Continue to provide training or meetings for open discussions. This section can cover a variety of typical internal communications channels: Some externalmarketing strategies, like SEO, probably take a backseat at startups and SMBs. Exactly who are your employees? Or download the free Excel and PowerPoint templates below. What are the major components of a digital marketing plan? Identify them as you would identify potential customers. Consider this your formal invitation to revisit that onboarding strategy and make sure internal marketing is a key part of it. Some common examples of internal marketing tactics include: Now more than ever, getting employees involved in the marketing and sales process will greatly benefit the results of your overall business. With the social intranet software, employees have a space to create bonds and relationships with other colleagues, increasing productivity, collaboration and connectivity. It also allows you to assess the market opportunity for potential and existing segments by including important information, such as market size, growth potential, and risk factors. Before, unless you hired a celebrity spokesperson, chances are your brand could reach a wider audience than most of your employees. This makes it easy to share your planned initiatives and report on the progress. You need research, goals, and a plan of how to execute your marketing mix. Pulse surveys are a great way to collect feedback from your workforce. Today, internal marketing to employees is just as important as marketing to customers. Who will need to receive internal marketing communications in order to meet your goals? So, what are we waiting for? Whenever a new product update email goes out to customers, for example, an internal-facing asset should go out to employees. Content marketing, including activating engaged employees to create content designed for other internal audiences to read and consume. Internal marketing is a type of strategy that focuses on building loyalty, skill and engagement with your employees by selling your company vision and culture to them. This audience will require some nuance, though. This guide includes nine templates that will help you build your marketing strategy. You need to think more like a journalist and less like someone spouting corporate jargon. Some companies also use incentives for participation, though this is typically less effective than building a genuine partnership with your team. Determine how you will reach this goal. Thats why you need to get proactive about marketing your company's vision, mission, objectives, product, and messaging to your own employees. It allows you to connect instantly with different departments and distribute company news in seconds. By measuring eNPS before and after you implement a new internal marketing strategy, you can clearly see and report on the results. Then, add each of the 3-4 pillars in the third section of your strategy document. Summarize each pillar in a sentence or two at most. What are some interview questions for marketing managers? Create an audience profile for up to three segments. An internalmarketing strategy is the direct equivalent of external marketingefforts, inverted to your internal stakeholders. Assess the effectiveness of your product and your overall marketing approach. This might be as simple as creating a presentation on current marketing strategies to be shown at an all-hands meeting. Marketing a shared vision and reducing silos will make employees feel trusted and more confident in their work. External market factors that could impact the success of your business. If theres one overarching problem with internal marketing and communications, its the bore factor. They make it easy to define your goals, identify your target market, describe where your offering fits in the market, and understand your competition. These steps can help you build a template youll be able to use again and again to optimize your employee-facing marketing communications. Make them feel like they are a key part of your strategy (which they are), and make a habit of recognising their brand advocacy on your internal communications channels, such as Slack. With better technology available todayinternal messaging tools, digital storytelling platforms, etc.this is becoming easier. As a company, you most likely already have a mission or values set out.

It allows you to identify competitors and rank them based on their strengths and weaknesses. What Is the Meaning of Internal Marketing? Of course, if you want to use a collaborative, web-based approach to build your marketing strategy and plans, you can try Aha! It is a useful way to describe the attributes that make up your overall marketing mix, such as price, place, promotion, people, and product. Your employees and your company are uniqueit isnt one-size-fits-allso its important to find out what works for you and what doesnt. Internal Comms, Internal marketing is just as important as external marketing when it comes to motivating and engaging employees into your company and their work., When done right, internal marketing ensures that your employees are providing a high quality service to your customers and helping the company grow.. All rights reserved. You will need to update your strategy as market and business conditions change. Kiera Abbamonte is a content writer who works with SaaS and other B2B companies. Define the right marketing mix to promote your product (often using the 10Ps model). Then, we share eight proven strategies and initiatives to help engage your team.

Now that your tactics are in place, you know enough to set up a plan to ensure your strategy will stay on track and meet your goals throughout its execution. Accelerate product development with an integrated set of tools, Set brilliant strategy, prioritize features, and share visual plans, Crowdsource feedback, engage the community, and analyze trends, Prioritize the backlog, estimate work, and plan sprints, Record information, whiteboard concepts, and collaborate with the team, Become an expert through certification training, 7 essential stages of product development, Read the latest updates and learn from others, Discover a library of educational content, Building a company that puts people first, Our framework for personal and business growth, Love your job and create software that matters. ; Ardath Albee; November 2010, MarketingProfs; Five Fundamentals for Useful Marketing Metrics; Suzanne Taylor; November 2004. Introduction to marketing idea management. It works the same way as the NPS surveys your marketing or customer support teams may use to measure customer sentiment.

In a new column on each tactic, set the core KPI that allows you to track its success. If everyone within the company is motivated to sell, markt and develop the product they work with, businesses will be positively impacted. Set metrics that help measure the success of the strategy. She has written editorial content as well as marketing collateral for a number of corporations and small businesses like Comcast Cable and Come Recommended. Molly is a Content & Design Executive at Oak Engage.

You will find these core building blocks in the templates included in this guide. This template is based on Porters 5 Forces model, so you can capture existing and potential threats. It also helps to save on email traffic. An internal marketing plan is similar to an external marketing strategy as it must tell a story that persuades the audience to take action. After all, they are the people bringing the money in.. building any excellent marketing strategy, Improves employee engagement and happiness by making them feel more involved in the organization. With technology like digital storytelling platforms, its never been easier or more accessible to build interactive content. Thats why it's so important to choose the right marketing tools for your employees. In other words: exactlywhatdo you want to tell those audience segments about your brand and the company? Identify your target market using this segment profile template. This could include your whole team or different employees from different departments. It allows you to create a realistic marketing strategy that considers external factors beyond your control. This support will in turn be communicated externally by the employees themselves.

Solicit feedback from recent hires on what worked and what didnt during their onboarding. Think micro, not macro.

Capturing this information in one place lets you show how each element contributes to your marketing approach. At its core, building an internal marketing strategy is not that much different from building any excellent marketing strategy. Its a plan specifically designed to strategically communicate with people directly connected to the organization, most commonly employees at all levels. The second step is to help them do so effectively. Ideally, these goals are direct derivatives of larger business goals, allowing you to make a direct connection between the direction of your business and the nature of your promotions. As weve already mentioned, a lot of internal marketing is to do with informing and educating employees on your company.. Its time to get specific. There are a lot of ways to measure the impact of your internal marketing programs, but Employee Net Promoter Score (or eNPS) is one of the simplest. This example from shows how engagingand effectiveinteractive content can be. If your goal is improving the company culture and a key pain point is a lack of togetherness in a remote environment, one pillar could focus on virtual team-building efforts. It sends the message to employees that their voice is heard and all feedback is being acknowledged. Your intranet, if available, is ideal for more comprehensive notes and resources. From this strategy, you need to have a proper internal marketing plan, detailing specific internal marketing campaigns with their own marketing goals, metrics, and reporting.

How will your companyand each individual employeechange the way each customer does ? Analyze market factors that could negatively impact your business success. Begin by identifying the gaps in your employees skills. Determine the goal of your internal marketing strategy. Allow each employee to ask questions and submit ideas to help improve the internal strategy. No matter whether youre building infographics or a new intranet portlet, the same core message should clearly come across. Who, exactly, are you looking to get your message to? And yes, were biased towardsWelcomein executing this step. Internal marketing is based on the ideas that customers' attitudes towards a company are not just based on the product or services, but the overall experience they have with the company. free for 30 days. If needed, ask your human resources department for the demographic nature of your employees. How to Improve Internal Customer Satisfaction. Thats when employees eyes glaze over and they tune out. Email, texting, and other push communications to actively get the word out about news and important updates. Mandatory reading could be a specific article or document that's been uploaded by leadership. 94% of employees would stay with a company longer if that company invested in learning. This keeps your company and product messaging consistent and helps the marketing team develop campaigns and content that resonate with your target customers. Internal marketing has one goal in mind and that's to earn your employees support. The free examples included in this guide are built in Excel and PowerPoint so you can quickly download and customize them. From FAQs to How-To Guides and walk-through videos, Knowledge Base is ideal for new starters and remote workers who are just starting out on getting to know their company. How will you communicate your message internally? Because internal marketing has often been more of an afterthought, it suffers from one other big flaw: its usually done ad hoc and haphazardly. You should share your plan with everyone in the company. It captures the geographic, demographic, and behavioral characteristics of each customer segment. However, 40% of employees who receive poor training leave their positions in the first year with the company. You want them to truly understand why youre selling those products so they can communicate that with external people-including your customers. But dont stop there. This will help build a strong internal brand identity that can power employee advocacy to your target audience of potential customers. They realize the power that comes with full employee buy-in to the brand and strategic goals. As a marketer it's likely that you spend hours every day looking for a new campaign that will make you stand out. Plan the execution of your strategy by outlining your marketing mix, the channels youll use to get your messages in front of your employees. To compete with the best content on the web, marketers know they need to tell a story, to craft a narrative that makes customers feel something and actually care about what theyre reading, seeing, or hearing. They still need some structure, though. Let's go through some strategies that show up often in successful internal marketing. The Five Stages of the Strategic Management Process, U.S. Small Business Administration; Marketing & Sales Management, The Customer Collective; Is Internal Marketing in Your B2B Go-to-Market Strategy? There are many projects to accomplish, tasks to remember, and deadlines to [], On any given day that you publish new content on WordPress, youre competing with two million other new posts. At Oak, we provide a variety of different tools that companies (from any industry) can utilise to improve internal marketing and engagement between employees: This feature provides a single location where employees can discover the latest company news and announcements., A range of content can be communicated in this section, such as major corporate updates, messages from the CEO, policy changes and even changes on the intranet itself., Oak messenger, designed to improve employee engagement and workplace productivity, users can send instant messages to one specific person or a whole group., Perfect for department communication, remote workers and general social interaction between employees., News and social feeds are designed to unite teams and promote solidarity with your company's own social feed.. You can also use this template to align the marketing team around a common set of objectives. Are you ready to start engaging your employees with an internal marketing strategy? Identify what you are doing well and where you can improve to keep your marketing strategy relevant. As a concept, its been around since at least the 1970s. With internal marketing, you want to make messages private for your company and only employees are allowed to view them. But employees dont read or pay attention to internal communication when its uninteresting or irrelevant to their day-to-day work. And remember, your work should never feel too comfortable because thats when mistakes or obvious improvements are missed. Any promotional or branding strategy starts with marketing goals. Every scheduled communication and touchpoint employees have with leadership or HR should be part of a deliberate strategy. Start by making a list of things you want to communicate internally, this could be anything from company news or important documents from the past year. How Does a Business Strategy Differ From Strategic Marketing Management. Kristina Allen began writing professionally in 2009. Every company has an overarching goal to provide the best product or service to their customers. Thats two million other headlines competing with yours for attention, clicks, [], When is the best time to post on Pinterest? Done right, this type of marketing effort comes with several significant advantages: Organizations who excel at internal marketing treat it just as seriously as any type of external marketing initiative. Download our internal marketing plan template. After all, this is your core target market for all internal messaging you are looking to promote.

Create a positive story that persuades employees to help execute the strategy. This might be as simple as creating a presentation on your current marketing strategies to be shown in a team meeting.. Gather actionable insights and understand what makes your employees tick. Ask them to describe the brand, mission, and product in their own words. Use this marketing SWOT analysis template to identify key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. How can I make a career switch into marketing? Make better marketing decisions based on your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Thats right: its time to start talking about metrics. This allows users to get the help they need instantly. Post the internal marketing strategy someone where all employees can access it at any time. You can download each one for free and customize to fit to your specific needs. This template is based on the 10Ps of marketing. Use this template to visualize the high-level work needed to achieve your marketing goals. It might be the fact that its free, or that with solutions specifically designed formarketing communications, its the ideal fit for executing an internal communicationsstrategy. Thankfully, newer technologies and marketing tools make this easier to accomplish. In this step, build a content calendar that helps to plan out your efforts. How does marketing roadmap software work? Employee feedback is often invaluable at this stage. Regardless of whether you agree, though, this final step helps to move your theoretical strategy to practical execution. According to an American Express survey, 78% of consumers have bailed on sales transactions because they received poor customer service.

In fact, 73% of employees who believe they work for a purpose driven company are engaged, compared to only 23% of those who don't. And with the rise of remote work, its never been more challenging to do so either.

Include relevant details, such as each personas goals, challenges, likes, and dislikes.

Three Keys to Making a Strategic Analysis.

Examples include educating all employees on what your current external marketing strategy entails, growing your business or increasing internal support for a new company initiative. Internal marketing is a way to build an emotional connection with the product or service employees sell. This should be the introduction to the larger document. Below, we explain internal marketing and how its changing. This is an especially important step in 2021, when 54% of marketers expect 70% of the workforce to remain remote through the year (, Improve employee engagement and/or retention, Promote internal awareness of a new product. View our website privacy policy hereand ourapplication privacy policy here. Coming from a background in Design, she can tailor her marketing approach to specialise in both visual and written content within her role. 10+ marketing strategy templates are available in Aha! You can change the color of each bar to track the status of your initiatives. What skills do I need to be a product marketer? But, you can't forget about the people who actually make that happen. You will want to boost knowledge sharing and avoid information silos, which are harmful to prioritising work, motivation and the ability to see the bigger picture. Another approach, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration, is determining how much expansion is needed in the areas of human resources, customer and business acquisition or franchising, to properly grow your business or meet marketing goals. They become brand ambassadors inside and outside the office, and they help create a better experience for customers, too.

Dont just take our word for it. Thats what internal marketing does. Start the process with afree account today. Once you know who youre targeting and the goal, you can start to think of the messaging. Beyond that, someone needs to own that strategyto be the person ultimately responsible for internal marketing. Segments of customers who share common characteristics and the marketing approach for each one. The key with internal marketing is to ensure your messages don't get lost among email, chat, social media and more. Social media, especially when your goal is to turn employees into active brand advocates online. What is the difference between marketing and advertising?

Streamlining internal communication, improving productivity and cultivating a positive corporate culture. The same as traditional marketing, you can execute internal marketing through a variety of tactics.. For example, a general goal to improve employee engagement can turn into a more specific objective to increase employee attendance at voluntary company events by 20% in the next year.. Create a two-column table that lists up to three overarching internal communications goals, and 2-3 specific objectives connected to each goal. When creating an internal marketing strategy, you must create messages that will resonate with your employees and cause them to want to help you meet specific business goals. Aha! Without a clear strategy foror emphasis oninternal marketing, communication often doesnt happen as frequently as it should. Its the same when you share communications with your team. Essentially, it's your company marketing its products and brand to its own employees.. Elise Dopson is a B2B content marketing expert who writes for SaaS and eCommerce companies. The key is to identify opportunities to communicate them regularly as part of your internal marketing. How can I come up with new marketing ideas? The way that you communicate with internal employees is very different to the channels you may use for traditional external marketing campaigns. Communication is critical to any great working relationship. Here are 5 steps you need to think about before implementing your strategy: Think about what you want to get out of your internal marketing strategy. It showcases the impact of the work your employees do everyday. One of your KPIs, for instance, might be stronger feelings of cohesion within your organization, which is best measured through a regular tracking survey shared between different departments. Just turn your larger objectives into channel-specific KPIs that indicate progress towards the same larger goal. This helps the marketing team understand who they are talking to so they can create targeted messages that resonate with potential buyers. A well-defined marketing strategy sets the overall plan for how you will reach your target market and explain the benefits of using your product or service. You should start small. Coach employees on how to write about your brand online and make it easy for them (ghostwrite social media posts they can copy and paste, for example). For example, if you intend to increase sales by 10% by the end of the year, be sure to keep track of where the team is in terms of meeting this goal. Oaks content management system helps employees easily access content to complete tasks quickly anywhere, anytime and stay connected with other employees and the organisation.. In addition, define a timeline that describes exactly how often youll check in on the success of your internal marketing efforts. It also provides the marketing team with high-level direction for planning activities such as go-to-market launches, campaigns, and content.