She wishes she could hold him until they are both dead and she doesnt care about his sufferings. Female Nelly says there is nothing in the room, and Catherine asks her if she has seen the face as she gazes into the mirror. Heathcliff and Isabella then rode away from the village, and while the girl did not tell her father about this, she reported it to everyone in Gimmerton that morning. She still shows her compassion to those who she either doesnt appreciate or easily annoyed by. Nelly tells her she is talking in her sleep, but Catherine claims she sees a face. He declares that there will never be a bedroom that they will share together. He also wonders if Edgar is crying or about to pass out in fear. As she passes through the garden, she spots something moving from the bridle hook on the wall. The Crags were close by from the Heights, and she fears it will get dark before she could find her.

She also started misbehaving after what she had learned about her crush, and chose to punish her for her inappropriate behaviour. Linton was awakened and lifted out of the coach by Edgar.

He again orders her to let him in or else she will regret it. The maid then brought in a basin of warm water and washed Catherine's feet. However, he didnt show up for caution of his presence in the house; but Nelly sees a curl of light hair on the floor fastened with a silver thread. If he ever encounters Edgar, he won't fight him and leave him alone; and if he is confronted by the servants, he'll threaten them with his pistols. Her behaviour resembles a lot like her late mother, as like Catherine Earnshaw, she is gentle and lively; but can also be quick-tempered and fiery. Catherine begins to rip the pillow with her teeth and demands to have the window opened. She was also wearing just slippers, has a deep cut under one ear that the cold prevented from bleeding profusely, and her face was scratched and bruised. She places her basin on a tray and goes to fetch more milk, when Joseph gets up and leads her up the stairs towards her room. Nelly asks what is wrong with her, and replies she is afraid of death. Full name One time, Mr. Earnshaw bought two young horses for his sons, and when Heathcliffs falls lame, he fights with Hindley over the handsome one. After Isabella left the room, Heathcliff says he would rip her fingers and asks Catherine why she was teasing her as well as what she had said was true. He sinks back onto his pillow and refuses to go anywhere without his uncle. Cathy then cries on what she had done and Edgar won't scold her, as he's never angry like Nelly. Hareton comes out with his dogs and they start attacking Cathy's dogs. As Hindley's coffin was carried out of the house, Heathcliff lifts Hareton onto a table and declares to the boy that he belongs to him now, and he plans to treat him the same way Hindley had treated him before. She is about to leave the room to call for Edgar, but stops when the mistress screams and pulls the shawl from the mirror. Catherine laughs it off and insists that she wont quarrel with Edgar and she still loves him tenderly. She is later in the kitchen rocking Hareton on her knee and humming to him; when Catherine, hearing her from her room, comes in and asks her if she is alone, before she enters and goes by the hearth looking anxious. Edgar spends a lot of his time in the library and shows no concern for his wifes wellbeing. He was a pale, delicate boy who resembled a lot like his uncle Edgar, but also looked sickly and weak. After checking in Isabellas room, Nelly confirms that Isabella did run off with Heathcliff to her master. She then tells him to get ready for the journey to the Heights. She decides not to write to her and Edgar may still be too angry or upset to write back to her. Before she reveals if she accepted or rejected him, she asks her which one it could have been. She also admits that no matter how much Heathcliff despises Edgar, Isabella is used to her lifestyle and she wouldn't have to abandon her old life behind and be used to the new one she knows nothing about. During the discussion, Hareton looked too awkward to speak. Isabella starts to fear Heathcliff, and when he informs her of Catherines illness, he decides to blame her for it instead of Edgar. Heathcliff finds this difficult, as he does forgive her, but not her murderer self as the couple both wept.

Created by She was with Catherine until Catherine was tricked into marrying Linton Heathcliff, and the two were separated. Her suspicions roused, she decides to investigate and waits until Edgar and Cathy are upstairs. While she was rocking the infant and watching the snow fall outside the window, the door bursts open and someone comes in laughing hysterically. Cathy refuses the puppy and instead wants her two dogs, Charlie and Phoenix. Mr. Kenneth was on his way to see a patient in Gimmerton when Nelly comes up the street; and after informing him on Catherines condition, he immediately accompanies her back to the Grange. When she calms down a bit, she tells Heathcliff she doesnt wish to torment him; she only wishes they would never part again and asks for forgiveness as she begs him to come closer to her. He guesses this is why she wasnt in bed and cant have her sick here. heights wuthering quotes nelly quotesgram He does not want him in his house anymore and demands him to get out. Joseph hopes she will starve for not controlling her anger. Catherine ran toward Heathcliff upon seeing him, took his hands and led him to Edgar, where she placed her husbands on her former lovers. Edgar asks her if he is still worthy of her and if she loves Heathcliff. However, she would make some decisions that questions her loyalty, including the time she left Heathcliff on the landing of the stairs after he was brought home in hopes he will be gone by the morning. 1939 Nelly asks her if its worth it. She is relieved when she sees that Catherines arms relaxed with her head down, and assumes she has either fainted or died. She questions her on how she would deal the situation of her being separated from Heathcliff, but Catherine declares that nothing will keep her and Heathcliff apart for as long as she lives. Hindley begins to lose his money towards his rival, and delighted, Heathcliff asks if he would return tomorrow. She thought she could probably find Heathcliff and Isabella, but knew she cannot pursue them. Nelly goes inside to open a window, hoping to give Heathcliff a final chance to say goodbye. The gipsy orphan who was taken in by Mr. Earnshaw at Wuthering Heights. For example, she encourages Heathcliff to invent a noble background for himself. He declares he will have revenge, but thanks Catherine for revealing her sister-in-laws secret to him. Joseph says he is more interested looking for the horse than Heathcliff, and wont look for either of them on a dark night; even saying Heathcliff is not the kind of boy who would respond to his calls. | 2 She again orders Nelly to fulfill her plans before she lets her be examined. Nelly says that Edgar isnt aware of her condition and doesnt seem to be worried that she is starving to death. Sometime later, Nelly goes downstairs to see Catherine still sitting by the fireplace as the sun lightens the room. She asks if her father Edgar has ever been to them, and Nelly replies that he can tell her himself. After Heathcliff dies, Nelly tells Lockwood that Cathy and Hareton are planning to marry and move to Thrushcross Grange, and may had went back with them Nelly took her time listening to the larks and enjoying the warm sunshine while watching Cathy. Heathcliff and Hindley then started fighting on the hearth as Isabella ran through the kitchen and passes by Joseph, who she wished good luck against Heathcliff. Catherine says he can fight with Edgar and hate his sister if he wants to, as it could be an easy way to plot his revenge on her. He also had an hour long talk with his sister Isabella where he tries to make her stop seeing Heathcliff; he even warns her that if she continues her relationship with Heathcliff, he will disown her. Nelly Dean is a bold, sassy, and outspoken. But Hareton never goes into the parlour, and when he sees Linton in different parts of the house, he immediately sends him upstairs. Edgar was silent for a minute, remembering Isabellas final wish and feeling grief-stricken to have to give him up to his father. Heathcliff forbids her from leaving and asks her to come to him. She asks Nelly to inform Edgar how she longs to see him again and her heart returned to the Grange 24 hours after she ran off with Heathcliff, and still has warmth for her family. Mr. Kenneth next questions if Isabella has stopped seeing Heathcliff, and Nelly replies she doesnt trust her, as she doesnt want to discuss the subject. On the way home, Cathy goes on talking about the Heights residents and she angrily scolds Nelly for keeping Lintons whereabouts a secret from her. Heathcliff insults Isabella by saying that she wanted to go home shortly after they were married, but thinks she would be the ideal housewife at the Heights and that he'll make sure she doesn't leave him. Catherine interrupts her and laments on how she was unable to sleep for 3 days and was being tormented. Cathy replies shes crying because she has planned to see Linton tomorrow and hell be disappointed if she doesnt come. She might 'just be a maid,' but don't underestimate Nelly. He accuses her of lying, but instead of talking about Edgar, he asks her if she was with Heathcliff last night, and demands her to tell the truth. Cathy replies he is Mr. Linton of Thrushcross Grange. She prepares to leave her chair but Catherine laughs and puts her back on her seat. Isabella says she wants him out the whole night and asks Hindley to lock the door, which he already did. Isabella cries that her sister-in-law wants her to stay away from her and Heathcliff. She then changes the subject and says she would be miserable if she is in heaven. How are mothers represented in Wuthering Heights? In fact, it had been her fault that she had fallen in love with him in the first place; he admits that when he hanged her dog as they were leaving the Grange, she pleads to spare her dog's life. She also assures him to be careful on how they treat her. Despite her sickly appearance, Nelly has told Heathcliff that her face changes into a peaceful state when she is calm. Nelly scolds Cathy and said she feels badly for Linton, but Cathy refused to listen. During the party, however, after Edgar criticizes Heathcliff's appearance, the Gipsy boy throws applesauce at his opposer's face before he is locked away in the attic. The dog was barking in the garden as she opens the gate; but instead of running back to the front door, the dog sniffed around the ground and Nelly stops it from escaping to the road and brings it into the house. He then points towards a garret that had a curtain-less bed on the end.

He eventually finds out about where his wife and son are by the servants, but didn't plan to go after them. Linton was sitting on the hearth, who was just out walking in the fields and demands Joseph to bring him some shoes. Heathcliff Heathcliff says he would go to extremes if Edgar was being responsible for Catherine's misery; but while he still hates him, he would had never raised a hand against him. After tea was finished, Nelly takes Cathy and Linton upstairs to their bedrooms, and stays with Linton until he falls asleep. Isabella is bothered by baby Cathys crying and orders Nelly to send it away for an hour, or else she would leave. He then orders Joseph to bring his son some breakfast and orders Hareton to get to work. She didnt care what the men did to each other, but after their fight she and her suitors would be torn apart. The doctor says she should just behave the way she is, and is impossible for anyone to stand up to her. Nelly continues her song when Catherine interrupts her by asking where is Heathcliff. Nelly, not wanting to argue with her while being deranged, figures out how she could find something to wrap around her instead of holding her to pull her away. She chastises Linton for his selfish behaviour to Cathy and reminds him of everything she has done for him, and advises Heathcliff to not take revenge on Hindley as he should learn how to forgive instead of planning something that will likely ruin Hindley. It was Heathcliff and Nelly is startled to see him without Catherine. Nelly Dean is a major character and narrator in Emily Bront's Wuthering Heights. Having grown up along with some of the major characters, including Heathcliff, she knew that the life she had seen was not always perfect and it would only worsen the older she becomes. Heathcliff also says Hareton is completely fond of him, and if his father ever rose from the grave to confront him of the way he treated his son, he would have Hareton fight back against him. During much of her story, she was an eyewitness, but there were several sections where Nelly was relating hearsay to Mr. Lockwood. After witnessing Heathcliffs brute personality, the ghostly woman and the inhabitants at the Heights, he convinces her to tell him the story about Heathcliff and those who live with him. She also holds a certificate in Instructional Design and Delivery. Nelly enters without knocking and sees that the house has been in disarray since she had left; she wishes that if she was in Isabellas place, she could have swept the hearth and dusted the furniture. Isabella explains in a whisper he only kicked and beaten him. Catherine then gets up, seizes Heathcliffs hands and laughs; saying that tomorrow would be a dream as she cannot believe she has seen, spoke and touched him again. She then returns to the Grange. Heathcliff and Catherine made noises to scare them, until they hear the door being unlocked and decided they must flee. She thinks she did the right thing by informing her master and being paid for it; even claiming that it has taught her to be more careful and the master will know better. Here's more of Nelly's classic sass at work, this time turned on Heathcliff's son, Linton. Cathy gets up and asks if she could write a note to Linton explaining why she cant come and sending the books she promised him. Heathcliff says he wasn't expecting her, but she can stay and help the arrangements for the funeral. Isabella laments that she wants to be with Heathcliff and she will not be kept apart for him, and says that Catherine doesnt let anyone to be in love but herself. After the doctor Mr. Kenneth examines her, he diagnoses her as having a serious fever. Edgar, now worried for her health, forgets about Heathcliff. She had even discovered that Hindley has gotten worse since Heathcliff started living there; they would stay up all night together, with Hindley constantly borrowing money from him and doing nothing but drink and gamble. Nelly replies that he is fine but is always inside his study. Edgar does not respond to Isabella's letter. Nelly takes Cathy's hat and brings it back to her, and ends up chasing her around the room. There is a long pause when Nelly notices Catherine shedding a tear and wonders if she regrets having her outburst earlier. He wished that he would hang anything that belonged to her except for one, and that it may be referring to Isabella. As their mother-figure, she is wanting to stay close to them as much as possible, but would feel despondent when she couldnt be closer to them; such as when she had to leave Hareton behind to live at the Grange, and when her request was denied if she could live near Cathy after she was forced to live at the Heights as a servant. She replies he is working in the stable. She reminds him he may find the house a bit dark and gloomy at first, but its a very respectable building and he will enjoy wandering on the moors. Isabella had lived in London with her young son Linton, who is now around the same age as Cathy, for a dozen of years after she left Heathcliff. Whenever she is berated for not being more responsible over Catherine or others entrusted in her care, she would defend herself by saying that no matter how hard her job is on her, she will still what is right and not let anyone down. He tells her he has died a drunkard at just 27 years old, and can't help but feel sorry for him despite his bad ways. Before this, she has several encounters with the supernatural, such as seeing visions. While the bird wasnt shot, they picked up its feather, and then he found its nest in the winter. She tells her that Heathcliff will likely ruin her, since he wont love a Linton, and is probably more interested in her fortune and wealth. English They would laugh at the punishments given to them by the curate and Joseph, until they forget the time they were together. The only ones present at the funeral were Edgar, the servants and tenants. He snatches it out of her hands, and she shows him another while keeping it out of his reach. Frequently throughout Wuthering Heights Nelly admits to being at least a little anxious about hauntings, ghosts, and prophetic dreams.

She would tease her ailing, irritated father, and he would scold her for her wild behaviour; even recalling she is worse than her brother. They were able to stand on some rocks and peek through the window while clinging to the ledge. Nelly orders her to stop as she takes the pillow away and Catherine starts ripping the mattress. She would give a letter from Heathcliff to Catherine, and if she accepts his permission, she would have Heathcliff come over when Edgar is absent. Cathy had jumped into a hollow, and before Nelly could glimpse at her again, she spots her about 2 miles near the Heights and was talking to two men; Nelly is convinced one of them is Heathcliff. Cathy gets excited as she sees Edgar's face in the coach window. He may kill him some other time, but demands he confront Edgar himself face to face. She has refused assistance until now and Nelly and the servants couldnt inform him about her condition as they were unaware of it.

He declares that Catherine will not drive him off again, and asks her if she really did felt sorry for him. Enrolling in a course lets you earn progress by passing quizzes and exams. Nelly Dean, more than just a humble maid, is the narrator for most of Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights. ''These things happened last winter, sir. After counting his money, Heathcliff would go over to the Grange to gossip with Catherine. Finally, she breaks down crying which catches Hindley's attention. The letter falls from Catherines hand and Nelly puts it back on her lap, waiting for her to glance down and notice it. She persuades him that he got his bruises from the horse, but Heathcliff doesnt look concerned. The dog hides itself while Isabella runs to the nearby opened doorway. Cathy Linton Grows up/Linton Arrives in Yorkshire. Sensible, high-spirited, independent, caring, maternal, compassionate, kind, confidant, assertive, unreliable (when narrating), educated, fluent, wise, strong, protective, diligent, sympathetic, loyal Despite Mr. Kenneth warning Edgar he may be sacrificing his own life to save Catherine, she was at least out of danger and her health somewhat starts to improve. In addition, Heathcliff starts visiting the Grange, which delights Catherine but Edgar still feels unsettled when he is in his home. Isabella turns away and Nelly thinks Heathcliff may have asked her something she couldnt answer. She again demands a place to ease her comfort, and the old servant says there are no more bedrooms for her to rest in. During the first day or two, Cathy mostly spent her time in the library and didn't feel like playing or reading. Catherine denies being with Heathcliff and should Hindley make him leave the house, she will go with him. The housekeeper also describes how Linton would complain if the window is left open and always needs a fire in the middle of summer. At the Heights, the bells were heard on quiet days during any season, and Nelly remembers how Catherine would listen to the bells but reacted with no recognition. She wonders what she should do now. Catherine says that she doesnt have a problem when she is with her sister-in-law Isabella. Edgar is reluctant to give her permission, and Nelly pleads eloquently that she used to work for Mr. Earnshaw and Hindley. Joseph starts lecturing her as she if she still a young girl, although she considers herself to be treated with respect. Edgar interrupts by calling Catherine over to the table for tea, while Heathcliff would go out and stay wherever he is. While Heathcliff looked like he may lighten up on his son, she plans to inform Edgar about this. Skulker runs off and the servant picks up Catherine, taking her inside. She ponders about what he said after he leaves, wondering if he is turning into a hypocrite and returned to the country to cause mischief. She explains everything about her visit and Edgar made a disappointed glance at Nelly. He decides to let Nelly and Cathy take some time to rest and come with him to the Heights. She says she would like vengeance against Heathcliff, but thinks betrayal and violence isn't the answer. Mr. Kenneth is curious about Nellys report as he asks her what was actually happening at the Grange. Nelly eventually gives in and would allow Catherine to marry Edgar.

Heathcliff says he needs to change his wet clothes first and then tell her what has happened. Isabella whispers to Catherine to let her go, but she refuses and demands Heathcliff on what he thinks about the news; that Isabella loves him more than Edgar and how she refused to eat since their walk together. She is willing to marry Edgar than being in heaven; and due to Heathcliffs low social status by Hindleys mistreatment, Catherine knew she would be degraded if she married him. She says he can marry Isabella but demands him to tell her the truth if he really does love her. She remarks how spoiled Edgar and Isabella are, and while she appreciates spoiling them, she thinks they also deserve to be punished. The Linton children fought over the dog with Heathcliff and Catherine laughing at them. She asks Linton to not trouble his father with any more questions. At that moment, Joseph arrives and tells Edgar that Heathcliff has sent him to retrieve his son.

Edgar then explains about Heathcliffs abuse to Isabella and how the Heights became his property. Edgar was not far behind as he opens the gate and strolls quietly to enjoy the beautiful afternoon. She pulls it out, runs for the door and throws it back at him. Wuthering Heights is partly narrated by Nelly Dean, who is an outspoken Romantic with a penchant for gossip. {{courseNav.course.mDynamicIntFields.lessonCount}} lessons Last evening, Isabella sat in her corner reading some old books until midnight. Isabella wishes that she could stay to delight Edgar and help look after the baby, and the Grange is her real home. She condemns Nelly for being strong and healthy and that she is sorry of her. She tells Nelly she should have told Edgar to have left her alone and wishes she was a lively, young girl again outside the moors. Nelly disliked Heathcliff, and she believed he was evil. She asks him again who is teaching him to behave badly, and the boy replies it is Devil Daddy. He sees that her foot is bleeding. She is blunt and honest, but she is also compassionate and caring. Catherine says she imagines Nelly as an old woman and the bed is like the fairy cave at the Penistone Crags, and that Nelly is gathering stones to harm their cows, while pretending they are just wool. She's idealistic, romantic, and sassy, and always ready with a smart comment on the things she's telling Lockwood or others about. What motivation does Nelly have for visiting the manor in Wuthering Heights? Nelly interrupts him by saying he has no hesitation to have Catherine back into his life by abruptly seeing her when she has nearly forgotten all about him. He was not religious, and she saw darkness in him. Catherine then stands up and her pale face frightens Edgar. They are the children of Mr. and Mrs. Earnshaw, who lived at Wuthering Heights in the mid 1770s. Alignment The gun was fired but the knife springs back and stabs Hindley's wrist. Nelly is astonished and thinking its one of the maids, and tells her to not be so excited while the master is resting. Nelly asks Isabella if she should still be with Heathcliff after Joseph revealed the ugly truth about him. Later on, she serves as a surrogate mother to Hareton and Cathy. Right after reading Isabellas letter, Nelly informs Edgar that his sister is at the Heights, and she wrote a letter of her grief over Catherines illness as well as wanting to see her brother again. Catherine scolds her for calling her that and asks when was the last time she was ever harsh to her. The first is how she managed to have a compassionate, sympathetic nature from a place like the Heights. Mr. Earnshaw, still fatigued, explains how he found the boy starving and homeless on the streets of Liverpool. Heathcliff explains he is satisfied to have Hareton meet his expectations and while he still sympathizes him, he had taught him to be hostile to anyone weaker than him, and wonders how Hindley would react if he sees his son the way he is now.

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