You can buy the following multi-purpose adapters from Amazon. Please note that power plug adapters only convert plug types and do not convert voltages. When you return to America it will still be of use as a USB charger. [11].

Is my device single voltage or dual voltage? See the section on. We can book multi-day trips, day tours and other activities. Each plug adapter set includes Type A, B, C, D, E/F, G, H, I, J, L, M and N adapters so will be suitable with a Myanmar power outlet. We endeavour to ensure that links on this page are periodically checked and correct for suitability. Will involve planning - you'll have to choose which adapters to pack in advance, or alternatively pack every power adapter in the set. Will your devices and appliances only work with 230 volt power outlets? Do you still need use your charger when returning to America? Travel USB chargers should include swappable plug heads for various countries thereby making them suitable if visiting other countries across Asia which are likely to use a different standard to Myanmar. All functions and capabilities should be checked prior to purchasing or using any power adapter. All 3 power adapters offer surge protection which is crucial for visitors of counties with unreliable power grids. What types of electrical devices do you need to use with a Myanmar power outlet? agm telecom proven There are some universal travel adapters that include a built in surge protector, this will prevent your device from being overloaded by an unstable power grid.

This adapter allows you to use plugs type: A, B, D, G, I, M into outlets type: C, E, F, L. This adapter has a safety protection so you don't plug only one terminal into the adapter while touching the other with your finger, because it is generic, when you buy it pay attention to this safety mechanism. It is recommended to research the exact type of adapter required prior to shopping at the airport. You will need to pay attention to the maximum power output of the converter and the maximum power consumption of the device.

There are four different types of power outlets used in Myanmar, types G, C, D and F with the primary power supply being type G: No; an American plug won't work in Myanmar because it can't fit in a Myanmar power outlet without the use of a power adapter. So, time shifts could be experimented.

Some hotel rooms might only have a single power outlet, so you will only be able to power a single appliance at a time.

Devices which connect to a Myanmar power outlet, power any non-230 volt appliance with a 230 volt power outlet in Myanmar, Typical combined number of USB ports and AC outlets, Powers a 230 volt AC appliance in Myanmar, International Electrotechnical Commission, BESTEK Portable International Travel Voltage Converter, ORICO Traveling Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip, BESTEK International USB Travel Power Strip, check the device for dual voltage support, a lighter power strip with a built in power converter, USB wall charger with interchangeable heads, lightweight universal travel power adapter. Changes shape to Types A/B, E/F, G and I plugs so will fit into a Myanmar power outlet. Do I need a plug adapter if I'm visiting Myanmar from America? If this is not the case, you can continue reading and discover what the chart is saying! Use a step down power converter if you wish to use either a 110 volt or 120 volt appliance in Myanmar. There are approximately 40 countries that use 60 Hz while the rest typically run on 50 Hz current. Please note we regularly check our electricity information with the International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC). Because electrical power isn't available in all areas of Myanmar along with potential power cuts, visitors should bring alternate charging solutions if they want to continue using devices such as cellphones or eReaders. By packing a, Providing that your laptop uses a USB-C charging port then a. Do you intend on only bringing hand luggage? By bringing every type of plug adapter ensures that you are covered for every country. A USB travel charger is a dual voltage charger with interchangeable plugs and multiple USB ports, suitable for charging multiple USB powered devices when travelling abroad. It will be more convenient and cheaper to buy the correct power adapter in advance of your trip. Download-Chart-to-PDF.pdf, Russia (officially the Russian Federation), Saint Barthlemy (informally also referred to as Saint Barths or Saint Barts), Saint Kitts and Nevis (officially the Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis), 120/208 V / 277/480 V / 120/240 V / 240 V / 480 V, Generator Source, LLC 1999-2022. A heavy and expensive power converter will transform the voltage of 230 volts from a Myanmar power outlet to work with a non-230 volt appliance, however a smaller and more lightweight power adapter (or plug adapter) will change the shape of the plug on your appliance to slot into a power outlet found in Myanmar. All rights reserved. How many electrical devices are you taking to Myanmar? By only packing a single international travel charger will help keep the overall size and weight down, making it perfect to fold up and store in hand luggage. A 4 port USB travel charger is the most compact option for travellers from around the world who only have USB devices, but for those also wishing to use their domestic plugs these power strips provide larger but more versatile solutions. mobile phone chargers are typically multi-voltage (but please, do actually check your own). Attempting to repair an overloaded smartphone in Myanmar could prove to be problematic and expensive. Explanation: Some alarm clocks uses the frequency of electricity network to measure time. Myanmar to US power adapters will most likely be available in most major US International airports prior to departure, however the range of adapters might be limited to popular destinations. Travel power strips could be considered excessive for travellers with only a small number of devices that need charging. If your device supports Fast Charge (not all USB devices will) then you will benefit from quicker recharging times by using one of these travel adapters plus additional compatibility with certain power demanding devices like tablets. This website may receive commissions for purchases made through links on this page. When considering a backup power generator, keep in mind that the frequency can often be changed by an accomplished power generation technician or electrical contractor but you do typically see a performance loss on most generator sets when you convert from 60 hertz to 50 hertz. The voltage from a Myanmar power outlet is 230 volts, should you travel from a country which doesn't use 230 volts and your appliance isn't dual voltage (, Should you only plan on packing USB electronics such as phones and tablets then it is recommended to just pack a. The compact surface area of the cells means a solar power bank will need to be kept in strong daylight for a long period of time in order to produce enough energy for a single charge, which might prove inconvenient to repeatedly unpack a solar power bank then wait whilst it recharges in a sunny area. Copyright 2022 Flyma PTE. Is Myanmar the only location you plan on visiting? The typical size of voltage converters makes them unsuitable for carry-on baggage. The interchangeable adapter heads are usually lightweight and small making them easy to pack. In Myanmar more than 25% of the population of the country doesn't have access to electrical power. [5]. Each country is listed with the volts and frequency (also referred as Hertz or Hz and is referring to cycles per second) commonly found in each geographic area. [2]. Transformers are designed for more complex electronic items such as televisions or games consoles. The best power adapter for Myanmar is a Type G plug adapter which will allow you to use any 230 volt appliance or device. What is the difference between a plug adapter and a power converter?

The internal moving parts such as pins and shutters might be fragile on some models which could make them prone to breaking whilst abroad. Some power converters include the ability to perform both step up and step down voltage conversions, therefore it may be necessary to manually switch the converter to output the voltage to the 110-120 volt range. Expedited Shipping - US & Canada, Get $$$ for your used power generation equipment. [19][AD]. High-power devices don't usually handle different voltages due to the high-currents involved i.e. Myanmar suffers power outages several times every month and with this high level of unpredictability it is recommended to pack accordingly. Power converters are designed for simple electrical appliances which typically generate heat or use motors such as clothes irons, shavers or hair dryers. Type D - Mostly used in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and a few African countries. If the standard voltage in your country is in the range of 100V-127V (which is most common in the US, Canada and countries in South America) you might need a voltage converter in Myanmar-Burma. A travel power strip is capable of powering several electronic appliances at once via a single plug socket. Will you always have reliable access to electrical power? You can use all your equipment in Myanmar-Burma if the outlet voltage in your own country is between 220V-240V. You will definitelly need plug adapters, please continue reading for more information. The multipurpose travel charger illustrated is the 4 Port USB Wall Charger which has been tested successfully with multiple USB devices in numerous foreign countries around the world with perfect reliably. However, it is more practical and cost effective to purchase a dual voltage appliance designed for travel rather than a heavier power converter. Plugs, sockets, adapters and other information needed for travelling from United States of America to Myanmar/Burma in this page. No other plug types fit into an outlet of type G. Type I - Used in Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific, China and Argentina. Bring a Type G plug adapter to Myanmar if the plug you would like to use won't fit in a Myanmar power outlet. Offers surge protection. Sometimes the power grid in a country can be unstable, a travel USB charger allows for unexpected surges and prevents damage to any devices attached to it. Premium USB travel chargers also incorporate a power outlet strip to allow you to power low wattage devices such as laptops, however these are unsuitable for high wattage domestic such as hair dryers or clothes irons. US and Canadian power strips include Type A, B, D, E/F, G, H, I, L and N plug adapters so should work in Myanmar. Because of the size of a power strip it might be unsuitable for packing in hand luggage.

Though it has improved markedly in Yangon, electricity supply in much of Myanmar isunreliable; black-outs can occur regularly, particularly in rural areas. Not totally universal; some models might not cover certain countries with less popular outlet types. There are four types of power outlets in Myanmar (types G, C, D and F) and bringing this will ensure that you are covered for both types C and G. Because these types of chargers come with interchangeable pins and handle from 100 volts - 240 volts will mean that you can travel to multiple countries in Asia, North America, Europe and Africa just by switching the heads over. Good USB travel chargers are rugged, lightweight and compact; ideal for rigors of travel instead of than risking bringing along a domestic charger which might be impossible to repair or replace in Myanmar. Ideal when you only have to power USB devices, for example cell phones, iPads or eReaders. However be aware that some airlines prohibit portable chargers on an aircraft with more than 100Wh of power and must not be kept in the hold so we recommended checking ahead with the carrier. IMMEDIATE AVAILABILITY! Converters and transformers are both used to change one voltage to another, but this ambiguity can cause confusion as their purposes are different: Myanmar uses 230 volts in their standard power outlets. It is therefore advisable to have atorchfor the occasional drops into darkness, particularly if you are staying in budget accommodation.

[6][AD]. When powering appliances which draw more power or generate heat, Read our comprehensive travel guides on travelling with, If the power converter doesn't include the correct shaped plug then it will also be necessary to plug in the power cord from the power converter into a. Buying a power converter is cheaper than buying a power transformer. If you need to power any USB device then you also need to bring a domestic USB charger.

When back at home travel USB chargers can still be used by charging multiple cell phones every night using only one power outlet. If you intend on travelling to more than just Myanmar then you might need to bring multiple power adapter types. Most mid-range and luxury hotels havegenerators for back-up electricity, which is available 24 hours a day. Electrical outlet in Myanmar is220-240 Volts, and electrical sockets tend to be one of the two European standard types: the Type C Europlug and the Type E/Type F Schuko; some sockets take multiple plug types. See the power adapter substantions section for more information on how we compared travel adapters (October 2018). This will present an issue if recharging the batteries of multiple electronic devices such as cell phones, tablet computers and laptops overnight as you'll only be able to charge one device at a time. usb chargers, laptop chargers, etc. You will find some models of power strips will convert voltage for lower wattage electronics such as laptops. Connecting electronics to the wrong voltage, in the luckiest of the cases, the device will break or stop working temporarily; but please don't take this lightly, in the worst of the cases electrocution and fire hazards are a real possibility. Power converters are more suitable for travellers wishing to bring domestic appliances abroad such as hair dryers or flat irons. As an Amazon Associate WikiConnections earn from qualifying purchases. All power sockets in Myanmar-Burma provide a standard voltage of 230V with a standard frequency of 50Hz. A hotel may have only one power outlet on the wall. Not all plug adapter types are typically included. The voltage is different therefore use a power converter if your device isn't dual voltage and check that your appliance is compatible with a 50hz power outlet.

LTD. All rights reserved. Lists of adapters you can use in your travel: This adapter allows you to use plugs type: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N into outlets type: E, F. This adapter allows you to use plugs type: A, B, C, D, E, F, I, M into outlets type: G. This is a very cheap adapter without loose terminal and finger protection; it does have earth pass-though (good); but no good grip because of so many different supported plugs. Take a look at the pictures below to see what these plugs and power sockets look like: Do the outlets look different in your country? Are you only planning on charging USB devices? Typically travel USB chargers include multiple USB charger ports, this means that you should only need to bring one charger to charge multiple devices. This is mainly because you have to slow the engine RPM down and make adjustments so the overall kW or kVA output will be lower. Are electrical outlets available in Myanmar?

Commonly used in Europe, South-America and Asia, but also in quite a few other countries. This page has links to simple instructions telling you exactly which power adapters you'll need to charge your devices when staying in Myanmar using their standard types G, C, D or F 230 volt 50Hz power outlets. There are some universal travel adapters that include multiple charging ports for USB electronics. This is not a big issue. If you are electrical savvy, perhaps the previous chart is all you need. Sign up to our newsletter - covering the latest Myanmar travel news, insights and developments, , and electrical sockets tend to be one of the two European standard types: the Type C Europlug and the Type E/Type F Schuko; some sockets take multiple plug types. While WikiConnections strives to make the information on this website as timely and accurate as possible, we make no claims, promises, or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the contents of this site, and expressly disclaim liability for errors and omissions in the contents of this site. Type C - The standard European plug. You will only receive emails that you permitted upon submission and your email address will never be shared with any third parties without your express permission. Unlike a normal power converter, the converter on a travel power strip doesn't work with higher wattage appliances such as hair dryers or curling irons. The standard frequency in Myanmar-Burma is 50Hz. Power converters are suitable for 2 pin ungrounded appliances, it could be harder to find a converter if you want to use a grounded 3 pin appliance. Always check with the manufacturer to ensure full compatibility prior to attempting to use any device. ☆ If you find this article useful, help us by sharing it on social media, wizard to find to electric adapters for your trip here. Instead of bringing 4 separate power chargers you only need to pack one 4 port USB wall charger to power up to 4 devices, thereby reducing the size and weight of your baggage. HQ in Brighton, Colorado, also have location in Jacksonville, Florida. Interchangeable heads fit in Types A/B, E/F, G and I power outlets so will work in Myanmar. Certain cell phones could pull more than the normal 500 milliamps produced from a standard 5 volt USB adapter to charge or provide fast charge. Varying different standards and plugs can all be confusing when planning to travel to another country to the first time traveller. WikiConnections is not responsible for any injury or damage caused due to using any type of suggested product with any other electrical device or appliance in any location, full details are available on the disclaimer page. A voltage converter only converts the 230 volts in Myanmar and won't change the actual shape of the plug to fit in a Myanmar power outlet, therefore you will still need to bring the correct type of. Transformers can be used constantly however it is recommended that converters are used for no longer than a couple of hours at a time. For more details please read the, Product availability last checked on Saturday 16, how can you tell if you have a dual voltage or single voltage device. ), and in Myanmar/Burma you will use: (includes Nay Pyi Taw, Yangon, Mandalay, Nyaungshwe, Pyin Oo Lwin, Mawlamyine, Kalaw.).

Does a solar powered charger work in Myanmar? For more comprehensive technical details visit the Wikipedia page on AC power plugs and sockets. Airports will be your last chance to buy a power adapter before departure, always check the returns policy to ensure you can easily exchange or refund a faulty or unsuitable product in an airside shop. When you return to America it could still work. This isn't as complex as it first appears, with only a handful of different types of common standards used throughout the world this article shows exactly what you'll need in advance to power your device in Myanmar. Only one power adapter for each appliance - for each separate device you wish to use you will also need to use a separate plug adapter. Plugs of type E and F will also fit in a type C outlet. So even if the device isn't dual voltage it will still work in Myanmar when using just a travel power strip, making them a lightweight and cheap alternative to a dedicated voltage converter. Is the voltage in Myanmar the same as the US?

[3][AD], Power adapters are small and lightweight plastic adapters which permit a Myanmar power outlet to accept a power plug from a different country. A bag that is suitable for Myanmar needs to have a solar cell efficiency of 22% or more, be able to generate at least 6 watts of power and be used with a compatible power bank of 10,000mAH or stronger. Quickly see if you need a power plug adapter or voltage converter by selecting your country of origin above to compare the electrical outlets and power plugs between your country and Myanmar-Burma. On the contrary, modern low-power devices are likely to auto-detect and auto-adapt to different voltages i.e. The sunshine in Myanmar could be suitable conditions for a solar power bank but may take time to recharge. This will allow you to charge multiple devices simultaneously without needing to bring individual power adapters on your Myanmar trip or occupying additional wall sockets. We can book flights, buses, trains and more. [21]. [10][AD]. Consumer portable chargers aren't designed for use with high wattage items that generate heat, but a, A phone which has been directly plugged into a USB port of a solar backpack will trickle charge the power during sunny spells in Myanmar, but this could be inconvenient to have a phone continually connected in the bag during the day if it is to be used constantly. Some applications use specialized higher voltages (such as 4160 V or 13,400 V) but these are on a more unique basis and typically involve transformers so those are not included. Having just one working power adapter the remaining power adapters will be redundant using up packing space. This is the case in most of Europe, Australia, the United Kingdom and most countries in Africa and Asia. 2022 About Contact Cookies Disclaimer Privacy Terms Search Unless you are using an electric alarm clock or some motors when speed is an issue. Perfect if you are travelling to different locations. Are you flying long haul to get to Myanmar? Type A - Mostly used in the US, Canada, Mexico, Central America, China and Japan. As an Amazon Associate WikiConnections earn from qualifying purchases.