Gethsemane Churches wishing to fellowship with your Churches.we requesting your spiritual support and encouragement to our ministry .


Originally researched by Carmel Heiland. YLC focuses on Stockholm so unfortunately were not much helpbut give a shout out to Helsingborg kommun through any of their websites or social media and Im sure theyll help you out! Please Hallundakyrkan International, Hallundatorg 2, 145 68 Norsborg, Telephone; +46 762602387 to your list. ours is a missionary family in India.

Sundara There is an English speaking church in Stockholm (Sodermalm) that you have missed. Vera Schrader, How can i get the church i am part of up on this list?

Sofia we are in Malmo Lindngen centrum opposite the Library/Biblioteket. Let me please have some contacts of some pastors in that city. Now we are studying in Bible college in Kerala.

Visits to refugee camps and hearing about the Church of Sweden's efforts regarding the current refuge crisis in Europe will also allow us to compare notes regarding the issue of the internal displacement, which has affected many members of our church in Northern Nigeria. Additional information: On Wednesday they also have Bible study and prayer meetings in English at 17.00. Want to get in touch with us? maiduguri diocese catholic persecuted Does anyone know of a church in this area?

Please let me know if you have an idea thank you, Hi Moex! Hi, I have a friend who is moving to Bors to work and is looking for an English speaking congregation or at least a congregation where there is translation into English. how can i get that? Hillsong Norra: 11.00. having a small house Of our own is your dream pls pray and help us if God guiding

Russian, Bulgarian and Mongolian. I would greatly appreciate if I could connect to a regular place to worship God.

Peggy, Thanks for your concern for the young boy/man I only wish to know where or what part of Sweden he does live.

The teaching is sound and a blessing to all who listen.Its at Kortedala Torg 1,Tram line 6,7 and 11.The phone is-0739 37 24 11. nice Any english speaking church or any kind of catholic group speaking English in Vxj???? Leave your comments below!

The website for more information is Looking for a list of churches in and near Hassleholm, Sweden. Sundays: 16.00 (Swedish services translated to English and Spanish), Trffpunkten Hallonbergen, Ltsjvgen 6, 174 52 Sundbyberg, Additional information:Kids ministry, mid-week groups and also a Swahili-speaking congregation, nnereds Byvgen 84, 421 57 Vstra Frlunda (SMU Grden). Stockholm, Sweden

Try visiting us one sunday and youll be glad you, meet other students from Malm university and get to know your neighbors. Yours in His service.

Sunny Ugochukwu As His Running Mate #acn #nigeria2011. Hi!

many proposals have been coming but due to financial constraints we cannot take a decision. Maybe you want to find a place of worship that makes you feel at home, offers a great international community or where you will be spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally challenged so that your faith will continue to deepen and grow. Do you know any? Journeying together can be a practical way for churches to engage in the Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace which invites member churches of the World Council of Churches and all people of goodwill to speak and act together in our continued search for peace in our troubled world. We start worship every Sunday at 11 am Bro.V.S.Rajan. I would not recommend the group at the Lund cathedral.

My Number is 0700499270.

Sdermannagatan 44 (kr 393)

We keep a finger on the pulse of the citys heartbeat - just for YOU.

i am Alex Jacob from Tanzania, i live at Red Cross University at Stockhom in Sweden. Nairaland - Copyright 2005 - 2022 Oluwaseun Osewa.

for people coming into Sweden. Thank you so much. Here are the details: Her education and career background are focused in business, marketing and communication. nigeria village kirim attack morning church interior building star christ chrst carnage nigerian narrowly pastor escape easter morningstarnews april I think the pentecostal church (Pingstkyrkan) in Lund translates their services into English and has an international, English-speaking group. In case you need an English speaking Church you can find one at: Birger Jarlsgatan 106, Stockholm, Sweden. We will update the information.

Please see my comment above.

Thank you!

Hi, youre welcome to visit my church in Malmwe always have our services in English and in Swedish!

He is looking for an English Church Service.

To All We love comments, but you are going to need to contact the churches directly.

Sarah, you can also find us Intl Pentecostal Worship Centre in Malmo Lindngen Centrum -Bus 2 from Malmo central station or Yellow bus 170 directly from Lund.

Interested to visit churches in Stockholm while I am there, can you please guide me in this respect. Please let me also know when you find out more , I am an ordained minister. We know that this organisation has developed only by the financial help of Swedish church especially pastor Shwan . Warmly Welcome Am so glad to see that there are English churches were i as an English speaking Missionary Evangelist can relate to, since the Lord has spoken to me about the upcoming revival in Sweden that would affect other Europeans countries. Please Pastors feel free to visit us, we are eager to learn more about God. I seek in Helzingborg but i do not find.

Sharing experiences will inspire us to continue to promote a more visible unity of the Church and fulfil our calling from God that all may be one. Great idea to provide this list. I am ten years a Catholic priest from Sri Lanka.I wish to know whether there is any possibility of joining Anglican Church.

Hi, Thank you very much for the link! See website i m new to sweden.We live in Hammarbyhjden, Stockholm.We are from South India.We need an English Speaking Church near my living area. English / Swedish / Spanish Are there English speaking people in Emmaboda, maybe for starting a home group? Good to hear about the English speaking churches ! We are Christians she has no background in Christianity at all.

I write with greetings in the matchless name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

If any suggestions, I will be thankful. I am moving to Hassleholm does anyone know where the nearest English church or Christian group meeting will be to Hassleholm? Greetings all, I have been searching for an English speaking church in the Smland region, specifically Vxj.

Maybe one of their minsters can help you out. I would not recommend the group at the Lund cathedral. Thanks for this beautiful and helpful page.

Good luck! And all of our requirements are to be provided by our Lord through His people to carry out this effort in a most blessed and successful way !

Well trust God together with you for the growth of his faith in the Lord. Hey Nina, Im in the same situation today. Hi Ellen I know this is an old post but did you ever find an english speaking church near you? Im happy to know your ministries .God may extend your territories.. Is there any Church that will help me find ministry in Swede?

Another English speaking church I have found is, *Smyrna International Church P.O.

Hey, i was wondering if anyone knows an christian evangelical/pentecostal/baptest church in lund or near. Additional Services: They also offer sermons, weddings, childrens choir, and more. As a youth leader of The Church of the Lord (Prayer Fellowship) Worldwide, I am currently on a journey to Switzerland and Sweden to explore the ecumenical landscape on behalf of our church and also to learn firsthand about the work of the Church of Sweden. He has been brought up in a apostolic church in NZ and is a lovely guy who needs some support short term. Thanks

Thanks! Theres also a parents-and-babies group on Wednesday mornings, check the calendar for details . Theres Hlllsong Church Stockholm with services at 11:00, 17:00 & 19:00. the address is. All rights reserved.

Thank you Rrstrandsgatan 5, 113 40 Stockholm (S:t Eriksplan), Sundays: 11.00-12.30 (Swedish service translated to English, Spanish, & Persian). Is it possible to organise an invite to visit you in Sweden? Hope to hear from you soon.

Dear brethren,

Stay blessed, I need a pentecostal english speaking church in Lund.

Justice and peace in Nigeria and in Sweden, WCC reiterates right to life for migrants, decries lives lost in border crossings, WCC shares greetings with World Student Christian Federation General Assembly.

Inspiring informations about the Churches !!

(2938 Views), President Buhari Hosts Traditional And Religious Leaders To Break Of Fast / Britain, Sweden And Canada Criticise Nigeria For "Banning Freedom Of Speech" / CIA Revision Of Nigeria's Ethnic And Religious Statistics. I am writing you from the USA.

Thanks so much. I WISH TO HAVE THE CONTACT OF ENGLISH SPEAKING CONGREGATION IN SWEDEN.I AM IN SOUTH AFRICA, Shalom you can add me me on fb evangelist palmer joseph, I am Dayi Komlan, I am from Togo but living in Nigeria. I wonder why it isnt included here.. Of all churches, this church alone explained to me the Bible with such sound Biblical (Hebrew & Greek exegesis) interpretation that even a Jew, skeptic, Muslim, and Buddhist would approve, if he/she were to convert for Christianity. Subway station Blackeberg Or a Christian group or Bible study in English in Karlstad?

Whatever your reasons, we have compiled a list of the English speaking churches in Sweden. My fiancees family would appreciate if they could understand what is going on during the ceremony, I would recommend you contact all the English churches directly.

Bus 2 last stop from the Malmo central station or Yellow bus 170 stops at Lindngen centrum. Rev.

He is a member of the World Council of Churches' Commission of the Churches on International Affairs (CCIA). Nice to see a list of churches in Goteborg that worship in English. / Nuhu Ribadu Picks Dr.

Sundays: Morning Prayer at 09.00 and the Eucharist at 11.00(third Sunday). We hope this helps you find the right place for you. Someone help me ,please!I looking for christianity kommunity in Helzingborg!Thank you! Hello

hi, And also bibleclass every Tuesday at 19.30 pm in kersberga

Perfect! This site has given me some hope that we can find something.

My church's Peace, Justice and Empowerment Movement contributes to the Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace with a long term peace building and training project for interfaith peace builders. Or maybe we could start something Im 15 minutes from Vxj, in Alvesta.

Need to find a church in Sweden? may God bless you,your ministries,and your family,in the mighty name of Lord Jesus,,,Amen. 226Disclaimer: Every Nairaland member is solely responsible for anything that he/she posts or uploads on Nairaland. I would love to be connected to the Church of Christ in Vaxholm Municipality would you connect me to one because I want to visit there soon in April.

Dear Rev Samuel please contact me on my personal email for further discussion. Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Politics / My Experience In Sweden And Religious Tolerance. Salut! We want to buy her a Swedish or a Swedish/English Bible for Christmas., Hi I will be moving to Solna Stockholm. But until now we have no home for ours.we stay in the parsonages of churches are assigned.

We are just a young growing ministry and now wanting to establish in stockholm. 128 Comments.

I understand you speak English in your church, good.

Try visiting us one sunday and youll be glad you, meet other students from Malm university and get to know your neighbors.

Gethsemane Churches Stockholm City: Berzelii Park 9, Stockholm. Thanks for going through the invitation and call me when you need prayers or ministerial/Life counselling. Greetings from Hamburg Germany. Immanuel International Church (Evangelical).

I would be most grateful if you can help this young boy in finding a good church in his area. All dis that u have enjoyed in a Christian western world is just to make u understand that christianity is love, peace and happiness. ), Hvitfeldtsplatsen 2, 411 20 Gteborg (opposite Hemkp supermarket), Sundays: 9:30Service 1st Sunday of the month, &, Email:, Sundays: 17.00 (Swedish services translated to English),, Sundays: 16:00 (Swedish service translated to English), Sundays: 16:30(Swedish service translated to English, Spanish and Farsi), Sundays: 11.00 (Swedish service translated to English), Sundays: 10:00 12:00 (Swedish service translated to English), Web: Sundays: 16.00 on the 2nd Sunday of the month (in the church) and the 4th Sunday of the month (in oratory). Please contact us i have want to come over to Sweden and spend some few weeks to rest, or on holidays. Thank you, Keep us posted please, if you found one =), Pingback: Stockholms Cathedral: Bach and the Baroque | Your Living City, Your email address will not be published. New Life Church (Charismatic Baptist Church).

I will be much grateful if anyone will invite me to their church or direct me to any church to give my testimony. My address: 00237 677874968 email: [emailprotected], Hi.. Brother George.

Stockholm Norra: Cederstrms Slinga 3, Rosersberg. Services Sundays at 11am. I found it hard to access any churches in Sweden on the web and only found this site. wheres the true church, the Seventh-day Adventist church? His family are opposed to his faith and as he returns to Sweden in May we are concerned that he finds a suitable church to attend. Hello!

This is mainly for Evangelism,Literacy Out reach, Discipleship and Church planting.Of course, this becomes a great task. Hello there!


Hoping to hear from you soon. Nathavarm Pin .

Hello from New Zealand, I was wondering if anyone who reads this knows of an english speaking Pentecostal church in Orebro Sweden that my Son could contact for some support, he is facing a difficult decision after living in Sweden for nearly 4 years. I see that some cities in Sweden are very close by, like Stronstad. I dont know of any english speaking church in rebro but there is a Pentecostal Church and most Swedes speak English really well so there is no problem to get in contact. They meet on Sundays @ 3pm.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Hi, I wonder if someone can help me with finding a protestant/pentecostal church in or around Sundsvall.

Just wanted to let you know that the info you have above for Immanuel International Church is their summer schedule. Is there any English speaking church in Glve, Sandviken or valbo. we shall be able pay our own bills, but we need some help. Thanks! Ending Political Tensions: What Nigeria Could Learn From Latin America. I just moved to Helsingborg for a year and am looking for a church.

Location: Smyrnakyrkan, Haga Kyrkogata 2, 41123 Gteborg Any protestant english church in Norrkoping, Linkoping? Rev. Ad Fontes is another church in Lund that has translation into English at its services and an English-speaking cell group. Did you find any English speaking church in Smaland?

I am new here in Sweden ,Hallefrs. The church is pastored by prince Ekong a very humble anointed man of God. If you are looking for a life church, filled with the spirit of God with heavy prophetic auction, please contact me, for you are invited to attend our ministry. We are a church of Christ congregation that worship in Blackeberg only a few stops from Hsselby Grd.

I am pastoring a parish in Nigeria. I am an Evangelist from south India and I need support for church planting and preaching the word of God in the rural villages. Praise be to our lord Jesus christ brother, I came from uganda also and the grace of God led me to TCI church in lvsj, kyrka, Lngbrodalsvgen 46. She has attended church with us all school year and is becoming interested in learning more about it. Thank you. (2) (3) (4), Ending Political Tensions: What Nigeria Could Learn From Latin America / Nigerian Congress Approves Pension For Past Military Rulers, Including IBB.

Hi, I was wondering if you got a reply to your question? Could anyone suggest an English speaking baptist church to me? May God bless you all. I am not familiar with the available translations in Swedish, but I want something that is modern, not old. Ecumenical Centre If it is Malmo he can easily contact us Intl Pentecostal Worship Centre with the email provided. I would like to have a correspondent pastor, with whom I would like to share some things if he/she will be available. thanks. What do we hear when the ecumenical youth roar?

Hi! I live in gothenburg and have attended a church where many of the congregation are english speaking, preaching is in english and worship is 50% english and swedish. Shalom! Thank you for the information.

Neli. I live in the UK for 12 years where I founded two churches in central England.

My partner has a preference for Gotland.


Were experts on Stockholm rather than Gothenburg But Ive found a catholic church for you

would like to have partners tyo partner with immanuel gospel ministries,nairobi kenya.

Warm Christian greetings in Lords name.I have one congregations which is not under any ministry and caring for 5 orphans,but i praise God for directing me to all of you by visiting this website and surely am very much encouraged with the truth you all have and many people claim that they know but the truth is they have no personal relationship with Him,they dont know what to believe,please i need your help by teaching me more about this truth of the bible. All information provided "as is" and for informational purposes only. can anyone help?

Re: My Experience In Sweden And Religious Tolerance. English speaking Churches in Sweden UPDATED, Please? We are hosting a high school girl from Sweden this school year. Are there any Protestant churches in stockholm or sweden in general or any adventist churches? Please can I know if there is an English speaking Catholic mass in Lund? Thank you, please pray for Christian of Pakistan,my ministry (name) the Helping Hands of Christ Church Ministry Pakistan,and my family.

Additional information:The mass is aimed at those who need mass in English with an emphasis on a family-friendly service.

Box 928, Fort Portal, Uganda, East Africa. I need the Evangelical church speeks English in their service. Thanks Benny, please send me an invitation. I visited Goteborg and found a great Baptist Church called International Baptist Church. Please keep us in your Prayers n Thank you. It could be any work in a church.

Im glad to hear you are glad to hear you are looking for a church to worship with in Stockholm. Our younger sister Merlin has completed B.A and now is looking for a life partner.

I just came a few weeks ago. My first time travelling out of Nigeria was in 2006 after being awarded a scholarship to study Maritime Law and Policy in Sweden at WMU,Malmo.

I would like to be able to add our details to this list.

Thank you. Im from West Africa I learn something from Pmu interlife and this organization describe some step for cooperation by contacting a Pentecostal Local churches of Sweden but no way for me to get a local chuch Adress Please can you help me to find a local pentecostal church of sweden who spoke English with whom I shall contact for partnership way thank for helping me in Christ.

It will be a simple and shorter service. Remain blessed. ! I am a church minister in my country but visiting lund for about 9 months.

Kindly request the churches in Sweeden to pray for us and encourage you to join hands with us to fulfill this great ministerial task for the glory of our Lord Jesus.

Want to contribute or looking to get featured? Great information on English speaking churches ,it really helped me.

Morgan is the founder of Your Living City.

Thank you for letting us know!

is there any English speaking church in Malmo? Shallom We do have an orphanages, medical facility and several community based programs that have changed lives for Christ.

I am looking for an English speaking church near Sarpsborg, Norway. Shock Alert!!

Coz we are looking for church also. Just to inform you that since a couple of years back, Immanuel International Church in Stockholm went to one service at 11 a.m. on all Sundays throughout the year.

Sundays: 11.00 in Alvik &16.00 worship service with kids in Hsselby.

Please fill in this form if you would like to receive news and updates from the WCC by email. Manufacturing & Industrial Services in Onitsha, Website Hosting & Domain Name Registration in Ikeja.

I am looking to start a ministry in Sweden. Warmly welcome!

Community, Religion Sunday meeting time: 15:00 17:00

By accessing the NgEX site, you agree not to redistribute or copy any of the information found therein. I go about preaching the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to people who dont know Christ or know Him but have backslided.

Are there any English church service near to our place? Looking for indeed Baptist .churches in Sweden. Hello, do you know of any English speaking Christian churches in Karlstad?


Im a student in Riga Technical University Latvia.

Hey Nina and Michael, I am also looking for an English speaking church in Vxj.

We are of three children. I live nearby robro and Am looking for church where I can visit with Arabic or english community and it can offer some help. can any of the churches in Sweden help me in spreading the Word of God in this area and bring many blessings for the people perishing without knowing Jesus Christ. 22 Apr 2019

Intergenerational book event to dive deeper into the waves, Youth gathering will illuminate a special space in days before WCC 11th Assembly, Most-read WCC stories in 2021 reflect a global fellowship full of hope amid year of challenges, The Church of the Lord (Prayer Fellowship) Worldwide, Commission of the Churches on International Affairs (CCIA). I am specialised in Biblical studies and a good preacher, Bible study leader. This is helpful. Thanks for this vital info. I am Luis originally from the Philippines. Amen, Could you provide information on English speaking Pentecostal / evangelical churches in Alnarp, Hi, We are a happy friendly Christians/Pentecostal who have discovered the joy of the Christian lifestyle and demonstrate Gods love in action. I am due for my Sabbatical leave for one year from June. Dear friend in Christ, Am so happy that the work will be more easier because i was worried about the language. Can you make a recommendation? Service every Sunday at 5pm One friend is living in Emmaboda. Is there Any English Speaking Church in Eskilstuna? Filadelfia Kyrkan in rebro is not English speaking but it has English translation over headphones.

Brother Adebayo Anthony Kehinde is a young ecumenical and civil society leader from Nigeria. My friend and I would love to visit Sweden. It has been added.

Sundays 11 am 1pm is our service time. Are there any catholic churches in Goteborg with English service? We will pray for you.

That's what I have committed myself to work for, individually and with my church.

Morgan Erickson He currently servers as international vice president of the Youth Ministry of The Church of the Lord (Prayer Fellowship) Worldwide and has represented his church at diverse national and international ecumenical and interfaith meetings around the world.