Kill the Shrieker first, then work on the Acolytes while keeping your distance from the Light-wielding Hive. You do this by killing yellow-bar Cabal called Imperial Technicians. It will see Guardians step onto Savathun's Throne World for the first time. I plan on buying the campaign this weekend. Turn and run through the gate that was previously closed and guarded by those Blistered Knights a couple of objectives ago. Anti-Barrier weapons can pierce the Scorn Walker's shield. Signup for a Free Account. Of course you have to fight Brutiks! Platform down until you reach the Temple of the Wrathful. Hey I dont have a mic but Ill run it with you. You'll see what I like to call a bowl suspended from the ceiling. Destroy the crystal, and you can DPS the boss.

Consider using this is you're struggling to stay alive. Each door leads to a tower off in the distance. As you move through Savathun's Throne World you'll begin to encounter lots of Scorn and a few mechanics you've seen before, plus a new one. Inside the building is yet another group of Scorn enemies, the Master variant containing an Overload Chieftain. Required fields are marked *, quest, making this the first mission that, Also read our other missions & quest guides of The Witch Queen DLC. Soon you'll come to the end of a bridge.

Fight them off and move forward. Use the nearby platforms on the left to ascend the exterior of the tower. Pikes are equipped with weapons and are a great way to deal quick damage to enemies. Pick one of the activated doors and go through, then kill the Threadweaver Wizard. Ensure that you're bringing up your Ghost if you don't know which way to go. You'll have another decent fight in front of you, but it's straightforward compared to what you just did. There will be one more Spike in here that you can destroy, opening one last door that leads to the room with the final boss. Once both Crystals are destroyed, the shield blocking your way forward (more like down) will disappear and you can hop down the hole.

Regeneration is greatly impaired. You will need to shoot the orange sacks on the wall to generate light to navigate through the area better or else it will be very dark. Graduating from Pikes Peak Community College in 2018 with an Associate of Science, Charles has spent his time dissecting popular video games, movies, and technology.

Continue to kill Lucent Swordbearers when you find them. Arc, Solar, and Void shields are present. This will lower the boss' shield for a damage phase. You'll need to locate Osiris' Ghost, which involves more traversal through Savathun's Throne World and an encounter with a Scorn Walker. Defeat the Shimmering Chieftan to expose the crystal. However, beware of the second Lightbearer at the back of the room, supported by a small group of Knights and Acolytes. I did the first two missions on legendary but Ive heard many ppl say the 3rd mission is crazy hard so Im assuming Im going to have similar problems. Once you're ready to push forward your objective will update with news that Sagira is nearby. This room is a bit trickier than the previous rooms as there are three Spikes hidden. HOWEVER, you can force him to bounce around the side rooms the long way if you stay opposite him - never in the middle of a side hall. This requires the Lucent Finisher mod. Below you'll find requirements to begin as well as a full walkthrough of the mission. In each phase, Guardians can take a third of their health away, but must then clear the room and defeat a Lucent Swordbearer to open the path to the next phase. Many Hive enemies will spawn in, including a Lightbearer Wizard, that you'll need to clear out. Rally to the banner, then move forward quickly and hit Savathn with everything you have.

This is done with the Finisher button, but you also have to defeat more Barrier Guards at the same time. You'll want to deal with the Chieftain first, stunning the Abomination beforehand. Once you disable all three, the boss will spawn and you'll be able to remove one-third of its health during a damage phase. As you exit the cave there will be a Scorn Walker, which will be blocking the way and must be destroyed to allow you to proceed. Defeat the Shimmering Chieftan, then destroy the Crystal in that room. This will give you the Threadcutter buff. There will be a second wave of enemies that includes a Lightbearer Acolyte, and this foe has a Ghost. While there isn't a rally flag for this section, it might as well be an encounter. This fight isn't overly tough, which should be a sign that this may be another trick. Continue upwards until you can place a Campaign Banner/Raid Banner. Make your way forward until you're back outside and on a long bridge. This objective is all about capturing the plate while surviving an onslaught of enemies. Guardians will need to fight the third and final type of Lightbearer, destroy an army of Scorn, and defeat a Baron to finish this mission. Stay at the back of the room with your team and hit the boss hard at the start of each phase, pushing them to the next room and leaving you some time to clear the remaining forces out. For those on Master, now is a great opportunity to deal with the Overload Champion. You must stand on the plate for progress to be made. If you're on Legend difficulty, keep in mind you still have to manage your Revive Tokens. The third damage phase is triggered in the same manner as the second, so go to each of the three rooms, take out the Shimmering Chieftan and Crystal, then destroy the Crystal in the main room to lower the boss' shield. Rocket Launchers are fantastic for this mission. If it pops its Super, find cover immediately. You'll eventually arrive at the temple, which means boss fight time. Let's dive right in and get started. A large Scorn boss will appear (Brutiks, Lightbane) but he will be invulnerable, which requires you to destroy crystals in the area. There will be a little objective marker on a small anomaly. You'll also need to note that in the main room below you is a shielded Lightbearer Wizard and two shielded Crystals. Once you interact with the console to do that, hop inside the barrel of the big gun and launch yourself onto Savathun's ship, as one does. It was a pain. Combatants have more health and are more difficult to stun. Press J to jump to the feed. Continue forward until you spot Savathun, at which point your objective will shift ever so slightly.

The Gally is solely for ads. Serves as a good add-management and passive DPS tool. You can do them one at a time, or all three at once. Defeat the Lucent Acolytes and Scorn inside the Temple of the Wrathful. There won't be any additional fighting in this mission, so just head forward and keep bringing up your Ghost for directions if you get lost.

When the boss finally goes down, continue forward with this objective until you get to the final room. After the fight you will need to cross a large cave that is very dark, requiring you to shoot the orange sacks on the wall for a light source. Remember to keep your Ghost handy if you lose your sense of direction and need a refresher on the way forward. Press forward until you see a whole bunch of Scorn waiting for you at the end of the Quagmire. Once both locks are broken, you can clean up any leftover enemies and one giant Wizard, then continue on to collect another bit of loot. Although Fynch has aided you, the others are still a bit cautious about him and things will seem to stay that way until Savathun is stopped. Your email address will not be published. Every time you enter an active portal and kill a Threadweaver Wizard, you'll get a stack of the Threadcutter buff. 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There are three rooms in total you'll need to clear, each containing a Chieftain and multiple adds. Players should head along the path and listen to some story details from Eris. The next obstacle in your path are three Barrier Guards, but there is a chance to drop a Campaign Banner/Raid Banner so you can max out your abilities and ammunition. If you enter a dimly lit room, shoot any orange sacks on the wall. Eliminate the Hive, the hop into the nearby lift and take another ride up. When you're done listening, the mission will end and it's on to the next, Guardian. In this case, the goop will be right in front of you. Rinse and repeat. You'll notice that you no longer have Revive Tokens here on Legend Difficulty, so feel free to get killed if you need to. There are so many fodder enemies in close range that you can easily get a kill, allowing you to turn invisible and reposition. Afterward, head down deeper into the cavernous area below. This entire time has been about going higher, Guardian. Once the first part of the fight is over you'll be faced with three Lucent Hive, which is a Lightbearer Wizard. Move forward, bringing up your Ghost if you aren't sure which direction to go, and defeat the foes in front of you. This fight is very tough if its not managed correctly. When you approach it will give you the option to Disable Jammer, which you should do. You will need to fight your way through the temple, guided by Fynch to locate Sagira and take her back from the Hive temple. Pair this with your favorite Void weaponLe Monarque is a great pickand you should be able to clear this mission without many problems. It's a bit of an escalation in difficulty, with a tough boss fight at the end, especially for Guardians on the Legend difficulty. Rinse and repeat to defeat Brutiks. Break all three crystals, DPS the boss, and repeat one more time. You'll be shooting quite a few of these during this mission, so get used to it. Keep in mind that if you're ever unsure of which direction to go, bringing up your Ghost will show the path forward. Use Anti-Barrier Rounds with either Bow; they bypass the Scorn Tank's energy field when its core is exposed, making that section far easier. Witherhoard does a little bit of everything. Until they get patched next season, consider using a long-range weapon or an ability to kill them from safety. These enemies don't have Ghosts so you can just nuke them. They are easily defeated if you hit them with a Super or two and some Heavy Weapons, at which point you can Reveal the path using your Deepsight. We shoot ourselves out of space guns. If not, Palmyra-B and Red Herring can both be crafted and deal solid DPS. You can now claim your reward, which is going to be a debuff called Threadbound. You'll then have to defend yourself against a decent Hive onslaught, but it's nothing you can't handle. Use the following links to jump to the relevant mission in The Witch Queen campaign: This is the first campaign mission for The Witch Queen. Prep your Overload counter whenever you enter a room, and clear the adds as fast as you can. Platform across the gap and slowly make your way down deeper into the cavern until you emerge back outside. Auto rifle, fusion, and gjallarhorn. Simply stand in the circle to make sure the progress continues. If you need more DPS, consider using a Linear Fusion Rifle. You continue along this path until Savathn falls. Clear every add before even trying to deal with the boss, and keep moving. There is absolutely a cheese, the statue in the middle of the room while perched will not aggro the boss and you're too high up if he does his slam from medium to long distance it cannot hurt you. Do your best to defeat the Witch Queen and all the minions she throws at you. Make your way towards the cave, sticking to cover on your way down. You're now going to fight Savathun in the Queen's Bailey. Pick up the Void Charge, drop down to the main level, and deposit the Void Charge to unshield one of the Crystals shielding the Lightbearer Wizard in the main room. You can collect any loot you have and then make your way across the long bridge. New to Shacknews? This is an easy objective in the middle of a lot of fighting. Overshields are fantastic for absorbing a few hits, and detonators are simply absurd for killing adds. Approaching it will give you the option to Reveal an alternate path.

Defeat those that spawn in, then take note of a Spike that's sitting behind a short pillar. ghost dead destiny venus locations guide eventually ll inside end There's a little bit of combat here and there, but mostly this section involves mini puzzles in the form of dark passages and paths that are hidden. You're back to finding Savathun, which includes several minutes of fighting Hive and exploring her ship. You'll have to destroy a Scorn Walker and small Scorn army to proceed.

Once they fall, destroy their Ghost. Throw grenades their way, use your Heavy or Super, and pick at their HP from a safe distance. This will give you the Threadcutter buff, which is what will buff your damage against Savathn. Defeat the Scorn Baron by destroying nearby crystals. Shoot the Hive Membrane around this room to reveal platforms. On Legend, there are Revive Tokens in play, so you can't die much. Or, if you prefer to do things the old-fashioned way, just grab a gun and head out. Do this, then get ready for quite a bit of fighting and little puzzle solving. If you can't kill them fast enough, you'll need to retreat and find cover. I've been getting easy clapped for 2 days straight. Check out the latest Final Fantasy 16 trailer, highlighting combat, summons, story beats, and more! Around the arena are strange Hive runes, similar to the Pit of Heresy dungeon. The first objective will dominate most of this mission, asking Guardians to navigate the Hive halls leading to Savathun's (Sathona's) temple.

Once the boss is dead, go collect your rewards and then look up. Most rooms will contain orange puss sacks that can be shot at, illuminating the area. Releasing Summer 2023. Time to smash some more crystals. On Master difficulty, you'll find an Overload Chieftain at the very back, but you can safely ignore them until the tank is destroyed. Savathun's right hand is a Wizard that can be defeated through three damage phases. You'll find yourself outside of a Cabal base. Once the fight is over, collect your rewards and get back on the path to meet your contact. The fight isn't too difficult to survive, but there's no use in keeping your Super or Heavy, so burn through them if you need to in order to survive. From the makers of the acclaimed hit game Destiny, comes the much-anticipated FPS sequel that takes you on an epic journey across the solar system. This is the end of the mission and all you need to do from here is enjoy the cinematic. I'm sure you already know what you need to do to break his shield too, right Guardian? Your email address will not be published. 2nd round is hardest bc it spawns those Machamp guys. When dealing with the Wizard, you'll want to either suppress them or quickly burst them down with your Heavy weapon. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Destroy all three crystals, then return to the Baron. This includes gear that will constantly increase your Power, and a plethora of Upgrade Modules that will allow you to upgrade your weapons and armor as you go. You need to defeat the yellow-bar Cabal, then Pick Up Wrench. The final objective is simply to stand on a fancy platform and let things play out. Behind each one, you'll find a group of enemies with a Shimmering Chieftan near the back of the room protecting a crystal. The Guardian makes their way to a Hive temple which needs to be infiltrated as they attempt to search for a ghost called Sagira.

The fight here is nearly identical to the previous encounter. The interference is really just two Spikes that are found in Savathun's Throne World. You can cheese the DPS phase by standing atop orange sacks scattered across the arena. so this is my first time coming to reddit but honestly i'm 100% out of options lol. You'll now see a platform with six doors, three of which are activated and three that are not. Move around the fighting area, sticking to the outside, and take down three Threadweaver Wizards. Once you revive any fireteam member once, you're out of tokens. You can get The Ghosts mission by starting The Witch Queen quest, making this the first mission that you will need to do in the campaign. This is the second mission in The Witch Queen campaign and will task Guardians with traveling back to Savathun's Throne World and meeting up with a mysterious contact. Soon you'll be placing another Campaign Banner/Raid Banner, and then you're in for a tough fight on Legend difficulty. The walkthrough below will help you make your way through the objectives and defeat the final boss. Make your way inside the building when ready.

Once all three Hive sigils are gone, the green shield will fall in the center of the room, revealing one final crystal. You may need to do this a couple of times if you're not quick enough, but eventually it will fall. Clear them out and head towards the back of the room where you'll see a crystal floating in the air protected by a shield with a Shimmering Chieftan guarding it below. From your perch at the top, you will see two rooms on your left and right that are blocked off. Despite having a short-range Super, Lucent Wizards won't chase you. You will once again find yourself traveling in a dark cave and will need to follow the waypoint which leads you to a psychic presence. You're just moving forward and killing enemies. When defeated, Acolytes spawn fire pools that cause damage over time. Shoot the legs of the Scorn Walker to cause its shell to open, allowing you clean shots at its core. It's so frustrating. Once you have it in your hands, walk forward and Activate the Launcher. Head up the stairs and note that you can place a Campaign Banner/Raid Banner to refresh your abilities and ammunition. You will not be able to change your equipment after this activity starts. Interact with it to reveal hidden platforms nearby. Well done, Guardian. Sagiras Shell will be added to your inventory as a quest item. You can simply chip her down to this point, then you'll head to the center to be teleported again so you can kill three more Threadweaver Wizards through the remaining three doors. At the base of the well, there's another Rally Banner circle if you want to refill your ammo and abilities before heading into the next room. Clear out the enemies and defeat the Shimmering Chieftans to open up the entrance and jump down to proceed. Return to the main room and refresh your Deepsight, then head along the next path to take out the second Spike. When you reach Threadcutter x 3, you will have 40 seconds to damage Savathn, then the buff disappears. Jump into the lift to finally board the Pyramid Ship. Overcharge your Vortex Grenades, use the Contraverse Hold Exotic, and melt any enemy that gets caught in the AoE. He loves to play video games and enjoys writing about it to share his experience and ideas with others. only there for clan rewards I suppose. The symbols in this instance are easy to spot, and shooting each one will open a nearby door. Michael James has been an avid gamer since he was young. Once you've removed a third of his total HP, he'll become immune again. Like destiny freezes and licks me outta the game booting. Legendary on this mission includes the Empath modifier, causing enemies to deal much more melee damage. This will lead you to the Florescent Canal, which will have two yellow-bar Blistered Knights. If you would like some advice from two hunters on how we did it, I'd be happy to divulge. Your Ghost won't be overly thrilled about this, but you must push forward. Once you are on the other side of the blocked door, continue forward with the same objective. While his shield is up, he's slow as fuck - take your time to clear adds, and don't break the last crystal until you are absolutely lined up with him. Near the left and right edges of this area you'll find two Shimmering Chieftans each guarding a crystal. You must take note of these symbols as you'll need to remember them in a few minutes. Start by killing the Shimmering Chieftan walking around the center of the room. As you continue forward, the symbols are often hidden, but there are signs that hint at their location. Once you do, you'll receive the Deepsight buff that will show you a route that will take you up and around the blocked door. Just a heads up the broken statue in the middle of the room if you stand on it will not aggro the boss and his attacks will not damage you if you're at the very top helps me when I got to damage phase after clearing the adds, I can consistently get to 3rd dps phase using this ledge before the scorns varsity linebacker tackles me a hundred feet into a wall or insta kills me from burn or any other bullshit reason I've died so far. Once you enter the main boss room you'll find the mechanics are the same as with the Imperial Deserter. I hope you are able to finish this soon and without too big of a headache. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Nothing really changes here, so just keep moving along until you reach the portal that Ikora is speaking about. Instead of going all-in on aggression, we recommend a more reserved approach with Chaos Accelerant. My wife and I finished it by using every tactic in our arsenal, including using bright colored shaders to identify each other in dark areas and coordinating abilities. Has great add-clearing potential with Volatile Rounds, and it makes the Scorn Tank encounter much easier. The Last Chance is the second to last mission in The Witch Queen Campaign of Destiny 2.

Like the last encounter, you'll need to destroy three crystals scattered across the arena to make the boss vulnerable to damage. At this point, his shield will come back up and three Hive sigils will spawn around the edges of the arena.

(There will be a loot chest afterward). I'll just be running strikes till then. The tl;Dr is - when the bosses shield is broken, he books it like hell. You'll also want to get your weapons sorted out for this fight, as you can put yourself in an impossible spot if you waste your Heavy ammunition on the boss.

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