Securitization Trust means a trust formed pursuant to a Securitization pursuant to which one or more of the Notes are held. Plan Trust means the trust governed by the Plan. the Macfarlane Trust means the charitable trust, established partly out of funds provided by the Secretary of State to the Haemophilia Society, for the relief of poverty or distress among those suffering from haemophilia; Escrow Trustee means the bank or trust company designated by the Fiscal Officer in the Certificate of Award as the initial escrow agent with respect to the Refunded Bonds under the Escrow Agreement and until a successor Escrow Trustee shall have become such pursuant to the provisions of the Escrow Agreement and, thereafter, "Escrow Trustee" shall mean the successor Escrow Trustee. Trust means the arrangement through which the property of one person is made over or bequeathed to a trustee to administer such property for the benefit of another person; and, Most comprehensive library of legal defined terms on your mobile device, All contents of the lawinsider.com excluding publicly sourced documents are Copyright 2013-. They operate nationwide, with nonprofit clients using their services across the country. MG Trust Company is a company that provides commercial bank, investment management, fiduciary trustee, insurance, and financial advisor to nonprofit clients. MG Trust Introduces New Suite of Target-Date Funds, West Virginia Adviser Barred from ERISA Work, ERISA Complaint Alleges $751K Retirement Account Thievery, A Reminder to Avoid Fraudulent Hardship Withdrawals, 2022 PRACTICE PROGRESS Webinar Series: The Latest on Managed Accounts, Resignation Stress Squeezes Governmental Employers, Too, DOLs ERISA Lawsuit Targets MEP Administrator, Hub International Announces Benefits SmartView Platform, An SEC Update: Marketing Rule Implementation and Reg BI Enforcement, Judge Moves Forward Claims in Lawsuit Against Schneider Electric. MG Trust Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Matrix Financial Solutions, has announced the availability of its new target-date collective funds. 8 (6-YR) & SEC. Owner Trust means with respect to any Leased Aircraft, the trust created by the "Trust Agreement" referred to in the Leased Aircraft Indenture related thereto. Grantor Trust A segregated asset pool within the Trust Fund treated as a grantor trust under subpart E, part I of subchapter J of the Code, consisting of the assets described in the Preliminary Statement hereto. 15 FILED. They operate nationwide, with nonprofit clients using their services across the country. Cause IQ is a website that helps companies grow, maintain, and serve their nonprofit clients, and helps nonprofits find additional foundation funding. Liquidating Trust means the liquidating trust maintained by the Trustee holding the Trust Assets of the Partnership, identified as the "PLM Equipment Growth Fund II Liquidating Trust"; also referred to herein as the "Trust.". Curious how Cause IQ can help you grow, maintain, and serve your nonprofit clients? A wholly owned subsidiary of Matrix Financial Solutions, MG Trust, a Colorado non depository trust company, provides custodial, trust and/or cash agent services for approximately 30,000 retirement plan accounts, totaling more than $28 billion in assets. Master Trust means Citibank Credit Card Master Trust I. Sub-Trust has the meaning set forth in Section 3.01(b) of the Titling Trust Agreement. We are now able to offer the same level of service to retirement plan participants, said John Moody, President, Matrix Settlement and Clearance Services, in the announcement. MG Trust Company is a company that provides. Non-Lead Securitization Trust means the Securitization Trust into which any Non-Lead Securitization Note is deposited. Copyright 2022 Asset International, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Our data and tools help professionals prospect for nonprofits, research opportunities, benchmark their clients, and enrich existing information. You're in good company! Liquidation Trust means the trust created pursuant to the Liquidation Trust Agreement on the Effective Date in accordance with the Plan, the Confirmation Order and the Liquidation Trust Agreement. Voting Trust has the meaning set forth in Section 2.2(b). Titling Trust means GE TF Trust, a Delaware statutory trust. Banking and trust services; custodian services, namely, whether directly or through its designees, holding stocks, bonds, securities and other financial instruments for others; cash agent services, namely, performing and processing deposits, withdrawals and wiring services per cusomer instructions; financial trust operations; settlement of securities trades, namely, assisting others with the completion of financial transactions for securities; and employee benefit trust administration, ABANDONMENT NOTICE MAILED - NO USE STATEMENT FILED, ALLOWED PRINCIPAL REGISTER - SOU ACCEPTED, CASE ASSIGNED TO POST REGISTRATION PARALEGAL, REGISTERED - SEC. endstream endobj 510 0 obj <>>> endobj 511 0 obj <. REGISTERED - SEC. NOTICE OF ACCEPTANCE OF SEC. 700 17th Street, Suite 300, Denver, CO 80202, USA. Litigation Trust means the trust to be established on the Plan Implementation Date at the time specified in section 6.4(p) in accordance with the Litigation Trust Agreement pursuant to the laws of a jurisdiction that is acceptable to SFC and the Initial Consenting Noteholders, which trust will acquire the Litigation Trust Claims and will be funded with the Litigation Funding Amount in accordance with the Plan and the Litigation Trust Agreement. The funds are powered by the industry leading research and due diligence of Prima Capital and are based upon Prima Capitals proprietary research model technique, MG said in a press release. Underlying Trust As defined in the Preamble hereof. Income trust means a trust, created by either an inter vivos or a testamentary instrument, which directs or permits the trustee to distribute the net income of the trust to one or more persons, either in fixed proportions or in amounts or proportions determined by the trustee, and regardless of whether the trust directs or permits the trustee to distribute principal of the trust to one or more of those persons. The funds are structured to provide participants with the appropriate levels of risk to produce positive returns throughout different stages in their careers, according to MG Trust Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Matrix Financial Solutions. According to MG Trust, additional highlights of the MG Trust Target-Date Collective Funds include: West Virginia Adviser Barred from ERISA Work. 8 (10-YR)/SEC. Prima Capital typically works solely with major banks and institutions. Log in to see a complete profile, including complete list of identified clients. Add privatebanking.com as a search provider to your browser, Matrix Settlement and Clearance Services, LLC. 8 (10-YR)/EXPIRED SECTION 9. /a^_u?/={;lo-rL#h*Rwvis7h#-sjy Aj} Most MG Trust Company clients are outpatient health care practitioners and facilities and social advocacy organizations with revenues ranging from $13 million to $72 million. MG Trust is also a mutual fund member of the National Securities Clearing Corporation. The suite of MG Trust Target Date Collective Funds include eight diversified portfolios with target retirement dates ranging from 2015 to 2050, in five-year increments. the Eileen Trust means the charitable trust of that name established on 29th March 1993 out of funds provided by the Secretary of State for the benefit of persons eligible for payment in accordance with its provisions; Liquidating Trust Agreement means an agreement evidencing the terms and provisions governing a Liquidating Trust that shall be entered into prior to the establishment of such Liquidating Trust and pursuant to which a Liquidating Trustee shall manage and administer Liquidating Trust Assets. Our web-based information and tools help you grow, maintain, and serve your nonprofit clients. outpatient health care practitioners and facilities, Jewish Federation of Greater Metrowest NJ, Brandywine Counseling & Community Services (BCCS), and 5 more MG Trust Company not-for-profit tax-exempt clients identified by Cause IQ. Competitors to MG Trust Company in the nonprofit sector include Kestra Advisory Services LLC, Metlife Insurance Company, Benefit Plans Admin Services, Inc., Sei, Alerus Financial, N.a., M&T Bank, Comerica Bank, J P Morgan, TD Ameritrade, and Eagle Capital Management LLC. No Reproduction Without Prior Authorizations. Grantor Trusts The grantor trusts described in Section 2.07 hereof. with revenues ranging from $13 million to $72 million. Master Trust Trustee means the entity acting as trustee under the applicable Pooling and Servicing Agreement. 8 (6-YR) ACCEPTED & SEC. Previous legal names, trade names, or just variations of their name include: MG Trust Company, LLC. Cause IQ's customers include leading technology, accounting, financial services, consulting, fundraising, and other firms. 15 ACK. NIM Trust A Delaware statutory trust or other special-purpose entity that is the issuer of the securities issued in connection with a NIM Issuance (if any). 2022 Nonprofit Metrics LLCTerms of Service and Privacy Policy. MG Trust supports third-party administrators who desire a trust organization committed to providing outstanding customer service for its plan customers. Additional filters are available in search. Embedding Prima Capitals high-level research and due diligence into the MG Trust Target Date Collective Funds is another competitive advantage and great benefit to the end user. Lead Securitization Trust means the Securitization Trust created in connection with the Lead Securitization. PFPC Trust means PFPC Trust Company or a subsidiary or affiliate of PFPC Trust Company. Titling Trust Agreement means the Amended and Restated Trust and Servicing Agreement, dated as of August 26, 1998, among NILT Trust, as the Grantor and the UTI Beneficiary, the Servicer, the Delaware Trustee, the Titling Trustee and the Trust Agent. 702 King Farm Boulevard, Suite 400, Rockville, MD 20850 / +1 212-944-4455 /. 8 & 15 - E-MAILED, COURTESY REMINDER - SEC. Owner Trust Estate means all right, title and interest of the Trust in and to the property and rights assigned to the Trust pursuant to Article II of the Sale and Servicing Agreement, all funds on deposit from time to time in the Trust Accounts and all other property of the Trust from time to time, including any rights of the Trust pursuant to the Sale and Servicing Agreement.