We are deeply grateful to so many, and in so many ways. *Also just to prepare everyone I personally am collecting foam turtle shells and morphing my golf cart into a battle ready cart. Take Super Mario for example. This summer our mission is to teach campers that GOOD news! Junior Staffers get to grow from being takers to being givers. I have been blessed to hear campers make comments about their favorite part of camp being the time they were given to be alone and quiet with God. We depart with great confidence in the ongoing ministry of Bair Lake Bible Camp, and Gods use of us in the days ahead. The Villain (Bowser) steals something (Princess Peach) and the Hero (Mario) fights to get it/her back. But the greatest beauty of a storm at Bair Lake Bible Camp is the stillness and peace which comes at the end. Hello and welcome to the inaugural post of the Bairly Blogger! In writing to Bair Lakers, we desire to keep our community informed about whats happening at camp and giving them an opportunity to grow and celebrate with us as the seasons change. We also however have so many things to be thankful for. As a member of Bair Lakes full time staff, I can honestly tell you that the Junior Staff program is one of my favorite parts of Bair Lakes ministry. So many times I have laughed as I witnessed every blade of grass be trampled upon, and every drop of water stirred in some manner, and thought, Bob, what a dumb prayer! But in the face of all of that I would witness a camper with a counselor, or another camper, sitting, engaged in a conversation which became life changing. The ways God has provided throughout has been an incredible thing to witness. We are excited about this blog and the opportunity it gives us to help you know Bair Lake better as a ministry. There is no end to the ways God used BLBC this summer, in spite of and also in many ways because of the hardships that have happened. I have truly come through the ranks; I camped Family Camp through CIT, was on Junior Staff and Senior Staff, worked as an intern, and I am now on staff here year round. Additionally, we hope that if you have never been to camp or have only recently started coming to camp, that you will get to know who we are and become a part of this community. You can expect testimonials of what He has done in the lives of campers, staff, and volunteers, stories of how God has provided for camp, updates on projects, letters from our leadership team, and new recipes from our own Chef Sam. I built the most amazing relationships with the other kids in the Farmhouse, as well as with the staff parents. If so, those launches will be powerful and effective. Thats basically the Gospel in video game form! Its important for us as Christians to praise Him, so share how you saw Him work- what are you praising Him for? Near the end of our tenure a mother approached me, with tears in her eyes and said, This place has been green pastures and still waters for our family. God answers prayers we sometimes think are crazy and even dumb. Hey! Will you come join us in making Bair Lake more than just a one week experience? Click hereto apply! You can apply for Junior Staff now! As a ministry, our goal is to always be uncompromisingly biblical, relationally based, and all-encompassingly Christian. An incredible summer leadership team that really stepped up! Bair Lake Bible Camp is positioned to continue being that place of activity, stirring, and challenge which brings us to those special moments of stillness before our Lord. As Christians, we are called to serve; it is mentioned over and over again in scripture but often teenagers arent given the chance to do things that matter. This summer at camp we saw: And many more! Im Caitlin, the Housekeeping Manager here at Bair Lake. There have been storms both figuratively and realistically. It seemed as if everything steady in my life was pulled out from under me, and I had a hard time dealing with that. The BEST is yet to come! But 29 years ago Nanci and I prayed that Bair Lake Bible Camp could be a place of green pastures and still waters. For so many, in the face of all the action, they have found Camp to be a place of rest, peace, and nourishment. The Lord has changed Nanci and me over these many years. Several have said, You havent been in a storm until youve been in one at Camp. We can say amen to that. Our mission states that we are a launching pad. As Im sure a lot of you know, we had a very different summer here at Bair Lake; some great changes, such as a wonderful new Executive Director, and some unanticipated challenges. I found that as a Junior Staffer I was a part of something bigger than myself, like my life all of a sudden had purpose at a point in time where everything seemed meaningless. It was an absolute game changer. Hello from all of us here at Bair Lake Bible Camp! If you close your eyes now you may easily take yourself back to sitting cross legged on the floor, blowing into the cartridge and waiting for the ever illusive bing that meant that you had just Level UP-ed! All are welcome! Junior Staffing is so much more than just working or making new friends; it is making a difference for the Lord. We hope you leave this space feeling entertained, encouraged, and most importantly like a part of the Bair Lake family. You can register for camp this summerhere! You could also be in a cabin as a Junior Counselor. n writing to Bair Lakers, we desire to keep our community informed about whats happening at camp and giving them an opportunity to grow and celebrate with us as the seasons change. Psalms 23 says, He MAKES me lie down in green pastures and LEADS me beside still waters. We all need to find that place where we can rest, be at peace, and find nourishment. It was a truly life changing experience for me. To God be the Glory! It is a chance to get away from the nitty gritty details of life, and take a week (or two) to work hard and play hard. We love you all, and are so grateful for your support. You can get assigned to a variety of different jobs such as Housekeeping (which is my personal favorite), Kitchen, Maintenance, Day Camp, or Lifeguarding. My youth pastor growing up always told us to Love God, Love others, and Serve all. On Junior Staff you have the opportunity to do just that; you can grow spiritually, build relationships, and serve in a way that furthers the Kingdom. GAME ON!*. The start of a new camp entrance came to life! From both Nanci and me we want to say thank you for your love, support, and challenges over the years. So check back soon for more camp updates, and let us know if there is a story you want to hear! 160 amazing Volunteers serving all over camp, 30 Senior Staffers that did an excellent job serving in the face of adversity, 85 Junior Staffers serving in all fields with willing hearts. As a staffer, its so fun to watch them go from being campers, to Junior Staff, to Senior Staff, and in some cases to Interns and Full Time Staff. Furthermore, we invite you to take part, either as a commenter, avid reader, or even potentially as a guest blogger. My family decided to leave the church I grew up in, and I felt like I was starting to spiral out of control.

For most of us, we can look back at our childhoods and remember being in front of a screen playing a video game. Can a Christian camp specializing in youth and families be considered as a ministry of green pastures and still waters? We hope you leave this space feeling entertained, encouraged, and most importantly like a part of the Bair Lake family. New Executive Director Drew Gardner and his wonderful family experienced their first BLBC summer. When I was 14 years old, I had a lot going on in my life. Additionally, we hope that if you have never been to camp or have only recently started coming to camp, that you will get to know who we are and become a part of this community. Amazing support from both the Bair Lake family and from our local community, A deeper sense unity within the full time staff. In a video game there is usually a hero and a villain. Our hero has already won the battle. A new fire pit and the revamped ravine deck were able to be used for the first time! Wont you join us? Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. All are welcome! Through Christ we are victorious, because He has given us life to the full! It is the natural next step for our 14-17 year old campers after they attend CIT (Christians in Training) . We plan on updating soon with more details in regards to the challenges, so stay tuned if that interests you. The opportunity it gives me to love and pour into our teens as well as the impact it had in my life as a teenager is absolutely extraordinary.

Out of some of the greatest stirrings have come the most powerful moments of stillness. In terms of this blog, we aim to work toward that goal by sharing stories that glorify God and the work He does at camp. We praise you, God, we praise you, for your name is near; people tell of your wonderful deeds. Psalm 75:1, He is the one you praise; he is your God, who performed for you those great and awesome wonders you saw with your own eyes. Deuteronomy 10:21, I will tell of the kindnesses of the Lord, the deeds for which he is to be praised Isaiah 63:7. We desire for campers to hear that bing and grow in their faith while they spend a week with us. Is it possible for people to leave here with the knowledge, understanding, and desire to allow God to lead, during our darkest or brightest moments, to those green pastures and still waters wherever we might be? Through loving counselors, strong biblical messages, and awesome programming, campers will be challenged to Level Up. We look forward to all that God is going to do through this retro video game themed Summer of Level Up! As Christians, we are called again and again to proclaim the ways that God is providing for us. Come one, come all to the Bairly Blogger! You get assigned a job and a set of staff parents (who pretty much all rock). It is a week of service, community, and growth. It almost sounds comical as I reflect back over 29 years of laughter, games, activity, and action. That summer came and I was on Junior Staff at Bair Lake. The Villain (Devil) comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but the Hero (Jesus) fights to get reconcile US back to HIM! As a Junior Staffer you get to live in the Farmhouse with about 25 other high school students.