Getting to 63 IAS should be easily obtainable, the weapons in themselves provide a total of 30 IAS (only main-hand counts), and with 20% from gloves, 20% from amulet you are hitting the highest breakpoint. Great defensive option, every class might have to cap resist, since we do not know how hard Dungeons will be. If so, 1 or more points into General Mastery will add alot. Uber Diablo Clone Viable: Unknown before testing new Diablo. What this means, is you can customize your build a great deal, to fit your playstyle. I just tried Throw-Barb in SP and it felt like the 3rd+ bounce did no damage at all - also the range seemed kinda low, I personally would buff the range by 30%. But this is a great reason to pick up or gamble for throwing weapons, one day you might get lucky. For exmaple, Lacerator [-10] and Warshrike [-20] would give you an average WSM of [-15]. i think they focus on getting the servers smooth first. Magic Find in Armor: Ist Rune provides 25% Magic find. but they just got buffed in single target, and now bounces 16 times ( 10 before buff ) Gl with it! Smoke FHR, great defense and high All Resist. unless it's been changed since last night (approx 8 hrs ago) it bounces up to 8 times and not 5 :), Nicely spotted! Skullder's Ire +1 skills and very high MF. Strength: Enough to equip desired gear.Dexterity: Rest, every point gives you Enhanced Damage and Attack Rating.Vitality: Aim for 1300-1500 life.

You can go for only 20% IAS on amulet, and get the last 13% from a 15IAS jewel somewhere in your Helm/Body Armor. Arreat's Face This helm has been nerfed, but still have great stats, All Skills, FHR, % Attack Rating, Life Leech and All Resistance. *Warshrike This weapon is a little odd in PD2, since it has 50% Pierce, as currently Double Throw does not work with pierce. For leveling very early, a Eth throwing with no stats, should be more than enough damage for you to clear good bits of Normal. They might be a little difficult to level i've heard. This new rework lets you throw both weapons at the same time, each weapon bouncing 8 times, meaning each throw lets your potentially hit 16 enemies. i would be very weird if there was. Goldwrap I personally like this belt early ladder, 20% IAS, high Magic Find and Gold Find. Enigma +2 all skills, great FRW, very high Strength and high MF, great all around armor. Throw Barbarian - Written by Funguskeeper. Will have another look. Ideally, you'd want something fast as your primary such as Lacerator [-10] or Warshrike [-20], and as your secondary you're looking for a sloooooow weapon, e.g. Annihilus +1 All Skills, 50-100 Life, 25-50 Mana, 10-20 All Resistances, 5-10% Experience Gained. Verdungo's Hearty Cord Great defensive option, high Vitality and Damage Reduction. Note the IAS and speed of your offhand weapon does not matter, or count towards IAS breakpoints. starts at 60, and adds 15 per soft point. Uber Trist Viable: Unknown before testing new Ubers. Saracen's Chance Now rolls up to 50% Enhanced Damage + all attributes and all resist.

You need mad AR I had 95%hit in hell and it murdered packs. Uber Tristram and Uber Diablo are still unclear, I will update this section when we have more info. I will not be mentioning Mercenaries in this guide, because I personally do not use them before I reach very end game, if they are not very well equipped, they have a tendency to die over and over. Pierce does not affect this skill, which means we can seek items with IAS/Enhanced Damage/Crit instead of Pierce.

This slot is open, you can chose any boots you like, just get movement speed and the desired resist/MF you want. "When dual wielding, whichever weapon equipped first is your primary. Deathbit Great early weapon, high Enhanced Damage, lots of Attack Rating, 40% Deadly Strike and Dual Leech. I will personally make sure all guides I write will be tested by someone and the guides will be edited when new information arises. Raven Frost Ring If you can manage to get it early ladder, they can be expensive. Steelrend Enhanced damage, crushing blow and high strength. Mara's Kaleidoscope +2 all skills, high All Resist and a few All Attributes. /*# sourceMappingURL=*/ This helm does give Amazon skills, but still a very solid choice. Gore Rider Pure offensive option, Open Wounds, Crushing Blow, Deadly Strike. I can only recommend respeccing into WW :). Perfectly rolled rare throws can deal almost double the damage of unique throwing weapons, and roll dual leech at the same time. Thanks! Stealth Solid low armor, FRW with FHR and mana regen. Its also really easy with lacerator+wraith.. Eth adds 50% base damage to the weapon, which scaled off of Enhanced Damage. It has high Dual Leech. The Hand of Broc Enhanced damage and dual leech, great low level gloves. But you are able to put points in the correct passives/shouts/Synergies from level 1, so no need for a respec.

This set provides a huge amount of Attack rating, which can help you hit enemies way easier. for Obedience you only need a Fal rune, which is easily obtainable in Nm somehow, via trading most likely. Great all around choice. Light absorb and little MF. Sandstorm Trek High Poison Resistance, FHR and up to 15 Vitality and Strength. Vampire Gaze Grim Helm Dual leech, high damage reduction.

Small Charms with desired resist. Nagelring Pure Magic find ring, up to 40%. The calculator seems to follow this, its easiest to reach max fpa with warshrike and wraith flight. Javelins Some Javelins can be very strong before you get your hands on Warshrike and Lacerator. I currently have max fpa and 100% deadly strike with both lacerator and wraith flight. The Cat's Eye high FRW, 20% IAS and high Dexterity. Lionheart Poor mans Fortitude, decent Enhanced Damage, many Attributes, and All Resistance. I havent tryed it in Hell.. Only normal, so i cant say if there is a damage drop off. :) If you go full vit, you will miss too much, and have less throwing Damage, Nice guide. Magic Find in Shield: Ist Rune provides 25% Magic Find. Equip 2, and you have potential 80% Magic Find in just your rings. Nature's Peace Great defensive option, increases all your Max Resistances with up to 3. Perfect Topaz provides 24% Magic Find. Just pay it forward. DisclaimerEverything written in this guide is up to debate, since this mod will have new numbers and some new changed items, the meta wont settle for the first season since we need a lot of info to be sure about things. This set provides a huge amount of Attack rating, which can help you hit enemies way easier. Lore Runeword This helm gives good early stats if you cant find a unique, well spend Sol Rune. Grand Charm Skiller with +skills to Warcries for better team buffing. Valkyrie Wing Very strong helm, FRW, FHR, Enhanced damage, Mana after kill. Silks of the Victor + skills, FRW, Mana stolen per hit. *Lacerator This weapon will be your best friend, Amp Damage to break some Physical Immunities, 30% IAS, very high Enhanced Damage. Atma's Scarab Another source of Amplify Damage, % Attack Rating, Poison Damage, Poison Resist. Well, in river actually, cause I've never reached the frickin sanctuary itself :P. Yeah sure I was missing def stats and CB or crit..etc but still, at skill lvl70+ I would expect a lot more than that. Goblin Toe Offensive option, gives Enhanced Damage and Crushing Blow. Shouldn't you go full vit and the rest for gearing??? Manald Heal Ring - Get 2 of these and your set for mana leech, you wont need it on any other gear. <3. But personally, as a league starter, i would level as WW. The throw barb community is good. Angelig Amulet You want to use the set, either 1 Ring and 1 Amulet, or 2 Rings and 1 Amulet. Can I level as this build? There's too many different corrupts.Also this is different from one individual to another, if you like Magic Find, go for that, if you need a specific resistance to cap all, focus that. Throwing Barbarian is limited in weapon options compared to many other builds while leveling, only 7 total Unique weapons exist, and no Runewords can be made in throwing/Javelins weapons. Battle Order's: Now grants flat life and mana. Great defensive option. Project Diablo 2 Changes to the Throw Barbarian. Thats why i said in my guide, save your imbues until you get a elite base, with a elite base and a little luck, you should be able to make it. Do notice, damage changed a lot based on what weapon base you give her, so don't give her a low level base to Imbue. very interested. This depends a lot on what gear you chose, and how safe you want to feel with your Life Leech.Energy: None.

If you so chose, you can dual wield Gimmershred, and never think about immunities, you wont deal as much damage as Lacerator+Warshrike, but you can cleave down Physical immunes without having to proc Amp Damage or use Battle Cry.Rare rolled Elite throwing weapon, IF you are one of the few people who are lucky enough to get yourself close to one of these, you would be able to switch out your Gimmershred and Warshrike right away. Rare Throwing weapon, either find a rare on the ground, or take advantage of the Imbue Quest. However, what makes me more worried is that with 8.5k sheet dmg + 42k AR I had to kite mobs around in CSlike wth? Does General Mastery work with Lacerator since it is defined as an Axe Class? When you do this, your new average WSM becomes ''original average + (boot side WSM - glove side WSM)''.

Cannot be Frozen is mandatory. Demon's Arch This is a lower elemental damage than Gimmershred, but it has some %Elemental Pierce which will help against enemies with high resistances.Wraith Flight This one Always rolls Eth, with makes it a very good item before you get end game gear, throw damage can get to 500 max damage, which is insanely high for a throwing weapon. Gheed's Fortune High Gold and Magic Find, with Reduced Vendor Prices. :). Any gloves really, look for 20 IAS, Resist or Leech.

Rare rings with needed Leech, Resists, MF or Attributes. It doesn't increase dmg? This build will be better for clearing areas, since the single target damage is not super great with Double Throw, but 100% durable if you so choses to do so. Laying of hands IAS, Demon damage, Fire resist. thx 4 your work - will start on ladder with throwing barb! Hellfire Torch +1 Random Class Skill, 50-100 Life, 25-50 Mana, 10-20 All Resistance. I leveled throw from 20 to 75. There's a lot of great mercenary guides out there that knows a lot more about them than I do.