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Lethbridge | WFMZ [69 News, PA] AccuWeather Channel (USA), MI6 chief Richard Moore named China the single most important field of work for his agency, British pedophiles target Ukrainian refugee children, 10 British pedophiles have been asked to leave Poland after traveling there to allegedly abuse Ukrainian children, Chinese chipmaker overcomes US sanctions Bloomberg, Chinas top semiconductor firm has made a technological breakthrough despite restrictions imposed by the US, No energy security without Russia, like it or not Hungary, It is simply impossible to ensure energy security in Europe without Russian gas supplies, the Hungarian foreign minister said, Almost two thirds of Germans have reduced their shower times amid government calls, Bild tabloid reports, Thousands of Tories want Boris Johnson back in the game, A petition demanding to include Boris Johnson in the Tory leadership contest has been signed by thousands of voters, Italian President Sergio Mattarella has dissolved the countrys parliament after Prime Minister Mario Draghis resignation, Spain, Greece and Portugal have all opposed an EU plan to cut natural gas demand until spring, Pelosis Taiwan visit could be breaking point for US-China relations, EU clarifies sanctions against Russian aviation, Certain transactions with Russia in aviation as well as food and oil trade are exempted from sanctions, Brussels has said, US President Joe Biden has tested positive for Covid-19 and is isolating at the White House, EU to face infinitely higher energy prices because of sanctions banker, The sanctions on Russia are too dangerous for EU economies, French banker Philippe Villin warns, Britain will boost its arms supply to Ukraine with more anti-tank weapons, drones and artillery shells, Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said, Top Biden ally wants to label Russia terrorism sponsor Politico, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has reportedly asked Secretary of State Antony Blinken to label Russia as a terrorist state, US general assesses commercial space role in Ukraine conflict, Private players in the space industry have been useful to Kiev in its fight with Russia, US Space Force commander says, South Americas Mercosur trade bloc has refused to allow President Zelensky to address its summit due to lack of consensus, AFP reports, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi is stepping down after his resignation was turned down by the president last week, The UK government has approved the planning of the Sizewell C nuclear power plant, resulting in backlash from eco-activists, Russia resumes gas flow through Nord Stream, The Nord Stream 1 pipeline, which delivers gas from Russia to Germany, resumed operations on Thursday, US general reveals Ukraine fighter jets proposal, The US and its allies are looking for ways to bolster the Ukrainian Air Force, two top military officials told a security forum on Wednesday, The UKs Charity Commission has dropped its probe into donations made by the Qatari royal family to the Prince of Waless Charitable Fund, Biden reveals US militarys thoughts on Taiwan, The US military thinks Nancy Pelosi visiting Taiwan is not a good idea right now, President Biden told reporters, Almost six in ten American workers worry they cant support their families on their paycheck, according to a recent poll, Chinese state media threatens US with unbearable consequences, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosis visit to Taiwan could trigger a Chinese military response, the Global Times warns, President Joe Biden has announced that he will sign multiple executive orders aimed at combating climate change, US arrears to the UN are hurting Washingtons ability to influence the world body, Washingtons envoy Thomas-Greenfield told the Senate, Biden appears to admit he has serious illness (VIDEO), US President Joe Biden announced to reporters that he has cancer during a climate change event in Massachusetts, Big Pharma jacked up drug prices over 1,000 times this year research, Despite record profits, American drug companies have increased drug prices 1,186 times this year alone, Support for more sanctions falls as cost of living grows poll, A majority of Brits do not support further anti-Russian sanctions if they imply an increase in living costs, EU envoys have approved a seventh round of sanctions on Russia, including a ban on gold imports and the blacklisting of 50 individuals, Either former Chancellor Rishi Sunak or Foreign Secretary Liz Truss will become the new UK prime minister, Boris Johnson quotes the Terminator in Parliament, UK PM Boris Johnson hinted at a return to politics in between praising himself during his last parliamentary Q&A session, Soaring gas prices are actually a benefit - White Hosue, US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg says soaring gas prices benefit electric vehicle owners, Most investors expect EU recession survey, The vast majority of global investors expect the economies of Europe to crater within a year, a new poll has revealed, Ukrainian official continues offending Germans after losing his post in Berlin, Ex-Ukrainian envoy Andrey Melnik blasted the head of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer, for his call to freeze the conflict between Moscow and Kiev, The US Secretary of Defense has promised to send Kiev four more HIMARS which, he says have already made a difference on the battlefield, US school mascot dumped for Nazi imagery, Georgias Cobb County School District has ditched its new logo after parents complained it looked too Nazi-esque, Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has cautioned President Joe Biden against seeking confrontation with China, IMF warns of consequences of Russian gas shutoff, The IMF has warned that a total shutdown of Russian gas to the EU poses a significant economic risk to the blocs members, UK soldiers banned from buying sex abroad, The UKs Ministry of Defence has banned its military personnel from using the services of sex workers while deployed outside the country, Let the people pay: How EU leaders make their citizens suffer the fallout from their failed Russia policy, The Syrian foreign ministry announced that the country had severed diplomatic ties with Ukraine in response to a similar move by Kiev, Sri Lanka elects new president amid crisis, Sri Lankas parliament has chosen six-time prime minister and acting president, Ranil Wickremesinghe as the countrys new leader, Moscow plans to annex Ukrainian territory through illegal referendums, the US national security spokesman says, Microsoft co-founder and WHO mega-donor Bill Gates praised India for its success in managing the Covid-19 pandemic, A judge in the state of Delaware has set a date for the court showdown between Elon Musk and Twitter sometime in October, US Army sees unprecedented recruitment crisis, The US Army has so far recruited around half of the 60,000 new soldiers it hoped to enlist by October 1, officials said on Tuesday, Hungary clarifies its position on weapons to Ukraine, Hungary has denied reports from Ukraine that Budapest had changed its mind on the transit of weapons through its territory, Russia, Iran, and Turkey condemned the US sanctions on Syria and told Washington to stop looting the countrys oil, Washington has advised Americans against traveling to Russia due to the supposed risk of wrongful detention, Beijing has accused Washington of not just fueling the current conflict in Ukraine, but also of starting it in the first place, NATO would have started a war if not stopped by Russia Iran, Irans Ayatollah Ali Khamenei declared that had Russia not launched its offensive in Ukraine, NATO would have started a war over Crimea, European parliament should be dissolved Hungary, Hungarian lawmakers have passed a resolution outlining desired EU changes that would give power back to the blocs members, Tourists visiting the Hoover Dam on Arizona-Nevada border captured an explosion and a fire at the US landmark, Hungary has changed mind on Ukraine weapons media, Hungary no longer opposes the transit of military aid through its territory, Ukrainian officials claimed after an envoys visit to Lviv, Brits could lose passports for using drugs, The UK Home Office is proposing tougher punishments for recreational drug users, including confiscation of passports and driving licenses, Britain has been hit by a temperature of over 40 degrees Celsius for the first time on record, Three candidates remain in race to replace Johnson, After a fourth round of voting by Tory MPs, Rishi Sunak, Penny Mordaunt and Liz Truss remain in contention succeed Boris Johnson, Scientists urged to de-gender human remains, Gender activists call to bar anthropologists from identifying human remains as male or female, Boris Johnson claims deep state plot against Brexit, Outgoing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has told lawmakers that opposition parties and deep state bureaucrats may try to undo Brexit, EU scrambles to replenish arms stockpiles, The EU Commission has adopted a plan to jointly buy weapons to replenish the stocks spent in the Ukraine conflict, Heatwave kills hundreds in Spain and Portugal, More than 1,000 people have reportedly died in Spain and Portugal amid record-setting heat in Europe, Moscow mocks Boris Johnson's fighter jet stunt, Boris Johnsons fighter jet video shows that the UK PM is a fan of exorbitant fuel prices, Russian FM spokeswoman jokes, Canada cant track weapons it sent to Ukraine media, The Canadian government has admitted that it has no way of tracking the billions of dollars worth of weapons it sent to Ukraine, The WHOs Europe bureau has released a new strategy to help prepare for the waves of Covid-19 coming in fall and winter, Ireland cracks down on refugee admissions amidst Ukrainian influx, Ireland will end visa-free travel for migrants coming from safe European countries, as it struggles to house tens of thousands of Ukrainians, China reacts to John Boltons coup confession, Toppling governments across the world is deep in the bones of Washingtons foreign policy, China has claimed, China has warned the US that Nancy Pelosis reportedly planned visit to Taiwan would trigger resolute and strong response, Elon Musks father makes sperm donation claim, Elon Musks father says hes been asked to donate sperm to impregnate high-class women to create new generation of Elons, EU opens accession talks with two more countries, The EU has opened membership talks with North Macedonia and Albania after Skopje agreed to amend it constitution, Largest space telescope sustains uncorrectable damage, The James Webb Space Telescope has been permanently damaged by a tiny meteoroid, NASA says, The RAF suspended flight operations at its Brize Norton base after a heatwave reportedly melted the runway, One person was killed and four others wounded in a shooting at a shisha bar in Paris, local authorities have said, Putin heads to Tehran for talks with Iranian and Turkish leaders, Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to hold talks with the Iranian and Turkish leaders in Tehran on Tuesday, India is seeking to build an entirely new defense ecosystem, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at a military innovation forum on Monday, US Covid czar Dr. Anthony Fauci said he will retire from government at any time between now and January 2025, Turkey may still freeze NATO expansion Erdogan, If Finland and Sweden dont uphold their end of the bargain, Turkey wont ratify their NATO membership, President Erdogan warned, Mexican president makes Assange appeal to Biden, The president of Mexico has revealed the contents of a personal letter he passed on to his US counterpart during their meeting last week, Chinas defense and foreign ministries both issued harsh statements condemning the US government's approval of a new arms sale to Taiwan, Americans' trust in media hits record low poll, Americans' trust in print and broadcast media has collapsed, and other institutions aren't faring any better, a new Gallup poll shows, World must choose between action and suicide UN, The world must choose between collective suicide and working together to tackle global warming, the UN secretary-general said, Former ISIS bastion becomes setting for Jackie Chan film (VIDEO), Ruins of a former Islamic State stronghold become a setting for a Chinese film on the civil war in Yemen, The main intersection of New York Citys Russian-speaking Brighton Beach neighborhood will soon be renamed Ukrainian Way, Switzerland turns down NATO request on Ukrainians, Switzerland has refused NATOs request for it to treat injured Ukrainians, citing its neutral status, local media report, EU should abandon national vetoes German chancellor, The EU cannot afford to have national vetoes on foreign and security policies, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has warned, RT responds to 'absurd' UK media censor ruling, Ofcoms decision that RTs reporting on the conflict in Ukraine breached its code is trial after conviction, the broadcaster has said, EU hits back at Hungary over Russia claims, The EUs high representative has stated that sanctions against Moscow are not a mistake as some European leaders question their impact, World Health Organization warns of a new virus outbreak after Ghana reports its first cases of deadly Ebola-like Marburg virus, Uvalde massacre probe finds systemic failures and lack of leadership, Systemic failures and poor leadership contributed to the death toll in the Uvalde school shooting in Texas, an investigation has revealed, A gunman killed three people and wounded another two at an Indiana mall before being shot by an armed civilian, police have said, EU asks for patience on anti-Russia sanctions, EU foreign policy head Josep Borrell has urged Europeans to be patient and give anti-Russian sanctions time to work, Russian oligarchs seek damages over EU sanctions WSJ, Billionaire Roman Abramovich and other top Russian tycoons are battling the EU in court, the WSJ has reported, US fueling tension in Middle East with Iranophobia FM, The US is stoking regional tensions using the failed policy of Iranophobia, Irans foreign minister has claimed, Iran says its capable of building nuclear bomb, Iran is capable of building a nuclear weapon but has not yet decided to do so, a senior official has revealed, Next UK PM must know biggest threat is Russia military chief, Russia is the biggest threat to the UK and will likely remain so for decades, Admiral Tony Radakin has said, Ukrainian plane loaded with mines crashes in Greece, A Ukrainian cargo plane carrying tons of Serbian munitions has crashed in northern Greece, killing everyone on board, West cant sustain prolonged conflict in Ukraine Pentagon supplier, The US military-industrial complex needs a clear signal from Western governments on their plans for Ukraine, Northrop Grummans CEO says, Study reveals how Covid-19 vaccines affect periods, A new study has revealed Covid-19 vaccines cause temporary menstrual abnormalities in nearly half the women inoculated, Contents of Shinzo Abes suspected assassins letter revealed media, Japanese media have claimed the man suspected of assassinating ex-premier Shinzo Abe had hinted at his plans in an earlier letter, Germany wont survive winter without Russian gas official, Germany will have to buy more Russian gas to survive the winter as its reserves wont suffice, the energy regulator has warned. 365 Bloor Street East, Toronto, Ontario, M4W 3L4. the Edmonton and surrounding areas and paying for Cable TV with its inferior Cut Cable, Phone & Energy Cost Using These Simple Tips! 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