Revive essential oils is probably the brand that I get asked to review the most so I decided it was finally about time I got around to publishing this Revive essential oils review. There was a claim made on a blog that is owned by a Young Living rep that Revive essential oils come from China. What EOs brands do you love? When I first read about this lawsuit, I immediately saw it as a red flag. For example, a pure therapeutic lavender essential oil is useful for healing a burn. Whew, EO expensive crisis averted. If these oils are used on hair, they offer a softening effect. Um, yes please! Even though essential oils containing synthetics, fillers, and fragrances can last for years, they still contain toxins. In the same article, he continues to state So just having a GC printout is meaningless unless youre an analytical chemist and know how to read it. And if you dont want to spend an arm and a leg for high-quality oils then you dont have to. Lavender is one of the most popular oils in the entire EO industry.

But I think the author was trying to insinuate that the oils were completely synthetic and they get all of them from China which is just not true. The same differences between Young Living and Revive basically exist between Doterra and Revive essential oils as well. This basics kit is the first of REVIVE I have tried, and I was very impressed. Your email address will not be published. Im so glad this helped you! Dr. Pappas has previously worked with both doTERRA and Young Living as a pioneer of high-quality essential oils.

As a result, therapeutic essential oils are being spoiled.

For example, a bottle of lavender essential oil(lavandula angustifolia) will cost you around $.90 per milliliter from Revive essential oils and it will cost you around $2.04 per milliliter when you purchase from Doterra. They have a very large selection of essential oils on their website.

One of my favorite parts about REVIVE is their sourcing practices. My sister and I love using essential oils on the daily. They never asked me to write this review. It all started when doTERRA sued REVIVE on the grounds of REVIVE making claims that the quality and sourcing of their oils were the same as doTERRAs. So, they are eager to learn if specific essential oils brands accurately report quality. I have read and accepted the Privacy Policy *. Oils that produced as 100% therapeutic grade are oils that are carefully distilled using best quality plant sources.

Although, the country of origin is listed on the essential oils product page on the Revive website.

Everything I learned about the company came from secondary sources, which I dont always like to do for review posts.

The chart basically lists some of Young Living and Doterras most popular blends and the Revive essential oil blend that is most similar to their blends. Also, the label should include at least the Latin botanical name of the plant. I wanted to heal my autoimmune condition naturally and a big aspect of that was eliminating the toxic chemicals in my environment. Oils with synthetics, fillers, or fragrances will only attach themselves to the small amount of the pure ingredient oil. REVIVE Essential Oils is a small essential oil company located in San Francisco. And when a cult-like MLM feels threatened by a non-MLM companys success, they try their best to snuff the competition out. One of the things I missed the most about the previous (more expensive) essential brand that I used to use was their essential oil blends.

Your clean beauty recommendations are currently flying through hyperspace to your inbox. These tests are conducted together which use oil specimen to determine the constituents that oil contains. My new REVIVE bottles have weirdly crooked labels on them too, which drives my OCD a little bit crazy. Because of essential oils, I was able to ditch so many of the toxic products I used to use. Im Candice & I am a wellness researcher, natural living advocate, and RCP Consultant in training! Join the Happy Home Happy Heart email list & receive exclusive access to all kinds of free goodies including printable diffuser blends, essential oil roller labels, & more! So like I mentioned earlier, I decided to do my own research and find out whether or not this high-priced essential oil brand was truly the best or were there other brands that sold oils that were just as good but at a lower price. All of REVIVEs blends are just as complex and lovely, which Ive never come across before. Young Living has done a great job at marketing and dominating the essential oil industry. I was given a starter kit and diffuser from REVIVE to try out, and Im so glad that they decided to work with me. I was so happy to discover these brands and although Revive essential oils had been on my radar ever since that time, I had just never gotten around to trying them and doing a full review. All their essential oils passed the (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) standard. So I have no idea if its still pending. According to the frequently asked questions page on the Revive essential oils website, you can safely ingest their essential oils. Revive essential oils are a well-known essential oil company. They are a very legit company, and they take the quality of their essential oils very seriously. The labels on their essential oils do include their Latin botanical name as well. Essential oils can go bad if exposed to ultraviolet radiation and that is why it is important that the bottle is a dark color as well. But are their essential oils as high quality as they claim? Get recommendations for makeup,hair care, skin care, and personal care products! Whats more, this review is coming from someone who is anti-MLM. Their prices look lovely, but for me, its not worth spending the money/time on synthetics (especially since I use EOs around my family and dilute them topically quite often).

Check out this bloggers experience testing her own essential oils.

Some were a little more per milliliter and some were a little less. Read my full disclosure statementhere.). My sister and I would love to hear your thoughts. I was super excited about this since I had been really wanting to try them out and I told them absolutely. 2022 Happy Home Happy Heart Create Theme by Restored 316. But I definitely do not think they are the best. This is their homepage here (affiliate) but youre right, theres no about us tab where you can learn how they got started. Ive done many essential oil company reviews on this blog and in each one of those reviews, I basically answer every one of the questions above. While I did find the third-party test results under their blog section, I thought it odd that I couldnt find any kind of about page. After that, the molecular weights will be measured, and the results will be charted. Use the code ESSENTIAL10 for 10% off your first order with REVIVE! The company is called REVIVE essential oils. When it comes to quality and pure essential oils, doTerra is among the trusted brands. All content is my own. REVIVE touts the same amazing quality as two big names in the EO industry (Young Living and doTERRA) without all the MLM structure. But it just doesnt work that way. That is according to the research conducted by Dr. Philip Landrigan, where fetal exposure to phthalates is related to symptoms of neurological disorders, ADHD, and autism. I do need to mention that I know the company is fairly new (launched in 2018) but I hope to see a lot more in-depth information and blog posts about the details behind their ethical and eco-friendly journeys. They state that because their essential oils are high quality and pure they can be taken internally. That is to ensure the medical qualities and other benefits are retained.

I am seriously baffled as to how anyone could come to that conclusion. REVIVES prices are significantly less per bottle than any other EO company that advertises a similar, exceptional quality. Thats why I refuse to give money to companies like this. You can see the full list for yourself. These toxins include benzyl acetate, benzaldehyde, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and propylene glycol. Essential oil manufacturers take advantage of Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry. I find it very strange that there is no homepage for this company. Let us know in the comments below! However, have you ever heard about the 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils? They actually have a chart on their website that compares their blends to Young Livings and Doterras. I am not a doctor and the statements on this blog have not been evaluated by the FDA. Meaning, it can help the end-users about the assurance that the oils are pure and quality.

I am not an analytical chemist and I completely acknowledge that I dont entirely know how to interpret the data on GC/MS testing reports. They do not own any of their own farms. The oil is measured using a refractometer. While Im all up for finding great deals on natural products, in this case (with essential oils) you truly get what you pay for. And I dont believe any of the MLMs claims.

Laundry products, cleaning products, perfumes, air fresheners, and colognes are among these products. And Doterra does not provide its customers with GC/MS testing reports and Revive essential oils does. I think they are high-quality oils. So with that in mind, lets get into what makes REVIVE different. Revive essential oils are much, much, much more affordable than Doterra essential oils. The company is composed of professional researchers and doctors who conduct both laboratory and scientific evaluations. Three weeks ago, I was running low on my basic essential oils aka the ones I use for my DIY cleaning products and my DIY laundry detergent.

The following third-party tests are performed on every lot of every Revive essential oils: One of the best things about Revive essential oils is the price of their oils. Yes, REVIVE was the victim of a lawsuit, but they were not the instigator. Synthetics, fillers, or even fragrances are sometimes used to produce therapeutic essential oils. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliate sites. The kit comes with the Oasis Ultrasonic Diffuser and six of their best singles and blends, which includes: The Oasis Diffuser has become one of my favorite diffusers in the house! Products mentioned here are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. REVIVE does regular third-party tests on all their oils, and even works with Dr. Pappas, a renowned pHD chemist that has been testing essential oil quality since 1996.

Love this and love Revive! There are so many other factors that determine whether or not an essential oil is high quality and whether or not the essential oil brand is safe to recommend. Yes, I totally agree. Anyways, Ive got my fingers crossed that REVIVE can dot their is, cross their ts to figure out where on earth the adulteration is happening (maybe via some of their brokers?) The founders, Alexandria George, Suleman Ali, and the George familydecided to start Revive essential oils so that high-quality essential oils would be accessible and affordable to everyone. All the best essential oil products in one place. An essential oil sample is placed in a heating chamber, and then, the oil will be heated to reach a particular temperature until the components vaporize. The water and plastic will never heat up, which makes me feel better about the possibility of forgetting to turn it off. That is because the mlm essential oil brands have huge overhead costs and huge margins. I hope you enjoyed this REVIVE Essential Oils review! I personally have never done it, but its definitely a content idea I have brewing in the back of my head! If REVIVEs oils are not pure after working with one of the best essential oil chemists, then we have a much bigger problem than whoevers essential oils are best. They always make sure that their therapeutic oils are 100% pure and can meet and satisfy the needs of the end-users. An essential oils brands quality and purity are affected by different factors such as growing conditions, geography, as well as the harvest time of the plant source. And the REVIVE essential oils catalog has everything you need to shop without an internet connection.