As these flowersare made from organic materials, they may discolour or mould if they are exposed to moisture. I can also dye them any color or combination of colors that you would like. When youre a bride on a budget, every penny counts. suzy After inspection, each bridal piece is individually bubble wrapped and packaged for shipping. Even better, they are completely customizable to fit your vision! However, traditional flowers can often be extremely expensive, especially for something that wilts throughout the day and is usually tossed once the wedding day is over. It looks like most shipments come in a cardboard box and have a small plastic bag around each floral bundle with a bit of unbleached crumpled paper mixed in to keep things from shifting around.

But many of you had additional questions! If using aluminum wire and hot glue, the stems for a bouquet would result in emissions of an estimated 230 g CO2e.

These are the Top Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year, 10 Stunning Ways to Use Ranunculus at Your Wedding, The Best Fall Wedding Flowers (For Every Budget), The Dos and Donts of Setting Up a Target Wedding Registry. Q: Where is located? Q:Do you collect sales tax?A:Since we're based in Alabama, we are required to collect sales tax for orders delivered in Alabama. Choose whatever flowers your heart desires Sola Wood is available all year round and can be formed into any style bloom youve got your eye on. View wedding inspiration by season. With traditional wedding florals, making sure the flowers match your wedding day color palette can be pretty tricky. These unique flowers are made from Sola wood that comes from a tapioca plant root. Other factors that affect the price of wooden flowers include size (usually 1-4 inches) and the design/type of flower. Q: How far in advance of my wedding should I order? Sola flowers are made from natural wood and need to breathe. Once the bark of the plant is removed, youre left with the cream-colored, cork-textured meat. Most sola wood flowers are actually made by hand. A Sunny Blossom Theme. A:Processing Time + Shipping Time = Delivery Time. (5) Luckily, the amount of paint needed is relatively low. We hope this article was helpful and inspires couples out there to make even just one eco-conscious choice when wedding planning. Turn your used wedding items into cash! When people talk about wooden flowers they usually say they bought Sola Flowers, which makes you think one company sells all of them.

Because Aeschynomene woods are very lightweight, it makes them easy to cut and shape into a variety of flower designs. You Might Also Like: These are the Top Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year, Your email address will not be published. Patience is needed. Because these blooms last for ages, you can easily resell them to another bride after your big day to recoup some of your costs. Not sure where to start? Compared to real wedding flowers, the average wedding centerpiece will end up costing you $100++, while you can find gorgeous (reusable) wooden flower centerpieces for half that price. You can use sola flowers all throughout your wedding day decor. If your message is urgent, please label your message URGENT in the email subject section. These flowers are extremely delicate and can get damaged due to rough handling. Once produced, flowers are packaged and sent to Kolkata Port via truck, just 25 km away from the factory. Extracting pigments such as TiO2 is a polluting process. Visit the posts below to see other options to consider instead of using fresh flowers for your wedding! Printable Wedding Planning Timelines, Checklists, Questions for Vendors and more. Working with Sola Wood to create flowers is truly an artform the finished product is sure to impress you. Read more about how much real wedding flowers cost here. Check out our Flower Tutorials! Arguably the best benefit of sola wedding bouquets is the fact that you get to keep it forever. Except for paints and some stems, a wood flower bouquet is compostable and, if composted correctly, will break down without a trace. This tropical species is part of the Euphorbiaceae (spurge) family which also includes poinsettias and castor oil plants. A: Sola (shola) flowers are not real flowers that are freshly picked from a garden. To. Because these plants grow in tropical climates, they are extremely drought resistant. There are plenty of videos online on how to dye Sola Wood Flowers for more further guidance and tips. You can even go for non-natural shades like bright blues or vibrant turquoise that dont appear in nature. We believe you can use them for pretty much anything or any project. One of the amazing qualities of these flowers is, you can dye them to any colour. A: Please note that delays are possible in online commerce, since items travel across city and state lines. (2)The manufacturing process is truly an artform and all work is done by hand. Q: How long does it take to receive my order? Return shipments must be made within 4 days from receipt of your items. Wood flowers are an incredibly versatile flower alternative to use for your wedding day. However, more and more couples are looking to flower alternatives to stay budget savvy while not giving up wedding florals completely. Here are just some of the reasons to use wood flower bouquets and decor for your wedding. Browse our favorite handmade wedding finds for your big day on Etsy! seed paper promotional plantable Since each flower is handmade and colored, there might be very slight differences. Sola wood flowers are a completely organic material meaning they are a sustainable and eco-friendly product. The results are stunning arrangements that will last and can be enjoyed far after your wedding day is over no fancy preservation required! And to keep from creating more waste myself, I often reuse packaging materials and boxes from when I make my own purchases. We recently released an article on the carbon emissions analysis of fresh flowers and faux flowers and received so many wonderful responses. Are these flowers loose or can I get stems attached? Q: How long does it take to receive my order? In general, keep the flowers in a cool area, and away from direct sun exposure. Contact us for details. A: We recommend you order 3-6 months in advance of your wedding date. Thankfully, wedding flower alternatives have come a long way from the plastic flowers with the dried hot glue dew drops that you can pick up at your local craft store. Where youll really save: re-using your flowers! Q: Can I create custom flower arrangements? For example, The Sola Store sells 12 of their unstemmed Sola Wood Roses for $11.69. Oh! Q: Can I cancel my order?A: Once you place your order, you have within 1 business day to cancel your order and receive a full refund. You may cancel your order by replying to the order confirmation email requesting cancellation of your order. We are not responsible for mail carrier delays, which are rare but possible. Please email us to get started. Its also best to avoid direct sunlight if possible, especially if your flowers are dyed as it might fade the color. Buy a DIY kit from Sola Wood Flowers to create your own custom creation for your big day. Instead, we call it sola. Javascript is disabled in your browser, please enable it to continue using this website. Do not keep in air tight containers or places with excessive moisture. They are handmade with renewable wood from a marshy plant.

Buyer is responsible for purchasing return shipping. As we all know, traditional wedding bouquets are used the day of the wedding and then typically tossed after, unless you pay someone to press and preserve them (or you do-it-yourself). Canadian residents are subject to their home country's import and customs duties/taxes.

Aviation: 2 to 3 Times More Damaging to the Climate than Industry., Clemence, Christopher. Youre not limited to seasonal flowers if you use sola instead. The natural color is ivory. Advice for hiring your vendors and reviewing contracts, to buying your wedding dress and decor. Store them in a cool, dryplace. We'd love to hear your feedback too.

Peonies in the fall? Sola flowers are made from the wooden root of a sustainable plant, so you dont have to worry about contributing to any extra waste or other unsustainable practices when it comes to your wedding floral decor! Sola flowers are a natural product. Required fields are marked *. If you need a Rush Order, please contact us. While images of hard, carved creations might come to mind, thats not necessarily the case with most wooden flowers. (7) Considering all transportation factors, we found 95% fewer CO2 emissions per shipment with wood flowers compared to fresh. After that, youll want to plan for a bouquet for you and each of your bridesmaids. One of the top five Sola wood distributers in the US volunteered to partner with us and allowed us to use their supply chain as a case study. A:Before packaging orders, our shipping personnel inspects each item to ensure there are no damages. Email Me Join my Facebook Group Follow me on Instagram Follow me on Pinterest Follow me on TikTok, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Shipping available anywhere in the contiguous United States. A: Yes. The upkeep is minimal, too, just some light dusting every so often, and theyll be looking as good as new. Check out these exclusive offers from our savvy wedding partners! From there youll need craft supplies such as floral tape, floral wire, foam, and floral stems (if youre buying stemless wooden flowers). Returns are ARE accepted on raw, uncolored, loose flowers. Browse real weddings based on the budget total spent on the celebration. Talk about budget-savvy! This is another factor that can have a significant impact on the overall emissions of the bouquet. For rush orders, please make a note of any delivery disruptions that may occur during holiday seasons. A: You sure can. Browse DIY Wedding Flower Tutorials for Wedding Centerpieces, Wedding Bouquets, etc. Not only can they be less expensive than most real bouquets or centerpieces, but they last forever! Just take 1:2 water and paint, mix it well and quick dip the flowers in the mixture and dry them. Q: Will my Centerpiece/Home Decor arrangement look exactly the same as the pictures on your website?A: We always do our best to match your Centerpiece/Home Decor arrangement to the pictures on our website. These days, wooden flowers are made mostly from the wood of a marshy plant called Aeschynomene aspera. Get our 5 Day Wedding Quick Start Guide! The prices are closer to real bouquets (this Serenity bridal bouquet is $199.95), but it will last forever. Score affordable wedding suits for all the guys from The Modern Groom! (6) And because airplane emissions are released into the atmosphere at such a high altitude, they are more damaging than those emitted on the ground. Q: How do I take care of them?A: Even though sola flowers are stronger than real flowers, theyre still delicate and can get damaged with rough handling. Rarely is sola wood used to make greenery so some couples use dried greenery or faux greenery in their bouquets. When it comes to using wooden flowers at your wedding, youll want to decide if you want to buy pre-made centerpieces and bouquets or if you want to DIY them.

We are happy to replace your flowers/bouquet. Shop for wedding items in the Wedzee Marketplace. Once your flowers are dyed, your floral bouquets or decor should be kept away from direct sunlight so that your colours do not fade away. Sign up for our exclusive discount code for a free centerpiece rental with a $65+ order! Q: How is quality control prior to shipment? Learn how to make Ceremony Decor, Wedding Aisle Markers, Ceremony Signage Projects, etc. Find the best rewards card to earn points for your dream honeymoon! Get our wedding planning checklist, plus help with setting your wedding budget and priorities. Tokeep your colors bright, your flowers should be kept out of direct sunlight. Southern Blooms Co. creates gorgeous bridal bouquets that look incredibly real. For use in bouquets or floral arrangements, sola wood flowers need a stem or stick attached. This flexible material can then be peeled and shaped into thin sheets that are perfect for crafting into flower petals. We love the Sangria collection, which includes 30 dip-dyed/hand painted/ airbrushed sola flowers for $38.99. Yep. COMING SOON - browse weddings by guest list size to further customize your wedding inspiration. At this time we dont have a dedicated person to answer phone calls, so the best way to reach us is by email at. Were also sharing some important details you should know about these alternative flowers. $6.95 Flat Rate Shipping for U.S customers. However, using wood flowers for wedding decor or wedding bouquets have plenty of benefits. But with wood flowers, all I need is a color swatch (most dress + suit companies offer these), or even just an inspiration picture, and I can transform your florals into whatever color you want them to be. Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, with rolling hills and farming landscape. This June bouquet, starting at $42, is magical. One wonderful benefit of using flowers made of wood is that you can have any kind of flower you want! But its actually a term derived from the type of wood that is used to make them, Aeschynomene Aspera. The Budget Savvy Bride is the #1 Online Wedding Planning Resource for couples who want to plan a beautiful wedding on a budget they can actually afford. Metal stems may be recyclable depending on the municipal recycling facilities, but any plastic stems would need to be thrown away. Please email us to get started. Returns on raw, uncolored, stemmed flowers are accepted. We've got designs to suit any wedding style. Theres been a huge trend in wooden flowers for weddings the past couple of years, and we can see why. Would you consider using wooden flowers in your wedding bouquets or other wedding decorations? Compared to fresh and faux flowers, sola wood flowers are by far the most environmentally conscious choice. You can literally dye your wedding flowers any shade or hue to get the perfect match for your wedding color scheme. They are a 100% biodegradable, sustainable material. The wood flowers I use to make wedding decor and bouquets are made from the root of a plant called aeschynomene aspera. We pride ourselves on timely shipping. Q: Does The Sola Store make custom bouquets? I like how Sola Wood Flowers has DIY Craft Kits for everything from centerpieces to bouquets, and includes all the supplies youll need to create each. The most popular option is to hot glue an 18 to 22-gauge wire to each one. Colored flowers also include natural white, if chosen as a color. The wood can be shaped and arranged to mimic just about any type of flower you have in mind, and the finished products will last for years! Check out these seasonal wood wedding bouquets below. Sola flowers are made from natural wood and need to breathe. Q: What if my package has been shipped and there is a carrier delay during transit? Although other types of thinly cut, light weight woods like balsa and cedar are sometimes used, sola wood is by far the most popular. A: We offer $6.95 shipping total on all items. They are subject to an 18% restocking fee. Heres a few of our favorite places to find wooden flowers, all of whom work with talented floral artists: The Paisley Moon on Etsy is my go-to source for beautiful wedding bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres. They offer bulk wooden flowers in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as dyed assortments. Specifically the aeschynomene or tapioca plant. They are handmade with renewable wood from a marshy plant. Do not store them in an air tight container as they might get mouldy. It is worth noting, LDPE is not widely recyclable. Lets look at how wooden flowers are made, transported, packaged, used, and disposed of to help understand the environmental impact and how that compares to other floral options. About UsTerms & ConditionsPrivacy PolicyCookie PolicyLogin. Browse new and used wedding items in our wedding marketplace, powered by Wedzee! But dont worry, theyre not stiff and board-like. Add a subtle scent to your bouquets or centerpieces to give them a more realistic floral feel. You can totally have them. Even a faux flower bouquet rented 5 times still has carbon emissions 5 times greater than a bouquet of wooden flowers. Once you receive them, please open the 100% bio-degradable bag these flowers come in, let them breath for a bit and this smell will soon go away. Use wooden flowers on your wedding cake to add a pop of color. (4) If anything, the plant may sequester a marginal amount of carbon prior to harvesting. The natural color is ivory. It produces a majority of the carbon emissions and determines if the bouquet can be composted or not. Sign up for our wedding planning jumpstart series and we'll send you a FREE copy of our wedding planning timeline and checklist! The current processing times are on the Announcements Section on the Home page. This is 90% less emissions than imported fresh flowers.

They are made from renewable wood and are free of damaging pollutants and chemicals. We Found the Best Places for You to Buy Used Wedding Dresses, Wedding Ring Tattoos: Everything You Need to Know. A:We are a small business, and the whole team is always on the operation floor. Q: What are sola flowers?A: Sola (shola) flowers are not real flowers that are freshly picked from a garden. These flowers need to breathe and be kept away from direct sunlight. Rent gorgeous silk flower arrangements from Something Borrowed Blooms to make your wedding beautiful for less! View our free wedding printable invitation collections! Youre Lovely has created some really helpful DIY tutorials for your wooden flowers, including How to Make a Sola Wood Flower Bouquet, How to Add a Wooden Flower Stem. 2009-2022 Woman Getting Media, LLC. Consider starting a side hustle to help fund your dream wedding day! A: We always do our best to match your Centerpiece/Home Decor arrangement to the pictures on our website. Youll want to make sure you take proper care of them with regular dusting and by keeping them away from water, but if you do they should last a lifetime. Youll also want to decide if you want to dye your flowers on your own and save. You will notice an earthy smell when you open your bags, this is due to the flowers being naturally made from plants. They come in natural ivory colour and if their bark is used to make them, they come in a combination of brown and ivory in colour. If you love drama, you could even use wood flowers as a floral wall, which would be a great photo opportunity for your guests! Check your email to confirm your subscription, and then we'll send over your FREE wedding planning timeline + checklist! Q: Do you ship internationally?A: Some International Services May be available to Canada. They are each handmade and there will be imperfections such as chips from the edges of the plant or even bark within them naturally. They are also tolerant to the heat and eco-friendly since they are made from a sustainable source. Yay for sustainable wedding options! If youre planning a fall wedding, but your heart is set on having peonies in your bouquet, youll probably run into some trouble snagging the flowers youre wanting if youre using traditional florals. If you want a list of what wooden flower arrangements I can make for your wedding day, click here! Each individual sola flower is carefully made into a life like flower. For softness you can add little bit of glycerin based on mixture. Lower expenses, automate savings, and earn extra money for your big day. You can also use them to decorate the ceremony site, such as aisle markers or even arch florals if you have an arch in your ceremony. Check out our best-selling book on Amazon, The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner & Organizer! To do this youll need a bowl and tap water, along with a place to dry your flowers overnight. In fact, the ones that I create look exceptionally real! It is native to Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam. Some sola wood flowers are sold naturally while others are bleached, dyed, or painted first. We have not covered what you are looking for, do get in touch with us and we will get the answer to your question as soon as we can. We were also curious to see how they compared to fresh and faux flowers. See weddings from Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall! Find the perfect gifts for everyone in your life (and your wedding!). And just like real flowers, the knots and veins add a level of authenticity to your bouquet and decor. Processing Time is the time it takes to create your item. We offer a 2-day replacement policy. Create your own Wedding Photobooth, Wedding Centerpieces, Signage, Stationery, and more! We only create a limited number of custom order bouquets each month. Why do my flowers look like they are not all the same? However, the rate of reuse and resale of sola wood flowers seems less common than that of faux. Please keep away from open fire and do not expose them to prolonged contact with liquids. In their natural state, they are a white or cream color, and they can stay that way if you prefer. We relied on unboxing videos to determine how much packaging comes along with sola wood flowers. Every couple is, of course, unique and will find certain aspects of traditional flowers versus alternative flowers beneficial. If you want to create a bouquet or wedding centerpiece, you will most likely have to either DIY the stem yourself or purchase a stemmed version for a higher price. Compared to faux flowers which inevitably end up in a landfill, disposal of wooden flowers is much more eco-friendly. Fun fact? And you can use sola flowers for all of it! Sola flowers, or wood flowers, are made from you guessed it wood. Unlike fresh flowers that use pesticides and chemical fertilizers or faux flowers that produce almost 30 kg CO2e in manufacturing, the production of sola wood flowers is near carbon neutral up to this point. Stuff by Rossy is producing beautiful arrangements, like this pastel centerpiece for $102. Workers use sharp knives to cut thick stems into small sections, peel off the bark, and cut the remaining wood into extremely thin sheets.