Intellectual, 2012-2022 Subtract one from your damage resistance's percent value, and do this for every DR source. I went down a Rabbit hole for 2 weeks and this is what I came back with: I highly recommend using the above if you need a quick version of how Damage Resist works. In this post I'll show to you guys the damage that the Supers do in this game.Its also surprising to me that this kind of subject is underlooked in a game such as Destiny, or that it is inaccurate. In this guide, we'll go over what damage resistance is, how stacking resist works, and we'll cover every source of damage resistance currently available in Destiny 2.

DR sources range from 10-50% on average, although certain Exotics, weapons, and subclass nodes can push this even further. Expect different results with different swords. Multiple damage resistance sources stack multiplicatively, meaning each added DR source gets less and less effective.

u/Bachmanetti's graph showcases the relationship between damage taken and how under/overleveled you are for a given activity. Our goal for AoE supers of this type is that they incur self-damage when activated too close to a target. Yes, it does. All it takes is a few armor mods to prevent yourself from getting one-shot by certain endgame foes. Learn to choose your engagements and maybe you wont feel so weak. For Example, Minor resist often measures 9.75% on Thrall melee, but closer to 10% on Hobgoblin snipers. Enemy Barrier mods provide a 20% damage resistance AFTER having received damage from those sources. *Stacks are multiplicative. By continuing to use this site, you agree to the updated policies documented at, {{client.users[message.memberFromId].displayName}}. A great example is the damage resistance category of mods on your chest armor. If you're a blademaster, you'll get orange damage numbers if (Hitzone value)*(Sharpness modifier)>=45. However, Taken Barrier will stack with Hive or Fallen barrier for 36% resistance to those enemies. Nova warp, especially with astrocyte+blink, is [i]fast as hell[/i] We are NOT Bungie, Inc.! The super is also incredibly fast and the double dodge makes this subclass the fastest subclass in the game with the highest mobility in the game. For PvE, spec for Resilience and use chest DR mods. My theory for next generation Nintendo console. With the new year fast approaching and many new game releases on the horizon, its time to look ahead at some of the biggest upcoming games of 2022. Sword blocking is highly dependent on both the frame of the sword, and the sword guard chosen. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. [MHW] Some research on orange/gray damage numbers. Imagine being a striker Titan, idealistically something like a tank.. and getting mowed down in an instant. This is while they are active in the case of roaming supers, and while being cast in the case of supers like Nova Bomb and Blade Barrage. Post, Download on the AppStore This data was then transferred to Excel where it was translated into individual tests and percentages were calculated from the pixel measurement differences. Astrocyst Verse. Due to the way the Health bar is handled, there is definitely some rounding involved in the rendering. For a more passive form of DR, the Hunter's Omnioculus Exotic, the Sentinel Titan's overshield mechanic, and the Warlock's Stag Exotic are worth using. You can find most of the data used in this Google Drive. League simply has way too many champions. Environmental damage was often used in these cases, however there is an environmental modifier applied while in super. Dreambane Mods 10% each mod adds together for a max of 50%. The few exceptions to how damage resistance combines: Overshields were not tested thoroughly as there are some difficulties with testing them and inconsistencies when being applied. He is currently a Freelance writer for TheGamer and Game Rant. Lear you track targets are get in their face and chuck a single blade of death at them. The more damage resistance you have, the less damage you'll take and the more likely you'll survive a gunfight. Up to 75% resistance on top of normal super, but only for a brief moment. In general, most sources of damage resistance grant anywhere from 10-50% damage resistance, some outliers notwithstanding. Also remember the longer you hold the shock the more damage it does. Damage resistance (otherwise known as "DR") is a mechanic that reduces incoming damage from certain sources. At 21601440 resolution, the shield portion of the health bar is 404 pixels wide, meaning a change in damage of 1% over the length of the bar SHOULD be measurable as a 4 pixel difference. *laughs in golden gun* get it? Resist x4 notably appears while using Omnioculus, a Hunter Exotic that grants 50% damage resistance in PvE while invisible. So your upset for being the second most tanky class choice while super is active. For each exotic that offers a damage resistance or reduces incoming damage perk, the following information applies: Most other cases, exotics, and other resistance attributes are in the Google sheet. Fixed an issue that prevented Enhancement Cores from being awarded when reaching Legend in Valor and Glory ranks, Fixed an issue where players could initiate damage phases for the boss encounter too early, Fixed an issue where the "Like a Diamond" Flawless Triumph was not being rewarded properly. Related: Destiny 2: Craftable God Rolls Worth The Grind. Never use warp during nova warp super. Resist x3 is currently only shown by using the Well of Tenacity mod, which in-of itself seems to be a bug; it should be giving 50% DR instead of 40%. In almost all cases, the way Damage resistance combines is the same. While they take a bit more thought process to use, theyare single handedly the best classes in the game when you figure them out. BUNGIE, DESTINY, MARATHON and the Bungie, Destiny and Marathon logosare either trademarks or registered trademarks of Bungie, Inc., used with permission. Paired with the Whisper of Chains Fragment (40% DR), you'd have 65% damage reduction and take 50% less damage from that enemy. Dawnblade really just needs better hitboxes/hit detection. It does not stack with itself. *This DR is separate from the bonus Resilience Land Tank provides. No increase in super time; just adjustments to make them better. * Stormtrance - slow movement speed, too much consumed energy while using Ionic Blink, tic damage allows easy countering, Dodge can break connection If you want to determine your percentage of incoming Damage from a source, you can calculate it as follows: ReceivedDamage = (1-Resist_1) * (1-Resist_2) * (1-Resist_3) * (.). However, unlike most damage buffs, you can stack damage resistance. At 100 Resilience, you'll take 40% less damage from PvE enemies, stacking multiplicatively with any other DR sources you have active. Blade barrage: no resist, no aim assist, cant even kill a super with all knives hitting Its about our thinking your opponent instead of wanting super armor because you suck at timing. I agree with the most part, but I have one nitpick with the post If anything chaos reach needs more resistance, it only lestsfour seconds, most likely you'll be up in the air becausethere is no other way to have a chance at getting people around cover, you can barely move at all in super, plus your basically blinding yourself when you use it. -Changes: increase range of lightning, increase damage and/or add a concussive effect while being hit which will slow opponents movement speed This is for two reasons: So you're getting hit with diminishing returns twice in this case. No we dont need anymore of the supers having super armor. The Seasonal content model has began to feel repetitive to many players, and I think we need some changes to add a bit more life to the core gameplay loop. So here's the Pro/Cons. Couple this with overshield abilities that recharge separately from your shield bar and health, and the elemental aspect of some Overshields makes them difficult to gauge and measure. It drops on all Reverie Dawn armor. If that was standard damage resistance, you'd have 77.5% DR. In-game, your effective damage resistance is actually higher at 88.75% because the enemy is dealing half as much damage, regardless of your DR. Ex: If a player had five Valor resets in Season 4, this will now grant progress towards the quest. Heres a list of issues and proposed changes: The Well of Tenacity mod can give an additional 40% damage resistance for a short time while active, although you'll need a way to spawn Void Elemental Wells. Keep moving. If you learn how to pace the blinks you will never run out of blink. There have been times where I hit someone who's backed into a wall point blank with a blade only for it to do 73 damage. At 15% resistance, and stacking up to a staggering 55.6%, it significantly outperforms other stackable mods. I am once again asking for Gambit to have fun alternate gamemodes like Crucible and Vanguard do. Here's the TL;DR. Where appropriate, this was used to calculate resistances or combined resistance information. Bad part is I dont play the game anymore and I can tell you that. Armor means very little if you know how to work around it. Fixed various issues where the quest was not progressing to the pickup step until a player re-entered orbit. Similar to Recovery, Resilience's DR bonus becomes exponentially better the more points you invest into the stat. While top dawn is the fastest in nuetral game, Nova Warp is literally the fastest super in the game with Astrocyst Verse blink. In PvE, you gain an additional 60% DR that's multiplicative with the Super's PvP resistance. Is having one of the strongest ranged attacks and the ability to fly across the map at Mach 3 speed not enough for ya? Five Valor resets are still required during a single season, but this is no longer restricted to the current season. Reducing the damage you take in endgame content is vital to success, and damage resistance can even be used in PvP to lengthen the TTK of most meta weapons. That being said use ionic blink not to rush down but to avoid shots and confuse the enemy. We've updated this guide to include Resilience DR values, and we've updated some damage resistance values that saw nerfs in Season 17mainly chest DR mods. Only Chaos Reach needs more damage resistance. While using certain damage resistance sources, you might come across the "Resist x[Value]" buff on your HUD. This will be a PvP post just so were clear. Almost every Super in Destiny 2 gives damage resistance while active, making it a little easier to push the enemy and land a few kills. Nova Warp: Astrocyst Verse. Fully charged you would be suprised. Warlocks have decent resist in super, its just that the supers arent good, excluding daybreak. Damage Resist is for a single melee and stacks with charge to x3. Running your first Grandmaster Nightfall or Master raid can be frustrating with one-tapping snipers and high-damage enemies. By clicking 'Accept', you agree to the policies documented at, This site uses cookies to provide you with the best possible user experience. If you have 50% DR, the 50% reduced damage from the enemy gives you an effective 75% DR. Kill one enemy and you kill the next one quicker and so on and so forth. Stormdancers brace is perfect in pvp. For the rest of this guide, we'll be separating the two effects to reflect in-game effects as closely as possible. These are the stats of sword blocking withTemptations Hookwith different Guard perks. Each mod gives 15% damage resistance against a given damage type. I dont understand the hate on this post? The Resistances are each applied to the incoming damage, reducing it sequentially. For PvP, use your Super. Auto rifles? This drop-off does not seem to have a cap. Can we just reduce Huntets when in Super. IDK how many times I die because of their over shield while in Super. NONE OF THEM HAVE RESISTANCE. Its that simple. Environmental Damage is handled a little differently, and you only have about a 50% resistance to damage in those same supers. Most players assume this is another form of damage resistance, but that's not entirely true. Supers shouldnt really have much damage resist at all. This is why we dont let the smooth brains dictate PvP balance. Resilience still grants bonus shields with each rank, same as in previous seasons. ASTROCYST VERSE.

Suggestion: But I would agree we are way too vulnerable during supers. Comment *document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a2d52fd828f51efb50bc7f7cf08e76f7" );document.getElementById("c80a69ff47").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Your email address will not be published. `#${userDetail.user.cachedBungieGlobalDisplayNameCode}` : ""}`}}. Just queuing a private match, shooting an enemy w/ handgun and then checking damage dealt in the score screen.

Anyway i agree with only one part of this since most of what you wrote appears to be bad super placement. The recent champion release nightmare is not entirely because of incompetence.

If you're planning on farming Grandmaster Nightfalls or raids, you'll want some form of damage resistance in your build. Stay mobile. Every time I get killed out of my super its my fault. This means that your effective health pool (EHP) is slightly higher than the DR listed below. This makes it impossible to reach 100% damage resistance. Reducing an enemy's damage output is a separate modifier that is far stronger than stacking more damage resistance. Almost all tests were run with at least 2 sources of damage, and over multiple damage cycles. Related: Destiny 2: Ability Cooldowns And Super Tiers Explained. * Nova Warp - slow movement speed, blast radius too small, charge time too slow, Warp requires too much energy However, if you stacked two different 15% DR sources, you'd get 27.5% damage resistanceslightly higher than stacking two of the same mod. Since there's a wide array of damage resistance sources, we'll be splitting this section into multiple subsections, listing certain DR sources in unique tables. there are more details in the spreadsheet. As for the super don't float in the air constantly. Neither Golden Gun super seems to have any Damage Resistance provided. Legend: Clanrat - 56 hp Stormvermin - 112 hp Fanatic - 46 hp Marauder - 88 hp Cata (seems like legend + 25%): Clanrat - 70, tl;dr if you're gunner, you get Orange damage numbers if the target hitzone is equal to or greater than 45. While equipped, Duskfield Grenades grant 25% damage resistance while inside and debuffs enemy damage by 50%. Its a pinnacle activity. Arc staff: unreliable aim assist, normal movement speed, almost 0 damage resist The super could use a slight buff, but it's biggest issue is the piss poor neutral game, DB with icarus is fine for mobility and isnt too slow and Im a dawnblade main lmao. The buff is meant to notify you of more circumstantial DR sources that are activenotable examples including Well of Tenacity, Protective Light, and The Stag Exotic for Warlocks. Most Supers have about a 80% resistance. This is meant to give an approximation of your character's current damage resistance, although it's not as reliable as you'd expect. The best example of this behavior is the Renewal Grasps Exotic for Hunters. Stick your head in the sand more pls as the nerf squad will be coming for top tree dawn blade soon. Endgame Destiny 2 content is tuned around players having at least some form of damage resistance. If you pop your super in front of the entire enemy team yea expect to get killed. This only pertains to PVE, as modifiers in PVP are generally different. [Spoilers for Stray] Strays handling of a post apocalyptic world in comparison to other post apocalyptic worlds. 2022GamesToday-Your place for discussion, help, guides, reviews, videos, questions, news, and anything else games related. It appears your segueing that roaming supers should be able to charge into groups of the other team and kill them all one by one while they all shoot you. Rivens Curse -3% This mod increases damage from all sources in the Dreaming city. If you want to tackle Destiny's hardest PvE activities, you'll want some damage resistance in your build. When this happens, returning to orbit should resolve this issue. For example: If you are attacked by a Taken Echo Knight and you have Taken Barrier 20%, Hive Barrier 20%, and 2x Concussive Dampener 27.75%: (1-20%) * (1-20%) * (1-27.75%) =46.24%incoming Damage, or effectively53.76%total resistance. Most supers are meant to be trunk cards to get an easy kill. Essentially, as you approach the Power level of the activity; received damage drops substantially. Edit: The format of the text went wrong so Im just fixing some stuff (use of italic and columns). This is one of many reasons why this buff name is unreliable. Related: Destiny 2 The Witch Queen: A Complete Guide To Weapon Crafting. Not to mention, it does 92 damage per tick, and that doesn't make sense with a 4 second super. Players already affected by this issue will be awarded credit for the keys they've used the next time they log in. The only super that needs more damage resistance is chaos reach, As a titan main, I do think that mid tree storm-caller needs a damage resistance buff considering you a essentially a sitting duck. Esoterikk has posted a videooutlining most of the current mods and changes for Beyond Light. Whisper of Chains, the only DR source intended to give 40% damage resistance, displays as "Resist" without any stacks on your HUD. These were performed at 1083 light (1060 base , +23 Artifact) with Tier 0 resilience armor. Tracker Video Analysis and Modeling Tool. You are not allowed to view this content. That will also include overshields. New Movie News, Movie Trailers & upcoming Movie Reviews. * Daybreak - projectiles are slow, dont guarantee a OHK on impact, the super itself leaves us vulnerable to easy damage while were in the air However, this decreases in effectiveness faster than other mods. Important note:For the purposes of Damage Resistance only, elite enemies with a Triangle Icon, includingChampions,are actually considered Boss enemies. Sounds like a joke, wait.. Its **damage resistance**.not damage **immunity**. Check out our Elemental Well mod guide for more info on how to spawn each Well type. If you get taken down by more attentive players then you get taken down. Leave it alone. I am actively doing a full suite of testing (Feel free to reach out if you want to help!) Dawnblade: in pvp you should only be using top tree no exceptions. Boost drains energy but not enough that it hurts you in any meaningful way. That's why most of your builds should have some form of damage resistance. Some Damage Resistance, such as Warlock Nova Bomb, Titan Thundercrash, and Hunter Blade Barrage occur over such a brief period in time that resistance was difficult to test. Put your helmet on, and get back in your cage. You will lose no momentum and go far fast.

Once complete, multiply them together to get your true damage taken. Numbers will vary depending on the Activity/Content (Free-Roam or Strikes or Raid) so I went with the over-all goal; People seem to forget that damage just doesnt pop and will take this to get salty over Thundercrash (Cuirass) or because their Nova Bomb isnt doing 999.9k damage. The bosses that were used in this test to get the overall consensus were. Minor, Major, and Boss Resist mods provide a stacking 10% resistance.

Your email address will not be published. The former gives 40% damage resistance against all damage types, and your chest can equip two DR mods at once. Required fields are marked *.

Each Resist stack roughly equates to the following damage resistance values: Resist x1 is currently only achievable by using the Protective Light mod. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute("id","a9e7642f85f411b0b562312542c7b13b");document.getElementById("b7ae61571b").setAttribute("id","comment"); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. For Weapon Damage mods, you would useMajor Specto increase damage to Champions and other Elite enemies. 3rd your ideas are bs because you are in super that doesnt mean you should have free insta kills w,o any worry of dying or work put into it.