Greetings from Kosovo and Metohija. First of all sports, music or ART in general is suppose to bring Peace but Serbs showed their culture from the beginning, when Albanians were singing the hymn, Serbs were shouting like hooligans. UEFA made provisions for Spain & Gibraltar as well as Ukraine & Russia not to be drawn into the same group. confirmed the match has been abandoned as a result of the chaos that ensued. A Euro 2016 qualifying game between Serbia and Albania was suspended yesterday, after a drone flew over the pitch carrying a flag with a pro-Albanian message. the Stewards and policemen attacked Albanian players. Comments on this story are moderated according to our Submission Guidelines. They lost 3 points and did not qualify. Think about it.Check their media today-nation is celebrating. Whistles, Kill Albanian slogans are also OK, ugly but OK. Soccer players entering a brawl or having a fight is also part of the game, punished by the ref, but if does not stop a game. This game should have been played on neutral territory in a closed stadium. In this case Albania should be banned. The friendly at the Stade de France outside Paris was meant to show brotherhood between them. Before that the area was held by Rome, with attacs and influence of varous tribes, serbes inclused. 'There were 50 or so Albanian guys who can say I didn't have the controller they searched everyone.'. The Serbians and Albanians cant stand each other and you are probably right that the game shouldnt have been drawn but both teams may be short on those they can be drawn against. To add more confusion, not every country considers Kosovo an independent state. That then led to Albanian players being hit by projectiles from the Serbian crowd, as well as one Albanian footballer being hit by a chair (see above). Obviously they overlooked one more pairing. Asked if he had been arrested on suspicion of organising the drone stunt, Tahiri told Reuters: 'Not to my knowledge. Its all his fault. Yes the drone came in yes of course the serbs were mad as hell, but a flag shouldnt provoke anyone. When search suggestions are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. = first act of violence 5-All hell breaks loose on the field, That`s what I saw. Did they want Serbs to keep it in the air forever?! With France leading 4-1, a lone Algeria fan ran onto the playing surface brandishing a flag. The whole world knows that you are killers and thieves, you killed a French football fan for nothing. ', Fifas president, Sepp Blatter, added: 'Football should never be used for political messages.

I guess youre American or British therefore I chose those examples. End of story. Any civilized nation would have given its response in the field, and there is nothing to say when the ultranationalist and neonazi groups including Ivan Bogdanov invade the field. - A weekly roundup of our favorite tech deals, expected to be played on October 8th, 2015. UEFA Charge Albania and Serbia After Euro 2016 Qualifying Melee, Where to find Inter Miami vs. FC Barcelona on US TV, Where to find Charlotte FC vs. Chelsea on US TV, Starting price: $33/mo. Nje poster with albanian national symbols (controlled by an unidentified person) flying and some albanian players trying to take it (probably it appeared overreaction, but a french, english, german, russian player would have done the same or worst) is equal with that racism massiv serb???!!! Serbian aggression. Albania closed doors for 3 games and losing 3-0 this game. Marcus Christenson, editor of The Guardian, reports: Serbian FA call on Uefa to give THEM a 3-0 win for the abandoned game last night, saying they gave Albania 3 options to carry on the game, However, Albania captain Lorik Cana has claimed he and his team-mates were attacked by stewards as they attempted to leave the chaos that engulfed the stadium. So teach us about fairness and justice. Dont make a fool of yourself 13th century, Illiria= Albania, yeah, right! Rob Harris ofThe Associated Press provided an update from UEFA: From UEFA on Belgrade:"Match between Serbia & Albania has been abandoned & the circumstances will be reported to the UEFA Disciplinary Body". Required fields are marked *. Open some books or learn how to use GOOGLE and youll find out that Albanian language is older than the old greek languagenot the new one. This is a provocation of your hoast and not civilased behaviour. I do have serbian friends here in Toronto, which are ashamed for what that day produced. On the other hand fans entering the field, beating up players with chairs and what-not, security guards kicking players at the entrance of the tunnel is a total separate issue and will require harsh punishments by UEFA. Hey USAyou should change your name to Serbia. And i also noticed that the slbanian team was wearing white, normally the home team wears white. They can shout kill albanians and think that only serbians can get offended,only they can get mad,they are gods who can kill anybody,insult anybody,beat up anybody and they just get away with this.Ignorance is the most dangerous desease in the world and hateness feed it. UEFA head 1: We got to be careful. Suddenly, what everyone was trying to avoid, had taken place: turmoil. albania serbia soccer drone flag match mitrovic stefan slide serbian america Two Albanian players go after him attack himit was obvious that the player wanted to resolve situation in a a normal way so that football could be played. Albanians celebration today explains the situation and also the interviws their players gave prior to the game speak volumes about inborn hate towards Serbians. With the contentious issue of Kosovo and ancient as well as recent history, this matchup should never have happened. The Albanian issues were outlined above. Hey, shouldnt you guys stop blaming somebody for provoking your bad actions? Sweden was awarded a 3-0 win. It is the host teams responsibility for the saftey of the players. #Serbia. Meanwhile our politicians are stealing our money, our future. Fox Soccer initially reported that play was halted after fights broke out on the pitch: The match between Albania and Serbia has been stopped after an Albanian flag was dropped into the stadium and fighting broke out. Audience Relations, CBC P.O. Serbia and Albania have both been punished following the chaos that erupted during their recent Euro 2016 qualifier. On top of that none of these six cares for the Greeks all that much and god forbid you draw the Serbians against Israel because they cant handle a game against an English team that doesnt have a single Jewish player.

Who provoked you in Genova? By submitting a comment, you accept that CBC has the right to reproduce and publish that comment in whole or in part, in any manner CBC chooses. They wants us to fight over some stupid game, they wants us to fight each other so they can steal freely, think about it. Angry over a late penalty call, a drunken Danish fan interrupted a thrilling European Championship qualifier by running onto the field in Copenhagen and aiming a punch at the referee. Some 20 yrs after Serbian owners cant come back to their flats, homes, property what a selective memory you haveand if course you need to aagree with your Albanian buddies since you operate in the same manner. So when Mitrovi pulled the flag down from the drone, you can imagine the anger that created among the Albanian footballers. This runt is so far out, I wonder if youre high on drugs or just plain delusional. We cannot let Russia be in the same group as Ukraine; imagine the trouble that would cause., UEFA head 2: Dont forget about Gibraltar and Spain. A wolf in sheepskinpoor you. And let me just add, all of the countries east of Slovenia all the way to Bulgaria (call it the Balkans) are dealing with high unemployment and a generation that sees a bleak future. The match was suspended in the 76th minute and abandoned 45 minutes later. 'They searched me, they looked at my camera, a simple Canon camera. Introducing Engadgets 2022 back to school gift guide! he sholdnt have been bothered. Now its time for Serbia to get 3 points! Seriously? Stop preachinh to Ana and put yourself in somebody elses shoes. The game was abandoned and South Africa was awarded a 2-0 win. The serbian extremist fans have a history of violence at soccer games and even basketball games. not be allowed to wear their jerseys cos the hosts are very sensitive to the red color with a black eagle in it? One player was almost hit by two flares for a corner kick. Go finish elementary school before you comment here. Croats and serbs we have nothing to fight for as we Croats are now independent When Serbia recognizes Kosovo as Independent then these match-up can happen with no incident.

Albert, I hope that UEFAallows the returning game to be palyed in albania with fans of both teams attending( despite the fearUEFA got from this game) and hope you will attend that game. The Guardian's James Dart shared some of the footage: Mitrovic pulling down the flag flown in by drone at Serbia-Albania Never seen anything like this. Serbian officials have accused Albania of provoking the incident, and UEFAhas opened disciplinary cases against both football associations. Did they all pose for the No to Racism photos before the match? Both fined 100,000, Serbian FA: Serbia also ordered to play their next two home games in group behind closed doors. Ohhh check the facebook and u find out they show before game what they want and what they will do someway and even showing their UCK-liberation of kosovo papers tooall of us and laugh i dont have anymore comment albanians u wait america will go away one day we will wait, but dont run then again across the mountains like u always did turkey is turkey and can not be other chicken is chicken big or small, Serbians always make troubles first they were fighting Croatians in every soccer event Now Albania I wonder what they will do when Kosovo start their UEFA tour I would indefinitely disqualify serbia till they learn the lesson as they are losers anyway as always, Serbian have always been Nationalists and they are still remain Nationalists They want integration in European union to destroy European Union No one wants Union with the worst Nation in Europe not even Montenegrins wanted to share life with Serbs TA. how many fans and stewards rush at the Albanian players and attacked them?

I think you are forgeting a few very important things. The man who controled the drone is brother of Albanian prime minister. Not all serbs are horrible people, but the govt knows who these hooligans are and they should not let them in the stadium. Ana, again, seing the right to invade the pitch and beat players because you were provoked is a silly argument and will not help your cause. Why look at that! Serbians dont stand Albanians no matter they r from Albania,Kosovo,Macedonia,Montenegro or Serbia Serbia has 120000 Albanians but they have registered only 5000 with no human rights abandoned and discriminated by Serbian government. The match had to be abandoned after a drone was used to fly a Greater Albanian flag into the ground, prompting violent scenes involving both teams. I strongly condemn what happened in Belgrade last night.'. Serbians were extremely provoked. Anyway it is not acceptable to to promote any political idea and goal during the sport event. What you want is the same as fascist albanian state between 1941-45. seriously!!! Almost 70 years after playing their first international World Soccer Talk 2022. Those flares were obviously missled in by something how do u let that inside? just which part of their behavior constitutes for a punishment by UEFA, or is it customary for the guest team to bent over? Their players are no better, because they attacked the person who clearly just wanted to carefully remove the ridiculous flag of albanian wildest nationalistic dreams which will unfortunately never come true. serbs croats croatia serbia friends bosnians bosnia today relations montenegrin hatchet buried enthusiastic participation forgotten while Even when the drone was first spotted in the 34th minute, things remained calm. Instead, the French national anthem was roundly booed by Algeria fans and chaos erupted on the field after 76 minutes. Aleks , I have no idea where you are from, and obviously you have problem identifying yourself. But i googled serbia football violence and than i saw that that type of behavior is normal for them and i am suprised they have not been dealt with before buy the soccer associations. I keep repeating it, certain complexes need to stop, right now. UEFA confirmed disciplinary proceedings have begun, per The Associated Press' Rob Harris: Breaking: UEFA to open disciplinary cases against Serbia & Albania football associations over violence. They were screming Kill Albanians all the time Watch the videos The game was interrupted twice and please the albanian team player didnt heat no one before they were seriusly injured by otsider fans, Dont get fooled with story of that poster. Hard to beleive it. They behaved like sportsmen should behave. Because Albanians didnt came out to play when they could. Now, for the most part, the starting Serbian players did try to shield the Albanian players from the fans and the stewards. When serbian footballer took down the flag, 2 Albanian footballers started fighting with them. It is time that somebody steps up and says Enough! And it has to come from within the Serbian public opinion, from the intelligence of the country. Genova 2010, Krusevac 2012 (against England U21) and now Beograd 2014. always has been your strategy. Home fans reacted to South Africa scoring its second goal of the game in the 84th minute by throwing bottles and other items onto the field. What kind of security do they have to let these objects in the stadium. It wasn't until Mitrovic pulled down the flag that the Albanian players took offence, as can be seen in the video below: The two nations have had a strained relationship ever since the end of the Kosovo War, and journalist Tariq Panja can't believe UEFA allowed both teams to play in the same qualifying group while separating other squads: So UEFA prevented Azerbaijan/Armenia and Spain/Gibraltar meeting in Euro qualifiers for poltical reasons. They caused a similar disaster in Genova and the one who suffered was the Serbian national team. According to the report, Serbia will not have fans present during their scheduled match in Albania next year. Uefa is most likely gonna penalize both sides, but i believe the serbian side should be penalized heavier. Their politicians have sold off the old public sector to a handful of their friends and the rest are left to starve. And they can freely closed out doors for Serbia for this EURO Q anyway we will win all games. Please note that CBC does not endorse the opinions expressed in comments. Your email address will not be published. I asked my serbian friends why is serbia in red. So actually you will get a war with the rest of Balkans countries. That led to a penalty being awarded and what intruder Ronni Korvig later called his "moment of idiocy.". You could not hear a word or the music of the albanian national anthem. This is for history. I blame the govt for not being able to handle their fans. One firework landed close to Italy goalkeeper Emiliano Viviano. Flags, banners, slogans even when they consists of insults and slurrs are OK; not nice, but fine. The serbian pkayers were the only ones trying to protect the albanian pkayers. called greater albania taking significant parts of neighbouring countrys areas will get you nowhere. It's speculation.'. A few minutes later, several dozen more fans invaded the pitch and the players walked off. Your claims are outrageous and quite stupid. The Guardian's Nick Ames was on hand to describe the incredible scenes, as players and even officials got involved in a scuffle: This is disgraceful. But it has been reported that a couple of serbian playets did hit the albanian players. This was a long time coming. did you even watch the video? Where to find Sweden vs. Belgium on US TV, Dutch wonder kid Van Domselaar not daunted by facing France, Germany beat Austria to reach womens Euro 2022 semis, Mane wins second African Player of the Year award, Bayern Munich dominates in DC to droves of Bavarian supporters, Pandoras box opens as Nunez scores four in Liverpool friendly, Lingard joins Premier League new boys Nottingham Forest, Jamaica midfielder Morrison follows Rooney to DC United, Paulo Dybala arrives as Romas new diamond up top, West Germanys 1966 captain and post-war football icon Uwe Seeler dies, aged 85, England on verge of reaching World Cup as Kane destroys Albania, Kane fires England to brink of Qatar, Italy held by Switzerland, Albania-Israel match moved over attack fears, Albanias day in the sun thoroughly deserved. 'I was in the stadium I wanted to take pictures to show my friends. I am of as it became boring this conversation Goodluck in convincing Serbians about modern world and Civilization, whatever I said here is the truth,and if I get any negative rate I wont be surprised as I know u would be from Serbia , they PM did the same , is not only an action of few I gues. BTW are you serious. Albania and it`s people never cause any trouble in history, Serbia has caused trouble with many countries. Decide for yourselves is this wrong. After that: chaos. Serbs are at the primate level of muscovites. The Associated Press provided an update from UEFA. October 12th, 2010, Marassi Luigi Ferraris Stadium, Genova, Italy: Serbian hooligans of far right groups cause the game to be abandonned after violence in the stands. Hahahaha funny people are Serbians therer main weapon is attack before everyone is thinking but now that the others had to deal with Serbia beside Albanian they world had seen who really Serbia is and I am sure the flag that floon in Belgrade that day its not the Albanian its the Serbians who will be behinds such act is serbia who head all of there higher political in that game president of Serbia was there watching the game and shame shame of him letting all of this happen and shouting kill kill one Albanian massacre an Albanian stab a Albanian at the time let them thrue the fire crackers inside the stadium when Albanians where almost trying to score its shame of Serbia sorry to say this but if I was a eufa president and Fifa I would for ever abend the Serbians from soccer and any other sports separate them from everyone because thats what they want and show them a great lesson about there actions that they take let them think twice hey 35 thausend fans in that stadium were Serbs and they were 3500 police forces there and to let the fans enters the field thats crazy and as you all seened they even were punching the Albanian players there security got a big picture in front of the world who they were and how they protect players if I was any other countrys I will refused to play serbia in Serbia. Whoever are the serbian agencies have organized this shame, they falled in their trap. Albanians have now fled the pitch, pelted by objects. Plus the bad reputation that will stick for years. for every feel good football unites the world story, unfortunately some issues still run deeper than the beautiful game. The photo below is reportedly the flag that was flown by the drone over the field: In further developments, Serbian media are reporting that the brother of Albanias prime minister was arrested on suspicion of planning the drone maneuver. Do you understand you do not have anything to say? The Albanians need to grow up because their country is never going to look like that fever dream of a flag. but you lie because your entire nation history is based on lies and being savages. The game was abandoned after 28 minutes due to crowd disorder. Your email address will not be published. We are the only one country that neighbors have the own lands! The UEFA European Championship 2016 qualifier between Serbia and Albania was always going to make for an interesting match, but Tuesday's fixture defied all imagination after someone flew a Greater Albanian flag into the stadium with a drone. Michel Platini and Sepp Blatter, presidents of UEFA and FIFA respectively, both condemned Tuesday's incident, per Ben Rumsby of The Telegraph: Uefas president, Michel Platini, said: 'Football is supposed to bring people together and our game should not be mixed with politics of any kind. The rivalry between Serbia and Albania is an intense political affair that is fueled by ethnic tensions. There were plenty of racist banners in the stands last night and fans chanted kill the Albanians for minutes. It was a football match, not war! A drone flew a Greater Albania flag into the stadium, prompting a violent reaction by players and supporters. But no the two Albanians want to fend a flag of non-existing imaginary dream state which ofends several people of the much about poor poor Albanians who started it and planned it. The insane scenes happened after the drone hovered over the stadium, carrying an Albanian flag.

Glass bottles and plastic objects were thrown at the albanian soccer players. Go learn your history Slava. STOP GENERALIZING AN ENTIRE GROUP OF PEOPLE BECAUSE OF THE ACTIONS OF A FEW. Thirteen people were crushed to death in a stampede during a World Cup qualifier in Harare that was sparked by police firing tear gas into a section of the National Sports Stadium containing Zimbabwe fans. Clearly the person who used it has money to burn. And Serbia will play the next few games with closed doors or in some other country. Serbians are all the same most of them 90% of them would be against KOSOVO independence isnt shame to attack soccer players and you r host, they r brave to go there after what they have done to Albanians for generation 6 soccer players of Albania r from Kosovo Serbians use to attack Croatians players in our fiels but we kicked their ass No more fighting as we are Independent now and they have nothing to fight for whoever dont know serbians they will pay high price. 100 years of INDEPENDENCE not EXISTENCE! #uefa. The kickoff was delayed by 40 minutes after Serbian fans threw flares at Italy supporters and onto the field. You forget that you had to wipe clean Croatia of 220000 Serbs in order to have a country.