Its high-MOI design was made possible through weight savings from the carbon-fibre face, with mass shifted low and deep, while a rear weight screw further enhances stability. Yonex is one, and so, too, perhaps more infamously was Callaway with the Big Bertha C4 over 20 years ago. The interesting face pattern is down to the face technology. Stealth Plus will be offered in 8, 9 and 10.5 degree lofts. Sign up here for our newsletter and you'll never slice a drive again. Speed, forgiveness and impact acoustics, a crucial consideration for TaylorMades new Carbonwoods, all get a big leg up in comparison to the SIM2 range. decision, Your purchase will be split into 4 payments, payable We already got a glimpse of the new Stealth driver when Tiger Woods tested the red-faced big stickat the PNC Championship last December. Without a doubt it is the neon-lit attention grabber of the 2022 Stealth line-up, but the rising carbon tide floats all boats in the Stealth range. The reason were doing this first and foremost is for speed, Bystedt said. Sergio Garcia tells Me and My Golf GREAT driver tip: "Pull the chain! The Stealth Plus+ rescue also features an adjustable hosel, which can adjust loft 1.5 degrees higher or lower. They are unashamedly distance irons, designed to belt the living suitcase out of the ball to gain extra yards for golfers with, shall we say, sub-optimal ball-striking talent. You could get thinner and thinner with titanium but then it becomes nonconforming so the only way to overcome that is to go to a new material, he said, noting the new Stealth faces also are 20 percent larger than TaylorMades recent SIM drivers. TaylorMades two Stealth rescues achieve the same goal: more forgiveness than a traditional long iron. Take a look at the new equipment from TaylorMade for 2022 TaylorMade have today launched their new equipment for 2022 with the announcement of their new Stealth line. The distinctive V-shaped sole minimises resistance through the turf and enhances versatility while maintaining an optimal high-launching, low-spinning ball flight. We still see the asymmetric inertia generator on the sole that debuted in the SIM line. The draw-biased Stealth HD (9, 10.5, 12 degrees; $580) attacks slicers needs by shifting the back-weighted keel-like feature in the sole slightly toward the heel, which adds draw spin but maintains the high stability on off-center hits, the highest in the Stealth family. With this, the company say the weigh savings and larger face made possible by the twist face deliver stunning new ball speeds compared to the previous models. Well, this is not that story. PRICE: Stealth Plus, $600; Stealth/Stealth HD, $580. 60x Carbon Twist FaceComprised of 60 carbon-fibre layers, the Stealth face is a massive 44 per cent lighter than a comparable titanium face. This is a draw bias design that doesnt compromise on forgiveness. Were now in this era where were basically saying more and more of this head is going to be made out of this material thats better than ti.. The problem with previous attempts was that despite the weight savings gained, carbon fibre faces simply couldnt outperform good ol titanium. That sawtooth friction pattern between the grooves is only 18 microns high, or about one-fourth the width of a human hair. Theres a lot to unpack with the new Stealth irons. Essentially were taking mass away from the face and putting it in the body of the club. But they manage to accomplish the same thing via entirely different routes one is aimed squarely at better players, the other will pique the interest of more recreational players. : theyre easy to hit, whether youre an elite ball striker or among the vast majority who are not. The BEST Nike Golf shirts as seen at the PGA Championship, NEW VICE Pro Drip Silver Hills Golf Balls: Limited Edition, Golf Betting Tips: Our BEST BETS for Round One of PGA Championship. In addition, though, its not just that the face is lighter. As TaylorMades Todd Beach, senior vice president of research and engineering, puts it, Composites arent designed typically for direct impact. Its a complex bit of engineering theory, but the idea is that the lighter the face, the more efficient the collision because when theres less mass taken up by the face, theres more mass in the body. And TaylorMades well-regarded V-Steel fairway wood sole makes a return appearance, too. In other words, its not exactly the case that the moment of inertia (stability on off-center hits) for the Stealth drivers has improved dramatically because of the lighter face or that the center of gravity is lower or farther back. Based on the experience with older carbon headed clubs, it could be expected the Stealth family of drivers suffer from a muted and low-energy sound. So that was a big hurdle to get over., The key element in solving that problem was a thermoset polyurethane blend cap on the carbon-composite layers. But its not often you get an entire game changers. And most golfing gearheads know that when that occurs, launch, spin and distance all take a big leap forward. The most flexible Speed Pocket TaylorMade has ever designed contributes to the Stealth drivers impressive levels of forgiveness. Available:February 4RRP:499Stock shafts:Fujikura Ventus Red 5 (Stealth); Project X Hzrdus Smoke RDX Red 60, Mitsubishi Kaili White 60 (Stealth Plus); Fujikura Air Speeder 45 (Stealth HD); Aldila Ascent Ladies 45 (Womens)Numerous custom shafts are available at no additional cost.Driver lofts: 9, 10.5, 12 (Stealth, Stealth HD); 8, 9, 10.5 (Stealth Plus)Grip:Lamkin Crossline Black/Red, RRP: 579Face colour:Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange, GreyBody colour:Black, Chalk Crown finish:Gloss, MatteSole decal colour:Blue, Black, Red, Orange, Green, Gold, Pale Blue, VoltHeadcovers:Mono, Colour. Originally, that was under the heading of springlike effect or coefficient of restitution (COR), but that performance attribute gave way to characteristic time (CT), a reference to how a portable test measured face flexing. A strong yet flexible C300 steel face produces red-hot ball speeds while TaylorMades Twist Face technology straightens out mis-hits. However, they do it with the graceful feel of a forged iron.

A Lamkin Crossline 360 grip is fitted as standard. It also features an adjustable hosel that can change loft across a 3 range. TaylorMades Thru-Slot Speed Pocket increases face flexibility for consistent ball speed and distance, especially on strikes low on the face. While the spotlight is always on the driver line-up in any new release, the new Stealth rescues are heavy hitters in their own right. So we werent going to launch this until it could beat ti. That means tighter dispersion on off-center hits. Stealth irons have been made longer by what TaylorMade call Toe Wrap technology, which takes a huge bite out of the toe area and repurposes it at the bottom of the iron head. Sign up for Deals, Coupon Codes and information about New Products. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: A carbon-composite facenot the crown or even the body as weve seen in various stages over the last 15 years or so, but the part of the club that makes contact with the ballis the foundation for TaylorMades three new Stealth drivers. And its asymmetric positioning is aerodynamically efficient, boosting swing speed where it really counts: on the downswing.

So says TaylorMades team of engineers who in fits and starts over the past 20 years have been pursuing something they say is not merely entirely different from titanium, but of course, fundamentally better. Hand: Right/LeftShaft Options: Stealth Plus+: Project X HZRDUS Smoke Red RDX 60 (Mid flight; regular 5.5, stiff 6.0, extra stiff 6.5); Mitsubishi Kaili White 60 60 (low flight; stiff, extra stiff)Stealth: Fujikura Ventus Red 5 (mid/high flight; regular, stiff, senior), Aldila Red 60 (mid flight; senior, regular, stiff, extra stiff)Stealth HD: Fujikura Air Speeder 45 (high flight; regular, stiff, senior)Stealth Womens: Aldila Ascent Ladies 45 (high flight)Grip: Lamkin Crossline 360; Lamkin Ladies SonarStealth Plus+ Driver Lofts: 8, 9 and 10.5.Stealth Driver Lofts: 9, 10.5 and 12.Stealth HD Driver Lofts: 9, 10.5 and 12.Stealth HD Womens Driver Lofts: 10.5 and 12.Swing Weights: Stealth Plus+: D4/D5; Stealth: D4/D5; Stealth HD: D4/D5; Stealth HD Womens: C8. From a visual perspective the SIM2 was my favourite driver of 2021, but the Stealth takes it up another level. Thru-slot Speed PocketThe most flexible Speed Pocket TaylorMade has ever designed contributes to the Stealth drivers impressive levels of forgiveness. The Stealth Plus+ rescue also features an adjustable hosel, which can adjust loft 1.5 degrees higher or lower. But we finally made it over the mountain and were on a whole new S-curve now for innovation in composites.

Due to having more weight low and back this model is 15% more forgiving than the Stealth Plus. A range of premium shafts can be fitted to TaylorMade Stealth rescues, with custom shaft fitting also an option. Stealth and Stealth HD have an RRP of 469 /629. The breakthrough nanotexture formulation optimises launch and spin rates in both wet and dry conditions, making Stealth drivers ultra-consistent in any weather. Because the manufacturing tolerances of carbon composite are more precise. Before you head down that path, the new TaylorMade Stealth rescues should really be in your wheelhouse. The 10-gram weight can be set in a vast range of positions from heel to toe to accommodate ballfight preferences. As Tomo Bystedt, TaylorMades senior director of product creation, puts it, referencing the famous S Curve for innovation, We knew the S curve for Ti was ending and the S Curve for carbon-composite faces was beginning., RELATED: When your favorite golf club meets its demise. Peter Millar have an AMAZING selection of golf shorts! If youre looking to improve your game in 2022, do it by Stealth. A Lamkin Crossline 360 grip is fitted as standard. The distinctive V-shaped sole minimises resistance through the turf and enhances versatility while maintaining an optimal high-launching, low-spinning ball flight. The CG is lowered, increasing distance and forgiveness. Itching to ditch your long irons in favour of a couple of rescues? The Stealth HD is biased to produce a high draw off the tee, but it also boasts the most forgiveness of the Stealth driver line-up. The alignment aid is guaranteed to get more shots starting on the correct line, increasing accuracy and confidence.

But the new Stealth line-up is faster, straighter, more forgiving - and extremely versatile off the tee. Shaft offerings include Fujikura Ventus Red 5. The CG is lowered, increasing distance and forgiveness. The alignment aid is guaranteed to get more shots starting on the correct line, increasing accuracy and confidence. Its 3D carbon fibre crown shifts weight rearward, maximising forgiveness. From stamped wedges and putters to custom head covers and embroidered bags, golfers at every level of the game want their equipment to make a statement. TaylorMades team has been studying the idea of carbon composite replacing titanium as a face material for the past two decades. And hand-in-hand with the Toe Wrap is the Cap Back, which supports the top line so the lower part of the face can flex more. The Stealth driver is built for forgiveness from the ground up, with 15 per cent more forgiveness than the Stealth Plus+. Bigger and more forgiving than its counterpart, the Stealth fairway wood is high-launching and easy to hit. Of course, the problem with carbon-composite face designs is often durability. The face, made of 60 layers of carbon-composite fiber, is 40 percent lighter than a similarly sized titanium face to create a more efficient energy transfer and better ball speed consistency across the face. Have the Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedges IMPROVED my game? Golf Betting Tips: Xander Schauffele the man to back at Genesis Scottish Open, Paulina Gretzky and Dustin Johnson ring in the new year, Brooks Koepka and Bryson weigh in on Antonio Brown debate, PIF announced as new title for Saudi International, Callaway Golf launch brand new Rogue drivers, Callaway launch commemorative staff bag for 150th Open Championship, Toptracer launch 9-shot challenge for 150th Open Championship, The five closest golf courses for Gareth Bale now he's a Los Angeles FC player, adidas Golf launch brand-new adicross range aimed at inclusivity, Sergio Garcia's epic rant after LIV Golf sanctions lead Making The Turn, I Did NOT Expect This! So the part of the club that moves momentum into the ball is now heavier. And it has lifted the entire Stealth line-up to great heights performance-wise. Hand: Right/LeftShaft Options: Stealth Plus+ fairway: Project X HZRDUS Smoke Red RDX 70 FW (mid flight, regular, stiff, extra stiff)Stealth fairway: Fujikura Ventus Red 6 FW (stiff, extra stiff), Fujikura Ventus Red 5 FW (senior, regular)Stealth Womens fairway: Aldila Ascent Ladies 45Grip: Lamkin Crossline 360; Lamkin Ladies SonarStealth Plus+ Fairway Lofts: Rocket 3 (13.5), 3 (15), 5 (19)Stealth Fairway Lofts: 3 (15), 3HL (16.5), 5 (18), 7 (21), 9 (24)Stealth Womens Fairway Lofts: 3HL (16.5), 5 (18), 7 (21), 9 (24)Swing Weights: Stealth Plus+ fairway: D3, Stealth fairway: D3 Stealth Womens fairway: C8. Technology and performance unite in the Stealth fairway wood line-up, with some tweaking by the gang at TaylorMade producing some serious clubs for any skill level. IF YOU ARE A CALIFORNIA RESIDENT AND WOULD LIKE TO EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO OPT-OUT OF THIRD-PARTY DATA SHARING, YOU MAY DO SO HERE:DO NOT SELL MY PERSONAL INFORMATION. For the modern golfer, personalisation is a key aspect. Borrowing from the Stealth driver, TaylorMades reimagined Speed Pocket is the most flexible yet. This is a nanotexture cover made from a thin polyurethane layer that creates a strong yet flexible striking surface to optimise distance by improving the launch in both dry and wet conditions.It does this by creating the ideal amount of friction between the face and the ball at impact to reduce spin in dry conditions. TaylorMade say their engineers made a 26g face, which is 40 per cent lighter than a titanium face of the same size. Fujikura Ventus Red (regular, stiff, senior). It allows the face of Stealth fairway woods to flex and rebound for extra ball speed and distance, especially on low strikes. Welcome to the Stealth age, a new era of clubmaking in which TaylorMade have finally cracked the carbon-fibre face conundrum.