Youve got fruity vodka cocktails like the Bay Breeze, classy drinks like the Gimlet and Cosmo, spicy like the Bloody Mary, and intriguing like the endless types of martinis. A Sea Breeze is a classic drink thats a member of the highball family of cocktails. Its refreshingly tangy, with a little vodka zing on the back end. In 1955, someone in Oakland, California, began adding cream to the drink, thus creating the White Russian. Get the Espresso Martini recipe. Check out our picks for the right vodka to use in a Moscow Mule. Meet theEspresso Martini. The ingredients for vodka soda are similar; ice, vodka, club soda, and lime juice, with a lime or lemon twist as garnish. The history of the classic Bloody Mary is a bit of a mystery. Heres one of the easiest vodka cocktail recipes you can make: the vodka cranberry! Ingredients: Vodka, Kahlua, Irish cream, heavy cream (or ice cream), Tag @acouplecooks on Instagram and hashtag it #acouplecooks.

These vodka cocktails will shake (and stir) up your mixed drink game, sure, but what exactly is the deal with shaken or stirred martinis? The key is to use fresh lime juice, high-quality vodka, and ice-cold water. Get the Mudslide recipe. Now, if you dont have a cocktail shaker, a good mason jar filled with ice will do the trick, and as for the muddler, use a wooden spoon to smash your berries, mint leaves, and lime gently. Theres no firm story concerning when, where, and by whom the gimlet was invented. If your favorite one isnt on my list, let me know in the comments below. Basil-infused vodka? We highly recommend using superfine sugar as it makes for the best type of sugar for your rim. This sophisticated retro cocktail has a tart, refreshing flavor and a chic vibe. She is a noted chef and avid gardener. The name sidecar is often linked to an American military captain chauffeured around on a motorcycle using a sidecar. We love anytime a classic Bloody Mary can morph into an even spicier, savory cocktail. I appreciate how this cocktail quenches my thirst on the hottest beach days. Add the club soda and sparkling ros just before serving to keep it as fizzy as possible. Mix up top shelf cocktails at home with these pre-made mixes. Ive tried as many classic vodka cocktails as I could to create this list of the 19 best vodka cocktails. The famous Harry Potter-themed drink, Butterbeer, gets a boozy upgrade. Ingredients: Vodka, 100% cranberry juice, lemon juice, Cointreau, simple syrup. I enjoy the tartness of the cranberry juice and the sweetness of the Cointreau. This brings out the sweetness of the herb and turns the spirit a vibrant green.Get the Spiked Sparkling Basil Lemonade recipe. I particularly like the sweetness of the orange liqueur and the tartness of the lemon juice. I like to make my vodka tonics with good quality vodka. Blending up watermelon is the quickest way to make your own juice; just make sure to strain out the seeds. This cocktail contains cranberry and grapefruit juice mixed with vodka. And just like that, this amazing throwback cocktail brings us right back to Sex and the City. A gimlet it traditionally made with gin, but it common spin-off is the vodka gimlet: it's got a smoother flavor. Got vodka? I like bloody marys because they are so flavorful. A post shared by (@thatsarakim). Get recipes worth repeating and more from A Couple Cooks, straight to your inbox. Display a Gravatar image next to my comments. Mackenzie Filson is a food writer and contributing digital food producer at Delish. Our list includes Sour Patch Watermelon-infused vodka for our Boozy Sour Watermelon Slushies, Reese's Pieces-infused vodka (yes, really) for a Drunken Peanut Butter cup cocktail, and even pickle-infused vodka perfect for Bloody Marys. The two were looking for a way to market Smirnoff vodka in the United States and came up with the Moscow Mule, a mix of vodka, ginger beer, and lime. Be sure to keep the caramel in the freezer until you are ready to serve. You just might find yourself mixing up all your childhood favorite cereals into a cocktail. If youre making homemade lemonade, you can use club soda instead of water for a more bubbly drink. Thats right, the version of the Sea Breeze we know today is a revamped recipe created by Ocean Spray talk about great marketing, right? Tart and liquor forward yet still balanced and approachable. There you have it, nineteen classic drinks that include the best vodka cocktails. Break out of the box with these Moscow Mules, punches, slushies, and more. These recipes are sure to please. Get the Crme Brle Martini recipe. This cocktail is perfect for after dinner or for dessert. I love the tartness of the lemon juice and the sweetness of the sugar. The Moscow Mule is a popular vodka cocktail. It is a classic cocktail that has been popular ever since. These martinis taste just like a crme brle with very little effort. This vodka cocktail has by far one of the coolest names around. IF you forget, don't worry. Swap in orange sorbet for even more citrusy flavor. For centuries, bartenders have been making vodka cocktails, so there are literally thousands of vodka cocktails. Your Bloody Marys will never be the same. It is a mix of vodka and coffee liqueur, and you can garnish one with a cherry. If you click through and make a purchase, we'll earn a small commission, at no additional cost to you. You can read about it in the Savoy Cocktail Book published in 1930! And its not an overstatement to say that there are likely hundreds if not possibly thousands of vodka cocktail recipes out there using just about every ingredient you can imagine. This easy cocktail recipe was invented in the 1940s, but it's totally timeless. Its also a great choice for those looking to keep their calories low during a night out (or a night in). Its tangy and refreshing, featuring muddled blackberries, mint, and lime. Try it with our Mini Baileys Cheesecakes! Make it as the drink was first intended: shaken with coffee liqueur and Irish cream and served up in a cocktail glass. It's our favorite summer cocktail that makes us feel like we are on the beach no matter where we are. All you need are three ingredients for this spin on the classicTequila Sunrise. This cocktail is perfect for summertime or any time you are looking for a refreshing drink. I also love the horseradish because it gives the cocktail a little bit of a kick. It was initially served to sailors to get them to drink lime juice and avoid scurvy. Here are all the best vodka cocktails to try! Now when it comes to preparing vodka smash drinks, there are a few helpful cocktail tools youll want to have to make the creation process much more manageable. You can garnish a vodka collins with a lemon slice or a cherry. The lemon drop martini is a delicious and refreshing vodka cocktail. Its tall, its bubbly, and it goes down easy: its the Vodka Collins! A bit of vodka and Baileys brings the booze to this perky South Korean whipped coffee drink. This martini is modeled after our favorite key lime pie (graham cracker rim included!). Another well-known vodka cocktail: the Bloody Mary! Restaurant Clicks. I appreciate the sweetness of the orange juice and the vodka. If Shark Week is basically your Christmas, then consider this our gift to you. Make these cocktails with a top shelf vodka or with a cheaper brand that still tastes good. I think it makes a difference in the flavor. It is a mix of vodka, lemon juice, and simple syrup, and you can garnish it with a lemon slice or a cherry. Youll want a good cocktail shaker and cocktail muddler for this drink. It is a mix of vodka, lemon juice, sugar, and egg white. Here's our spin on this classic. It is a classic cocktail that has been popular ever since. A post shared by : (@joodeekorea). These vodka mixed drinks should be in every enthusiasts repertoire. This cocktail is made with grapefruit juice, vodka, cranberry juice and uses lime slices and cherries for garnish. Vodka is also our favorite for infusing with all kinds of flavors. Perfect for when you're lucky enough to still have some leftover easter candy. It is a refreshing and flavorful drink that is perfect for any occasion. The key is to use fresh juices and high-quality vodka. We love lemons and limes, but blood orange slices add a fun pop of color and zing, too! Bittersweet coffee pairs perfectly with the rich sweetness of Kahlua. Similar vibe to a vodka soda, vodka tonic is a little bit sweeter. I think it makes a difference in the flavor. Many people overlook this spirit because of its lack of flavor and smell. The vanilla vodka is what really takes it over the top. Anytime Bloody Marys become a meal, we are there. The drink is a relative of the Gin Rickey, a cocktail devised in the 1880s. Red wine lovers, this Moscow mule has your name all over it. Whether you're drinking it straight or mixed, check out our top vodka brands to add to your bar cart. This buzzy 90's throwback has surged in popularity the last few years and we are all the happier (and more caffeinated) for it. This cocktail is perfect for wintertime or any time you are looking for a delicious and sophisticated drink. This drink first came out of Austria back in the 19th century to create bubbly wine. This bubbly and fruityVodka Spritzer is all fun! Sometimes the simplest things in life are the best a vodka soda is one of those things. The flavor of banana pudding, one of our very favorite desserts, comes from the combination of vanilla vodka, Baileys, and banana liqueur, and whipped cream. This cocktail is perfect for summertime or any time you are looking for a refreshing drink. Plus, its another low-calorie cocktail thats super simple to make. A post shared by Colwith Farm Distillery (@colwithfarmdistillery). Vodka is one of the best spirits to make into cocktails. Milk will create a thin cocktail and isnt as rich as it needs to be. The first is that it was named after a surgeon named Sir Thomas Gimlette, who started serving the cocktail to sailors to ward off scurvy. We won't judge. We solemnly swear we are up to no good when we have one of these. However, when it comes to drinks, the vodka cranberry cocktail stands as one of the most popular. Get the Pink Lemonade Sangria recipe. The key to making an excellent vodka spritzer is using high-quality vodka and ice-cold club soda.

Get the Appletini recipe. As youve guessed, this drink only has two ingredients; vodka, and tonic water. Here's a famous vodka cocktail that's creamy and sweet: the White Russian! Adding citrus is a nonnegotiable for us. Her favorite restaurants are those with spicy food and outdoor seating so that she can bring along her dog, Miss Piggy.

We've got four words for you about our latest Bloody Mary hack: Dill. The vodka soda is one of the most popular vodka cocktails. (Also try:Mexican Mule,Kentucky Mule, orGin Gin Mule), Ingredients: Vodka, lime juice, ginger beer. This spin on the Tom Collins is essentially a sparkling vodka lemonade. See also: Madras, Bay Breeze, or Transfusion. Let us know your thoughts! The key to making a great vodka sour is to use fresh lemon juice, high-quality vodka, and ice-cold club soda. It is a mix of vodka and orange juice, and you can garnish it with an orange slice or a cherry. It is perfect for any occasion and is always a crowd-pleaser. If you are looking for a delicious and hearty cocktail, the bloody Mary is a great choice. I like to make my vodka cranberries with good quality vodka. And while gimlets are traditionally made using gin, the vodka version is a spin-off. This classic no-frills drink is made of ice, vodka, and cranberry juice, with just a squeeze of lime using the wedge before using the wedge as a garnish. The espresso martini was created in the 1980s by a bartender in London. And it goes down easy. Receive free weekly recipes & inspiration! This tall and bubbly spin on the classic Tom Collins is basically a delicious sparkling vodka lemonade. The vodka sidecar is one of the best vodka cocktails. Just made mine and it was so satisfying. When it comes to sour cocktails, some of the most popular aside from vodka are pisco sour, whiskey sour, gin sour, and sour tequila cocktails. Privacy Policy. The vodka collins is one of my favorite vodka cocktails. However, some believe it was invented inside a Paris bar in the 1920s when a bartender started tinkering with new cocktail concepts using vodka. When not writing or speaking about food and gardens Cassie can be found puttering around farmer's markets and greenhouses looking for the next great idea. Garnish with lemon peel. If youve never had the pleasure of tasting a classic sidecar, you should try one as its one of the best classic cocktails. The vodka gimlet traces its history back to the 18th century. The Madras is an excellent choice for those looking for a flavorful cocktail.

The black Russian is the older brother of the white Russian. But not all vodka is built the same. For when you just can't get enough of arguably the best Sour Patch Kids flavor. Need an easy vodka cocktail that looks impressive? A classic martini gets a little sweet with the addition of limoncello. You can add lime if you like, but it is not necessary. If you are looking for a classic vodka cocktail, the cosmopolitan is a great choice. Intensely juicy and citrus-forward, the drink was originally made with orange-flavored vodka, although regular vodka works just as well. The vodka gimlet is a refreshing cocktail that is perfect for any occasion. Aside from tradition, the copper mugs offer a scientific benefit, too: The copper gives chilled drinks an extra-cool sensation. Ingredients:Gin, lime juice, simple syrup, Its fizzy, its tangy, it looks festive, and it goes down easy. Get the Boozy Sour Watermelon Slushies recipe. It is perfect for parties. However, one of the most popular involves a berry thats otherwise not as popular as other berries. The second theory is that its named after a tool by the same name thats used to drill holes into naval vessels -referencing the cocktails Piercing effect.. Here are some of our best mixed drink collections: Published on March 30, 2021 / Last updated on April 6, 2022. It is simply vodka and tonic water mixed together. Oddly enough, the drink was not invented in Russia but in Belgium. Find the perfect vodka to use in a Bloody Mary here. Despite becoming popular in the 80s, I discovered that this delightful cocktail was invented much earlier. Additionally, the egg white gives this cocktail a smooth finish. Sometimes trying to improve on a classic comes up a little short. If you are looking for a refreshing and flavorful cocktail, a vodka cranberry is excellent. The berry vodka smash is one of my favorite vodka cocktails. Coffee lovers, heres the vodka cocktail for you! And there many more vodka martinis to try! We love sipping on this pink lemonade with a grown-up, bubbly twist. Ingredients: Orange juice, vodka, Galliano (for the Harvey Wallbanger). This light and refreshing beverage is fun and tangly and has fewer calories than most cocktails. I love the combination of coffee and vodka. You only need two ingredients, vodka, and lime juice. Usually made from grain or potatoes, vodka is ideal as a base because of its neutral flavor. A Vodka sidecar is a unique variation of a classic mixed drink called the Sidecar cocktail. However, this variation uses vodka in place of brandy. Mix your limoncello into these tasty cocktail recipes. Vodka is by far one of the most mixable alcoholic beverages in the world. Mint is often a common ingredient used in a smash, but other recipes use herbs like rosemary as substitutes.

Just lime, vodka and soda water make the best hydrating combination! This Vodka spritzer is another one of those easy vodka drinks you can make at home. A post shared by Twenty Kitchen & Bar (@twentykitchenbar). Ingredients:Vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup, Angostura bitters, egg white. It is a classic cocktail that has been popular ever since. However, soda makes the beverage tarter. The drinks popularity exploded when the drink was featured in the 1998 hit movie The Big Lebowski.. It makes for the most satisfying party drink that you wont want to end! The Sidecar is one of the great classic sour cocktails. It is a mix of vodka and cranberry juice. The drink stems back to 1949 when the original Black Russian cocktail was created in Brussels at a hotel bar to honor the American ambassador to Luxembourg. We mentioned earlier that you could find hundreds if not thousands of vodka drink recipes, but weve put together a collection of some of the best vodka cocktails. This one is an ideal pick-me-up for a lazy afternoon or an after dinner drinkit even doubles as dessert! Ingredients:Vodka, tonic water, lime squeeze, lemon squeeze. Your email address will not be published. The Moscow Mule is an interesting cocktail with four ingredients; vodka, lime juice, ginger beer, and mint leaves. It is also a great cocktail to make for large batches.

The very name represents high class and is a favorite in bars all over the world. This takes a chocolate martini to a whole new level. Learn how your comment data is processed.