"are. ", Dictionary.com Unabridged alm. One's nature includes all his original endowments or propensities; character includes both natural and acquired traits.

Someone who is high-spirited is very lively and easily excited. And I hope that five years and 10 years from now, I'll be a better man, a more mature man, a wiser man, a more humble man and a more spirited man to serve the good of my people and the good of humanity. Adjective Serendipity Traveler is a travel company that specializes in tours for the spirited and global-minded woman. Add high-spirited to one of your lists below, or create a new one. Before she headlined the Playboy resorts, Joan Rivers was the funny gal in a spirited trio that played in hip nightclubs. It is high time that this job was finished; It's high time someone spanked that child. Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms, alkohol, sprit, mod, nd, kraft, spiritus, liv, sjl, bebida espirituosa, alma, espritu, alcohol, tapa, haamu, alkoholi, viina, henkiolento, henki, pirtu, sielu, sprii, misneachd, tannasg, smior, anam, aigne, spiorad, sgile, meanmna, spailp, taibhse, kedv, szellem, alkohol, llek, szeszes ital, , , , , . in Britain, (a booklet containing) a set of official rules for road users. A spirited action shows great energy and courage. The brand has a consistent free-spirited, artsy, and non-maximalist brand identity that appeals to this segment. adjective.

The code for attribution links is required. Get instant synonyms for any word that hits you anywhere on the web. to the Twentieth Century A.D. adjective. The soul will remain faithful to its integrity forever. 1.

And our rich blue base represents water, which is absolutely critical to our state. Synonyms:air, breath, life, soul, vital force, essential quality, essence, immateriality, intelligence, disembodiment, spectre, apparition, ghost, energy, ardor, enthusiasm, activity, earnestness, courage, zeal, disposition, temper, principle, motive, distillation, Antonyms:substance, body, corporeity, materiality, flesh, organization, frame, embodiment, spiritlessness, listlessness, soullessness, lifelessness, torpor, deadness, timidity, dejection, slowness, sluggishness, the vital principle or animating force within living things, Synonyms:purport, sprightliness, tone, feeling, heart, look, emotional state, liveliness, disembodied spirit, flavour, life, flavor, intent, smell, feel, spirit, tone, feel, feeling, flavor, flavour, look, smellnoun, the general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people, "the feel of the city excited him"; "a clergyman improved the tone of the meeting"; "it had the smell of treason", Synonyms:looking at, pure tone, touch, tactile property, life, timber, look, olfactory perception, timbre, sprightliness, step, tone of voice, smell, olfactory property, aspect, disembodied spirit, savor, feel, quality, tactile sensation, whole tone, impression, touch sensation, scent, aroma, savour, opinion, belief, olfactory sensation, sense of smell, facial expression, odour, shade, emotional state, tonicity, tone, sapidity, whole step, olfaction, flavour, heart, smack, tang, olfactory modality, odor, tonus, tincture, intent, feeling, tactual sensation, expression, notion, intuitive feeling, purport, relish, looking, flavor, face, musical note, liveliness, smelling, tint, note, a fundamental emotional and activating principle determining one's character, any incorporeal supernatural being that can become visible (or audible) to human beings, the state of a person's emotions (especially with regard to pleasure or dejection), "his emotional state depended on her opinion"; "he was in good spirits"; "his spirit rose", Synonyms:intention, aim, liveliness, smell, design, flavour, disembodied spirit, sprightliness, feel, purport, flavor, look, drift, feeling, heart, life, intent, emotional state, tone, purpose, liveliness, life, spirit, sprightlinessnoun, animation and energy in action or expression, "it was a heavy play and the actors tried in vain to give life to it", Synonyms:liveliness, smell, flavour, disembodied spirit, animation, life-time, purport, life, feeling, flavor, sprightliness, lifespan, life sentence, feel, emotional state, life history, look, aliveness, intent, living, lifetime, biography, tone, heart, life story, an inclination or tendency of a certain kind, Synonyms:affection, life, affectionateness, substance, flavour, philia, sprightliness, gist, smell, centre, center, tenderness, core, heart, marrow, sum, nerve, ticker, disembodied spirit, nub, kernel, nitty-gritty, meat, emotional state, tone, feel, warmness, inwardness, pith, pump, bosom, essence, intent, mettle, warmheartedness, heart and soul, fondness, purport, spunk, flavor, feeling, liveliness, eye, look, middle. Important criminal trials are held at the High Court; . holy Ghost, holy Spirit, paraclete, comforter, the Spirit of God, Synonyms:soul, shade, apparition, specter, ghost, phantom, revenant, animus, vivacity, energy, life, ardor, enthusiasm, zeal, force, intensity, temper, mood, meaning, intent, significance, Synonyms:inspirit, animate, encourage, spirit away, carry off, kidnap, abduct, spiritual, mind, psychotropic, minds, esprit, geist, mental, vein, espritu, esprito, spirituous, soul, geest, ethos, sprit, gist, wit, intent, spirits, sense, mindset, encyclopedia, ghost, essence, attitude, mood, wits. You can also call a spirited person energetic, animated, or spunky. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. Then Eminem decided he wanted in on some of the mean-spirited misogyny, actually rapping about raping Iggy. Click on the arrows to change the translation direction. Translation English Cobuild Collins Dictionary. And I hope that five years and ten years from now, I'll be a better man, a more mature man, a wiser man, a more humble man and a more spirited man to serve the good of my people and the good of humanity. The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word. STANDS4 LLC, 2022. Winifred, naturally a high-spirited and lively girl, soon recovered from the fright of that fateful Sunday evening. . I am not the same man I was 35 years ago. You can complete the list of synonyms of spirited given by the English Thesaurus dictionary with other English dictionaries: Wikipedia, Lexilogos, Oxford, Cambridge, Chambers Harrap, Wordreference, Collins Lexibase dictionaries, Merriam Webster English-Synonyms dictionary : translate English words into Synonyms with online dictionaries. And the theme this year is 'spirit of adventure'. In the other Tuesday opener, the Mystics represent the survivor of a spirited, three-team fight for the eight seed with Atlanta and Dallas that was decided on the final day of the regular season. 2022 Reverso-Softissimo. A new headmaster should try not to be too high-handed. Synonyms:character, constitution, disposition, genius, nature, personality, record, reputation, temper, temperament. Our dual peaks represent the many mountains in our state. the time at which the tide or other water (. the time when the tide is farthest up the shore. active, animated, ardent, bold, courageous, energetic, feisty, high-spirited, lively, mettlesome, plucky, sparkling, sprightly, spunky, apathetic, bland, calm, dispirited, dull, feeble, half-hearted, lacklustre, lifeless, low-key, spiritless, timid, token, unenthusiastic, weary, alive and kicking, animated, boisterous, bold, bouncy, daring, dashing, ebullient, effervescent, energetic, exuberant, frolicsome, full of beans, full of life, fun-loving, gallant, lively, mettlesome, sparky, spirited, spunky, dejected, depressed, despondent, dismal, down, down-hearted, down in the dumps, down in the mouth, fed up, gloomy, heavy-hearted, low, miserable, moody, sad, unhappy, altruistic, charitable, community-minded, generous, humanitarian, philanthropic, unselfish, English Collins Dictionary - English synonyms & Thesaurus. Repute is a somewhat formal word, with the same general sense as reputation. Search spirited and thousands of other words in English definition and synonym dictionary from Reverso. adjective. Joan Rivers: The Playboy Bunnies Werent Sluts! a ykai is a supernatural monster, spirit, or demon from japanese folklore. Then again, this is not the high-spirited Mary we met in Season 1indeed, none of the Crawleys are the same. regin montaosa; las tierras altas de Escocia, kotska brda; sjeverna, brdovita, keltska kotska, ; - . ['sprtd'] displaying animation, vigor, or liveliness. , voor het voetlicht halen, in de schijnwerpers zetten, framhva, accentuera, stta strlkastarljus p. very nervous; very easily upset or excited. ['pblksprtd'] showing unselfish interest in the public welfare. "Are" you ready? Guinness World Records Day is a global celebration of record-breaking: 600,000 people attempting a record in one day. All were of small size, and in good part devoted to spirited political discussion. adjective. someone who is active does a lot of different activities and has a lot of energy and interests, full of energy and feeling happy and excited, very lively and enthusiastic, with a lot of energy and determination, an energetic person has a lot of energy and is very active, full of energy, enthusiasm, or determination, in a lively and confident way that can seem careless, very much awake, full of energy, and in a good mood, old-fashionedinformal feeling happy and full of energy and hope, putting a lot of energy and effort into doing something, if you feel fresh, you have a lot of energy, mainly literary enjoying or involving playing in a happy lively way, very active and finding it difficult to concentrate or relax, formal never showing signs of getting tired, lively, confident, and impossible to control, a pert girl or young woman is lively, confident, and attractive, especially in a way that shows a lack of respect, a rambunctious person behaves in a noisy and lively way, used about things that are done with a lot of energy, informal a spunky person is lively, determined, and brave, a man who is virile is strong, active, and full of sexual energy, something that is virile is strong, powerful, and full of life, English version of thesaurus of energetic and lively. something ought to be done or have been done, Commotions also arise in aristocracies, from there being so few persons in power (as we have already observed they do in oligarchies, for in this particular an aristocracy is most near an oligarchy, for in both these states the administration of public affairs is in the hands of a few; not that this arises from the same cause in both, though herein they chiefly seem alike): and these will necessarily be most likely to happen when the generality of the people are, But it seemed these beer busts were a diversion of these, This gave him a high station in his own esteem, and thus contributed indirectly to his better behaviour; for he was scrupulous as well as, Now we know why there is an 'og' to Mauban's, The Pakistan football team, which is preparing to play Cambodia in the second leg of the 2022 World Cup qualifier after losing the first leg 2-0, are, DUBAI: The all-new Multan Sultans will take on, In his message issued here Friday, the chief minister said that flying officer Maryam Mukhtar was a capable, talented and, The CM said that flying officer Maryam Mukhtar was a capable, talented and. Enjoying a spirited mutual challenge, she and Rachel Elkind played with new sounds until the day Elkind became intrigued by Carlos rendition of a Bach composition reproduced with a Moog synthesizer. The tree represents Colorados natural resources and spirit, the red symbolizes Colorados red soil and rocks. To assume the right to new values--that is the most formidable assumption for a load-bearing and reverent, Aye, for the game of creating, my brethren, there is needed a holy Yea unto life: ITS OWN will, willeth now the, "You will now understand the view I take of the tie which unites the young, That soul will hate the ev'ning mist, So often lovely, and will list To the sound of the coming darkness (known To those whose, Scrooge hung his head to hear his own words quoted by the, But, they were happy, grateful, pleased with one another, and contented with the time; and when they faded, and looked happier yet in the bright sprinklings of the, But he scornfully threw it aside, and bade his, If I will vow never more to harm the flowers you may love, will you go back to your own people and leave me and my, These romances, in turn, combine the personages of the medieval French epics of Charlemagne with something of the, Would not he who is fitted to be a guardian, besides the. Our team just shows how much spirit we have, how much we're motivated, all weekend we played amazing tennis and Teenager Borna Coric produced unbelievable tennis( in) the deciding rubber. Trademarks belong to their respective owners. ()(), , , hjere uddannelse; videregende uddannelse, ri menntun, framhaldsmenntun, hsklanm, . having or showing good or noble ideals, principles. 0 && stateHdr.searchDesk ? We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. This television program provoked a spirited debate in the United Kingdom. Email: info@domainoptions.net.

"spirit." Free thesaurus definition of energetic and lively from the Macmillan English Dictionary - a free English dictionary online with thesaurus and with pronunciation from Macmillan Education. Compare CHARACTERISTIC. English Portuguese translation in context, Free: Learn English, French and other languages, Reverso Documents: translate your documents online, Learn English watching your favourite videos. a sports contest in which people jump over a bar which is raised until no-one can jump over it. Spirited people are often determined, too, like a spirited activist for animal rights or a spirited defender of free school lunches. As a rule, a man's record will substantially express his character; his reputation may be higher or lower than his character or record will justify. Then prove your excellent skills on using "is" vs. adjective. . I hope that five years and ten years from now, I'll be a better man, a more mature man, a wiser man, a more humble man and a more spirited man to serve the good of my people and the good of humanity. He was mounted on a spirited horse and his manner showed he was ready for any kind of an adventure, no matter where it might lead. ['hasprdd'] joyously unrestrained. A spirited person is very active, lively, and confident. She does not like living in a high-rise flat as the children cannot get out to play easily. Synonyms.com. behaving as if one thinks one is very important. The boat was left high and dry of the beach. The other was the spirited portrait of Baron von Friedericks, a happy combination of cavalier and soldier in its manly strength.

Character is what one is; reputation, what he is thought to be; his record is the total of his known action or inaction. Malcolm had selected it as a training-ground that evening, because he meant to weary and subdue his too highly spirited charger. The spirit does not betray. https://www.thefreedictionary.com/high-spirited, at, or to, a great distance from ground-level, sea-level. We were trying to show that even though being in hospital can be a daunting experience and you see us running around the wards, we actually do care. Today's sense of spirited comes from the original meaning of the verb spirit, "to make more active.".