Too indifferent to their customers.

And of course this is with no remote backup! 2.

ElephantDrive was a close second, with a time of 12:44. This is inconvenient, and we prefer the flexibility of SpiderOak's sharing features, which let you share public or password-protected links.

Hi, we'd love to look into your account more, can you email us? The Timeline section simply arranges backed-up media in reverse chronological order.

This is, therefore, not a backup service despite them claiming to be one. Rounding out the list are options for submitting an IDrive Express order and managing your synced folders.

Competing services such as Acronis True Image ($49.99 per year for 500GB) and SpiderOak One ($69 per year for 150GB) charge considerably more per gigabyte of storage. Implemented backup set size display for selected backupset. We verified that changes we made from the web interface took effect on the desktop app. I will cancel my cards and hope that on renewal I will gain independence from them!!

Added support for validating digital signatures and certificates. Reinstall the application. I contacted tech support who would just recommend reinstalling the app. I worked with support and they even sent me a new set of tar scripts to use.

The personal plan covers an unlimited number of devices, which is great for families and people who simply have lots of devices.

Although this could protect you from ransomware threats, Acronis True Image's dedicated ransomware protection (and all its otherActive Protection features) is better equipped for those scenarios. 9. They advertise this product for Linux. Hi, can you email us? QNAPs QuRouter OS simplifies managing high-speed and high-coverage LAN/WAN.

Removed error message when / & \ keys are pressed for search keyword. Backups often do not complete or you are notified that no files are available for back up. In the Cloud Backup section, you can browse all your device backups and download any files.

- Fixed the backup issue with latest QTS. SpiderOak's Hive folder works similarly as does, Livedrive's Briefcase feature.

Right-click on a file to view and restore any of its previous versions. IDrive's Snapshots shows you a historical timeline of your backup set and lets you recover files at any point along the timeline, should anything nefarious occur to your hard drive. - Fixed compatible su binary finding issue.

From IDrive's notification area icon, you can launch the full application, access settings, and manage the backup schedule. Your individual results may vary, however, because of differences in available computer resources and network bandwidth.

The fix? Zoolz Big Mind does facial (and subject) recognition, while Acronis' mobile apps can back up nearly all the same categories of data you have on your mobile device (save for music files).

Our test device was running Windows 10 with a 256GB SSD and 32GB RAM. We had no issues logging into IDrive's mobile app on a phone running Android 11. I've tested many backup applications and I can tell that iDrive is the worst one.

In Log page, added option to delete multiple log file. I tried IDrive twice and I keep running into these same issues. With Linux and ZFS, QuTS hero supports advanced data reduction technologies for further driving down costs and increasing reliablility of SSD (all-flash) storage. Using a password manager could help you here.

7. Both scam and crap (backups also constantly failed), Hi, we can look more into your account, can you reach out? - After Backup and Archive Quota will be updated automatically without depending on hard refresh or login. - Implemented NAS user categorization for better security and privacy.

12. It's only worth to backup the android phones.

I have connected 5 devices to my account. Complicated installation (because the app is set of perl scripts) and there is no possibility to rollback directories.

If you're in the market for an online backup service, you have to consider a service's pricing, backup features, performance, and ease of use. As for other options, a slider in the Settings section controls bandwidth usage and a View Logs button shows details of each task, both of which are helpful.

1. Fixed the NAS login error message issue.

- Triggering app logout at the time of app update or Restart. Labeled Verified, theyre about genuine experiences.Learn more about other kinds of reviews.

Because Im also a classical fan and former performer, Ive reviewed streaming services that emphasize classical music.

You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. For backup mobile phones the app is great. We no longer used this 1 account and let it expire, so we thought.

SpiderOak One's look is still more sophisticated and consistent. Ok. Their tech reps cannot competently explain how to make it work.

App is creating iDriveLocal directory on "random" (or the largest - i'm not sure) disk. For comparison, Carbonite and Backblaze charge $71.99 and $60 per year, respectively, for unlimited storage plansthough those plans are for one computer each. Welcome!

IDrive is one of the few services we reviewed that offer a permanent and free 5GB account.

Fixed the alignment issue in Log display page.

Your subscription has been confirmed. - Improved performance of backup set generation in 32-bit machines.

- Updated new rest APIs for getServerAddress, getAccountQuota, configureAccount. Top features include disk image backups, folder syncing, and file sharing. - Implemented root level Listing of files/folders. We will review this:

(Editors' Note: Livedrive is owned by J2 Global, the parent company of PCMag's publisher, Ziff Davis.). Hello,Even one star would be too much for Idrive company.

Fixed 2 step authentication issue if the QTS is 4.3 or later. - When a bucket has been linked/adopted, displayed proper update message to the user. - Added display of Next Scheduled Event in app main page.

They likely did very little compatibility testing. QES is the operating system for dual-controller QNAP NAS models.

You shoild manually cancel backup task and start it again and be hopefull that it will complete this time.- Big cache directory.


They do not attempt to inform you that you will be charged or offer you to purchase a higher limit.

As with everything else in IDrive, the Restore tab is full of options. Those files are never deleted. 1996-2022 Ziff Davis.

The Team and Business plans start at $99.50 per year and $199.50 per year, respectively.

Fixed the issue with incremental backup and restore. 2. The process hang very frequently, almost every backup.

You can backup f.e.

IDrive is also priced competitively and performed best in our speed tests.

I've writed many mails with support. IDrive's privacy policy(Opens in a new window) states that it collects personal data you provide (such as your name, payment info, and address) and session records (such as the size of upload packets, session date and times, IP address, browser type, and device name).

- Fixed few issues w.r.t root level listing and few changes has been done in local file set listing.

Virksomhed der beskftiger sig med backup af data. This is not how any honest and ethical business works.

Hi, we are happy to explain more, please contact us again:

With NAT, VPN, security, and QuWAN SD-WAN, network management is made easier and remote connections more secure.

Upon logging in, IDrive presents you with a choice between the default service-managed encryption and the option to set up your own private encryption key. Fixed restore issue where online restore was running as local restore and failing. QNAP smart video solutions provides integrated intelligent packages such as video conferencing and smart retail, boosting productivity for individuals and businesses. Changed Idrive account login page.

Avoiding exclude message for skipped file type.

Below that, there's a universal search bar on the right and a module that shows the remaining storage for your account.

I need my backup solutions to work reliably and provide confidence that when I need to use that backup, it'll be there for me. QVR Pro is the network video recorder software for QNAP's QVR Pro video surveillance appliances.

Backup speed is not the most important factor you should consider when choosing an online backup service, but fast performance can make the process feel more seamless.

You can also download IDrive on thin clients and Linux/Unix servers. Endless failed backups, alerts, warning, or just mysteriously ended backup attempts. - Update button will display even if release date is different and released version is same.

Ive attended trade shows of Microsoft, Google, and Apple and written about all of them and their products. Am using Backblaze now, and it just works. 21. After you set a location for this folder, you can add any number of subfolders for instant backup and syncing. A left-hand menu gives you access to backups from individual devices, syncing options, and sharing preferences. I tried for weeks to get a single good backup to no avail. To use the service, you first need to create an account and choose to either use a private encryption key or an IDrive-managed key (the default).

- Modified contents of Backup Log to make it symmetric with all other apps. 5. - Backward compatibility related changes.

Implemented location based search for backup/restore. - Added support for "Desktop Backup Report" in order to display user logs and summary of operations via web. 6. SpiderOak One does cover an unlimited number of devices, however. From the Backup tab, IDrive lets you select files and folders from a hierarchical file tree. After a few days testing, starting with just a few files and directories and gradually adding more, it became apparent that IDrive often didn't recognise that files had changed so the backup would run without those changed files being backed up.Wondering if it had a problem with access to our data via SSHFS, I then moved the IDrive software/scripts to the main server and it looked like it was running as it should. The notification told me if I deleted files until I was under the limit I would not be charged a fee.

15. - Made proper error handling for additional information as well as backup/restore errors. Before PCMag, I worked at, Toms Guide, and Laptop Mag. The problem with aplication is that it has a many different features.

Backblaze's similar service is completely free, assuming you return the hard drive in the same condition. I'm using it primarily on an older Mac Pro workstation, which may be part of the problem. IDrive does just about everything you need an online backup service to doand more. - Avoided write permission dependency on the web folder for NAS users to use the app.

At the top-right of the app window, there's a section with an account panel, but most of its links redirect you to the web portal. - Added progress for archive cleanup operation to display deleted file count. Computer name as well as Backup/Restore location will be logged in Log files and Scheduled job Email Notifications. - Skipped file types Unix socket, block device and pipes too from backup. PCMag uploads three distinct 1GB file sets to test online backup speeds.

Fine tuned the scheduler module for better performance in adding, updating and deleting schedule.

However, you should note that IDrive will remove encryption from the files before providing them to law enforcement if your backup set is protected by an encryption key set by IDrive. I was given a refund, and two months later I was charged $80 again and told that they reversed my refund decision, however I wasn't told I would be charged again or given an explanation for why my refund was "denied" when it got approved, and then two months later reversed. We like the clear organization and relatively attractive design of IDrive's desktop application, and the use of color is much more consistent than it was formerly. Ive been writing and editing technology content for over five years, most recently as part of PCMag's consumer electronics team, though I also spent several years on the software team.

- Added custom ping in scripts path at the time of installation. I do not want to haggle over a fee that should never have been charged in the first place.

My personal experience, though, was disastrous.

Hi, we are happy to look into your account, can you reach out to support again? If you click an affiliate link and buy a product or service, we may be paid a fee by that merchant.

Even when a message is sent to the support department, they have a habit of not responding for 10 days.It is definitely not a company to pay for and get service from. - Restricted cancelled, blocked, and accounts under maintenance while login.

After installing the app and allowing it access to your photo gallery, it quickly starts uploading the media to the cloud.

Displaying show hidden files and folders status in backup log summary.. 3.

Tap on the the left-hand menu to manage all the links and files you've shared, view offline downloads, control synced files, and access the settings. - Modified archive cleanup process to splitting files to delete into minimal sets and retry in case if any fails. Implemented "Progress bar" for Backup and Restore operations.

Files in synced folder slow to upload in testing, Read Great Stories Offline on Your Favorite, PC Magazine Digital Edition (Opens in a new window), How to Free Up Space on Your iPhone or iPad, How to Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill, How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 Files, How to Record the Screen on Your Windows PC or Mac, Read Our Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office Review, The Best VPN Extensions for Chrome in 2022, The Best Virtualization Software for 2022, Amazon Photos Still Has Free, Unlimited Storage: How to Manage, Share Your Pics, How to Manage Your Online Photo Library With iDrive Photos, Keeper Password Manager & Digital Vault Review. Here are 8 tips for writing great reviews. Restoring files or directories appeared to be hit and miss.

- Categorized normal and minimal retry errors.

But for the price, unlimited, full-resolution media storage is a bargain.

Our main gripe is that it lacks robust file-sharing features and that files in an IDrive-synced folder were slow to upload in our testing.

If you prefer to keep your files out of the cloud, take a look at our roundups of the best local backup services and external hard drives. IDrive was quick to back up the contacts stored on our test phone. Solution for NAS disconnection caused by Malware Remover update. 17. You can recover files but not directories.

IDrive archives the last 30 versions of files that you back up, so you'll still have access to your files forever, even if you delete them locally. NOT.Yesterday I screwed up a bunch of files for a software program that I've been writing.

They just sent me boilerplate that wasn't relevant to my question, or even to my platform.

Those features are great but the base of the application is corrupted.

The tray icon kept disappearing on Windows 10 and 11 and the scheduled backup would also fail to run. IDrive enables you to share files by email, but the recipient must sign up for an IDrive account in order to view them.

- Categorization of errors has been done to skip retry for few errors.

Copyright 2022 QNAP Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

I'm good to go! I am a new customer, and it is the first time I use your service. Also the sync feature failed to sync all files.

Fixed the session expire issue when clicking on back button in the browser after login, 11.

I need to backup important files that are not stored on my computer.

- Fixed issue with email login when only one user name exist.

You can choose to run your backup manually, on a daily schedule, or hourly. - Added retry when network is not available for NAS machine. We have multiple accounts with IDrive. Previously, IDrive offered a People section with AI-based facial-recognition capabilities, but that is no longer available. For those who just want to back up mobile photos and videos, a recently released related service called IDrive Photos ($9.95 per year) offers unlimited online storage for those media types.

I've had several times where my backups were failing for some reason but didn't realize it because all they do to notify you is add the word "failed" in their daily emails. - Backup log creation has been modified to consider empty content and send mail accordingly.

The Continuous Data Protection option is in the Settings section. I didn't even get one of their lame "backup failed" emails. I did so very quickly. Those problem still persists on two different laptops with differenct configuration and application set.

I highly recommend it.

We use dedicated people and clever technology to safeguard our platform. I think it would be better to buy Amazon drive instead of Idrive.

Fixed the shared folder listing issue in backup page for latest QTS. 8.

The Android and iOS apps for IDrive Photos are basically subsets of the full service's mobile apps discussed above.

19. Fixed the folder enumeration issue if folder name having single quote(').

We would like to see it offer app-based 2FA support, too.

- Support IDrive package migration to other volumes, - Support IDrive package installation to other volumes, - Fixed the issue for file size greater than 2 GB, Implemented Refresh for full list and for specific folder list in backup/restore page, Implemented version file display and version file Restore, Provided clock widget for NAS system time display.

One the one hand it looks like it's working, but when pushed it clearly isn't.So I've seen with IDrive that backups run with files being missed and unable to restore from those that have made it.

All the app did was continually say that it was creating a file list. - Fixed issue with multi language support for restore.

Fixed the issue of displaying forgot password link even after logging in. Does not deserve 1 star.

- Modified number of days frequency for periodic archive cleanup from 5 to 30.

I also tried to backup a Synology NAS and although it said the backup was complete there were only a few files moved.

For all this capability and value, IDrive earns our Editors' Choice award for the online backup category. If you ever find your hard drive beyond repair, this option could be invaluable, as you can restore a previously working version of your system with the structure and OS intact. Removed the dependency on perl for App. 13. The app is estimating that it will take roughly 24 more ours to complete.

- Restricted user to schedule/edit backup job if backup set is empty for the job. Resolved backup location syncing issue back-end for few scenarios.

Username is forced to be an email address but can not be changed (think about that for a minute).

Because iDrive doesn't work!I am so over this abuse. 1. I'm not saying that this is a deal-breaker considering the price, but it does make backing up data a tedious process.ORIGINAL REVIEWI spent more than 7 hours trying to get iDrive to backup any of my professional photos with zero success. I was able to monitor that backups were running as expected by having the server create a timestamp marker file which was included in each backup, and then automate the recovery of that file to check it was the latest one.However, when I attempted to use the Windows IDrive application to recover files from the cloud backup, despite seeing that multiple versions of some files were reported (via the versions column), the list of versions of those files was always empty.

Down the right side, there are tabs for Backup, Restore, Scheduler, Sync, Server Backup, and Settings, with a Disk Image Backup button towards the bottom. With our data held locally on a server running Linux, I was pleased to see that IDrive supported backups from Linux. - Issue with archive cleanup hanging when there are huge files to delete. The software interface is very clunky, but worse of all the application is very slow to upload files and hogs ridiculous amounts of system resources on my iMac M1. The restore of a single file would sometimes complete with confirmation that it had been restored.

It can be integrated into multiple scenarios to provide intelligent attendance management, door access control management, VIP welcome systems and smart retail services. You can select the original backup device from a drop-down menu, move files directly to a new location, or restore them in place to your folder structure using checkboxes.

4. PCMag Digital Group. Verification can help ensure real people write reviews about real companies., This is a fraudulent service. I gave them a one star rating because zero was not available. For me, the best app for backup is backblaze - it doesn't have any features.

It was hard to know for sure this was being caused by iDrive, but after dissecting the logs (and finally deleting every trace of their awful software) it's now clear that they're the culprit.

Hi we are happy to review your account and see what might be going on, please contact us:, Read 1 more review about IDrive Online Backup.