Guessing the purpose behind the many windowless structures scattered across the District has been a fan favorite, whether you're waiting in one of the many underpasses during rush hour or simply walking by. Around 11:00 am on Wednesday, 6 April 1966, a class of students and a teacher from Westall High School were outside when they saw a grey saucer-shaped craft hoovering over them. Ages 18+, Every other Thursday There have been many reports of seeing and hearing children at Leftwich Park after dark and it is said to be the most haunted area on base. These ones just make your walk a little more fun. I freaked out and peddled faster.". A ton of responses lead me to bizarre intersections and tucked-away bars, but there were a handful that pointed in the direction of the obviously scary. Some even said they had sweaty palms during the photoshoot. Go head-to-head with some of the best players around, and see if you have what it takes to go home a winner. "I was riding along the bike tail last year going toward Georgetown, it was just past dusk, something caught my eye and it was a deer unfortunately dead on the bank of the creek, but with its face gone. Misawa Club Members | $20 cash only Whenever the kitchen is dirty, stuff starts flying off the counters, says Basquez. And our B unit has had things move around and her dogs keep staring at something moving around her house. Get out of the house and here with friends, every weekend where drink specials and live music are poppin in the coolest hangout on base. Linda T. Kennedy, WGU PR Content Coordinator, Tips to Help You Survive the Holiday Season,, Exercise and the Brain: How Fitness Impacts Learning, Controlling Your Classroom: What One Teacher Learned by Starting Over. Poorly lit, always a tad too cool and eerily quiet. --, "The haunted mystery building on the corner of New Jersey and D St! Haunted Wendy's, also known as Dave Thomas Circle, also known as the traffic stop from hell: First of all, if you can even get there, you deserve a Frosty. Further Reading: Tips to Help You Survive the Holiday Season. Ever since then, a little girl is said to haunt the schools bathrooms and she is known to flush toilets and flicker the lights on and off. Your commute. While it's now a tech hub, I found out I wasn't alone in thinking it was slightly toobig to not have some sort of haunted energy. Noon6 p.m. You might have experienced something chilling and unexplainable while walking through the Misawa Club, taking a test at school, or even in your home. P.S. We didnt really have any problems until my youngest was born. Marblehead AKA Hellmouth Massachusetts by Linda T. Kennedy, WGU PR Content Coordinator, If anyone has seen this girl, knows of her identity or whereabouts, El Paso High School wants to know! Just your usual windowless structure on 2nd Street and H. Apple at the old Carnegie Library, because casual. Fortunately, the craft took off to descend in a nearby field rather than whisking the children and teacher away (like you see in the movies.) The bigger the buy in, the bigger the prize. Lunch will be provided to all who enter the tournament, and Club Members will receive a discount to play. Whatever it is, it seems to want to hold my baby, but it obviously cant. It's just disconcerting to think you could be walking over people's graves/bodies, or living above them if you're a homeowner. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster), 1 in a million: Freckles, rare lobster rescued from Manassas restaurant, dies at museum, RIP Freckles: Rare lobster saved by Red Lobster staff dies at Virginia museum, Steve Bannon rests in contempt case without presenting defense, Yellow Weather Alert: A Heat Advisory continues until 8pm, SIGN UP HERE: Love weather? Linda T. Kennedy is the PR Content Coordinator at WGU and is an ALM Candidate, Harvard University, Journalism.

Hes shy and open at the same time and he doesnt like people talking about him. Billy sometimes hangs out in the principals office and made him fall off of his chair one time when he moved it. Such a prankster, that Billy is! Contact our webmaster if you see an error. Runner up for Union Station? School can be changed into a huge possessed school. Here's how to join WUSA9 Weather Watchers team, Maryland ranks one of the worst states in the country to see UFOs. RELATED: Maryland ranks one of the worst states in the country to see UFOs. It is said that Leftwich Park is the site where at least two children died when a bunker collapsed in an attack. Well, this ghost is a little different because shes not confined to the bathroom. A rarity. Recessions, Madams Organ, Little Miss Whiskey, Sign of the Whale and Codmother were amongst the most popular foroddvibes and nights with cursed memories. While I'm sure it's probably some antique way of saying she died in labor, the wording and the damage creeped me out. Holdem of foldem at the Misawa Clubs Texas Holdem Tournament. Members $80 | Non-Members $100 The whole unit is haunted, says Basquez. I know I am missing a ton, but a girl can only drive to so many spots in one night, especially if those spots may or may not bring some energy back. The list doesn't seem to end. If anyone knows what it is, please tell me so that I can sleep at nights. Leftwich Park is not the only place on Misawa Air Base that is rumored to be haunted. Parker Roads Elementary. One walk down Corcoran Street and you're now on an adventurous scavenger hunt for whatever groceries you can find because I promise you you won't find all of them. Sign up on the spot for Membership to receive discounted entry. Beautiful and it's like time doesn't exist. Consistently empty shelves, disastrously long lines and that awful tiling set the mood perfectly. The White House may be occupied by President Barack Obama and his family for another few months, but other residents are already enjoying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The class photo resides in a trophy cases at the school (probably just in case someone recognizes her one of these days). That certainly is mysterious. Not so much haunted areas, but rather as one Facebook user told me: "WTF relics and places that simply put, do not pass the vibe check.". Debris is seen after flood waters receded on Rock Creek Parkway and Waterside Drive in northwest Washington. Whether your school is listed here or not, were confident you have some sort of hauntings going on there. Boarded up windows that make you walk a tad bit faster than usual, even in the middle of the day. The ghost does not appear in the photo negative, either, and the picture was taken a couple of years before Photoshop was even developed. They stood near the parks bathroom and the men at the post stared at the screen in bewilderment and responded, What do you mean? The Union Station basement food court, particularly the Sbarro: There's something about train stations that make time feel extra malleable. As a matter of fact, in the 1950s Missouri ordered Leaf Brown Cemetery to dig up all the bodies in the cemetery and move them to another area prior to the construction of the neighborhood and school there. As I was getting ready for bed, I was brushing my teeth in the main bathroom, when I saw an old Japanese lady coming up the stairs. That is chilling! Game starts | 5:30 p.m. When no one is in the gym, shell take the opportunity to shoot some basketballs, too. Runners up include the Front Page and Cactus Cantina banquet room where time stops completely. by | Sep 27, 2019 | Adventure, Culture, Learning, Misawa History | 0 comments. Stunning. Call it what you want, but it's that feeling you get when you know deep in your bones, something just isn't right. Western Governors University WGU. ", Theres no way the Georgetown Exxon isnt some money laundering front. That one tree in Chinatown that practically guarantees you will need to change your shirt after the wrath of bird poop. October brings an open mind to the spiritual realm and lots of fun when it comes to thinking about paranormal possibilities. Ages 18+, 22jul10:00 pmLIVE DJ Dance NightsMisawa E'Club, Every Friday & Saturday Most recent was earlier this year. Many buildings are different now but the events that happened here do not change. 23jul12:00 pm6:00 pmFeaturedTexas Hold'em TournamentTohoku Ballroom, Hold'em of fold'em at the Misawa Club's Texas Hold'em Tournament. By submitting you will receive emails from Hey Teach! If I tell it Ive got the baby or not to touch him, she leaves. Shes even felt the nannys fingers touching her back! I can tell the shape of his shadow, he doesnt scare me, hes a friend, says a second grade Sollars student. How many horror movies have dolls in them? Anchorage, Alaska WASHINGTON Heebejeebies, sixth sense, bad mojo, strange energy. Theyre standing right next to you.. Sign up at 6 p.m. Misawa Air Base (AP Photo/Jessica Gresko), A food service area is closed with yellow police tape at Union Station in Washington, Friday, May 22, 2020. Sign up | 5 p.m. 21jul5:00 pm7:00 pmTexas Hold'emFaultline, Every other Thursday Base residents, north and main, have also had some strange things happen in their homes, with shadows and knocking being a main occurrence, to items moving, dogs staring or barking at seemingly nothing, and even feelings of being touched. From grocery stores and abandoned buildings to dive bar bathrooms and bizarre neighborhood decor, here's a roundup of some the most unique D.C. places, as experienced by locals and yours truly. The bigger the buy in, the bigger the prize. Why are there six lanes? Must be 18 years or older to purchase online.

A handful of very specific gas stations: Finding parking is hard enough, but paying $10 a gallon? One of the creepiest I observed was this windowless structure on 2nd street and H, one of many requests from the Welcome DC Group: "Whats up with that giant windowless concrete structure on 2nd & H St NW? Water dripping, dark, cold -- or it used to be! While it's not technically in DC, the sticky blue booths and white chairs topped with kiosks selling bizarre souvenirs, The Pentagon City Mall food court for sure. It could be the fact that the underground space -- all 75,000 square feet of it -- served as a trolley station from 1949 - 1962, then a fallout shelter in 1975 and a brief stint as a weird food court of sorts in 1995. The fries make up for it, I'll give them that, but when I walked by I understood what one Facebook user described as "definitely a portal to somewhere not great.". Even children at Sollars Elementary have had encounters with a ghost, but their ghost seems to be just a friendly schoolmate that lacks a body. Old Abe, you have an absolutely gorgeous memorial but your gift shop --- with all it's the historic decor and tiny spaces -- is a mini time machine I don't want to leave. Nightmute High School. I dont know what they do there but it creeps me out. Cursed. Where have we heard this one before? He likes to help with schoolwork, move pencils around, make them laugh, and tie shoelaces; sometimes together. USA Jobs If you're not down to walk through the Congressional Cemetery just yet, the group also does virtual tours of the ground on Facebook Live every Saturday. Ages 18+ Ages 18+, 23jul10:00 pmLIVE DJ Dance NightsMisawa E'Club, Every other Thursday By far the most horrifying and yet most popular? Starts at 10 p.m. In some places around the District, that weird energy feels even stronger than usual. Specifically, the bathroom in Dan's Cafe -- all 15 inches of it. Especially considering the frequency with which the line actually seems to catch on fire. Sign up for the Get Up DC newsletter: Your forecast. Students and their families lived in the area so underground bunkers were built for protection from bombings. But the students have seen the ghost in the bathrooms, and have identified her as a woman in a black dress with long, wavy blond hair and no eyes. You can follow her on Twitter @KyleyBSchultz. The story here is that a grave was discovered underneath room number 106.

Beyond our favorite NoMa Wendy's, another place seemed to be on the forefront of weird vibes: The McDonalds on U Street. Follow us on Facebook to see photos of our Trivia winners! It was so notorious, world-over, about 50 years ago that National Geographic reported it and so weve decided to share that, too. It turns out, Dhere's opinions of time-altering places seemed to be a universal feeling among D.C. residents -- dozens of people replied to her thread with their own experiences, ranging from creepy bathrooms in government buildings to intersections around the city. Find clues in the model and solve mysteries in the app. Non-Members | $10 entry Use the app to find and capture ghosts floating around the model. The original name might have had something to do with the belief that the town is built over a portal for psychic energy, drawing things into the town such as a UFO hovering over the school in 1966. The old Carnegie Library that is now an Apple Store: What used to be the iconic Carnegie library is now an Apple Store, because of course. The lack of windows and most non-descript coloring only intrigue more. Perhaps it's the flickering open sign that faces the street or the fact that there seems to be nobody in them, ever (at least not until after 2 a.m.). Another fan favorite for weird vibes: the Mcdonalds off 14th and U. The H&M when you first walk in, apparently. ", (That happened to beCentral Heating Plant). Fautline, Misawa EClub The original flight of stairs was built in 1895 attached to a building that used to hold trolley cars back when DC had a cable car system (looking at you, Dupont Underground. How about one with dozens of barbies attached to firecrackers and U.S. flags on the front lawn? And what could possibly be inside? Misawa Club Members | $5 entry Game starts at 6:30 p.m. Use of this site signifies your agreement to the Terms of Use. But keep your eyes here and the lights on, and pay no attention to that shadowy image standing over you in the event that you discover one of these schools is where you work! And let's not even talk about Wendy's in NoMa off Florida Avenue, a traffic nightmare from hell. In an effort to get to know D.C. just a bit more, I did what any normal person would do: ask a bunch of strangers on Facebook (big shout out to Welcome2DC for their awesome responses and helpful tips) for their opinions and then force my roommate to drive around the city to see them all. This is no run-of-the-mill funfair obake-yashiki (haunted house) with half-hearted scares that are more hilarious than horrifying. Walking Leftwich Park at night may bring more than just a night under the stars. Apparently most bodies were exhumed and moved (at least in the white section, I think) but it's not uncommon for homeowners along Q St. NW to find skeletal remains during renovations. No, we're not kidding, RELATED: Explore one of the oldest cemeteries in DC from the comfort of your own home, Kyley Schultz is a digital editor at WUSA9, covering everything from DMV politics to house fires and the Nationals. St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Southeast, with its illustrative history as the first federally operated psychiatric hospital opened way back in 1855 and also made the list.

Non-Members | $40 cash only According to an article written by Dr. Richard Clark at the 35th Fighter Wing History Office in October of 2014, Parapsychologists and ghost hunters suggest this type of environment is conducive to hauntings, and if you have been at Misawa Air Base for more than a year, chances are good youve heard at least one local ghost story., The Japanese Imperial Navy began building Misawa Air Base in 1938. This school is in a town that was originally called Hellmouth in colonial days, which stands for a property representing the entrance of hell. In the meantime, there are many more unknown entities who are big fans of El Paso High: Some alumni & faculty say theyve seen hundreds of ghosts hold pep rallies in the middle of the night there. During the day? Do you believe in ghosts or have you had a paranormal experience here at Misawa? When I asked about bars, all roads lead to Madams Organ and Dans Cafe. Your news. Happy Halloween from the Hey Teach Staff! But, its rumored that they left one body behind, and you guessed itits the ghost of the dead body that haunts Parker Roads School. Fluorescent lights no matter the hour and the faint thud of 80's music. Game starts at 6:30 p.m. According to some Sollars students, Billy was one of the first kids to attend the school and at eight-years-old, he is rumored to have tripped and had an unfortunate mishap with an open sewer. Whether it's Arlington or Congressional, or perhaps smaller ones, you don't walk into a cemetery without feeling some sort of energy. Shes also heard wandering throughout the school, humming little tunes.