Like Hank, his outgoing MBTI cousin, Mike isnt afraid to speak up when he feels a line has been crossed. However, the final ruling is ISTJ, because those characteristics seem to come out only as a mask to hide more insidious intentions. Before then, she was a consistent example of someone that should have removed the plank out of her eye before pulling the speck out of her brothersor sisters. In his legitimate professional life, Gustavo Fring displays many ESTJ characteristics. The perfect team for Saul Goodman. ISTPs can often seem minimalist in their approach, but minimalist or not, ISTPs will always get the job done. Change). It is quite possible that your substance abuse ends up amplifying the ENFPs propensity to live in the moment and read the underlying patterns of your world. The reasons for which will often fall on the fact that standing up for his dad, who he see as a helpless victim, is being picked on by mom. Gus is not someone governed by emotions or feelings at all. Enneagram Fives belong to the head center, along with Sixes and Sevens, and they naturally make decisions based on analysis. INTPs are frequently lost in their own world. So long, Gus! Past that, the only thing he seems to want to do isnothing. Tuco is an example of someone with the most toxic characteristics of your personality type come to light. Possibly the most difficult to type, Todds ability to at once be extremely pleasant, well-mannered and sadistic is one the creepiest characters Breaking Bad introduced. Im confused why you think Tuco is an ESTP. Typically, people of the Virgo zodiac sign strive for perfection in their careers. I am not in danger, Skyler. . (LogOut/ ESFJs are wonderfully caring and compassionate partners, dedicated to friends and family. I hope you type the characters of The Walking Dead as well. Soon afterward, the company made a fortune, much of it from Walts research. Often times Marie gets involved with others lives in situations that are none of her business, acting as though her entire world is being torn apart when it really has nothing to do with her. It is quite possible that your substance abuse ends up amplifying the ENFPs propensity to live in the moment and read the underlying patterns of your world. Breaking Bad does a great job highlighting Jesses Fi and repressed Ni and developing his character. Still, nice guy that he was, this scene was great and made it easy to see a show starring Goodman and his A-Team.. ISTJs are considered the most loyal type of all and will often remain around the same people even after being betrayed by them. Heisenberg was an unhealthy Virgo zodiac sign. INTJs arent robotic as much as they are assholes. Its just that his environment is a white power group, theft, and meth. On his 50th birthday, he was diagnosed withlung cancer. Kidding aside, Jesse, Badger, and Skinny all being ESFP is a good example of all the fun and/or stupidity the trio have together. Much of the development of the Breaking Bad story takes place almost entirely within the minds of its characters, and the audience has to understand them inside and out to really see things from their point of view. It also shows the standard deviation of the ratings and how many different individuals submitted a rating for that description. Unhealthy Enneagram Fives are known for having unrealistic visions and isolating themselves which leads them to become detached from the world. Saul Goodman is a natural debater. Gustavo shines in manipulating the many small pieces of a much larger whole. Avatars or images are being used under Fair Use, in order to identify the profile only, containing just the face or object, and lower resolution than original work. I really enjoyed the rivalry between the two and to see two well-written INTJs in a show where anything can happen. As long as Jesse is really hurting throughout the series, hes likely trying to do something nice for other people. Animators are aware and sensitive to the emotions of others. (LogOut/ Special shout out to Combo, who might as well have also been typed as ESFP but then it begins to get redundant. Not only does he show up with his buddies to kill everybody, he steals all the money of the guy who was paying them. Still, he makes sense as Hanks partner, always playing the anchor of Im not so sure Something ESFPs need more of, as we mentioned. On So Syncd, these personality matches are considered golden pairs because they have just the right amount of similarities to understand each other and just the right amount of differences to create that spark. Carrying a certain arrogance, its clear that he thought he was better than everyone else. So while The Great Heisenberg fills the streets with blood, coldly etching his name in the history of drug addicts, Jesse, who is especially in touch with his emotions and values, is left picking up the pieces. spamano Its logical and driven by real world results rather than theoretical talk. ESFPs are the life of the party, even as they struggle to exist, as in the case of Jesse. If this man is not ESTP, he cannot be typed! Which MBTI personality type best fits? If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

RELATED: 10 Smarter Things Mike Did On Breaking Bad, Ranked. Walter White was tough on people and dismissive of those who outwardly expressed their emotions, writing them off as weak and illogical. Skyler is often considered to be one of the most hated supporting characters in Breaking bad, but many of the criticisms are unwarranted or unfair. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Walter White sought to understand before he proceeded. Marie is no introvert!! They are uncomfortable in social situations and really flourish in solitude, where they can afford to lose themselves in thought or study. Stories and storytelling have been my passions for as long as I can remember, whether its stories written about superheroes, villains, or just people living in this world doing amazing and meaningful things. Gus is the clearest example of an INTJ fiction can present. In addition to that and his compulsion to torment Hector, he is completely detached from her actions. Who doesnt love these guys?

I almost hate to type Gale INTP but it is what it is. RELATED: 5 Reasons Hank Was Breaking Bads Best Supporting Character (& 5 Reasons He Was Skyler). Gales occasional tediousness and pandering have had some type him as an ISTJ similar to the main character in The Big Bang Theory,or an INFP due to his reaction to rejection. Her outlook on money definitely represents the Artisan way as she sees the money Walt brings by as freedom is what shes really after with the money Jesse receives. She refuses to do business with Walt once he becomes Americas most wanted because hey, business is good again, and her work is what she knows. Gus is INTP not INTJ. Still, as ISTJs go, Walt Jr. has no problem calling it like he sees it as ISTJs often do. We can look at the average match scores of these different groups of users with Walter White to see what personality types people who describe themselves in ways similar to the way Walter White is described identify as. ISTJs are usually dedicated, but routine is routine, disciplined or unhealthy. Theyre stupid meth-heads! However, he prefers to keep to himself and take care of his own affairs whenever possible. If thats what the guys are doing! The only reason I really knew Walt was going to come out on top even if Gus didnt die was because I didnt start watching until the fifth season had started, which features Walt on the All Hail the King poster. Yet none of this stops him from helping ruin another marriage, spending money given to him on a Mercedes, and then refusing to keep the rest to pay his taxes on the grounds that nothing is going to change even if he uses the money.

However, he focused his energy on dark topics and could become obsessed with esoteric ideas. Im in the empire business., You clearly dont know who youre talking to, so let me clue you in.

This is because descriptions that had values lower than the midpoint were reversed. He was convinced that he was right and was closed-minded to other points of view, no matter how they were presented to him. Btw funny that another Kristin in this comment section follows Walking Dead. While the Artisan variety is statistically overrepresented in prison, its the fact that any of the other choices Jack could be would havelistened Walt when he said not to come. In fact, were now married! NEXT: 10 Great Crime Movies To Watch If You Loved Breaking Bad, Owen Wilson gives acting advice to Richard E. Grant in hilarious Loki BTS video. ESFJs are one of the most well-behaved types due to dominant Fe and auxiliary Si but like a true SJ, he really is a product of his environment. This page summarizes crowd sourced ratings of their personality collected from users of the Statistical "Which Character" Personality Quiz. Enlighten me, scrote. Logicians will cling to whatever source they can learn from, which could explain Gales immediate infatuation with distant WW. Skyler is often considered to be one of the most hated supporting characters in. While not all ESFPs are perfectly represented as meth-heads, they are a type thats prone to drug use and violent behavior, all with the intention of just having a good time. Everything is just practice. Either way, their penchant to axes, killing needlessly, and the dangerous, on-edge lifestyle these two live fit the ISTP more so than any other type. His wife is gone. These two stuck out as the most Hollywood of all the characters in Breaking Bad: The slow, synchronized movements, the scary relentlessness- its even possible one is ISTJ, but who would know? His fast talking, con man act between helping Skyler get the car wash and keeping the stalled truck on the tracks. Marie loves being the center of attention and sincerely believes that the world is her stage. To me he seems to be driven by his emotions and the need to get high more than by his logical thinking. His lifestyle of vegan food and other stranger, more off-the-wall tendencies displayed a libertarian man left to his own devices to not only thrive on his genius in Gus lab yet also be killed because of it. Certainly ESFx. Enneagram Fives value connecting with others on an intellectual level and they like to feel in control. He is luckier than you. Many people seemed a bit confused by this as Jr. was in his dads corner the entire show. Required fields are marked *. Their unprofessional business of making meth in an RV quickly escalated to a full business and eventually their own drug cartel. I guess my whole comment was erased. apologize verontschuldigen ehrmantraut ziek betreuren fout maakt banken gifs titels martelgang magiquiz Jesse spends his time utterly demolished as a human being and starts a never-ending party that hes paid for in full just to keep people around him long enough to keep him from hitting rock bottom. With ESFJs Ti last, it makes sense that the only head Ted would think with was the one in his pants. Compare to Tuco, who was just as likely to kill the men he was working with as he was to actually follow through on the job. As a Virgo zodiac sign, Heisenberg could be judgmental and critical. Read our blog post to learn more about INTJ compatibility. I follow my interests and let my passions guide my voice. narcissistic trauma relationship narcissist First of all, I want to say that I love your MBTI posts, and they are generally my go-to for the most accurate typing I can find on the internet. The external world is her focus, and even though shes kind of a bitch, shes a people person.. Todds psychotic tendencies are bizarre but his Uncle Jack is a little more on-the-surface type of crazy.

Another ISTJ weakness? Bruh. On the autonomous side of things, I tend to focus on entertainment, geek culture, vegan life, and LA culture. What is the personality type of Breaking Bad (2008)? Its not even that they are cold, but her guard wouldnt have seemed as abnormal if it were a guy acting that way toward Jesse. Theres no anchor their to weigh them down, as friends often have. INTJs tend to stay alone or in small groups and function well within defined structures. Theyre also all about a happy home, so notice Ted wasnt shoving Skyler out of his bed during their affair but actually trying to get her to move in. They arent major characters, so its really had to say, and, even of they were, I can tell you from personal experience that serious drug users and alcoholics are super hard to type because their minds have literally been altered. Anyhow, your blog is super interesting I just had to air my peeves about the stereotyping tendency.