Enter (918) 747-5565 Box 32255 to provide a better life for the families in eastern Oklahoma coping 2010, (405) 364-4343; (405) 364-1276 (fax) (405) 759-3562; (800) 827-2289 Contact: Pegg Kerr, Psych. Oklahoma Treatment Services Rhydonna Linn 1213 E. Jackson Hugo, 1122 N.E. Synar says her fear of failure regarding math prompted her to make the call. Email: rdmosley | at | swbell.net There are nearly 100 Parent Training and Information Centers (PTIs) andCommunity Parent Resource Centers (CPRCs)in the US and Territories, Find your Parent Center below listed alphabetically by state or U.S. Students are suspended and parents are not told of options, or parents feel pressured to withdraw the student or homeschool. for an attorney. Delays in addressing these issues may make it worse for the student. or jmedders | at | uco.edu Providing support for parents, providers and friends of individuals with Prader-Willi Guthrie, OK 73044-0070 Anxiety, and others. My mantra for a long time has been that were not pro-parent, were not pro-school, but we are definitely 1,000-percent pro-child, Long says. (918) 403-9098; (918) 955-9937; (918) 828-3720 (fax) pike Language and Literacy Center Sign in or create an account to view Form(s) 990 for 2021, 2020 and 2019. or behavioral issues. Dianna Persun, owner 14024 S. Santa Fe Email: allison.kitchens | at | rocketmail.com Professionals in educational, medical, or human service fields. Services include meeting daily needs, Computer Skills, Science, Math, google_color_text = "000000"; Email: cvalvo | at | fullcircleokc.com and mental health needs. (918) 949-8452 Berard AIT, TOMATIS, Sensory Integration, Irlen Screening to help children with OK 74133 (918) 277-3880 Web: www.clubztutoring.com 215; (405) Territory. Cleo Springs, OK 73729 Many teachers secretly desire for parents to request services for the child! (405) 664-8192 Ashley Grice Adjustment Disorders, ADHD, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Please check your inbox in order to proceed. About the Video Joni Bruce Scottish Rite Alphabetic Phonics Teacher Training Program Institute of Special Education Advocacy in July/August 2017.

McCarty Center for Children with Developmental Disabilities Broken Arrow, OK 74014 Elizabeth Search 2400 non-profits, individuals, companies, government agencies, etc. relate to physical barriers to their disabled child's access to Advocate, trainings/workshops on IFSP, IEP, transition plans, Functional Brenda Hayman-Hensley Providing resource and service information for families and service Legal name of organization: Oklahoma Parents Center, Inc.

Oklahoma The Oklahoma Parents Center can be reached toll free at 877-553-4332. fieldtrips, gardening and weekly bible study. Want to see how you can enhance your nonprofit research and unlock more insights? As an ally navigator in the special education community, I prepare PO Box 574 and Language Therapy, Social Skills Groups, Occupational Therapy,Parent Resolute Advocacy and Interventions Parent has mentioned lack of fence around playground to the school officials. entities. Waiting and hoping for problems to go away allows our children to regress. PO Box 1216 Passing grades doesnt necessarily mean your child is learning. In-Home Tutoring Services TSHA strives to increase the independence of individuals with hearing loss. 7608 East 91st St. Web: http://www.fullcircleokc.com

http://www.easternokautism.orgSupport Oklahoma City, OK 73118 Epilepsy Email: einadvocacy | at | gmail.com Panama, OK 74951 6520 N. Western Ave., Suite 200 (405) 478-3515; (405) 478-3548 4611 S Granite Ave No official endorsement by the U.S. Department of Education of any product, commodity, service or enterprise mentioned on this website is intended or should be inferred. that describe themselves as offering services to the Bay Area special needs community. Its up to the parent to request them! Thats where the advocates at The IEP Center can help. Creative Broken Arrow, OK 74012 disabilities, AD/HD, and social and emotional problems. Parents do not have to have the IEP student present in IEP meetings unless the student is age 18. The student is complex and has special needs. their families, professionals who support them, and others. We Encouraging CH.A.D.D., Email: eva-smith | at | ouhsc.edu Parents Helping Parents will empower you at every stage of your childs life, from birth through adulthood. Special Education Handbook - August 5, 2013 Email: legalavenger | at | aol.com Representing 158 Norman, OK 73072 Parent is fearful student will leave the school grounds. Edmond, OK A reasonable person would believe that a school district would know to do these things without the parents insistence! Cook, Esq. One day, a representative at the Health Department location where Jordan was receiving services handed Long a card and said, You need to call these people. The card connected Long to what is now the Oklahoma Parents Center, and she learned her son should have been receiving free support. Circle Developmental Center Sensational Gardening, Tutoring, Music, Games, Movies, Arts & Crafts. Affordable legal services for special needs planning including guardianship Disability Advocates of Oklahoma, LLC George McCaffrey, Attorney/Advocate Do Kids Therapy

Maxim Healthcare is a comprehensive in-home provider of private Pervasive Parenting Center is a not-for-profit organization that works Dont let another semester go by with a child struggling needlessly; Set a phone consult at www.theiepcenter.com. A wide range of assessment and diagnostic services are provided The CPIR strives to be ever conscious of accessibility in technology. (405) 974-5478; (405) 974-5477; (405) 974-3851 (fax) Problems; IEPs, FBAs & BIPs; Due Process; Social Security for Oklahoma City, OK 73141 Guthrie LaShonda Binns Web: http://www.maximhomecare.com/OklahomaCity Left out of this conversation could be that the school needs to find a program that is appropriate for this child and place and transport the child there. Web: http://www.clubztutoring.com About the Book We do not represent anyone. Email: msweetdarter | at | uco.edu Oklahoma City, OK 73131 More than 30 years of experience assisting families with children challenged by Mental Health Issues and/or Special Education needs. (918) 496-0001; (866) 304-6629; (877) 306-6793 (fax) with M.A.T. in Advocacy Inc. Web: http://www.mlak-law.com with an educational issue, contact the Oklahoma Disability Law Center and ask Box 41 Agra, OK 74824 (918) City LDA Our mission is to train, inform, educate and support parents, families, professionals and consumers in building partnerships that meet the needs of children and youth with the full range of disabilities ages birth through twenty-six. Pevehouse, LPC, NCSP Together, we will create a plan that will help you, your child, and your entire family thrive! We are not attorneys and do not give advice.

13th, Room EB-102 Check back often as new content is added frequently! Box 609

Education Services, Department of Education (918) 734-4335; (918) 834-9582 (fax) Email: hope | at | easternokautism.orgWeb: Oklahoma City, OK 73104 Box 205 L. Pruett, Esq. 7, 2017, and on December 2828 E. 51st Street, Suite 302 Workshops and Personalized Assistance to Parents, Foster Parents Oklahoma Disability Law Center, Inc. (OKC) sponsored a Wrightslaw at no cost. google_ad_format = "120x90_0ads_al_s"; Administrators act as though they are shocked when accused of these forced dropout scenarios.

(918) 232-2158 (918) 743-6220 (V/TTY); (800) 226-5883 (V/TTY, in OK) -- adult, certified teachers. Perhaps thats why it isnt mentioned to parents? Oklahoma (405) 239-2525; (405) 239-2278 (fax) Serving Atascosa, Bandera, Bastrop, Bexar, Blanco, Burnet, Caldwell, Cameron, Comal, Dimmit, Fayette, Frio, Gillespie, Gonzales, Guadalupe, Hays, Hidalgo, Jim Hogg, Kendall, Kerr, Kinney, La Salle, Lee, Llano, Maverick, Medina, Real, Starr, Travis, Uvalde, Webb, Willacy, Williamson, Wilson, Zapata, and Zavala counties, Disability Rights of the Virgin Islands PTI, Serving foster, adoptive, and kinship families in Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William Counties, and the city of Alexandria, Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center (PEATC) PTI, Open Doors for Multicultural Families CPRC, Serving multicultural families in South King County, 24437 Russell Rd., Suite 220 (Office Location), West Virginia Parent Training and Information PTI, Alianza Latina Aplicando Soluciones (A.L.A.S.) (405) 547-2402; (405) 547-1090 (fax) Jamette 430 W. Wilshire Blvd., Suite 10 Web: http://BroadwayLaw.us Spina *Please remember that you are the best judge of which to select for your family. Parents need to set the tone of the relationship with the school early on. 4921 S. Yorktown Avenue, Suite 103 Tulsa, OK 74105 (918) 836-9464 for those seeking a better understanding of the nature of their About the Book Tulsa, OK 74103 I provide assessment, therapy, and parenting support for children D. Wright and Pamela Darr Wright. or http://www.redlands-partners.org/. PHP@Greenhouse Coworking Occupational and speech therapy for children with autism and other Parents, and the public, can submit public comment through to the OK special education department at this webpage: http://sde.ok.gov/sde/administrative-rules. Lisa Copeland Amy Cathey Wed: http://www.literacydirectory.org, NAMI and adolescents with a variety of challenges including learning in home, school and public environments. I want to connect with other families like mine. The Oklahoma Parent eNetwork provides Special Ed Advocate Newsletter Edmond, OK 73003 Rundell, PhD Oklahoma Area-Wide Services Information System (OASIS). Walton MSW16 East 16th St, Suite 405Tulsa, OK 74119(918) 582-8272; }yawXVp0OJ?#c{t6jzSA0. Web: http://ross-jones-law.com Email: rachel | at | bussettlegal.com Maxim reports) seeking educational benefits and money damages and helping parents with Three hours later after a battery of tests and [after] three to four weeks of waiting on the report, I had my own IEP at 43 years old, and it showed I had five different learning disabilities, Synar says. Web: http://www.themiracleleagueofedmond.org Both Synar and Long stress that above all, they want families to not hesitate to call when questions or situations arise. Sue Buccilli SUCCESS - Blaine County Dont be bamboozled! Low-cost evaluations through the Psychology Department. E. Swain, Esq. Providing the Davis Programs for addressing DYSLEXIA, ADD/ADHD, Specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorders, Consulting, ABA Therapy,

(405) 525-7755 (V/TTY); (800) 880-7755 (V/TTY, in OK) Broken OKC Metropolitan Parent Support Group for Parents of Children University of Central Oklahoma Advocates for Children with Disabilitieswe are the only federally - Tulsa Chapter 6465 S. Yale, Ste 215 Tulsa, OK 74136 Oklahoma City, OK 73107 Sooner We are not attorneys and do not give advice. team for special needs kids. Hoping the problem will go away will only delay getting the problem addressed. Contact Us @ webmaster | Mission Email: tmaus | at | me.com Legal info can be found at wrightslaw.com, 2016 Special Education Parents Advocacy Link LLC dba The IEP Center. Email: excelspecialservices | at | coxinet.net Understand their rights as provided under IDEA (the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004) Suite 301 Oklahoma City, OK 73118 (405) 843-0900 ; (405) 843-0921 (fax) care for children and siblings; Families in Crisis. The Tutoring Clinic provides 1:1 tutoring by a certified Barton Dr. Chuck Edgington Email: Kodey Toney Sooner SUCCESS sponsored Wrightslaw conferences in December 2018 and September 2021! google_color_border = "990000"; Our mission is to train, inform, educate, and support parents, families, professionals and consumers in building partnerships that meet the needs of children and youth with the full range of disabilities ages birth through twenty-six. Parents night out 2X month. Web: OKVoices.org. We are not attorneys and do not give advice. P.O. Learn More Email: clubz | at | cox.net Check Out the Full Oklahoma Oklahoma 940 NE 13th Street; Suite 4800 Web: http://devbehavpeds.outhsc.edu/ About the Book, Is a Wrightslaw Training (918) 663-0606; (918) 663-8754 (fax) Excel (800) 532-6365 (in OK) Web: http://www.ldao.org/. * Contacts: Angel Hamilton at 348-7151 or email: Web: http://meetup.com/ Kay Smasal, Ph.D. Territory. providers of children & youth age 0-21. document.getElementById( "ak_js_6" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Special Education Parents Advocacy Link LLC dba The IEP Center are advocates who provide information about the problem of children with disabilites. Edmond, OK 73034 State Department of Education 2500 North Lincoln Boulevard Oklahoma J. Miller, Esq. disorders. Oklahoma PTA, as we are commonly known, works to be a voice for EVERY google_ad_client = "pub-4630897488592702"; Providing information and resource referrals for families and service Compliance is an ongoing process on an active site such as the Hub. with Disabilities or Angela Lowry at 918-806-2431 and artangel | at | cox.net Providing information and resource referrals for families and service Most of the parents we talk to really dont understand the accommodations that public schools are required to provide if there is an IEP, says Amy Synar, Tulsa County representative and information and training specialist at the Oklahoma Parents Center. Oklahoma City, OK 73106 If youd like an advocate to contact you: document.getElementById( "ak_js_8" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); 2018 Special Education Parents Advocacy Link LLC dba The IEP Center provides information to parents regarding the problems of children with disabilities. Web: http://encouragingwordsok.com/index.html Providing information and resource referrals for families and service providers of children and youth age 0-21 with special needs including disabilities, at risk for abuse or neglect, chronic illness, and behavioral issues. of all ages living with autism and other disabilities have equal For info about how to join, send Email: director | at | okpta.org Society of Central Oklahoma 601 S.W. (405) 231-4600; (405) 231-4601 (fax)

5920 N. MacArthur Oklahoma City, OK 73122 (405) 721-3144, Oklahoma Oklahoma City, OK 73157-8234 Sooner (405) 271-9444 x 56910; (800) 766-2223 x 56910 (in OK) Serving all other counties in western Texas, including El Paso.

Individual, Family, & Group Counseling. Consult an attorney. Attorney at Law Linda Whetstone Kids, Inc. 6051 N. Brookline Ave #103-8 (866) 206-9701; (405) 767-2082; (877) 721-8317 (fax) a Wrightslaw event in Oklahoma City on December 8, 2016, on December Box 25352 Oklahoma Explore the many ways we offer to connect you to information and to other people on a similar path. or caregivers of children of apraxia of speech. 5920 N. MacArthur (405) 605-8073; (405) 212-9112 (fax) Toll Free: 877-553-4332 Our PTI staff is here to help you navigate the Special Education Maze and provide you with the information and tools you need to be an informed and active participant in your childs education. (Shartel Shopping Center)

Congress was wise to include in the IDEA avenues for parents and schools to resolve conflict; especially mediation. Email: shoppe | at | cameron.edu Inc. Ren Ryan 8740 E. 11th Street, Suite A Tulsa, OK 74112 Web: http://iephelp.tripod.com (405) 789-7056, State (918) 664-6746; (918) 664-6749; (918) 664-2293 (fax) Web: http://www.atpoo.com 940 NE 13th St. Sooner SUCCESS (405) 584-1184; (405) 271-2931 (fax) Injury Association of Oklahoma, Inc. Success - Logan County Special Education Parents Advocacy Link LLC dba The IEP Center provides information to parents regarding the problems of children with disabilities. Email: staff | at | stc-ok.com (405) 923-9672 City, OK 73125 (405) 521-3076, Family Oklahoma 500 N. Broadway, Suite 100 Oklahoma City, OK 73102 (405) Web: oasis.ouhsc.edu. E. Wilson, Speech-Language Pathologist (580) 326-9200 Ext.

515 S. Santa Fe, Suite 103 on Thursday, July 1st 2021, 09:19, Online Learning - blogs, resources, webinars, apps, Parent to Parent Support - Information, Referral, Mentoring. services for children with developmental delays and autism. Mom complies and loses her job. to improve the lives of Oklahoma children with disabilities. 26901, ROB 316 Oklahoma City, OK 73190-3042 (405) 271-4500 ext. Oklahoma City (918) 622-7064; (918) 622-7762 (fax). Email: Dianna Persun Web: http://www.creativemind-ok.com (918) 658-5076 Email: jona-arthur | at | ouhsc.edu Licensed Professional Counselor offering quality psychoeducational and

disabilities, those at risk for abuse or neglect, chronic illness, Elementary principal called the mother multiple times, over several weeks, to pick up child since child misbehaving. (405) 282-6484, To Add, Change or Correct Yellow Pages Listings Although the front doors are open in Kindergarten, the back door is also open for some students. issues. To Order Sharon House, Executive Dir. 2949 West Hefner Road We help parents at low-cost. Copyright 1999-2022, Peter W. Web: http://sde.state.ok.us/publ/default.html. SUCCESS - Garfield County (405) 850-7603 3825 NW 23rd Street, Suite B Oklahoma City, OK 73159 Areawide Service Information System (OASIS) Parents can inquire about the programming their child receives, or SHOULD be receiving. sofshugo2 | at | sbcglobal.net Web: Applied 101 Email: TulsaOffice | at | maxhealth.com Email: rainterventions | at | gmail.com This website was produced under U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs No. Alabama Parent Education Center (APEC) PTI, CARES (California Hands and Voices) CPRC, Chinese Parents Association for the Disabled CPRC, Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF) PTI, Region 4: Serving Alameda, and Contra Costa counties, Region 5: Serving Calaveras, Del Norte, El Dorado, Humboldt, Nevada, Placer, Plumas, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Sierra, Siskiyou, Stanislaus, Trinity, and Tuolumne counties, Region 3: Serving Fresno, Inyo, Kern, Kings, Madera, Mariposa, Merced, Mono, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Tulare, and Ventura counties, MATRIX Parent Network and Resource Center PTI, Region 4: Serving Marin, Napa, Solano, and Sonoma Counties, Region 5: Serving Alpine, Amador, Butte, Colusa, Glenn, Lake, Lassen, Mendocino, Modoc, Shasta, Sutter, Tehama, Yolo, and Yuba counties, Region 4: ServingMonterey, San Benito, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz counties, Support for Families of Children with Disabilities PTI, Region 4: Serving families in San Francisco, Region 2 Imperial, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego counties, Serving families in Arapahoe, Adams, Broomfield, Boulder, Denver, Douglas, and Jefferson Counties, Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center (CPAC) PTI, Parent Information Center of Delaware (PIC) PTI, (888) 547.4412; (302) 856-9880 (Kent/Sussex County), Advocates for Justice and Education, Inc. PTI, The DC Parent Training and Information Center, Family Network on Disabilities-Parent Support Network (PSN) Project PTI, Serving Region 2: Charlotte, Citrus, Collier, DeSoto, Glades, Hardee, Hendry, Hernando, Highlands, Hillsborough, Lee, Manatee, Pasco, Pinellas, Sarasota, and Sumter counties, Parent Education Network Project (PEN) PTI, Serving Region 3 of FL: Broward, Indian River, Lake, Martin, Miami-Dade, Monroe, Okeechobee, Orange, Osceola, Palm Beach, Polk, and St. Lucie counties, Parents of the Panhandle Information Network (POPIN) PTI. We provide school based,independent AT Assessments & Evaluations To Order To Order or http://www.redlands-partners.org/ I have advocates who attend IEP meetings. Disability Law Center provides free legal services to people with of Oklahoma University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center P.O. 940 NE 13th St. and services available. Tulsa, OK 74135-6108 civil rights violations against DHS, schools, and other government Parent led support group for parents of children on the autism spectrum. Special Email: agrice | at | creativemind-ok.com Email: ctsotaddle | at | iowanation.org Web: http://www.eastersealsoklahoma.org Tutoring, Assessment. Web: http://serc.okstate.edu physical and mental disabilities; services include individual case Excel Seeks to improve educational opportunites for children with disabilities. Gibson, Esq. Email: suebuccilli | at | netscape.com (405) 375-6348; (405) 368-7348; (405) 375-6348 (fax) P.O. Norman, OK 73069 Broken Arrow, OK 74012 Michelle Butts, Disability Advocate 301 NW 63rd, Email: kathy | at | kathybushnellesq.com document.getElementById( "ak_js_9" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); 2014 Special Education Parents Advocacy Link LLC dba The IEP Center. Congress of Parents and Teachers The life they had dreamt of seems to be changing. Jo Anne Melinda Lauffenburger at 348-5867 or email at Trinitymal | at | aol.com, Phonics Web: http://www.maximhomecare.com google_ad_height = 90; Scottish Rite Childhood Language Disorders Clinic

2011, Oklahoma City, OK 73156-1072 Email: julie-smith | at | ouhsc.edu 1983 violations (including false DHS/Police