visa, Mastercard, Banktransfer, E-Wallet, and more. ELROND (EGLD) Analyse technique en Journalier et 4H en date du 20/07/2022, This is the most profitable STAKING ever sushiswap coin news, BabyDoge Binance Listing Announced | Baby Doge 99% Burning | BabyDoge Price PredictionBabyDoge News, APPLE SLOWS HIRING TANKS MARKET | APECOIN NFT |CRYPTO BREAKOUT!| ETC UP 30% POLYGON UP 26% | LIVE. Symbol: $RBX Channel: The upgraded blind box means a greater possibility of getting precious items including rare cards. Website: Network: BSC (Binance Smart Chain) The upgraded blind box means a greater possibility of getting precious items including rare cards. METAROBOX is anNFT gameemploying the play-to-earn (P2E) model and running on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The financial industry was slow to catch up, but the emergence of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies has been rising at a breakneck speed over the last decade. Register with BSC and get 240% first deposit bonus. ( Eskiler Dahil ), PVC Meta||A Token for Metaverse||Coming Soon in Pearlvine||Stay tuned for more information, GET $10 AFTER SIGN UP!|Earn 2.3-3.3% DAILY|KOEN APP REVIEW| TRADING BOT FOR YOUR INVESTMENT, LEVERFI 10X SOON | LEVER COIN PRICE PREDICTION | LIVER BINANCE LISTING | LIVERFI PREDICTION, CRYPTO WODL Binance 10,000 BUSD, TERRA LUNA CLASSIC TO $1?! 0xe833dc9b5a21dabc3ed8559858caa92279ac54dc, Binance - Buy over 350 tokens in seconds with fees as low as 0%. The first mode is Training. Buy BTC, ETH, SOL, AVAX, ADA, BNB, & 90+ cryptocurrencies in a few clicks. There are 6 rank levels in the game. Best odds, fast payouts, full anonymity, 40+ crypto, 100% bet insurance. METAROBOX is an NFT game employing the play-to-earn (P2E) model and running on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Website: The game focuses on Robo war battles and aims to provide both gamers and NFT collectors with a real-value experience. STEP 1: Click Buy | Poocoin Winners will have to pay 5% of the transaction fee token to get that token prize. Dogecoin Retraced On Its Chart, Is There Chance Of An Uptrend? On this backdrop, entering 2022, and as more companies turn to the space, the NFT market's future seems bright. The more points earned, the more gift boxes available to purchase and the more chances to earn rare cards. The amount of $RBX gambled will be held and temporarily locked after the match. However, the year 2021 proved to be a watershed moment for the NFT industry. This mode offers new players the opportunity to choose their dream characters, play roles, and kill monsters. Long-serving and highly experienced Smart Contract developers, as well as a competent operations staff, make up the team.METAROBOX creators expect to strive to completely revolutionize the way people think about NFTs by combining technology, entertainment, art, aesthetics, and earning opportunities to create a fascinating experience for users. Players will fight to reach a certain level to be rewarded with $RBX. The first mode is Training. The second one is PVP Ranking. Three distinct game modesallow players to achieve unique sets of economic rewards. Enter the amount of BNB/BUSD/USDT you want to exchange Click SWAP

Players reaching level 5 can be ranked. Three distinct game modes allow players to achieve unique sets of economic rewards. Two players will have a Token bet agreement, the winner will receive the losers RBX token. RoboX is inspired by space technology and incorporates cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain to not only optimize all players' gaming experience but also increase their revenues. Here is another golden opportunity to join the Metarobox airdrop round 2 and claim 10 billion robox tokens to your crypto wallet. BURN UPDATE ! 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Players can use $RBX to buy characters and upgrade their items including weapons and costumes or earn $RBX tokens by fighting with other players. Mining and burning will be completely based on user-base development and approval. STEP 3: NewsBTC is a cryptocurrency news service that covers bitcoin news today, technical analysis & forecasts for bitcoin price and other altcoins. This website uses cookies. METAROBOX creators expect that the newly created Metaverse with unique collectible NFT heroes will disrupt the market and offer people the opportunity to combine entertainment, a high-quality art form, and profit-making. But, no reward is expected. YouTube: 1. In METAROBOX World economy, there are three essential types of assets. Private Name Tags (up to 35 characters) can be used for easy identification of addresses. Base owners can earn profits from training other players cards and gift boxes.With people from all across the world, METAROBOX represents the spirit of decentralization. 7, Nice project and congratulations to the team for their efforts and dedication and highly appreciated the visionary thought of the projector and it will create history it will go to moon. Indeed, the leading two cryptos by market cap, Bitcoin and Ethereum, have become more mainstream assets in the last year. To get $RBX, players can own in these ways below: Play to Earn: Users joining quests and PvP battles will receive $RBX as reward. And the last one is PVE Mode. Show more, Latest 25 from a total of 38,525 transactions, BscScan is a Block Explorer and Analytics Platform for BNB Smart Chain, BscScan 2022 (BSC-D) If players want to receive more rewards, the only way is to get a higher rank. Group: Aside from entertainment purposes, users can play games and invest NFT in the game to make additional revenue.

Buy NMX token and stake with 115% APY on Nomiswap DEX. Binance has it all. Very good project.I am very happy to join this project.I hope i will getva good profit from this airdrop. The rare cards can be sold on the NFT market in return for tokens. Reward: 50,000 ROBOX ($100) Moreover, $RBX tokens can be used to buy bases, which can be rented out by other players. Players reaching level 5 can be ranked. Twitter: Atlanta, GA, March 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The market for non-fungible tokens (NFT) has been continuously rising to new highs since its inception in 2015. Over the last few decades, technology has transformed our lives. Base owners can earn profits from training other players cards and gift boxes. (Click Confirm to approve the transaction A private note (up to 500 characters) can be attached to this address. Moreover, there are Weekly and Monthly Competitions with token prizes for TOP players on the Leaderboards.

CEX.IO - Buy crypto instantly with your credit/debit card. Spot, futures, options, NFTs, savings, staking, and Binance Card. With each rental, the base owners can accumulate points and upgrade cards & gift boxes. CryptoSlots - 25 Free Spins at CryptoSlots. Distribution: Within 7 days According to Chainalysis, the NFT business, which is currently valued at over $27 billion, will explode in 2022.Thousands of NFT projects are released every day, feeding the need of mainstream users, investors, digital art collectors, and NFT aficionados for additional exposure to the Metaverse's many financial incentives. Anonymous play on awesome games - sign up now for 25 free jackpot spins - worth $100s! The game emphasizes Robo war engagements and strives to deliver a realistic experience for both players and NFT collectors. With each rental, the base owners can accumulate points and upgrade cards & gift boxes. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Referral: 10,000 ROBOX ($20) End Date: Mar 20th, 2022 Moreover, $RBX tokens can be used to buy bases, which can be rented out by other players. Here is the step-by-step guide to getting ROBOX airdrop. Finally, check the number of tokens you buy in your wallet. Make sure to use the "Vote Down" button for any spammy posts, and the "Vote Up" for interesting conversations.

Access your Metamask Wallet/Trust Wallet Staking $RBXto achieve a lot of game items including cards and mystery boxes then use/upgrade those items or sell them on NFT marketplace. Mehracki (MKI), BNB (BNB), And NEAR Protocol (NEAR): Top Three Profitable Coins For Investing In 2023, Top 3 Cryptocurrencies Bound to Blow Up in 2022 Ethereum (ETH), The Sandbox (SAND), and RoboApe (RBA), European Metaverse Summit & Awards 27 October Berlin, LBank Exchange Will List Sports Data Token (SDT) on July 25, 2022, Qommodity Asset Backed Token (QAA) Is Now Available for Trading on LBank Exchange. There are 6 rank levels in the game. It helps to fight against each other to get $RBX tokens and upgrade their levels to receive $RBX tokens and also mystery boxes which will be published in the form of unique game items. Visit our official Website ( on your browser Token display limit reached. Select Connect on Poocoin choose MetaMask/Trust Wallet to connect with it. KRYPTO-Boden erreicht ? RoboX is inspired by space technology and incorporates cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain to not only optimize all players gaming experience but also increase their revenues. Stats are based upon replies and quotes of this tweet, i like this Project its look like it well be a great project in the future. | PooCoin SWAP | PooCoin SHITCOIN | SCAM, PooCoin SIGNAL GROUPS REALITY | PooCoin App | PooCoin SWAP | PooCoin SHITCOIN | #poocoinapp, poocoin single group reality /poocoin swap/ #poocoin ##poocoin #tutorial, Binance WODL GAME Answers | Play WODL and Share 10,000 BUSD, Binance ren Kazan 10$ | Quiz Cevaplar ! The supply and pricing are kept within the METAROBOX World at a reasonable level to maintain internal asset value and optimize input for brand-new users, while enabling its value to rocket externally. Click Import tokens Follow us on Twitter and Tag your friend and Retweet Pinned post, 0xE833dC9b5A21daBC3ed8559858Caa92279aC54Dc, Name: METAROBOX document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Catinu Contract Address | How To Claim Cat Inu Token Airdrop, Art Token Contract Address | Claim $90 Art Token Airdrop, Taboo Token Contract Address: How to Buy TABOO TOKEN, Claim $210 Lua Token Airdrop Here | Lua Contract Address, Infinity Pad Airdrop: How To Claim $210 Free Infinity pad Token, XMON Airdrop | How To Claim $2200 Xmon Token Reward, Metawarrior Airdrop Contract Address | Claim 6 million $MetaW, Metamonkey Contract Address | Claim $500 Meta Monkey Airdrop, Quidax Airdrop: How To Get 20000 $QDX Reward, Bot Planet Airdrop | Get 300 BOT Worth $300. METAROBOX is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC)-based NFT game that uses the play-to-earn (P2E) paradigm . Once more, METAROBOX embodies the spirit of decentralization with members coming from all across the globe. | Built by the same team behind Etherscan | Donate. This mode offers new players the opportunity to choose their dream characters, play roles, and kill monsters. By the end of the year, the young market had a trading volume of more than $23 billion, compared to less than $100 million in 2020. Join our Telegram Group and Telegram Channel. STEP 2: In 2022, NFTs and the Metaverse are two technical developments that will break new ground.