Listeningto You: Paying attention at a park, shopping complex, coffee shop or just relaxing walks in the neighborhood; coming when called in the presence of other dogs, not picking food crumbs or garbage, and dropping items on cue. Well meet once a week at a convenient time in your home or outdoors to transfer the training results so you can enjoy your well-behaved puppy. Body Handling and Grooming: Teaching the puppy to be comfortable being groomed, handled, and restrained all of which are extremely important for vet visits and day-to-day hygiene. We have several videos with tips on how to stay safe and healthy with your pets during this pandemic, as well as fun tricks you can do at home! Confidence building when alone (preventing separation issues), being comfortable in the crate, in different situations and other problem prevention exercises. can break a sweat by doing circuit training alongside your pup in Canine Cross-Training, or join us for the low-impact Pup-lates class for older, overweight and post-surgery dogs.

Your puppy comes to live with or spends the day learning from our certified trainer. Learning in a home environment means faster, & easier transfer of results. My dogs get so excited every time we pull up to the building, we all absolutely love training here! And thats just what puppies are designed to do. Dog/Handler Teams will be tested at the final class session in real life situations. Canine Good (more), About the Class Tricks are a great way to pass the time on rainy days or any time you want to have fun and games with your dog. It only took about three months for her to show great progress I recommend Train the Bay to any dog and owner/guardian who have specific issues to address with their dog or who just want to have a good time while working together.

Campbell Now enrolling for September 19th 2022, Monday 7.00 to 8.00 PMReal Life Public Manners Sessions: Sunday 9.30 AM to 10.15 AM, Saratoga Now enrolling September 20th 2022, Tuesday 6.30 PM to 7.30 PMReal Life Public Manners Sessions: Sunday 9.30 AM to 10.15 AM, San Jose Now enrolling September 10th 2022, Class Sessions Saturday 2.00 PM to 3.00 PMReal Life Public Manners Sessions: Sunday 9.30 AM to 10.15 AM, Class Sessions Sunday 2.15 to 3.15 PMReal Life Public Manners Sessions: Sunday 9.30 AM to 10.15. Our class teaches your puppy the basics of living in the human world with grace and charm. It will be conducted through Zoom and may require the client to submit additional videos and information to the counselor. Our curriculum focuses on getting you great results in your real life outside our classroom. This class utilizes techniques similar to those used to train professional detection dogs. Instructor (more), About the Class Your puppy will make new friends and learn good play behavior while developing confidence and engagement skills. I rescued another, smaller dog Tot in 2017 and have trained with him at Train the Bay also. Thanks so much for a great intermediate obedience class! We even offer an Agility League for those who enjoy some friendly competition. Read the position statement of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior: AVSAB-Humane-Dog-Training-Position-Statement-2021.pdf ( This class includes 4 live sessions at our training center with pre-class (more), About the Class This is a 4 week class.

pitbulls badrap bay To ensure that dogs and their families can develop skills in a social setting and receiving individualized attention from trainers. Some ideas I'd not thought of in just that way, most notably your point about the food not being information, but a reward. You are really making a difference in our lives - Takashi has not been an easy dog, but with training and management he is becoming a better dog - safer for him, really. Register any time during the month shown.

Lucky and I learned so much. It increases resilience and response rates of the basic skills and builds habits that make daily life with a dog in your home safe and enjoyable. introducing relaxing wolfie Or stop by for Private Gym, a chance to get in some quality exercise time with your dog! The Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society is a nonprofit serving the people and animals of our community by providing life-saving programs for cats and dogs, cultivating compassion, and strengthening the human-animal bond. Lucky has even been on the bus and since your class it's helped him to stay calm, sit and be well behaved. This class offers more training games than Basic Skills 1 and reduces dependence on rewards (more). Public Manners: Walking nicely on leash, settling down calmly while you have coffee or have dinner at a restaurant, and greeting dogs politely. Welcome to the Zoom Room, providing exceptional dog training and the best in dog retail products for San Francisco Bay Area dogs and their owners. During the first three class sessions, dogs and handlers will have an opportunity to practice all ten exercises required for the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test. Proof of vaccination required: One week past the first DHLPP or DHPP vaccine, Bordetalla, deworming & fecal test results. Walking Workshop: Learn to walk calmly when out and about and meet friends and strangers without pulling and jumping. I am religiously working with all we learned at the first three classes, and so is Jon. This class will meet in a variety of locations during the 4 week session.

Upon getting her home, however, we learned very quickly that Leo had an aggression management issue around other dogs and cats. introducing odo Juliette is developing a beautiful heel, and we get compliments when out on walks around our neighborhood. Basic Skills for Dogs and Families: Develop self-control in sit, down, stay, wait, come and walking. Be sure to check out one of our locations near you as we look forward to meeting you and your pup in our shop. Solutions to Common Puppy Problems: Barking, destructive chewing, play biting, house training, and other behaviors normal for puppies. Play sessions to learn social cues from other dogs. I have been taking classes at Berkeley Humane for over 7 years with my dogs and I am pretty sure we have taken every class multiple times!

[They] focus on positive training methods, which makes class fun for both you and your dog. I came to Train the Bay because I wanted to challenge him more. Using real-life scenarios, your puppy will learn: To Listen to You: Paying attention no matter where you are, coming when called, and dropping items on cue. If you are in the mood to throw a doggy party, look no further!

This program focuses on life skills calmness, confidence building, problem prevention and foundation obedience. You will receive a recap and action (more), About the Class Does your dog do tricks? The instructor will address early training and behavior issues (more), About the Class For those who want to learn more Rally exercises, this class will provide nested courses made up of Novice and Intermediate signs. Self Control: Not jumpingon guests and strangers; polite sits for greeting; down stays so you can get some email answered, cook dinner, enjoy a visit from a friend; and not surfing the counters; Public Manners: Walking nicely on leash, settling down calmly while you shop, leave it when out and about, and greeting dogs politely. The test will take place during the fourth class session. All of our classes use only positive reinforcement dog training methods, which are humane and effective for all dogs as well as being family-friendly. ", mom of River & Kaylee, Pitbull puppies (Group Class Client), "The one thing that sets Kaajal apart from other trainers is that she is remarkably good at training humans in how they connect with their puppy as that sets the right foundation for a successful long term relationship with the pup. When I adopted my dog Niko as a rescue in 2011, I quickly realized that he wasn't going to be an easy dog. Courses will be run by one team* at a time so you should expect to have some waiting (more), About the Class After completing the Canine Good Citizen certification, you and your dog are ready to do the Community Canine ( CGCA). We offer positive dog training in group or private classes in an indoor, climate-controlled facility. Perfect presentation of theory, good amount of usable info in an accessible language. We meet at a new location each week shopping district, cafes, pet supply stores, community parks etc to practice: Being Calm & Minding his/her own business. We want to ensure this is the right class for your dogs current training level. Saturday: Closed, "I took several classes with D For Dog and loved all of them. If youve taken the Basic Manners class some place else, please contact us to schedule an evaluation.

Thank you so much for the walking class! Obedience training can definitely play a role but its not our first priority for young puppies. We will teach our puppy to settle down calmly, practice self control, understand and respect boundaries.

We both appreciate how your teaching style has helped us both live in a house with two roommates and to walk around the neighborhood in Berkeley. Easy to follow homework and class recording emailed after every class. Intermediate Skills: Strengthen recall, stay reliability with distractions, leave it, and general improvement in social behaviors. We keep classes small to give you and your dog the individual focus you deserve. Scent work and search skills harness dogs natural instincts and love of huntingyour dog will have fun, build confidence, and use mental and physical energy during the class and homework sessions.

For full information on the Trick Title program visit: (more), eAbout the Class Welcome to the sport of Scent work! Tricks and Performance Skills: Learn to Shake, High-5, Play Dead, Beg, Rollover, Say a Prayer, Crawl, and more! [The classes] are definitely worthwhile. and thanks for your understanding. He's so smart (too smart sometimes) and has a lot of energy. Get your dog ready for pet therapy visits or to entertain guests at parties! They are even better when getting them is based on science and FUN for both you and your dog. Your time and dollars matter.

View more Training & Behavior tips. One who knows how to get on with her fellow four-legged compatriots, plays politely and is always welcome around other dogs. Hours: Open for walk-in cat adoptions frisun 114PM. We want to focus on setting them up to be comfortable with the world and comfortable with the types of interactions that are going to be a part of daily life for them as adults. This class provides you and your puppy with vital early training skills to develop basic manners and learn boundaries. Take advantage of the critical learning period in your puppys life & get your pup off to a right start with a class that focuses on: Appropriate Socialization: Safely and appropriately introduce different people, dogs, sounds, objects and more in a way that helps your puppy gain confidence and have fun. Thank you for a stellar class. You want a dog with good social skills? I really enjoyed that many of the classes were held in different locations around town so your pup gets to practice the skills in the real world. If you are looking for quality trainers and a fun environment this is the place to go. We took some classes, and he tested to earn his Canine Good Citizen title when he was only a year old. Masks are required at all times when in the on-site classroom. You can also rent the facility for birthday parties, meet-up groups or special events. We also bring in well-socialized adult dogs to interact with the puppies to help learn good grown-up manners. Canine Good Citizen Includes Test: Those who pass the test will receive a certificate from American Kennel Club, and are entitled to wear the CGC insignia. San Jose, CA 95121 All sessions are held in our training center. Puppyhood (especially the first 16 weeks of your dogs life) is the best time to lay the foundation for the canine companion of your dreams. Est. She uses Positive Reinforcement methods, which is what we wanted as well. Self Control: Not jumping on strangers on walks; polite sits for greeting; leave-it & drop-it when out and about. If youre looking forward to a calm, relaxed, easy-going, friendly, confident, well-adjusted adult dog puppy training that includes systematic socialization, confidence building, installing life skills and training is the key. Tricks are fun and entertaining for you and your dog as well as providing both mental and physical stimulation. (650) 538 3011 We have had great success with Bowie since our meeting and we are both looking forward to more opportunities to learn in the future. We're already looking ahead to another class for Bobbyhe likes learning new things and it keeps him intellectually satisfied. Ask a pet expert! Call Nancy Frensley at (510) 845-7735, extension 215, or submit your inquiry here. in 1985, 30,000 families have trusted our teaching methods. This class is for the graduates of Basic Manners students.

The Basics class sounds great and I'm sure we will find the time for it soon. All classes in this series are live. It also really helped us in building our stepping stones as we move in more distracting environments. Learn to capture, lure, and shape your dogs natural behaviors into a variety (more), About the Class This 4-week class takes you beyond the foundation of basic skills. Address both management and training! We provide Private Training for one-on-one attention and hold special six-week workshops for specific needs like Shy Dog and Calm Down be sure to check out our schedule! My family adopted Leo, a German Shepherd dog, after meeting her and admiring her winning ways with people and children.

We are the originators of Doggy Disco in greater San Francisco! It was transformative and it was really to train me rather than my dog. The handouts have been great too for us to practice a little each day. Kaiya can now stay in place for 12 feet away. she is so smart. Dogs and humans should live side by side in a cooperative relationship! Monday to Friday: 7 AM to 7 PMSunday: 9 AM to 6 PM agility training table pause dog retriever labrador yellow Both the classes are currently waitlisted for May 2022. We take your puppys manners on the road. I hope to take another class at some point since Lucky especially enjoys learning and doing his homework daily. And dont worry if your dog doesnt play well with others. Solutions to Common Puppy Problems: Barking, destructive chewing, play biting, house training, stealing things and other behaviors normal for puppies. Puppy Kindergarten: Provide vital early socialization, shape basic manners and boundaries, and address early training issues. Teach the puppy to be comfortable being groomed, handled, and restrained all of which are extremely important for vet or grooming visits and day-to-day hygiene, Group Puppy & Dog Training Classes, Private Puppy & Dog Training for Manners, Board and Train, Day School for Puppies & Adult Dogs, Behavior Modification for Fear & Aggression in California South Bay Area, including San Jose, Willow Glen, Santa Clara, Monte Sereno, Sunnyvale, Milpitas, Campbell, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Los Altos, Cupertino, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Menlo Park and Atherton. Dog training, socialization, and solution-oriented shopping are what we are all about. Results are great.

Click on the button below to learn more and register. We will teach you how to: Safely and appropriately introduce different people, dogs, sounds, objects and more in a way that helps your puppy gain confidence and have fun. She violently told our existing dog George who the new boss was in town (giving him two unwanted ear pierces in the process) and tried to eat the cat (who lived upstairs for six months). For more information about (more), Class Description Building a foundation of basic dog and relationship skills using reward based training for all members of the family makes daily life safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Our team of pet experts is here to help.

It covers everyday training or addresses behavior challenges. This is not an obedience class. Well customize training to your needs, goals & life style to maximize success. Your puppy learns to communicate with other dogs, and you learn what your puppy is telling you. We will provide lessons for each new exercise before running the course. I wanted to write and say how much we enjoyed the leash walking workshop you offered a couple of weeks ago. Settle Calmly: While I make or eat dinner at home, outdoor restaurants, or public places. You can earn your dogs trick titles by sending us videos.

In each class, well also discuss common puppy challenges and solutions, learn to understand body language, and know what our puppy is communicating. D For Dog Inc., Our certified professional trainer will meet your puppy 3 times each week, teaching him the rules of your house at home and out and about where you need your pup to show off his manners. This has saved her emotionally and physically Im sure. Body Handling and Grooming: Teach the puppy to be comfortable being groomed, handled, and restrained all of which are extremely important for vet visits and day-to-day hygiene. We were at wits end trying to manage this family integration, and were about to quit, when Train the Bay came to our rescue. It was incredibly helpful for Juliette and I and we have been practicing all the exercises we learned at the workshop almost daily. Join us for an hour of trainer-supervised play and learning. About the Consult This will be a one half to one hour private consult with a behavior counselor or trainer. We also offer one-on-one private consultations as well as online AKC Trick Evaluations! ", dad of Munchkin, a Labradoodle Puppy (Group Class Client).

2022 Berkeley Humane. She also was nearly impossible to walk, flying into a barking fit if she saw a dog within 100 feet, to the detriment of our arms. All rights reserved. Whatever your goals, we have the class for you. In addition to dog training classes, we also offer Gym Sports where you (yes, the owner!) We offer small group classes in obedience training, dog agility, puppy training, and enrichment classes in which you and your dog can learn scent work, urban herding, therapy dog training, and much more. Prevention of Fear, Phobias and Aggression:Confidence building when alone and other situations, being comfortable in the crate, and otherproblem prevention exercises. So do your results, and we care as much about them as you do.