The result of this process is a strategically aligned and scheduled project request that has been reviewed by the appropriate IT and business stakeholders. When a form is submitted, the project manager can review, approve and apply a template to the project to pre-populate the project structure: tasks, dependencies, assignees and timeline. The IST executive reviews to ensure a similar proposal is not already queued or being acted upon. Ambiguity and shadow work gets eliminated, Clear roles and responsibilities for people involved in the intake process, Everyone in the organization knows how to submit a request, what information is needed, and how it will be used, Clarity around process ownership, so that there is accountability and transparency. Human Resource Services, Health, Safety and Environment, Performance, Analytics and Institutional Research, IT Governance Proposal Intake and Prioritization Process Guide, Implementing a new application/technology solution, Making significant changes to existing applications, Determining future direction of an application/solution, The solution falls into either the Multi-Unit or Enterprise classification levels, The funding requirements are greater than $75,000, Evaluation of proposal by steering committee, Review and approval of assessment or business case, Individual review the IT Governance Proposal Intake and Prioritization Process Guide and submit the online Opportunity Proposal Form. This could be due to many reasons, common ones being unavailability of large pool of skilled resources and shortage of funds. A project intake process will be unique to your organization. Make sure everyone agrees with the roles and responsibilities assigned to them. In our experience, there are a few challenges that are the most common for organizations in the project intake process. Who comes up with new ideas in your organization? A born and raised Houstonian, Rachelle is all about good Tex-Mex and cheering on her Astros. A project that is not strategically aligned with an organizations goals can be distracting as well as a waste of resources. Finally its time to do what may be the most difficult step of the Project Prioritization process: selection followed by prioritization.

To avoid comparing apples to oranges, develop one criteria that include things important to your business. (The other PPM process components are Project Management, Resource Management, and Project Portfolio Reporting.). A project intake process shouldnt just answer the question, Is this a good project? but also answer, Is this project good right now?.,, How To Implement An Effective Project Prioritization Methodology, How Project Portfolio Reporting Can Transform Your Business, Definitive Guide to Project Portfolio Management., Prioritization is rightly the first component of the Project Portfolio Management (PPM) process, Your project prioritization framework should be data-driven, Defining the value your organization seeks is critical to success, Your prioritization process should take into account these steps: Intake, Scoring, Selection, and Strategic Alignment, The data contained in your PPM software system is critical to project prioritization success. Some evaluation criteria can include project payback period, risk level and required resources among others. If there are more than a few people who propose new ideas in your organization, you will need a process to collect, manage and develop these new ideas into successful projects. It could be department heads, project managers or individual team members.

Its best to create a framework to support this important process for project initiation. Define project and service request: Identifying what a project means to your team and what kind of projects you want to be involved in. Remember that every time you make considerable changes or improvements to your process, you have to repeat the usability testing. High cost and scope proposals will be forwarded to UIIS for approval. This score can be represented as a raw number or a percentage. Its likely that your organization has many different definitions of value. Ask yourself what your organization needs in the process. Which day of the week will the requests be reviewed? Use this feedback to continuously improve your process. When she is on the clock, she is the Digital Marketing Manager for Meisterplan and focuses on communicating the value Meisterplan brings to individuals and businesses who want to improve their project planning and resource management. From the inception of an idea to its completion as a project, a lot of things happen. It has been repeatedly proven that pictures convey information more effectively than words.

6. Project Prioritization is the first and one of the most impactful components of a Project Portfolio Management process. Not quite, this may seem simple, but there was a lot that had to be built before we even got here. With a Kanban-style board view, you can collect, develop and manage all your new ideas as they progress through the process. A robust project prioritization process will allow you to answer, at a minimum: With the help of the right Project Portfolio Management software, you can streamline the Project Prioritization process and ground it in reality. In some organizations, there are many ways to get projects into production. Project intake is important because it gives greater control over how you take up work, more importantly it helps define the teams portfolio by letting you decide what projects you want to work on. Although all this seems like a lot of effort, it is necessary to make sure that the project decisions are unbiased, free from individual preferences, and variable factors. 4. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); document.getElementById( "ak_js_2" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); document.getElementById( "ak_js_3" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); document.getElementById( "ak_js_4" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Projectric is a leading Project Portfolio Management solution that organizes project and program data into relevant, actionable information for making business decisions. Once a new idea becomes a project, you can manage the project and all of your other projects in an intuitive dashboard. The IST executive forwards to the appropriate steering committee, or advise the proponent that Governance Approval is not required. This will help determine what level of governance the proposal should be targeted. This process supports decision-making by UCF IT and IT Strategic Governance that enable UCF IT and our clients to collaboratively develop and evaluate project ideas. This prioritization process helps when there are more project requests than there is capacity on the team. An intake form that everyone is expected to use: This helps control the flow of project requests, and automatically creates a record of the request, who placed it, and basic information about it. Your process should include the following: You want an objective process to ensure rational Project Prioritization. It should support the concepts of Governance and Transparency. The answer lies is efficient management of workflows, and managing the project intake based on your teams capacity and skills. Steering Committees meet quarterly to review new items. Every project in your pipeline gets assigned a value for each of the prioritization criteria you decide to employ (e.g. Lack of this information will lead to project requests that you cant work on or have nothing to do with and you will spend more time explaining why you cant take on a certain project. Initiatives impacting Knight Vision program resources may be deferred until the new ERP is in place. Project prioritization ensures that you are making the best use of your organizations resources. The process seeks to keep a submitter's effort to a minimum. In either case, the bigger the number, the stronger the alignment and higher the value. No results were found for this search term. New project ideas should be put into context. To learn more about the additional benefits that PPM can deliver please see our Definitive Guide to Project Portfolio Management.. Breaking down programs into too many projects where unnecessary can lead to inefficiencies and bottlenecks, Project alignment: Ensure individual initiatives serve overall goals and objectives of the project and are implemented according to the framework. Usually, the PMO owns this process, Clear communication within the team and with external stakeholders, Established timelines for submitting requests. This should talk about what your team is best at doing. It also details the various inputs, processing steps and procedures required. When a new project request is received, the PMO and/or Project Managers review it against all current and planned projects. Who submitted this project and what is its purpose? Start identifying the best projects by examining projects business goals, time, money, and resources required. Appoint a head chef and make sure they have the right cooks to get the job done. Ad hoc projects will always come up and thats okay. The Project Intake process was developed by UCF IT to prioritize and schedule IT project requests. To support the upcomingKnight Vision Cloud ERP transformation, PeopleSoft and related core systems requests must be thoroughly vetted through the Business Owners Council (BOC) to assess impact to the Knight Vision Program. We are a trusted partner for organizations that need to perform meaningful analysis, forecast outcomes, collaborate in a centralized resource and adapt quickly to changing business needs. Helping them understand what they need to submit and how it will be used will make it easier for them to fill the form. The University of Alberta, its buildings, labs, and research stations are primarily located on the traditional territory of Cree, Blackfoot, Mtis, Nakota Sioux, Iroquois, Dene, and Ojibway/Saulteaux/Anishinaabe nations; lands that are now known as part of Treaties 6, 7, and 8 and homeland of the Mtis. A 2-page proposal is submitted rather than a full business case. Youve probably heard the phrase, too many cooks in the kitchen. According to our Senior Customer Success Manager, Achim Gnan, you also need to make sure, you have the right cooks in the kitchen. At each stage in the process, ask yourself who really needs to be involved at that stage and assign ownership. Easy Projects Custom Forms, also known as intake forms, are used to capture information about a new potential project or a change within an existing project. Here are some other reasons why we need it: To create a central source of entry for all project/work requests( both internal and external), To track all work assignments and project ownership, To measure and document the teams contribution in the organizational context, To ensure projects are prioritized efficiently and delivered on time with quality, To ensure fair distribution of work within the team, To use this as a diagnostic tool to identify resource gaps(skill, time, technology) and improve service, To define the need, conduct impact analysis, and identify trends/patterns in requests which can be used to design training programs and promote self-sufficiency within departments, Single Front Door. Once you have that sorted out, you can begin the project prioritization process. The project is passed to the Project Management Team for execution. Oh, that sounds easy! Resource management functionality allows managers to optimize resource utilization and to proactively resolve any identified conflicts. But I hope it helps! It should provide enough support for you to implement sustainable, consistent, and reliable processes but also, at the same time, not be so rigid that it cannot accommodate any unknowns. Remember that people might not have a fully developed idea while submitting a request or submit too much information to increase the chances of approval.

With so many challenges to the project intake process, it may seem daunting to even try to create a process, but a few best practices can help organizations overcome these challenges. Which strategic goal does this project support? When people start wearing multiple hats, the amount of work they take up also increases proportionally. Now that the PMO is set up and we have most of everything we need, we opened business which means we started taking on projects in compliance with the new project management model. A tutorial on what people need to know before filling out the intake form and how to fill the form: You can use this to set expectations, describe the context, what you are looking for from the form, and clarify any questions that may seem tricky at first glance.

The PMO or project selection committee ranks each project using a real-time dashboard based on these factors to decide and rank which requested projects will be approved and executed in what order. Communicate project decisions: Decide how, when, and what will be shared for each of these: Project acceptance, rejection, and request for additional information, Determine SLAs for request evaluation and decision making. Make it a regular activity to review the process and adapt it where necessary. Learn more. A final review is conducted by the Steering Committee and then both the submitter and the steering committee sign off. 5. It enables your organization to focus on projects that deliver the most value. This saves a significant amount of time, while reducing possible data entry errors. For example, management may have changed direction or failed to accurately communicate the strategic goals of the organization. Have a specific process in place for these projects that need to move more quickly through the process. Ensuring alignment is critical to effective Project Prioritization. Value may be monetary, but might also be intangibles like risk avoidance or process improvement. matrix project management prioritization portfolio demand dashboard template risk business change program pm plan planning google To see how Meisterplan supports a successful project intake process, watch our free on-demand webinar today. There should be three levels of alignment when accepting projects/programs. A powerful tool built for what-if scenario capacity planning it helps to answer crucial questions for a Project or Program Manager, like: Avoid unnecessary data entry and save time with Project Templates - perfect for situations that involve similar or repetitive projects. Service requests go through a different evaluation process since they dont take up as much time and resources as a project. Remember to go through this process with care because there is often a risk of dumping responsibilities on people without taking their opinions into consideration. How often should you collect new ideas? For anyone who has worked in local governments, especially in small cities, you know that every person wears multiple hats irrespective of the role that they were hired for. Once completed the business case or assessment is reviewed and signed off before being assigned to a project management team to initiate. To be a success, this process must be able to score each project competing for funding.

Your organization probably does not lack for ideas for projects to improve efficiency, accountability, revenue, and other facets. For others, value means reducing cost. Tagged: Program Management, Project Intake, PMO, Rethinking Personnel Processes: From Hiring to Retiring, Optimizing Routing for Parks Services: a case study of how change improves services in the City of Syracuse, Syracuse City Hall, 233 E Washington St, Syracuse, NY, 13202, United States. Both potential client and internal initiatives are prioritized and ranked based on a set of specific evaluation criteria. The project requests are evaluated against these weighted goals which should give you a score. It also assists in indicating when formal IT governance is required to align new software/technology solutions with Institutional goals and priorities. The TGF should be used/referenced to frame conversations and make decisions under the following scenarios: Note: The TGF is not meant to be used to make day-to-day tactical and operational decisions regarding the delivery of services. PPM software can also reveal risks, rewards, and insights that can improve prioritization accuracy. Logic Software: 2004 - 2022 LogicSoftwareInc. Who do we have available to start working on this project when needed?, Do we have enough resources with the required skills to take on this project?, If we take on this project, will there be an impact on existing project schedules?. Deciding by the seat of your pants might work for very small organizations, but when theres lots of work to be done, you need a way to rigorously evaluate project proposals and prioritize them. But how can you determine which projects will deliver the biggest value? Think of it this way, you are offering your services to other teams or departments and for them to know what to approach you for, they need to know what you bring to the table. While the four steps of the Project Prioritization process can be undertaken by several means, sufficient, accurate, real-world data and an application that can help you derive insights at each step is critical. This will allow them to evaluate their new idea and make any changes if necessary. the request is a good idea, but it's just not the right time for it) or rejected. For most organizations, the project prioritization process consists of the following steps: A PPM software solution that features a project prioritization template and other tools to capture or create data for each of step of the process will be critical to delivering maximum value from your project portfolio. The purpose of this guide is to provide insight to the Proposal Intake and Prioritization process. That framework should be able to track and contain the various decisions and ranking of projects required to fully vet new projects. We also talked about the role of a PMO and the different types of PMOs we need to look at before choosing one that meets our needs. To begin the project prioritization process, you must first define the value that a project or group of projects will bring to the organization. Note: This process was created for our needs and the type of work we do at city hall. Below is an example of our evaluation process: You can see that every project is evaluated against the same set of variables which makes the decisions consistent and reliable. 3. Information is documented and shared across all parties, Regular audits and feedback to monitor the efficacy of the process, Identify success metrics based on process evaluation and visualize results. There needs to be a standard by which all new project ideas are evaluated against. Its not enough for your project strategy to just align with the Project Management Office (PMO). It would be easy to take someone elses project intake process and use it in your organization, but it just wouldnt be an ideal fit. Make sure anyone submitting a new idea knows what your organizations priorities are. The proposal is reviewed by the Manager of IT Governance for completeness and returned if corrections are needed or forwarded if complete. Your organization will continually evolve, and your project intake process will too. 2022 Meisterplan by itdesign GmbH | All Rights Reserved. Also, before you go and probably start building your own version of this, remember that the secret to any successful process lies in its ability to be rigid and flexible based on the circumstances. Value, Risk, Strategic Alignment, Resource Demand, etc). Process Map: Process maps like these make it easier for people to follow your model. Identify roles and responsibilities: The roles and responsibilities of each participant in the process need to determined, documented and communicated. Is there a standing meeting to review those submissions? Do I hire additional resources for my project backlog. The process includes identification of the various elements required for successful IT project delivery, including analysis of risk, long-term sustainability and business value provided. Matthias Graf from Flughafen Mnchen GmbH provides insights into the use of Clarity, Meisterplan and the integration of third-party systems. The Project Intake process includes submitting aNew Project Request which is reviewed by the Project Intake Steering Committee. By continuing to use our site, you agree that we can place cookies. Often these are ad hoc processes that generally are not the best way to select high-value projects. Maybe certain steps wont be necessary in the future or maybe you need to add one more approval. How to calculate alignment? Sometimes regulations change or new demands arise that require immediate action. Use the TGF to answer the following 7 questions regarding your proposed new application or technology solution. Or a measure of value could be a qualitative goal such as going green. And on, and on. These can then be shared with stakeholders for continued buy-in. As part of Project Selection, you can determine or incorporate your organizational risk/reward baseline and use that to select projects. Let your intake process adapt with your business. The bottom line is that your Project Portfolio Strategy must be aligned with the organizations Business Strategy. For large organizations or organizations with a lot of new project ideas, this process can become complicated and convoluted, but it doesnt have to be. In this blogpost, Im going to take you through what it takes to build a project intake process that will give you control over what projects you take on, how many, and in what timeframe. The idea being that projects which have a stronger alignment to these goals would be considered ahead of those that are somewhat aligned. The Technology Governance Framework (TGF) is a tool that communicates and outlines resource, support and integration guidelines to support decision-making around the adoption of new applications or technology solutions. It describes the process of how to use the Technology Governance Framework to determine if a proposal requires approval from a formal IT governance body, then how a submitted proposal would proceed on its path to acceptance. Accepted items are then forwarded to the Project Management Team to complete an assessment with the proponent to determine a precise scope, benefits to be obtained, metrics to ensure benefits are achieved, a more detailed cost analysis and both business and technical resource availability. Contact: IT Support Center | Phone: 407-823-5117 | Hours: M-F 7 AM - 10 PM, Office of Instructional Resources (OIR) Installation Standards. If I have limited resources, do I cancel any of my projects? Wow, I know that was a lot! Align and prioritize project requests: Once you categorize requests, you need to determine if the request is aligned with team and/or organizational goals.

So, your projects are aligned strategically. : Once you identify the goals of your team and/or organization, you can assign weights to the goals in order of importance. When you tailor the intake process to the demands and limitations in your organization, you create a better process. Your project prioritization framework should be data-driven, objective, and scalable. PeopleSoft and relatedcore systems requestswill be evaluated using the criteria outlined in the hyperlink provided. To make sure the process you built is performing well, conduct usability testing in the initial days where you ask requestors to fill the intake form in front of you and make a note of all things good, bad, and challenging. By outlining a fast-track for urgent projects, you ensure your organization wont be too slow to take critical action. So then, the question was how do we prevent or reduce burnout, inequitable distribution of work, and the feeling of not being able to give your 100% to any single task? It may look completely different based on your teams work. Project requests with no alignment are parked (i.e. Meisterplan is a project portfolio management software that makes it easy to manage your project intake process.