Hes a sheep, following a leader. He looked like a far less impressive Doctor Manhattan from Watchmen. Sure, hes a criminal, but only because he was trying to afford the care needed for his cancer-stricken daughter. I was admittedly nervous to see Molinas Doc Ock in No Way Home. Dr. The latest Tom Holland vehicle has amassed over $1 billion in box office totals and the approval rating from critics and fans is at an all-time high. Some of these characters were used well and some were left in the dust. Every Spider-Man: No way Home Villain, Ranked By How Impactful They Were, 8 Movies Like The Purge You Should Definitely Watch, 15 Weird Personal Items Of Celebrities That Got Auctioned Off, No Way Home: Confirmed MCU Villains In The Movie, Tobey Maguire & Andrew Garfield Reportedly The Cause of Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer Delay, No Way Home: New Image Shows Doc Ocks Upgraded Tentacles, First Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer Released, Fans Unhappy With Spider-Man: No Way Home Second Theatrical Cut, Call it a Cheap Cash Grab, Tobey Maguire Reveals The Real Reason For Returning In Spider-Man: No Way Home, How would they fit a 64 year old woman?: Jamie Lee Curtis Reveals Shes Interested To Join MCU After Saying Everything Everywhere All At Once Beats Every Marvel Movie, Ms. Marvel Director Wants to Have X-Men Flavor in Future Seasons After Controversial Finale Mutant Twist, Were Able to Create Product Out of Thin Air: MCU Star Gwyneth Paltrow on Why She Left Lucrative Acting Career for Goop, Brett Goldstein Promises To Get Buffed Up for Marvel Fans, Reveals Bonkers 19 Chickens a Day Diet Plan for Hercules Transformation, Moon Knight: How Maya Hawke Convinced Father Ethan To Accept Villain Role, Marvel threw out our script: Jeff Bridges Reveals Absolutely Chaotic Iron Man Filming That Drove Him Absolutely Crazy, Just As We Had Anticipated: Ricky Martins Legal Team Announce Victory after Nephew Requests Court to Dismiss Incest Allegations Case, You almost wish it was a bad breakup: Nikki Bella Reveals Agonizing Breakup With John Cena, Says It Was Hard To Walk Away, We Dont Shy Away From It: House of the Dragon Showrunner Miguel Sapochnik Says Show Will Thoughtfully Explore Sexual Violence, F*cking Love That Comparison: House of the Dragon Star Olivia Cooke on Fans Comparing Her Character Alicent Hightower to Cersei Lannister. Making his live-action debut in The first Amazing Spider-Man, Dr. Curt Connors was a brilliant geneticist who worked for Oscorp, looking to perfect the right serum to provide regeneration for those who lost limbs, but the medicine actually transforms him into a monstrous human-reptile hybrid.

Foxx was having fun being a confident, powerful villain in this movie whereas Dafoe was having fun being a maniacal one. It turns out that instinct was wrong in the original trilogy. Foxx is fine (when is he anything less), but you cannot help but wish they had got Paul Giamatti to don the Rhino suit again. A strong return for the Marvel villain. The return of Doc Ock was a joy to see as the villain came in strong with a battle against Spider-Man.

However, Electro is even deadlier than his villain companion in No Way Home for a simple reason: Electro got a Stark Industries upgrade (and a new body thats no longer blue). Morbius Vs. Minions: How Do Memes Affect A Film's Success? Spider-Man: No Way Home is out in theaters now, and all the rumors are true. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website Read our Privacy Policy for more info Got it! The Green Goblins bloodlust alone gives him an edge against other villains for the title of most powerful Spider-Man enemy. off the Statue of Liberty, but JK Simmons is still a villain in this film. The show has so little for him to do, in fact, that for a major part of the movie he is just sitting in a van. Doctor Octopus was beautifully written in Spider-Man 2. Theres no denying that its a great film, with one of the reasons being the return of several big villains of the franchises past. It is a touching moment and a nice conclusion to the character. While this character is given much more to do than the Lizard, something feels off about him. Octavius redemption at the end of Spider-Man 2 felt so rewarding. In No Way Home, hes treated a bit better than Dr. Connors, but his act is more so one-dimensional in the Marvel film. Its only when hes cured that he stops fighting. The other characters have a fun dynamic with him but Lizard just seems kind of there. Curt Connors/The Lizard: While most of the villains in this movie get a decent amount of screen time, the Lizard has surprisingly very little to do. He should have listened to Dr. He was more angry and loud compared to his cool and reserved personality in Spider-Man 2. He presumably doesnt even remember why that is thanks to his forget-me-Peter spell. Doc Ock was given some incredible depth within the Sam Rami feature that allowed his character to develop into such a strong villain. Andrew Garfields Spider-Man got a little ripped off in his movie universe. One of the biggest reasons why fans were excited about Spider-Man: No Way Home was teased in the first trailer. The character isnt awful in this but they could have given us way more. On a side note, I am so glad that the film got rid of the 2002 costume. Dafoe was just as phenomenal as the character in this, if not more so than he was in the original Spider-Man movie. Tom Holland was great to see when he joined the MCU in Captain America: Civil War. Foxx is a great actor, but I did not believe for one second that he was a nerd turned into a supervillain. The Lizard is the first villain to appear in The Amazing Spider-Man films and is one of Peters father figures after Uncle Ben passes. Some get more attention than others but all of them deliver on the promise of seeing them go up against Tom Hollands Peter Parker. He doesnt have a story and Connors is given little to no attention. The character is far more cocky and charming than he was in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 but still very threatening. At a conservative estimate, he cannot have been on set more than a few hours. My short film as a writer and director, Minutes After Midnight, was a 2017 official selection and Gold Award Winner in the LA Film Neo Noir Film Festival. The CGI on Electro is better than it was in 2014, but they still have not figured out how to make this character look good. His death only causes Harry to spiral out of control and become a villain in Spider-Man 3. The idea of JK Simmons as an Alex Jones-type right-wing vlogger is such a delicious idea that you kind of wish the film had taken it further. He has been the quippiest Spider-Man to date which fans loved to see. Harris Goes to Paris Review: A Delightful Tale Brimming With Humanity, Joy, and Heart, 'Prey's Director & Producer on How the Predator is Different Than What Audiences Have Seen Before, Dont Make Me Go Review: A Wonderfully Pensive John Cho Performance Makes This a Worthwhile Trip, Thor: Love and Thunder Clings to Top Spot at Box Office Despite Steep Second Weekend Drop. I honestly dont think Ive ever seen an actor have so much fun as a comic book movie villain like him. RELATED: MCU: The Strongest Villains, Ranked. Each villain has its own set of superpowers, sometimes upgraded for their latest appearance, which means Peter has a really tough time taking everybody down. Hes a bad dude, but its fun to see Jamie Foxx have fun with the role. However, in No Way Home, Electro gets his hand on an arc reactor, the same technology that powers up Iron Mans (Robert Downey Jr.) suit. There is still much to enjoy, however, from the sight of Jameson being forced to hawk pseudoscientific supplements. Rarely has the plot point of where a character becomes the villain after they used to be a fan of the hero ever worked.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is currently the biggest movie out on the market today. With six villains in play (there's another bad guy that you might have forgotten), one was always going to be wasted, and it was Lizard. Surprisingly, Electro is given some depth within the film and the filmmakers thankfully got rid of the blue version of the villain. What he nailed perfectly was that Peter isnt perfect like Tom Hollands take. All he wanted to do was regrow his missing arm. The villain can also change his density to make him hard as rock or so light he can float in the breeze. No Way Home does a great job showcasing the Sandmans impressive abilities, as the villain shapeshifts mid-combat, getting the upper hand against his enemies.

Doctor Octopus (Alfred Molina) was teased in the trailer, as was the Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe). Also like the Lizard, its obvious that Thomas Haden Church wasnt actually able to physically appear. 5. RELATED: 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Review - Tom Holland Shines In a Too-Crowded MCU Multiverse. They are all thrown into a different dimension by Dr. Writing and entertainment is in my blood and Im happy that I get a chance to share b, Ranking The Spider-Man: No Way Home Villains, Why The WWE Cruiserweight Division From The Beginning, Meet The Cast Of Daisy Jones and The Six, Lets Talk About the Sandman Teaser Trailer, The Boys: Glorious Five Year Plan Recap. As the first crossover villain to be seen in No Way Home, he brings the heat. Finally, Osborn uses a high-tech glider to fly between New Yorks buildings and chase his enemies on air. I absolutely loved him in this, but his characters ending in the film was honestly perfect. I also really like his resolution. However, it feels like a lot of the sympathetic qualities that he had in Spider-Man 3 have been removed or just forgotten about. Beyond Mickey Mouse: Ub Iwerks' Many Contributions to the Disney Legacy, Good Luck Jerry Trailer Teases Janhvi Kapoors Indian Crime Comedy For Disney+ Hotstar, Cillian Murphy Withstands the Blast in Christopher Nolan's Explosive First 'Oppenheimer' Poster, Evil Returns in 'Jeepers Creepers: Reborn' Trailer, All the Details You Need About the Prey SDCC Screening Standby Line, Disney Killed the Star Wars Expanded Universe Why That's A Good Thing, 'Logan' and 'Deadpool' Movies Coming to Disney Plus This Summer, How The MCUs Phase Four Is Getting Asian Representation Right, 'Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves' Rolls Out a New Poster at SDCC 2022, TikTok Author Alex Aster's 'Lightlark' Set for Film Adaptation, 'The Graveyard Book' Adaptation Is Moving Forward With Director Marc Forster at Disney, First 'The School for Good and Evil' Poster Showcases a Wickedly Divine Cast, Jenny Slate on Figuring Out Hollywood, Early Career Advice From Elliot Page, and 'Marcel the Shell', Mrs.

Is it possible that the CGI on the Lizard looks worse now than it did in The Amazing Spider-Man in 2012? But, unfortunately, the process also turned him into the Lizard, a creature with super-strength, improved reflexes and agility, and that can even regenerate itself mid-combat. Your email address will not be published. Switch to the light mode that's kinder on your eyes at day time. Flint Marko (Church) got his powers after falling into an experimental particle accelerator while escaping prison. Now that the long awaited Spider-Man: No Way Home has been released, I have decided to rank each of the villains that came from the Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield Spider-Man movies and appeared in this film. No Way Home greatly rectified that by giving the character a better design and allowing Foxx to be more like himself than some lonely nerd.

That leader would be Electro. Sandman is another criminal that got caught up in something bigger than himself. Just try imagining Doc Ock, the Lizard, Green Goblin, The Sandman, and Electro in one movie!! Once a chip that prevented the tentacles A.I. Goblin felt like he had true purpose in Spider-Man: No Way Home and his arc was handled with a surprising amount of depth. He has played the character in five Spider-Man movies. While the Lizard is without a doubt a powerful foe, hes still the least threatening menace Spider-Man faces in No Way Home. As soon as he saw who Peter really was in Spider-Man 3, he stopped fighting him and explained what really happened to his uncle. We see his capture off screen, he has a much goofier design and he barely interacts with Hollands Peter. Was A Sequel To 21 Jump Street Necessary? That dilemma is not highlighted in No Way Home which makes The Lizard feel like an afterthought. He just chewed the scenery as he got lost in the role of Norman Osborn.

He comes off as cold, but the world needs a hero like that. His take was fresh, young, and full of spunk. Has Tom Hollands Peter Parker Finally Broke The Iron Man Jr Nickname After No Way Home? Alfred Molina in a promo image for "Spider-Man 2." The eels tear Maxs flesh and contaminate his DNA, turning him into a blue figure that drains electricity. How to Watch Nope: Is The Jordan Peele Movie Streaming or in Theaters? Required fields are marked *. RELATED: Marvel Characters Who Deserved Way Better In The MCU.

Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. It almost seems like Foxx refused to look uncool in this filmwhich, it has to be said, is a pretty uncool move. After he is cured, he reconciles with Garfields Peter. Its hard to argue against anyone thinking he has been the best live-action version of Peter Parker and Spider-Man. Dafoe was incredible, but the only thing holding him back was that horribly designed Green Goblin suit. He gets little to no characterization in No Way Home. All rights reserved. He even comes through in the end when he is the one to de-power Electro. Even after his death, Norman still haunts Peter in the sequels. Whether its timeless classics such as Psycho or The Wire, to modern greats such as Parasite or Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Ive spent countless of hours watching (and writing) any movie or television show that I could find. On top of that, he wasnt actually the main villain. Of course, Willem Dafoe remains at top form, chewing up every moment that hes allowed to let his true villain colors show. The former electrical engineer at Oscorp (Take note: Oscorp is evil) made his debut as the main antagonist of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 after falling into a batch of electric eels, turning him into an electric generator. July 21, 2022, 11:22 am, by Instead of gaining powers to protect the weak like himself, he decided to take out everyone. You honestly feel sorry for Norman in this film even more than you did in the original Spider-Man movie. However, Hollands Peter does do a lot of stupid things that hold him back in No Way Home. Green Goblin made his Spider-Man debut in the very first live-action film and just like the popular villain helped get the franchise off to a strong start, Norman Osborn/Green Goblin easily stole the show. That means Electro has a battery attached to his body that can give him more power than he's ever had in his entire life. He was even going to kill the villain before Maguires Peter stopped him in the nick of time. 4. By controlling sand, the villain can also burry his enemies with ease, crushing even Spider-Man below the weight of an earthly tomb. The actor appeared in the trailer for "No Way Home. Im not sure as to why. Convinced by the bionic tentacles that the ends justify the means, Otto turns to a life of crime while trying to complete his research. Join half a million readers enjoying Newsweek's free newsletters, Thomas Haden Church in "Spider-Man 3." Electro seemed like more of an inconvenience than an actual threat. His story was horrible, as were his motivations and design. With some extra limbs to help him move through the city, Doc Ock can also climb any surface, making it easy for him to chase Spider-Man whenever the hero might swing. Is Keanu Reeves' Constantine An Underrated Superhero Horror Gem? His softer moments are fun too like when he is stealing donuts. What tips the Goblin into the top spot is not just the fact that he is the OG onscreen Spider-Man villain. When Norman is killed at the end after accidentally impaling himself with his own glider, his defeat feels more tragic than it does triumphant.

However, what the villain lacks in brain, he surely compensates for in brawn. Thor: Love And Thunder Chris Hemsworth Will Return But At What Cost? 3. Tying Sandman to the death of Uncle Ben in the original Sam Raimi trilogy felt a bit forced and while he wasnt nearly as bad as Venom, Sandman ultimately ended up being a forgettable villain as well. His hair color was wrong as were his clothes compared to how he actually looked in Spider-Man 2. Sandman is the first enemy on this list without a Ph.D. Once he turns human, its just archive footage of him. It took a couple of scenes, but he felt just like the character when he appeared in Spider-Man 2. We get a little bit of banter between him and the other villains as well as some exposition on what he did in The Amazing Spider-Man, but he otherwise has the smallest role of the antagonists in this movie. And since the entire world is sustained by electricity, that makes Electro a dangerous foe. He has all of the power, literally, and is part of the reason why this mess even happens. His daughter is especially important to him. Without his smear campaign, after all, Peter would not need to get Doctor Strange to cast the spell in the first place. Im also not sure why Rhys Ifans couldnt actually physically appear in the movie. And he does. On top of that, the de-aging effects on him were outstanding. Thomas Haden Church also gives a good performance despite it being over a decade since we last saw him. Dungeons And Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Trailer Debuts At San Diego Comic-Con, Fortnite: How to Perform an Aerial 360 Spin While Dismounting a Wolf or Boar, MCU Fan Theory Speculates Fans Have Already Met Venom's New Host, Winnie The Pooh Horror Movie Reveals Its Bloody First Poster, Lightyears Toy Story Connections Cant Make Up For A Weak Story, Stranger Things: One As A Millennial Hero. This list will rank the Spider-Man: No Way Home villains from worst to best. Harry Osborn served as more of a personal threat to Peter and was the one to kill Gwen Stacy. He joins the team with a deep understanding for all of the content from both Marvel and DC Comics, and will use this information in future rankings and reviews. He even cried tears of joy when Peter forgave him. With four powerful bionic arms, Doctor Octopus can put Peters Spider-sense to the test while throwing cars in the heros direction and crushing concrete bridges with his claws. By mixing human and animal DNA, Doctor Curt got exactly what he wanted, and much more. Here's who comes out best and worst from the new movie. Trying to prove his supersoldier serum was a success, Norman Osborn (Dafoe) injected himself with a formula that enhanced his strength, agility, and reflexes. All these villains come from previous iterations of the Web Crawler, exactly one bad guy for each pre-MCU film three starring Tobey Maguire as the titular hero, and the other two led by Andrew Garfield. Thats why he is the best Spider-Man in this movie at least. This band of Spider-Man Villains poses menacing threats in a few different ways. Unfortunately, Doctor Otto attached the bionic tentacles into his spine, giving the mechanical beasts free access to his neural system. He dabbles in every genre, but hes particularly fond of RPGs and portable consoles. Its cool that he got back to being human by the end of the film, but his time during the Tom Holland vehicle was easily the most forgettable due to the fact that he has no plot or character development. Green Goblin is not just the bets main villain from the Holland Spider-Man movies. In here, he just attacks people out of impatience or just because something weird happens. Switch to the dark mode that's kinder on your eyes at night time. Unfortunately, Spider-Man: No Way Home couldnt focus their attention on all of their villains and Connors ends up being on the short end of the stick. Also, I've been a freelance writer for the past five years, writing news editorials for theringreport.com, sportskeeda.com, raindance.co, and gamersdecide.com, which covers movies, television, and professional sports. 2. From the most terrifying and maniacal to the tamest and manageable, Lets see who is placed where: Alfred MolinaAndrew GarfieldDoc OckGreen GoblinSpider-ManSpider-Man No Way HomeTobey MaguireTom HollandWilliam Dafoe, by No Way Home has no time for this drama, however, and so simply makes the character a wise-cracker, with one reference to his daughter being the only thing that ties him to the Sandman we know. I believed this version of Electro far more than when we saw him previously.

Comic Universe is a news, reviews, and entertainment website. But whos Spider-Man: No Way Homes most powerful villain? Magic is a messy business. His fights against Peter feel so grand even if they are as basic as the two fighting in a bank. When he is cured of his Goblin persona, Norman can only sit in shame as he realizes what he did while he receives no sympathy from Hollands Peter, who simply glares at him with a look of hatred. He was a two-bit robber who only wanted money to support his family. In the 2002 Spider-Man movie, Dafoe was so entertaining. When he delivers his Gwen speech, its hard not to cry. The land in various parts of the multiverse due to the spell thats gone wrong. July 21, 2022, 3:57 pm, by Osborns relationship with Peter in this is incredible. Its fitting that he serves as the main antagonist of Spider-Man: No Way Home. Now the film is out, it is time to separate the Spider-men from the Spider-boys. His reunion with Tobeys Peter was extremely heartwarming as the latter greatly looked up to him as his idol. If the characters from the Raimi and Webb films return to the MCU down the line, I actually hope Doc Ock doesnt return. When he is returned to his universe (hopefully to have a fresh start), you can clearly see a sense of peace within him, having done the right thing and finally being free from the AI of his robotic arms.