(This translates into: be clean, careful and collect your garbage). We hope you like . We couldn't find any matches for your search yet. In, Montauk is a small mellow town about a three-hour drive from Manhattan, New York. Another perfect place for water sports is the Ringkbing Fjord, a lagoon located on the west coast of Denmark. "60-80%" means, that in this country there is at least one good kitesurf spot with So well, yeah, maybe I could try it again. The superb beach of Tarifa Los Lances works very well, as long as we are not in the high summer season, which prohibits kitesurfing by bathers. And please keep in mind that these "windy days statistics" doesn't say much about the typical wind strength! October is a good month for kitesurfing here, and is one of the last months you can experience good, consistent winds without the crowds. A link to reset your password has been sent to your email. In this list, you will find terrific locations to kite in Europe! It has a choppy, highly recommended for FreeWave and freeride. - have you contacted the host to find out more about a specific offer? Get the latest updates on yoga, travel, and beyond in addition to special offers and useful tips sent directly to your inbox. Kitesurfing in Denmark is easy to describe in just a few words: great spot variety, high wind safety, deserted spots and endless beaches.Right at the North Sea we discovered a real jewel and could get it for the windiest time of the year! The perfect kiteboarding destination for beginners in Europe during summertime can be hard to find, as the sport grows, so does the number of must-visit locations all over the world. Just remember that technically kitesurfing is not allowed there, but there are always people kitesurfing. For example, rent an apartment or cottage through Airbnb and youre done. year to year, there's never a guarantee! Just an advice, think to book it in advance for July and August as its the high season and its often fully booked! The most typical place that always works. I wanted to make a top 5 but then I realized I got short, if you have some ideas just mail me at info@sickdogsurf.com and explain to me why that particular spot is a great spot in October! Here is a beach with waves and a lagoon with flat water (which will probably be full of professionals with high tide and good wind). Of course we all know Miami from the beautiful beaches. Try kitesurfing in the North Sea! Once you have followed the link provided, you can access all Tripaneer websites. Kitesurfing holiday in October. , is the most developed part of the island, and mostly famous for waves. Connect with nature; focus on catching your wave. If you need help for any reason, we would be glad to assist you! Just like Sydney, Miami Florida may be more about surfing, but it is a wonderful destination for kitesurfers.

Kos is a great spot to practice windsurfing or kitesurfing due to the great Meltem winds . It will have a link to reset your password. It is also worth mentioning that it isnt one of my favorite spots, but then again, I went in August when it was super crowded. Check the forecast and jump on the next flight. If the wind blows in Wissant in the fall, your sessions can range from a easy 15 knots to 30+ knots storm sessions. Different water conditions in front of your door are opening a huge kitesurfing playground. Like Lanzarote, which also offers perfect weather conditions throughout the year. some infrastructure (a kite center with rescue) where - statistically spoken - (discounts, trip planning, wind statistics, reviews). But thats because they dont have the map of the paradise spots. We offer any type of holiday you can imagine including mindful yoga retreats, adventurous safaris, epic surf camps, and more. This web site should still be able to point you in the right direction for your next kite trip. Tarifa is the mecca of kitesurfing in Europe. Here the wind blows almost non-stop due to the straits of Gibraltar. On the rooftop terrace of the KiteWorldWide Town House, you can chill out, chat or end the day with aBBQ orhave a drink while watching thesunset. The kite spot with two teaching zones offers the necessary space for learning to kitesurf or trying out new things for every level. The day normally starts with a light breeze, falls away a little around lunch and in the afternoon returns to sunset. There are waves and flat water spots for freestyle, and it, 2km wide and 12km long, Sankt Peter-Ording is home to a beautiful wide landscape featuring the biggest beach in Germany. Palmones. 5. Besides, the proximity to Africa makes it a place with relatively warm temperatures that encourage everybody to enjoy this amazing sport throughout the year. In addition to endless sandy beaches with great wavespots in Cape Town, there are plenty of other kite spots, near or far, which are definitely worth a flight. Furthermore, the waves break in different places and in various directions which gives athletes great versatility. In Montauk, you can kitesurf or surf all year round. With Mitus kitesurfing school and his partner Djo we have found the best spot for kitesurfing on Cape Verde. Whether beginners, intermediates or absolute experts; Dakhla makeskite-dreams come true for everyone. Surfer lifestyle, endless party nights in the old town, tapas bars and (adopted) country of many pros for a reason. The town has a large fishing community, as well as touristic shops and restaurants. We know very well that in Tarifa there is always wind and that it is very likely that you can kite surf somewhere. The spot is known as Lo Stagnone, a massive lagoon with more than 300 days a year with good wind. Enjoy delicious Italian wines and pizza after your session! WithHawaii, Australia, and Indonesia often stealing the spotlight, Europe may not be the first place that comes to mind whenthinking about the worlds best surfing destinations. Here you can find the best spots. Thats why AH team has put together a list of 5 top places to learn kitesurfing. It is a famous place for adventure seekers. Were the worlds leading marketplace to explore and book unforgettable travel experiences. This island is considered one of the most valued tourist destinations in Europe. Its a fantastic opportunity to go on a kite safari, as at sea the winds are much stronger and more consistent than by the coast. Glbahe (Urla) is the place to be! You should give a chance to these incredible kite spots! 2) The region of Sotavento in the South (around Costa Calma) is a very arid area, and yet gathers the flat and windiest spots . Wind season Sardinia: The wind season in Sardinia runs from April to June and from September to mid-October. If the direction of Levante is terrible, that even in Valdevaqueros the offshore wind enters with mega gusts, the best option will be to go to Caos. It has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The other spot is Porto Pino, because of the waves this is a nice place for wave kiters. That makes this island a paradise to kite in Europe. The windy season lasts from April until October and so longer than you might think. The best location to kite in Sicily is on the west coast of the island between Trapani and Marsala, which has recently become one of the most sought after places thanks to the wind and the sailing conditions that occur. However, its waves are for experienced kiters, except for the beach area reserved for their learning; Its waves are short, which favours kitesurfing lovers lot. The kite students are brought to the wind by boat and are also taught from the boat. When you are in Cornwall you can hardly imagine that you are still in England. Just an advice, think to book it in advance for July and August as its the high season and its often fully booked! The spot is perfect for all levels of riding; closer to the beach, the water, Boasting azure blue lagoons, shallow warm water and consistent trade winds from dawn to dusk, Cocos Islands are perfect for all levels complete beginners, intermediates or advanced freestylers. Monday to Friday: 8:00 to 10:00 (Central European Time). These are the gems! Here are the worlds bestkitesurf spots in October. The Turtle House, affectionately named by the locals, is well thought out down to the last detail and radiates a unique surfers flair. The windy season lasts from April until October and so longer than you might think. It is the spot in Tarifa, on the right side of the island. Amidst palm trees, the Beach Bungalows are located directly atthe beach and not far away from there, you will find the Palafitas built on poles in the middle of a palm garden. The two essential elements of kitesurfing, the strong wind and the water, are always present in Carrapateira (Portugal). And it is no without reason: its position in front the twin small island Anti-Paros creates a. between the two islands, and still leaves about one mile to take long kitesurfing rides.

Best season to go there for kitesurfing: from June to September The +: amazing landscapes very good typical Italian food white sandy beach. Cape Townis not only a tourist destination. Thats why AH team has put together a list of. I have a small flat there and will probably head over for some winter waves (maybe even some October waves, if I get lucky). In October you have plenty of choice and diversity in terms of kitesurfing destinations and we have listed 10 for you! Either if you want to book a kite camp or kiteboarding beginner courses , you have many choices! Whats happening if there isnt any wind? Kiteschool, accommodation, and spot are also located next to each other and there is no need for a shuttle with the TukTuk. There are numerous and varied kite spots all over Europe, and we recommend that you visit them all. The two largest spots are Crandon Park and Matheson Hammock Park. Please be aware that all these values are only estimations. As you creep closer to the end of October the wind becomes fickle and their season is coming to an end. Best Activities to do in Split to explore Nature, Outdoor activities to do in Omis for adventurers, From passenger to piloting your paraglider, Why Paragliding over Lake Garda is a Must, Top 10 Outdoor Activities to do at Lake Garda. Check your email for the confirmation email. Fred. For me this is an easy one as I spend many months of the year in Egypt already. But this is where the problems start, as people often complain that the current in Tarifa is very strong or gusting. Located southeast of Fuerteventura, near Costa Calma you can find the wonderful Sotavento beach. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); The definition of (strong) wind; humans vs kitesurfers, Island hopping with the camper around the German Baltic Sea, 10 reasons why you should never date a kitesurfer, An outdoor lifestyle is the healthiest lifestyle there is, 10x bad characteristics and habits of a kitesurfer, Poll: Best kitesurf destination in the world (2019), Things to do: A weekend away in aNature House. In the small villages, you will find only fishermen and kitesurfers, so its easy to say that eat, sleep, kite repeat applies pretty well for a Brazilian kitesurfing holiday. You want to go kitesurfing during another month? Kitesurfing in Europe is becoming more and more popular! From October 15th, you can shred the waves at Sunset Beach again. Some of the best kitesurfing destinations in Europe include Spain, Portugal, France, UK, Belgium, and Ireland. You can sail with the garb wind, which comes from the south; and with mistral wind, in gusts that come from the north and raise high and short waves. It happens as with the Calblanque beach, which is a virgin and paradisiacal area. The perfect quiver of kite for the average personwould be a 7,9, and 12m. Surrounded by cliffs, this hidden gem is a challenge for kitesurfers and surfers, but it is a fantastic place and, without a doubt, it is a place where you will make new friends. Rated 1-5 stars (5 being the best). Located 600km west of Fortaleza, Atkins serves as an endpoint for many legendary downwinders. They say that there are as many Poniente days as there are Levante days, but the truth is that Tarifa surprises us every year and this is what we like. In general, the canary islands probably hold the best kite spots in Europe. Enter the email address associated with your account, and we'll email you a link to reset your password. Fuerteventura has long been regarded as one of the most wind reliable year around kitesurf holiday locations within a short flight of Paris and London. The best flat water spotis calledNapeague and we'll tell you a little, For best results choose a month and one rating. We cannot say that there is a kitesurf destination in Europe better than the others, because all of these spots leave any kite lover breathless. Book with confidence - we offer flexible booking conditions during COVID-19. The wind is usually side-shore, and the best direction to kite in this spot is onshore. Where to go? This spot is recommended for experienced ridersand can be reallydifficult for absolute beginners due to the high waves. Miami Florida wind season: Annual temperatures are between 23 and 25 degrees and the water is pleasantly warm all year round. duncannon kiteforum waroo trogir okrug gornji ciovo kiteforum levis thau etang kiteforum