Memes about the viral, Lizzo says she didn't think she was "desirable" enough to, Louis Theroux blames Billie Eilish's parents for her relationship with porn, over 60,000 of those signatures had been faked, High School Music: The Musical: The Series. Enough drama there as it is without you adding to it. RELATED: Billie Eilish and Finneas Meet with President Biden, Whose Family Are 'Longtime Fans of Their Music'.

Here's all the Kanye West drama explained. Scott is owed an apology [in my opinion]. Hes really 44 and still growing up now, one added. Truly pathetic., Many fans are comparing Wests beef with Eilish to his 2009 VMAs scandal with Taylor Swift. Use of this Website assumes Acceptance of Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Billie Eilish is fin 20. Billie Eilish should give Kanye the middle finger and go take her fans and do a show in LA.screw. On Feb. 10, West threatened in a since-deleted Instagram post that he wont perform at the music festival unless Eilish apologizes to Travis Scott. On Thursday, West shared via Instagram a screenshot ofa post claiming the "Bad Guy" hitmaker "dissed" Scott even though she did not mentionScott or Astroworld onstage. Despite Eilish never having mentioned Scott, West posted a screenshot from hip-hop account RapSeaTV that reads, Billie Eilish dissed Travis Scott at her concert after she stopped the show to give her fan an inhaler!. The person that should apologize is the person that made the post that Kanye reposted, and should apologize to Billie, and then Kanye should apologize to her too. Sponsor Me For A Golden Visa $fwmj . In the suit, the plaintiffs are seeking billions of dollars in damages and allege negligence in the planning and managing of the music festival. Like seriously, stop covering his every move, it just feeds his already outsized ego. How is Kanye West still out and about and Britney Spears was in a conservatorship for 13 years?! @SYeezy05 @nbatakezTT @imkj__ @chxse999x @YourMusicWhore Let's say for arguments sake, it was a dig. Sadly, 10 peoplediedand hundreds more were injured at the tragic event in November 2021. Makes me miss the 50 Cent vs Ja Rule beef of my youth lol. West and Eilish are headlining the Coachella Music & Arts festival over two weekends on April 15-17 and 22-24. Then dont perform! The audience members who died were 9 to 27 years old., The actual misogyny of these comments from Kanye. Several Instagram users condemned Ye for publicly shaming the young singer, given that she said nothing about Travis directly. RELATED: Billie Eilish Reveals She Started Watching Porn at Age 11; Says It Destroyed [Her] Brain. Billy Eilish has nothing to apologize about. Nobody needs him to perform. In November, hundreds were injured and 10 people including a 9-year-old boy named Ezra Blount died at Scott's Astroworld Festival in Houston after concert-goers surged toward the stage. Get set. I think it's cool that @kanyewest would stand up to the snub in support of another artist," one personcommented. ", Picture: She then added, I wait for people to be OK until I keep going.".

. However, it looks like Travis is in agreement with Ye, given that he sneakily liked and, Taylor Hill / Getty Images for Governors Ball, Here's A Breakdown Of What's Happening With Kanye West And Billie Eilish Right Now, Travis Scott Is Being Accused Of Having No Remorse For The Astroworld Tragedy After Liking Kanye Wests Post Demanding Billie Eilish Apologize For Her Comments About Helping A Fan At A Concert, Billie Eilish Stopped A Concert To Help Get A Fan An Inhaler And Didn't Continue Until They Were Okay, Travis Scott Is Now Facing One Giant Lawsuit Made Up Of Nearly 400 Individually Filed Cases From Victims Seeking Billions Of Dollars In Damages After The Astroworld Tragedy, fan footage and several witness testimonies.

He has people to pay. Bitch we need to boycott Coachella for allowing Kanye to bring him out. Does Ye have an issue with young women in the music industry? ", As almost all of Ye's IG posts tend to do, it went viral, and Billie herself commented on the post, writing, "literally never said a thing about travis. She didnt even mention his name tf. Get ready. Billie Eilish is standing up for herself. Especially when Travis Scott didnt even genuinely apologize or hold himself accountable for what he did. Hes really 44 and still growing up now , Kanye def has a constant need to control and undermine women and it shows itself time and time again. kanye west has a vendetta against successful young women and its not spoken about enough, another wrote. Overall, Billie Eilish did nothing wrong. Its weird & misogynistic how Kanye is demanding an apology from Billie Eilish on behalf of Travis Scott. And she absolutely does NOT need to apologize. Not a fan of Billie but she should not apologize. We sit down with the first eliminated queen from Canadas Drag Race season 3; meet the designer of your next perfect summer swim suit. Kanye West performs in September 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Photo: GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA via AFP / KEVIN WINTER, Billie Eilish Responds After Kanye West Asked Her To Apologize To Travis Scott, Josh Hawley Fled From Capitol During Insurrection, Surveillance Video Shows, Oil Prices Steady After Sharp Declines On Weak U.S. Demand, Man Indicted In Rape Of Ohio Girl Who Crossed State Lines For Abortion, Sri Lankan Security Troops Raid Protest Camp, 50 Injured, Luton Airport Runway Meltdown Shows Airports Vulnerable To Climate Change, This CEO Is Leading The Charge To End Poverty, America's Most Authentic CEOs Discuss How To Be Real, Billie Eilish denied making a dig at Travis Scott duringher recent concert after Kanye West's plea, Twitter users came to Eilish's defensesaying West's claims were "nonsense", Others sided with West claiming that Eilish's concert remarks were clearly a diss toward Scott. How dare she (squints at notes) give a fan an inhaler She didn't even mention Scott or anybody else, this has nothing to do with Scott, let alone West. Was she wrong? first taylor and now billie, when will it end? The artist formerly known as Kanye West has lit up his Instagram page again this week. In light of all this, many fans assumed that Billies recent remark was a pointed jab at the rapper, with a bunch tweeting about the apparent shade over the next few days. But no, that's not the whole truth. "Nice try at a spin. Both Eilish and West, 44, are slated to headline Coachella in April. ", Seemingly unbothered, however, Billie quickly, She wrote: literally never said a thing about travis. Being outspoken, great. Not only did she say nothing wrong, but if this was going the other way and Eilish was threatening to boycott unless Ye apologized for [whatever, take your pick], you know Ye and all his disciples would be FALLING OVER THEMSELVES to call that out as "Cancel Culture", Billie shouldn't have to apologize. But fans particularly took issue with the age difference between Ye and the respective women hes called out, noting that he was in his 30s when he first dragged Taylor, who was 19, and is now 44, while Billie is 20. While Scotthas not responded to Eilish, he did like West's post. is getting way too arrogant for my taste. kanye west really loves harassing younger female artists doesnt he?

No she doesn't. A woman has to apologise for having an opinion or you wont perform? questioned another. One user compared the two situations and suggested that Ye's latest comments about Billie proved he was "inserting himself on someone else's behalf again. His actions are never called what they are. Billie Eilish doesn't have the cred to be throwing shade at any artist. #BillieEilish is taking care of her fans! What is up with Kanye starting fights with young, white, female musicians?

He posted a screenshot of a headline that read, Billie Eilish Dissed Travis Scott at Her Concert After She Stopped The Show to Give Her Fan an Inhaler! This guy is given too much Carte Blanche, where he feels he can make threats to satisfy his ego. Television powerhouse Issa Rae dishes on her latest series; Chris Evans and the cast of The Gray Man on their new action thriller. COME ON BILLIE WE LOVE YOU PLEASE APOLOGIZE TO TRAV AND TO THE FAMILIES OF THE PEOPLE WHO LOST THEIR LIVES, West captioned the image. All rights reserved. With Taylor Swift. Kanye West, who will be headlining Coachella with Billie in April, clearly thought that Billie was taking a swipe at Travis and demanded that she apologise to him. "Come on, Billie, we love you. There was no resting, you just kept on going," Tammy Duckworth says on an episode of PEOPLE's podcast Me Becoming Mom. A number of Twitter users criticized West over his demand, with many urging Eilish not to apologize. Now, drawing connections between Yes treatment of Taylor and his recent diss toward Billie, several users have expressed their dismay at the rapper for also putting Billie in an , Fans firstly highlighted Billie and Taylors similar career trajectories, while questioning Yes apparent vendetta against successful young women.. What did Billie Eilish say to Travis Scott? This has nothing to do with Travis or Kanye and everything to do with someone having a medical emergency. i don't know if this guy can get more ridiculous. I Wait For the People to be Okay Before I Keep Going.. On Nov. 5, 10 people were killed and hundreds injured at Travis Scotts Astroworld show in Houston, Texas. This account is already logged in to Trendsmap. the only thing Kanye loves more than telling women what to do, is Kanye. In an Instagram post, Kanye wrote: "COME ON BILLIE WE LOVE YOU PLEASE APOLOGIZE TO TRAV AND TO THE FAMILIES OF THE PEOPLE WHO LOST THEIR LIVES NO ONE INTENDED THIS TO HAPPEN TRAV DIDNT HAVE ANY IDEA OF WHAT WAS HAPPENING WHEN HE WAS ON STAGE AND WAS VERY HURT BY WHAT HAPPENED.". The "Happier Than Ever" singer, 20, responded to Kanye West's lengthy Instagram caption on Thursday, in which he demanded she apologize to Travis Scott. If anything, it makes him look worse. Perhaps they will replace him with a musician. Travis is now facing multiple lawsuits from festival-goers and families of the deceased. ICYMI: On February 6th, the "Bad Guy" singer stopped her Atlanta concert mid-performance when she noticed an audience member was struggling to breathe. "No one intended this to happen. He was literally arrested for a previous trample/stampede incident at his concerts. Contact Leyla Mohammed at First Taylor and now Billie, when will it end?". Petition to replace Kanye with Taylor Swift at Coachella. A woman has to apologise for having an opinion or you wont perform? Just another GROWN ASS man trying to attack another FEMALE singer, first taylor swift now billie eilish? Being rude and self-righteousnope!!!! Your subscription allows access for one user. So Billie saying I wait for people to be ok until I keep going, is diss now?? Kanye West performs in September 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada Photo: GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA via AFP / KEVIN WINTER. If anything, it makes him look worse. ', The singer revealed that she dyed her hair dark brown after debuting her blonde look earlier this year, Sen. Tammy Duckworth Calls Going Back to Work After Having a Miscarriage 'Inhumane', "Even though we cleared my calendar for the day, I was still on the phone. Im sorry but she did not say anything wrong nor did she mention Travis by name.

That is what his issue was," anotherwrote. Kanyehe gets older, but the female artists he starts beef with stay the same age. Perhaps you should take this down considering @billieeilish said nothing about Travis, wrote one user. 11 February 2022, 12:18 | Updated: 11 February 2022, 12:33. With the conversation unfolding further, fans began pointing out the overarching misogyny that exists in the media and music industry. What Im hearing is that, if Eilish DOESNT apologize, Coachella might be worth attending this year. A woman has to apologise for having an opinion or you wont perform? The grandmother ofAstroworld's youngest victim, nine-year-old Ezra Blount, has also defended Billie. While this was all going on, Billie told the crowd: "I wait for people to be OK until I keep going." was just helping a fan.". Binge-worthy entertainment news and celebrity interviews. kanye hates successful women. Fans are commenting on the interaction between Kanye West and Billie Eilish, and most of them are defending the Ocean Eyes singer. The actual misogyny of these comments from Kanye. Were with the stars of Elvis in Memphis and Toronto. Good job, Billie. Literally never said a thing about Travis, she wrote. Just cut ties and say so long!!! tlc creep produce dress vh1 bio rihanna baggy remain thatgrapejuice This year's lineup also includes Harry Styles, Megan Thee Stallion, Doja Cat, Swedish House Mafia and Lil Baby. Many are calling the "Gold Digger" rapper's behaviour indicative of deep misogyny and male entitlement. Was just helping a fan," Eilish replied in West's comments section. We Introduce you to the new racers of The Amazing Race Canada. West needs to go home and STUF. NO ONE INTENDED THIS TO HAPPEN TRAV DIDNT HAVE ANY IDEA OF WHAT WAS HAPPENING WHEN HE WAS ON STAGE AND WAS VERY HURT BY WHAT HAPPENED AND YES TRAV WILL BE WITH ME AT COACHELLA BUT NOW I NEED BILLIE TO APOLOGIZE BEFORE I PERFORM., Eilish responded to West by commenting on his Instagram post. Billie doesn't need to apologize to anyone when she did the right thing. She told the audience before resuming the show: "I wait for people to be OKuntil I keep going.". Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images for The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Reposting an article headline that stated that Billie had dissed Travis, Ye voiced a strong message toward the 20-year-old singer on Thursday. Billie clapped back at Kanye in the comment section, and wrote: "Literally never said a thing about Travis. Earlier this week, Billie Eilishstoppedher Atlanta show after she noticed that a fan was struggling to breathe. At the end of the day, you just hear music. One user even pointed out that Ye has quite often denigrated and demeaned the women in his personal life. Travis is also set to perform at Coachella, right? RELATED: Man Who Administered CPR at Astroworld Festival Recounts Horror: 'If You Fell, You Were Just Screwed'. ", Kanye [is] inserting himself on someone else's behalf again, they. Meanwhile, the conversation around Yes comment continued to evolve on Twitter, with many fans quickly casting their minds back to his treatment of another successful young woman in the music industry: Taylor Swift. Travis is also set to perform at Coachella, right? ", The grandparents of 9-year-old Ezra Blount, who was the youngest victim in the Astroworld tragedy, also reacted to West's plea to Eilish, tellingRolling Stone that the rapper's words were "hurtful" and "idiotic.". Coachella would be far better off without Kanye *and* Travis Scott. kanye hates successful women. first taylor then billie what obsession do you have with 19 year old female artists bro, another tweeted. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. As of late January, nearly 400 lawsuits filed against Scott and Live Nation over the music festival tragedy are being handled as one case representing nearly 2,800 victims. No one intended this to happen, he wrote. The latest racers eliminated from The Amazing Race Canada tell us about their time on the show; JP Saxe on bringing his tour to Toronto. Social media users are rallying behind Billie Eilish after Kanye West asked her to apologize to Travis Scott over an alleged diss and threatened to pull out of his Coachella headline gig if she did not.

"COME ON BILLIE WE LOVE YOU PLEASE APOLOGIZE TO TRAV AND TO THE FAMILIES OF THE PEOPLE WHO LOST THEIR LIVES NO ONE INTENDED THIS TO HAPPEN TRAV DIDN'T HAVE ANY IDEA OF WHAT WAS HAPPENING WHEN HE WAS ON STAGE AND WAS VERY HURT BY WHAT HAPPENED AND YES TRAV WILL BE WITH ME AT COACHELLA BUT NOW I NEED BILLIE TO APOLOGIZE BEFORE I PERFORM," West originally wrote. Stopped dead in the set and jumped down to help. Some media outlets claimed this statement was a jab at Scott, whose Astroworld festival performance in November 2021 wasthe site of multiple accidental deathswhen theaudience rushed toward the stage. It's during your performance we all get a chance to run to the bathroom in between the good acts. Eilish paused the show to make sure her fan was safe and had an inhaler before continuing to sing. Others also appeared to poke fun at West's reported feud with his estranged wife Kim Kardashian's new beau, with onesuggestingthat "Coachella replace Kanye with Pete Davidson. What??? Automatically, I'm on Billie Eilish's side. Today, West stood up for Scott in an Instagram post. Nervous representatives of Scott reached out to Deadline after the show, claiming that no shade was intended by the Eilish remarks. Taylor, whod won her first VMA that night, was interrupted during her acceptance speech by Ye, who jumped on stage, cut her off, and declared that Beyonc should have won the award instead. Dont crowd. As some users went on to point out, Ye's post perhaps inadvertently shifted the discussion from Travis and Astroworld to one about Billie's brief comment instead. evolved trap broken industrial god soul x10 wav paperblog splice audiolove tilly chucky 411mania billie eilish elish dysmorphia clase struggles canta newsweek onecms crossed mirren paras salida desvela nombre los40 geschrieben geantwortet mir debt