NO AND COULD NOT GIVE ME AN EXACT TITLE FOR THE POSITION AND WHEN I CALLED BACK, IT WENT TO VOICEMAIL OF COURSE IN WHICH SHE CALLED ME BACK AND I LET GO TO VOICEMAIL, NOT GOING IN FOR THE INTERVIEW. Go, go, go; balls to the wall, man. SCAM! Currently we are hiring for our Sales team and looking for people from varied backgrounds. Odd? because of these negative people who have no sales skills you missed out on a career that you make solid money and residual income for life. - Click on Apply in the Top Navigation Bar which will allow you to Search Openings, Create a Profile, Create a Job Agent and Edit your Profile. A great company will speak for itself and won't have to fight to try and look good, word of mouth spreads like wild fire and will either make you or break you. Could it be AIL is a scam too? ******** we're very sorry for the loss of your uncle and we send our sincere condolences to you and your family. I was given $200.00 for every person we hired. However, it is quite obvious that all three of these email aliases have been propagated by the same individual or organization. They called to offer me more insurance. Have been trying to get a form sent to me for a medical emergency I had July 13, 2021. We'd like to investigate this claim further but need you to please email us your name, your policy number, the reason for your inquiry, your phone number and the best time to call you to ** IT IS COMMISSION. At this point I was wrangled into my pre-screening 'interview, ' that was a complete and utter joke. He was with ail for almost a year, in not one, but two different offices. i have made on average of $3000 a week. Benefits are based on employee status and years of service.*. In everything we do, we strive to act in accordance with the highest standards of ethics and integrity. The reason that we have a bad rep is because of reps that come and work for a week or two and think that they know about the business and quit. Here's a quick rule of thumb that has served me well in life: Any company that uses "Pyramid Marketing", "Multi-level Marketing", "Network Marketing", "Matrix Marketing", or whatever the latest variation is on the same basic term IS A SCAM. I can't believe people are upset that they use a script to hire! Last I heard he managed to get fired from a food delivery service (something about not taking orders and collecting the guaranteed pay from his couch) and now works for whatever warehouse or company that will hire him. They said they saw my resume on (which it is) and they were only interviewing today (the day they called me) and tomorrow. After I finised my first round interview, the HR asked me to wait in the lobby and he will give me the interview results within 10 min'. "The Opportunity" and "Residual Income" are the motto phrases of MLM and Ponzi Schemes.

This is wrong. AIL is seeking dynamic leaders in our fast-growing, people-first company. We were lying to them and saying they were being tested for tobacco and/or drugs. Just those who said they did not smoke. The web address provided in the email I received is a copy cat, almost verbatim, and the creators of such website are clearly in violation of copyright law. NO ONE WILL SEND ME ANYTHING! Hope this saves someone from joining Wowww! Either way its a horrible process, sorry that was your experience. I discount all of them. Then i came on this forum and did some research, i called her back on private number and said my name is (fake name) and im interested in the position. [emailprotected] Ive been ding esearch on opening my own business since i am 14 years old. Then they say it goes to mentoring as well. In addition, Fellow, Life Management Institute (FLMI) and International Claim Association (ICA) program courses are offered after the completion of six months of services at no cost to the employee. There is no substance to any of these complaints. Chief Executive Officer We provide comprehensive training for you to be successful in this field. American Income Life is obviously an insurance company and they are 100% union based. Canceling policy: It takes up a month to cancel your policy. AIL is directly affiliated with Fortune 600 company; Torchmark Corporation.

OK, so why were we not testing EVERYONE? I am an agent in WA state who has been with the company for 6 months. Odd? And most people did. Please save your money and time and stay away from this company. They then pump you up and get you to pay the $800 plus. Sincerely, They explained this by saying they like to be competitive and they enjoy betting on the outcome of games, etc. This guy is in his forties with a business degree and has worked as a hotel accountant at least once. So here it is again. So the more AIL hires the more money they make. BBB Business Profiles are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. Still No CLAIM CHECK !!! We fought for years nothing.. sent a cheque for 2$ like th kinda of company treats its customers this way? 2022 American Income Life Insurance Company.

First of all, it does cost to get licensed, and that is an issue to take up with the NYS insurance board. You will be required to pay out of pocket, $350 for a 'license' to sell insurance? He is a nice guy, sure, but we're suppose to stand up and clap for him JUST because he walked into the room? However, the fact is that AIL To avoid future updates from us, please go to our optout link. This will surely increase the credibility of your complaint. The company which didnt conducted the whole interview process as they promised, will also not treats their employees or their clients as professional as they said, too. - It is our policy not to give contact information to external applicants. I then put the phone number into google and found this. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you and pray for your continued recovery. At this point it was even more obvious that this was a complete farce as there were multiple people being ushered very rapidly in and out of random offices. This job definitely separates the men from the boys. EVERY step you make, every turn you take the SGA would micro-manage. On the top of that, I feel uncomfortable and sketchy when I was told to pay almost $550 for getting a job. After doing my research I could no longer sell the product. I am reminded of the parable in the Bible that Jesus taught about the wheat and the tares. Why is this deception necessary on their part? VERY VERY STRESSED.. You will be placed on hold for 35-60 minutes just to cancel. I am more interested in the people that have worked for the company and seem to have very honest and concise information about negative practices. The complaints about the company isn't what turned me off the most, what turned me off the most was the unprofessional behavior and comments from the people who work there trying to defend themselves. We received your resume, and while it is hard to tell if you are the right fit, there are some things in your background that peaked our interest. to the people who think this is a scam.. i was a union member and had an agent come to my home and sign me up for a policy.

Also copied [emailprotected] whom was the POC for their IP address. haha that made me laugh never mind the fact that she told me the 1st time we need esp. I watched in horror as everyone ahead of me went, and when it was my turn I mumbled something and was told some fake encouraging jargon and given fake encouraging words of wishing me luck in being considered for the position and told to leave. If you dont hear from us today call the HR Department right away before our final slots fill up. Group Life and Long-Term Disability - Eligible employees may elect life insurance and long-term disability coverage the first of the month following 30 days of service. I just received a call from the Edmonton office today for an interview. He had to pay all that money back. For all concerned, I've been getting emails from one of your hosts *.*.*. I have to say, the posts on this board are a little crazy to me. I DO NOT RECOMMEND!!! International Association of Better Business Bureaus. AIL has agressive recruitment tactics, they are expanding faster than they can handle, alot of quickly growing companies do this, i have even been recruited by the big companies I.E. When you have two companies coming together, joining forces, and selling the same product - it is going to seem as if ONE of them are COPYING websites and emails, when in fact, this is not the case. Thanks. We are not, simply what we do is not a fit for everyone. I took what I could get in these economic hardships. All Rights Reserved. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you and your family during this difficult time. Pension Plan - Eligible employees who complete 1 year of service with the Company become participants in the Pension. But, before you even get to do that you have to shake hands with two of the presenters that are standing near the exit of the presentation room. ***, we're sorry to learn of your experience with AIL and invite you to send us an email to *********** with your name and more agency location details so that we can look into this situation. I have read through about one hours worth of these posts and from what I see, there is a real problem with the company. Do not go for an interview in Kitchener or London. Honestly, of course you are going to get a biased view. Two younger guys who I can only assume worked in this office were having a loud conversation with many expletives. *******, we're sorry to hear of this unacceptable situation you've experienced. I interviewed with AIL two month ago and got accepted. So what. [protected] NE Loop 410 Side 108 Since I only live 2 hours from there, I got half a mind to take the trek up there, kick their door in and start yelling at them regarding unsolicited email. It is a commission based job. What happened for group interview and another one-on-one final interview? My checking account says no. I got the same call for an interview and I really need a job so I found them on Craigslist. Then they call and harass the beneficiaries nonstop.

During the phone interview she was asking me questions and I started to wonder have you even seen my resume? He received a bonus for recruiting, but again had to pay it back when they quit a few weeks later.. As for the above reference to Jesus, AIL is as ungodly as it gets. I dont think so! they claimed the glenrose rehab hospital wasnt a hospital wouldnt pay us for that, as well wouldnt pay for me being in the u of a which clearly his policy covered. He absolutely demanded your time from 9:00 a.m. until the work was done, which in my case (because I was training with a 22 year old MGA who hadn't even shaved yet) meant that I was 1.5 hours from home at 11:45 p.m. making the last sale because the appointment before it ran a bit late. Again, all of these are recruiting methods. I'm sorry for those that feel that we are a scam. That email is circulated to all matching resumes on Craigslist, Monster, JobMagic, etc; and they actually have to pay for this service, so give them a little break. I am contracted to AIL here in New Zealand, and at NO stage has anybody ever told me they thought we were a scam. The email seemed very legitimate, only before I took into consideration that Gmail had already correctly deposited it into my spam box, not my inbox curious. The "" part should be different as these are all allegedly different companies. This is unsolicited spam, and in most cases against the law. I can assure you they are mangers told to do this. He now HAS to work for his money as he has someone over him making sure he's doing what he's supposed to do. Sounds like you weren't a good sales person. No one should waste their time, and I regret that I did. Then I would call these people, read a script and hope they didnt ask questions. Our employees are vital to our success. Apparentlythe claim is in audit. Yeah probably. Ail preys on the poor and elderly, people who can barely afford a place to stay or to feed their family. BBB Business Profiles generally cover a three-year reporting period. This comment was posted by a verified customer. If you do work for them - you're the foolish one - you fell for it. ail was 33 for yahoos top 100 jobs of the year.. your all complaining cus u cant make it in sales and couldn't make any money so this is what u do to feel better The SGA HELD THE SWAB in his office for over a weekto teach the agent respect? Our privacy policy is at I had been applying at other business lately but I never would of applied at this type of company. American Income Lifespare me your response to this review. Talk to you then; The girl said something really strange to meshe said "you will meet with Chuck and he will tell you "WHAT HE THINKS OF YOU" when you meet. Interview has been cancelled. That doesnt sound like a scam it just sounds flat out unproffesional, but definetly not a scam. Definitely not the greatest system but it should make NO difference on if you think you would want to work there, try asking an employee who still works there if they like it. People will say it isnt because its all about go getting and working on your own. well, that may be trueI didnt know much about the agents because I was kept in the dark as much as possibleHowever, is American Income really that legitimate if they are willing to hire whoever without even looking at that persons resume? So that means you're not selling, which means you're not being paid. After reading not one but 50 horror stories about this. Shouldnt a manager be doing that anyway? I was never promised the world either, i was told this job is simple but not easy! [protected]. We alerted you about this opportunity since you placed your resume on an internet job board or responded to one of our job ads. I have seen many new agents come and go since I started, for the simple reason that they couldn't handle the freedom. a bit. He wouldn't have listened anyway, so I sat back and watched it unfold. These posts are not just from people that have received emails.

American companies should not be doing buisness in canada as they have no idea how to operate.. Im now 30 and still ******* about this. Torchmark pays AIL monthly for new hires. We help families preserve their dreams - their home, an education for their children, a financial legacy. If you do not understand how a company works, then do not discredit the corporation. Do I have to apply for every job that I am interested in? If I spent my life ripping-off desperate job seekers and spamming every job site conceivable (so many that most managers can't even keep track of the number of spam accounts they create) I would be very worried about the outcome of my eternal soul when I died.

Thank you. But who am I to dash his dreams? I received a phone call from someone from this company to come in for an interview. I especially don't like the many complaints regarding unethical tactics, missleading and false information given to clients, and what seems to be the diliberate attempt to not pay salesmen for policies sold. If you go to (the company website provided in the email I pasted above), you will see what looks like a legitimate website. We are seeking leaders and mentors who can follow our mission and embody our great tradition. American Income Life.

During this nonsense forced presentation three different presenters outline the companies approach and values, etc. So I said, can I still come in they said sure. We'll have a supervisor contact you as soon as we've investigated why this claim hasn't been paid. In a ponzi scheme or MLM company, scammers always blame the victim if they are not successful - for not trying hard enough; just as the shills posting on this thread do. Total scam! AIL

See what I mean by going here to the search results page I came up with on BBB's website: We endeavor to make prudent decisions to advance the long-term interests of our policyholders, our employees, our field representatives and our shareholders. But NILICO is legit, and if you understand anything about sales and insurance, then you would know that. Thank you is all I can say to the other posters. I was invited to interview and went without any prior knowledge of the company. In my personal case, I would never work for a salary or hourly because I feel that limits my potential for earning. Also, to the person that wrote about having to sell to poor people--- our sales team sells to anyone who has a need for insurance. Savings and Investment Plan (401K) - Eligible employees may begin participating in the plan on the first day of employment. Our ability to search resumes online has allowed us to grow at a pace second to none in our industry. We're sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you and look forward to hearing from you soon. I had to quit U.S. for the same reason they sold polices at high prices to people that didn't even speak English. I was told that the training will start on the next day right after the day I had the interview with them. I actually received an email today from the alleged CEO Roger Smith of American Income Life. Never received the complimentary "free will kit". From: We're disappointed that we've lost your trust and would like to look further into this past experience. Her response was to get up and go halfway through the door and whisper something to them and closed the door. The manager DO NOT look at your resumes. WWW.AILIFE.COM Participation is elected on a calendar year basis and is available to all eligible employees the first of the month following the completion of 30 days of service. Ill get into the fees later. During the second interview a manager would do a presentation and show a video that pumps up the company. We'll have a supervisor contact you as soon as we've investigated why this claim hasn't been paid. This career saved my life. Please reconsider. Ever. I have read this whole page and have heard not an ounce of real valid evidence that AIL is a scam. Sept. 28, 2020 - Again followed up on their "free will" offer asking when it would be mailed. From my observation of this and other opportunities that I have been involved in, is that when somebody claims that the opportunity is a scam, the person making the comment is usually somebody that thinks the world owes them a living. Funny how some are defending this company! He also recruited a couple of desperate job seekers with lies about how much money he was making, he thought he would get to boss them around and have them make money for him. Is it a pyramid? The email uses the correct CEO's name, but why in the WORLD would the CEO of what appears to be a large corporation ever email a potential candidate for employment? New York Life. I recently looked at your resume and I believe your qualifications might be a good fit for our organization. Residual income! Any way, then you are made to sit through a long and boring presentation, where they tell you prior to going in, "they're going to be watching you to see if you take notes." I wonder if they even know how sales are made. So they get ahold of your backup beneficiaries and harass them to buy insurance. "Roger Smith" First, the young woman sitting at the front desk was wearing street clothes, and had a piece of junk boom-box sitting behind her playing rather loud r&b music. If you're a good fit, we'll contact you to conduct an initial interview by phone, followed by assessment testing and an in person interview(s).