No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. The mainland beaches and islands are fairly easy to reach from Siem Reap or Phnom Penh by plane and/ or road (bus, mini-bus, taxi and/ or tuk tuk). During the day, half of Koh Rong sets out for boat trips to Long Beach, offloading at this sweep of soft sand for swimming, sunbathing and fishing fun. Now there are many new buildings, and lots of construction happening on this beach. WiFi is available at most resorts, however since the beach is very remote, it can be unreliable at times so we recommend enjoying a digital detox. Overall, Lonely Beach is a must-visit place on Koh Rong. Sok San is a pristine stretch of beach, with squeaky white sand, and inviting crystal-clear waters. Magawa, an African giant pouched rat, received the gold medal for bravery from the UK charity PDSA. There will be a small road leading to this beach which will be surrounded by trees on both sides and it is a relatively secluded place. Every night you can swim straight into the ocean to see this glowing phenomenon. Its becoming more well-known these days but still retains its laid back island paradise vibe, Its idyllic 13 km coast consists of stunning beaches, sheltered bays, craggy cliff faces, thick and mangroves, Despite being the ideal destination to do, nothing, there are still plenty to do on Koh Ta Kiev if you like to keep busy, There are the usual beach activities of swimming, snorkelling, fishing, beach volleyball and, Then theres also some good jungle hikes, cliff jumps and, Expect cold water bucket showers, and limited electricity and wifi its the perfect destination for a digital detox, Long Beach is the main beach on Koh Ta Kiev. Recently I learnt from other travellers that this beautiful beach is nothing like it used to be. AFAR participates in affiliate marketing programs, which means we may earn a commission if you purchase an item featured on our site. Flanked by mangrove forests, the almost uninhabited island of Koh Thmei sits off Ream National Park, with just intimate, ecologically minded Koh Thmei Resortgracing the shore. I agree to the use of my information to be sent exclusive email updates, travel tips, offers and giveaways!I also confirm Ive read Can Travel Will Travel's Privacy Policy. The easiest way to get to the south and south-west beaches and islands around Kep and Sihanoukville, is to take a flight from Siem Reap or Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville, then jump in a tuk tuk to the mainland beach of your choice. Angkor Wat: get to know Cambodia's most iconic temple, An insider's guide to Phnom Penh, Southeast Asias new capital of cool, Caving, diving, trekking and more: finding adventure in Cambodia. For a mid-range option, we recommend Russei Meas Paradise Bungalows where you can stay in a private traditional bamboo bungalow for $15 $25 USD (11.55 19.25) for an authentic island experience. Now there are many new buildings, and lots of construction happening on this beach. The protected Ream National Park is between Kampot and Sihanoukville City. A day I had spent a day at Serendipity beach enjoying the sun and sand was one of the best memories I had. From June the rains descend, but if you dont mind contemplating storm clouds brewing on the horizon from your porch, you get the bonus of snagging a bungalow bargain. Unfortunately, its now another area that has become a victim to Chinese developers and is being. I found that Serendipity beach was one of the most happening beaches in this beach town. Even in the days of Google we still like to use guidebooks for ideas. Note that this island is much more expensive than being on the mainland of Cambodia. It has seven unspoilt gold-sand beaches, crystal clear blue sea and tall, swaying palm trees.

Sihanoukville beaches) to nice, but not for long (i.e Otres beaches), its only a short boat ride to some, Always popular, but more so with the demise of Sihanoukville, the southern islands are still well worth a visit, Youll be spoilt for choice and which you choose to visit will depend on what youre looking to get out of your island and beach break, there are plenty of other chilled, relaxing and beautiful spots to choose from. We also rented a boat from here and went to nearby islands. Four dollars anight To explore this national park, visitors travel on foot and by boat along estuaries through thick mangrove forests and over plank bridges in dense stretches of jungle. We left the UK in 2016 to travel, live and work abroad indefinitely. Theres Otres 1, Otres 2 and the empty stretch between those called Otres 1.5. Diving and snorkelling trips are easy to arrange, as are excursions that will show you something of Koh Rongs red-earth interior, Quad biking and mangrove kayaking are well worth doing to see a completely different side of the island, Theres no road access to Sok San Beach from Koh Rongs main passenger port, so the primary way of reaching it is by speedboat from Sihanoukvilles port, This limited access helps keep the beach unspoilt and free from excessive noise from speed boats that you often get on other popular beaches, Lonely Beach on Koh Rong was the sweetest place I visited whilst backpacking around Cambodia, If youre looking for a party beach then skip Lonely Beach as this tranquil paradise wont be what youre looking for, You can only reach Lonely Beach via boat, which makes it more special and a, Once on this amazing beach, you can relax in the chillout hammocks surrounded by tall swaying palm trees, Dine in one of the cosiest restaurants on Koh Rong and go snorkelling in the coral reef that surrounds this epic beach, If you want to stay overnight at Lonely Beach I recommend checking out the. There are also two cafs on this beach where you can have some delicious snacks and drinks and can easily spend half a day or a full day on this beach. You can hike from the beach to other parts of the island, do a variety of water sports or use it as a starting point to explore nearby islands. One thing to watch out for towards the left end of Long Beach, near where Coral Beach resort was, is the very sharp, spiny black sea urchins that litter the seabed. A budget backpacker choicer is, , whilst if you want something more upmarket that serves fantastic food, you cant go wrong with, Unfortunately, recent reports from friends in Cambodia and other travel bloggers suggest extensive development has had a huge impact, Due to the current unattractive state of the mainland beaches in Sihanoukville, I was only able to get two reviews, It seems that the other mainland Sihanoukville beaches (Victory, Independence, Sokha, Hawaii,Ocheateaul etc.) It was a good experience. Weve visited Lazy Beach, a 700 metre stretch of pine-tree fringed beach, several times over the years, both as a couple and with groups of friends. Here is our guide to the top motorcycle itineraries in this Southeast Asian country. When we visited the beach, there was hardly anyone else there. Wifi isnt the best on the island but is available. They are 17 km and 20 km away from Koh Kong City respectively so youd need a scooter, tuk tuk or taxi to visit them. A few years ago, there was nothing built along Long Beach in Koh Rong, but its since become a heaven for backpackers. If youre travelling long-term like us and from the EU TrueTraveller is best. This beach is way more laid-back and quiet than the nearby beach of Sihanoukville. I recommend taking over all the cash you will think you need. Koh Rong Sanloems oldest resort is Lazy Beach, a hideaway (on the beach of the same name) all about hammock-swinging and sunset cocktails. Read more in our full Affiliate Link Disclosure. At least 12 (with more on the way) small-scale bungalow resorts, built of wood and palm thatch, sit in harmony with the dense jungle that hugs the shore. Many establishments here get the party started early in the day and continues through the night into the early hours, sometimes even dawn. Youll find it rather rustic, with a handful of beach restaurants-cum-bars serving. This beach is situated next to Independence beach and is just 2.5 km by road.

The part in front of where you get off the ferry is jam-packed full of guesthouses, bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Sihanoukville was the perfect holiday destination after visiting history-rich Phnom Penh. Before booking accommodation, check reviews on TripAdvisor. Ten 103and The Last Point are two of the best for seriously back-to-basics communal beach-bum life. Find great flight deals on Skyscanner US, Skyscanner UK and Kayak.

Stop in Koh Ta Kiev, Krong Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia. Intimate Cita Resort has two-tiered bungalows with open-air bathrooms and hammock porches, while the bungalows of Secret Paradise exude effortless beach-casual glamour. Its white sandy beach, clean water and lots of restaurants & shacks made it a perfect place to relax. When planning yourperfect wedding day who wouldnt be looking forthe dream honeymoon to match? Discover fantastic trips and activities withandKlook, Viator and GetYourGuide. Its a 30 to 45-minute hike along jungle trails from Long Beach. Party and swim boats are popular off the coast of Cambodia's islands Matthew Micah Wright / Getty, Cambodia's less-traveled islands visitors need to know about. Everything is low rise so development does not spoil the views. Booking.comorHotelsCombined have the best hotel prices. If youve been to Cambodia which was your favourite beach or island and why? Youll then board their speedboat and enjoy a glass of champagne while they whisk you away to your private island paradise. This is a quieter beach than Long Beach and is ideal for some R&R on the sand, or, As its name suggests Plankton Beach is where, given the right conditions, you can see, bioluminescent plankton in the sea at night, is currently the only 5-star private island resort in Cambodia and whilst we havent personally visited it we thought it worth mentioning. From the bridge, there were stunning, panoramic views of the landscape. The jungle walk is very interesting, but not something youd want to do with luggage. It boasts seven accommodation options ranging from tents on the beach to nicer resort rooms or bungalows. If youre travelling long-term like us and from the EU TrueTraveller is best. On Koh Rong Sanloem, the wide sweep of sheltered Saracen Bay just might be the perfect beach idyll. I havent made it to Asia yet but hope to soon! Restaurants have. You can take the daily community boat from Koh Tonsay Pier in Kep at 9 am or 1 pm, pay for a more flexible private boat from the same pier, or take, You could even make a mini-break of it if youre happy to rough it a little in one of the beach huts that sit behind the restaurants, such as. Koh Kong has a few mainland beaches, some of which are more worth checking out than others. Its one of the beaches of Ream National Park where many private resorts are now popping up. If its dance-to-dawn parties and Mekong whisky buckets youre after, though, the rudimentary crash pads of Koh Tuch village are where its at just dont expect to get much sleep. Koh Yor Beach is a just 7 km outside Koh Kong City so easily reachable by moto or tuk tuk. Starting in Kep in the south and moving up the coast to Koh Kong in the northwest; heres our ultimate guide to Cambodias beaches and islands. There are three ways to get to Koh Tonsay. The 36-year-old elephant was gifted to Pakistan by the Sri Lankan government in 1985 when he was aged one. Let us inspire and encourage you to do the same! Its possible to stay there in one of a series of simple. This string of unique guesthouses is set. The two most well known, which you will probably of heard of, are Rong and Koh Rong Samloem, but there are many others also worth a visit. Sadly, that means I must caveat the following account.

The beach itself is crazy beautiful. For a more secluded getaway feel, head to the islands west for sand-between-your-toes living. Actual construction seems to have been put on the backburner for the time being. The water is clear and has the perfect temperature for a refreshing swim.

Restaurants have been razed, there is garbage on the beach and the sea is polluted. Nearly all are also shadowed by the cloud of future big development the time to go is now. Otres 2 the most peaceful beach in the area and great for travellers that look for relaxation rather than a party, Whilst the village offers a big variety of restaurants, at the beach, there arent as many restaurants and bars as at other beaches, If you are looking for things to do in Otres, how about joining a, Theres plenty of accommodation on Otres 2. Read our Privacy Policy. Planning your trip to Cambodia? Ream National Park was once an area of natural beauty, rich in flora and fauna. I agree to the use of my information to be sent exclusive email updates, travel tips, offers and giveaways! are no longer worth visiting.

Closeby is the Crab Shack, well-known for its soft shell crabs and reason enough on its own for a visit. It takes about 2.5 hours to reach the island but its definitely worth the trip. Its my goal to go check them all out when we move back to Cambodia later in the year and ensure this post is 100% up to date. Bottle Bar is a great place to socialize with other travellers. You will be thankful for the unique island experience you will get. The countrys coastal waters boast around 60 islands in total, most of which are only a short distance from the mainland. The two-bedroom overwater bungalow is located on the resorts private island, where Koh Tang Islandisamongthe region's best for scuba divers, with two wrecks to exploreas well as a wealth of marine life: barracuda, eagle rays, sting rays, leopard sharks, and whale sharks, and seven reef systems. On a happy note, I can confirm THE ISLANDS ARE STILL BEAUTIFUL AND YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY VISIT especially our favourite, Koh Rong Sanloem. Koh Tonsay Island is just a little way off Kep mainland and also reachable from the charming, sleepy town of Kampot. We actually stayed at Coral Beach at the far left of Long Beach, which has since closed. This is also a good option for shorter trips. But between the flowers, favours and the flights costs. Affiliate link disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links including Amazon that earn me a small commission, at no extra cost to you. This small, white-sand beach lies at the westernmost tip of the city from where you can get a direct view of the Kaoh Poah Island which is also known as the Snake Island. Even Koh Tuch Beach itself is long enough to provide a sense of solitude. Having been to Sihanoukville in 2010 and again recently, Ive noticed many things have changed, and not for the better, As mentioned above Otres beaches are the only area of Sihanoukville that have retained their charm, The water at Otres 1 is blue and clear, but at times theres rubbish on the beach due to the trash problem plaguing most of SE Asia, Harmony Home and Hurricane Windsurfing offer lessons and rentals for those wanting to kayak or windsurf, These include hanging around by Mushroom Point, going to JJs Playground, or checking out Otres Marketplace.