When you find stairs to the Plains of Despair, the player can choose to look for Izual, or continue on to next area City of the Damned and activate that waypoint. You can complete Act V without this quest done.

There are many other things which are apparent in Nightmare difficulty, but these tend to be of the most concern. Charsi is not the only vendor in town: Gheed or Akara can also have something that might be useful. Ormus, who like Drognan will sell potions, tomes and scrolls in addition to staves, sceptres, wands and a small selection of armor. Devilkin and their Shamans pose a significant nuisance. The penalty to resistances is increased an additional 60% and nearly every monster has at least one immunity. There is a second level to this area, but you will have to face Carver Shamans, and the loot from the golden chest at this point will likely not be worth the bother of tangling with the monsters in this area. Continue on to find the Halls of Pain, home to Unholy Corpses, but also have Death Brawlers and Putrid Defilers. This damage is physical, so it can be blocked. It is often best to eliminate the eggs first so your attacks will not have to be divided. The Desert Mercenary will benefit from not only strong armor and a good spear/polearm, but also Faster Hit Recovery, Increased Attack Speed and Life Leech as well as resistances. You can complete Act I without this quest done, though there are benefits later in the game to completing it. Since you have wandered this far, it is a good idea to carefully wander into the Cold Plains and activate the waypoint here. Level 2 is very small, The Golden Chest with Khalim's Heart is along the left hand side, just proceed with caution. Take the entrance to the first halls. It can also be used to put a random number of sockets in superior white or superior stock ethereal items, something that cannot be done with the Horadric Cube. This quest is optional. The jail is a continuation of the Barracks in terms of scenery and tactics. Her minus 50% fire resist, that means that fire damage hurts her 100% more than someone with 0% fire resist. Level 3 will host Death Lords, Demon Sprites, Rancid Defilers and Stygian Furies. Finally, although it is not mandatory to complete this quest, Deckard Cain will identify all items in your inventory at no charge. before facing him. While one could choose to clear the entire area, the place that will serve best is in the middle of Travincal. Once you have returned to town to restock and sell unwanted loot, you can utilize the waypoint to return to the Far Oasis. The player may also opt to hang on to the second best armor, helmet and the best bow in their stash so gold does not need to be spent immediately on the Hireling's equipment. Amazons can also invest in Increased Attack Speed, mana/life leech and having some source of cold damage, whether that is a charm, gem or weapon attribute. In spite of being a melee-oriented minion, he does more damage, is more durable and can also activate his own paladin aura based on his type. Retreat to town whenever you are in danger." There are also Night Clan goatmen, Vile Archers and Ghosts, which can drain mana from your character if they score a hit on you. This will save travelling all the way back once the quest is completed. It can be brought to Meshif, then bring the Golden Bird he gives you to Alkor. While many choose the Combat Hireling which has a Prayer aura, the Defensive Hireling may also be of use with his Defiance aura. During your search in the Stony Field for the waypoint, you may have discovered a pedestal for a book which would activate the fourth quest on your list. It is not unheard of, however to find its location to the west of the waypoint. From the Lower Kurast waypoint, make your way toward the right hand part of the screen into to the Kurast Bazaar, activating the waypoint here, then move on to Upper Kurast and find its waypoint, then finally to Travincal using its waypoint to move back to Kurast Bazaar. Before entering Tal Rasha's Chamber prepare for a big fight with an act boss. The perk to facing the Oblivion Knights is that even with the benefit of a Fanaticism aura they are often quite a bit slower than Infector's group and so you can evade them to take them in smaller numbers at a time and out of range of his aura. As well, keeping that hireling maintained with the best items that you can make all the difference when you face the Ancients. Probably the best strategy is to pick the one you find the most enjoyable first, and the least enjoyable one last. Start saving items which will boost resistances for the next Act. As mentioned above, one seal on each side will generate a group led by a super unique monster, the other seal on each side will not do anything more than light up. While many people will note that it is always the last one explored, it is entirely due to Murphy's law. The player will face Lashers and Slayers, slightly more potent versions of the ones found in The Frigid Highlands. There are also vampires here named Night Lords who can cast Meteor. Return to town, empty your cube, place the Viper Amulet and the Staff of Kings within, and transmute them into a Horadric Staff. There are Succubi named Stygian Harlots often cast a curse that halves the victim's defense or a curse that causes the victim to damage themselves when their maximum mana is greater than their maximum life. The Leaper will be annoying because while they don't do a lot of damage they frequently jump all over the place and get knocked back whenever hit. Failing that, you can open a town portal close to the room where the Malus is, and draw the Smith to the Outer Cloister, use the waypoint and from town, return to the area to face the cluster of monsters that are left. Although he can drop nice loot, killing him is not a necessity and can be dealt with by activating the waypoint first, opening a Town Portal near the tree and leading the mob to the waypoint. Cold resistance is helpful, but cold damage is generally pretty minor. As formidable as the difficulty level can be, it is possible for a player to succeed without "godly" gear if they understand what is necessary to work around the challenges offered by this level of play. You are asked to free 15 soldiers in Frigid Highlands. They can distract difficult opponents which gives you time to inflict a lot of damage before your opponent realizes the trouble they are in. If you're having trouble dealing with him, remember that Antidote Potions and Thawing Potions increases poison and cold resistance temporarily and can be given to your hireling. Diablo II (2000) - Radament's Lair -4K 60FPS-, Diablo II (2000) - The Horadric Staff -4K 60FPS-, Diablo II (2000) - Tainted Sun -4K 60FPS-, Diablo II (2000) - Arcane Sanctuary -4K 60FPS-. Continue to the Arreat Plateau, and although it is not necessary, tagging the waypoint in this area can dramatically shorten your travel time should you wind up dying in one of the areas further on. Its quite a long walk, but during normal difficulty it should not prove to be overly difficult, if tedious. Fallen Shamans will rarely waste time in resurrecting slain Fallen, so make them a priority. The Swarm's stamina drain isn't effective at this difficulty level. Defeat the rest of the foes and open the chest in the chamber to retrieve the loot and the Cube. In town, there is Hratli, who sells keys, armor and weapons. Party minions and hirelings also take no damage from the effect.

After completion of the Golden Bird, many simply continue on in the jungle as the quest does not need activation to be completed, and is often done so unless the player is playing online and exploiting a bug where they can get through Act III by simply killing the Council in Travincal and having someone activate a Town Portal inside the Durance (usually the final waypoint.). Shenk, will be surrounded by a large crowd of Enslaved minions, and he will waste no time making mobile explosives out of them. The sewers can be home to skeletons, mummies, greater mummies, Fiends, one of which is always the Super Unique Icehawk Riftwing and his pack who guard the lever. While the rogue can be a viable hireling, they often require specialized equipment that is rarely available to a character this early in the game. Your poor hireling, however, will likely succumb quite quickly. Once you've defeated them, take Khalim's Flail, place the organs in the cube and transmute it into Khalim's Will. The City of the Damned will typically have the stairs somewhere in the middle of plains. Dying offers the penalty of losing 5% of the experience earned for that level. You can complete Act IV without this quest done. Diablo, for practically any player with gear found by playing just that character will likely find it the toughest fight in the game. Upon entering the sewers, follow the right hand wall. Pick it up and speak with Ormus back in town. You can choose to find a few fire resistance items that will help make it a little less painful, but for the most part; you may spend significant time making runs to Andariel to find items which will help you in this regard. Stretching from levels 67 to 85, this difficulty comprises the greatest challenges the game has to offer. As before, finding the waypoint may not be necessary, but it will likely save significant walking. It may also be split into two elevations with a single staircase located somewhere in the borders between the two. Concentrating on the Shamans will save you a lot of work as the density of their appearance will make it quite likely to have 1-2 slain Dark Ones resurrected per second. Most often, Hellforge will be discovered when you backtrack toward the east. From here, work your way down to the next waypoint, found on Catacombs level 2. Once in town, use the Town Portal to return to the tree. As well, obtain a belt of some sort if you have not already, as it will double the number of potions available. The tombs usually only have 3-4 different types of monsters inside, but they have plenty of variety: Preserved Dead, their Sarcophagi, Unravellers, Apparitions, Ghoul Lords, Steel Scarabs and Gorebellies. There are two entrances to the sewers. Click on the chest, grab the heart and retreat back to town after looting the chamber. With the portal now accessible, the player can engage Baal in the final battle of the game. There are some new foes in the dungeon. In the course of your travels a Unique or Champion monster will drop a Jade Figurine. A player can choose to kill all the monsters in the area for the experience points or skip them and progress with the quest. You can use a ranged weapon to kill that annoying shaman that is up the path that leads to Andariel's throne, and walk around that path in a half circle to avoid activating the boss encounter so you won't have your attentions split between Andariel and raised Dark Ones. In this case, if you do not have the advantage of mobility to escape, retreat to town and take a walk from the waypoint. They are fairly durable, but are not directly dangerous. The random monsters you will encounter are Zealots, who have an annoying habit of fleeing from you once they take a lot of damage, Heirophants, who should be eliminated quickly due to their ability to heal your foes and their Lightning and Blizzard skills. Next to the stairs there will be a waypoint, so dont forget to get it. if you have forgotten to allocate points for a while, you should spend some on Vitality once you've entered this area. lilura1 lorica hardness While within the borders of these areas, players and monsters can inflict no damage. Don't forget, however, that you can prepare yourself if you were running low on potions, etc. Radament drops a book that grants +1 skill point, best used immediately as the skill point doesn't go away and the book takes up 4 inventory boxes. Because of the number of objects in the first room, the Devilkin Shamans can be effectively hidden, resurrecting their comrades with impunity while the player has to navigate around barrels and boxes to kill the shamans. The third chamber usually has a good sized mob of monsters waiting for you on the other side. There are two super uniques the player can encounter in this area. Check the individual information and decide which would be easier to defeat, or you can kill both for the loot and the experience points. Casters and summoners can keep an eye out for items that will boost their skills. Early on in the game, and through most of Nightmare, they are quite viable, but often fall out of favor due to the prominence of monsters with immunities. Radament is quite tough, so it can take a while. In the Rogue Encampment, Charsi and Gheed will sell basic armor and weapons. In normal difficulty, it represents a minor threat, but in later difficulties, the damage from one or two of these is enough to kill even a slightly damaged character. Once cleared, he will laugh mockingly and unleash five waves of minions. Outfitting your rogue with a few items is also helpful. You may have noticed, that after entering the Frigid Highlands, the Quest Log started to shine. Extra points invested in this give very diminished bonuses, so many players (providing they are playing a minions-based build) will invest a single point in it, relying on item bonuses to boost it. The second wave will have cold-casting skeleton mages and a group of Unravellers with Achmel the Cursed. To save the player some time (especially on Hell difficulty), there is a clue to his location that can be determined by the placement of a particular wall tile that looks like a pair of red eyes.