Der Preis fllt fast stndlich. Be interesting to hear if those are fixed or not. The video part of the movie doesn't matter, only the audio track. Copyright 2000-2022 M2N Limited E. & O.E. , , , ( food auditive ) , . I have the Q700A and my current version is 1009.2, but it says there are no new updates. The only issue I had were inconsistent audio drop outs via devices directly connected to HDMI in of the soundbar. Anyone having difficulty connecting to Spotify on their phone? Alexa ist mir persnlich relativ egal und Verbindungsprobleme habe ich bis dato nicht gehabt.

You might have to wait for a week or two for them to release an OTA update to update via smartthings. LG C1 48" OLED. Hallo Thams81 ich habe das gleiche Problem Anlage sonst alles Top aber die 5 LED brennen sobald man den Stecker unter Strom stellt Samsung wei auch nicht warum. . 19 . I havent noticed anything that is different. I really hope we have a separate thread discussing eARC woes. Habt ihr auch das Problem, dass die Soundbar mitten im Betrieb einfach auf BT wechselt? Bei mir leuchten Sie dauerhaft ob An oder Aus Wie habt ihr eure Soundbar eigentlich eingestellt? Jubilum, High End 2022: JBL Vollverstrker SA750 im Retro-Look, High End 2022: Drei neue HiFi-Streamer von Innuos, High End 2022: Hegels neue Vor- und Endverstrker P30A und H30A. Actually do you have your devices (switch, etc.) u/Dramatic_Diver4773 . (very pricey indeed ) and this sure does outperform the Samsung top of the line products. Se que ter atualizao como em alguns pases da Europa como Holanda, falo do Brasil. Kann ich den Soundbar ber den Tv hngen? company number 03997482, registered in England and Wales. Das Problem liegt definitiv an dem aktuellen Firmware Update (1006.2). Just follow the update guide here, And download the update here 2himanshu, Akshay6988, amit1agrawal, anandtheleo, AYP, a_bharadwaj, brownkaiser, dailydriver, darthvader001, drive2eternity, GaryTSI, GTO, InControl, JReacher13, keroo1099, landcruiser123, NaXal, nitinkbhaskar, pugram, punterccrx8s, Sebring, sunnsood, vb-san, vredesbyrd, 2himanshu, Akshay6988, amit1agrawal, AYP, a_bharadwaj, brownkaiser, dailydriver, Desmosedici, doxinboy, Everlearner, GaryTSI, GTO, HighOctane, InControl, JReacher13, Karthik R, keroo1099, kutts, manpreetsj, narayans80, NaXal, PVS, Raghunath Singh, romil.shroff, Sach_511, sandeepmohan, somspaple, sukhbirST, thallipolivandi, Thanos-VV, Turbanator, vb-san, zavegur, I've zeroed in on this model and had taken a demo at Samsung, Mall Of Emirates. Beim Austausch, wurde da bei Euch die Soundbar abgeholt und im selben Atemzug die neue ausgeliefert? Can confirm, lpcm is working on ps5 via earc(lg cx) with that firmware. LIVE: AVSForum Tech Talk Podcast with Scott Wilkinson, Episode 6 Click here for details. Europe's busiest forums, with independent news and expert reviews, for TVs, Home Cinema, Hi-Fi, Movies, Gaming, Tech and more. Nice great to hear. is owned and operated by M2N Limited, Come join the discussion about home audio/video, TVs, projectors, screens, receivers, speakers, projects, DIYs, product reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! With the Sony remote the TV turns off, but not the sound bar. I'll check out the thread. ( ) ( ) (( )) who . But I'm happy for you!:). This is a failed installation of a new firmware for the sub or the 57 will not be updated this time? Seems like everything is working so I wouldn't worry about it too much. So you had similar dropout issues, which were fixed for your q950a with the latest update? In av forums some already flashed it. I can buy it right now and have it delivered tomorrow. ( , , , { } -27- { }- 28-{ , . () . , ( ) . Looks clean and nice setup. Ich muss ehrlich sagen, dass macht mir irgendwie schon wieder Angst, wenn man berhaupt keine Updates mehr zulassen darf ohne das Alexa nicht mehr funktioniert. Ich bin nmlich an diesem Tag selber nicht vor Ort, sondern nur meine Frau. Dann wre es sogar nur 940 Euro. Yes I know about WiFi issues. 1992 305:564 566. What the heck, Samsung? Eventuell geht dann noch Cashback von 150 Euro runter.

Durch Kreditkarte wrde ich durch die Bonuspunkte gerade knapp 1090 Euro zahlen. Waiting to purchase an Epson TW9400 to go with it. Samsung HW-Q900A Soundbar. (( )) . Theyve had my faulty unit for 3 weeks now and Ive still not received my replacement. To be honest, I am more of a custom AV receiver guy since you could upgrade (or repair) individual components. You must log in or register to reply here. Tested now in STANDARD mode 9.1.6 via NATIVE TV player and got DA notification on soundbar and following.

Since I upgraded to the new Apple TV 4k, the drop outs in audio are minimised to about once every 8-10 hours of content, which is nice. Powered by Xenforo, Hosted by Nimbus Hosting, Original design Critical Media Ltd. LIVE: AVSForum Tech Talk Podcast with Scott Wilkinson, Episode 6, The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo, Dolby Atmos Object Demo by Listen to 360.mp4, Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 49" Ultrawide Gaming Monitor Review. I tried that and factory reset as well. I'm from the EU, don't know if the firmware is different in other countries Would be interesting if anyone has had this happen that is in the US. [quote="*Olli1991* (Beitrag #584)"][quote="*Olli1991* (Beitrag #567)"], Kann denn einer was zum Soundbar sagen? Weit weg von den beschriebenen 0,5 Watt. Gilt das auch bei einer Retoure? Hierbei handelt es sich wahrscheinlich um einen Softwarefehler. - The volume level of the entire bar has decreased after the update, but is a good thing as now they are more in line in with the rear speaker sound and better in sync with the bar. Samsung website shows its more of a combined 100W, which is still decent.

Sep 15 '21, Hey guys. q60rs hw So since the system only has 4 height speakers you hear all of them at once for the side heights. Please do PM me in case Croma offers the unit there at Rs 75K (For my parents' house), InControl, Nitish B Shetty, vredesbyrd, vsrivatsa. And also directly connected to the bar? A crude way to find a good subwoofer position is to keep it at your listening spot (on the sofa), then move around the room and find the place where the sound is better. 2000 ( AFR/RC50/Doc.9/R). Connected to laptop and have dolby access configured. Maybe the prime Music with Alexa bug is gone. Now I would advise to unplug ALL HDMI cables since any CEC shutdown command from any device may interrupt it and once it starts like go away for 10 mins. ), which is one reason why I want to see how others judge this new update before I get it. Bin am berlegen der Soundbar noch einmal eine Chance zu geben und wrde sie daher neu bestellen. Rather not update via USB as I dont have a micro usb adapter. Vielleich weis einer im Forum wie das auszusehen hat bei Anlage aus oder an. (my tv set came without the eARC, but not a problem since all streaming video comes with atmos in a lossy format). I am not sure if I should give it a try. . Does anyone have a contact from Samsung who can help me with a customer service problem Im having with this Soundbar please? ( dr.Xiaorui Zhang ) Sonos: Erster Lautsprecher mit Bluetooth-Support geleakt, Bose Home Speaker 300 mit Google Assistant angekndigt, The one to watch: LCD-TVs 7304 und 7354 von Philips, Sennheiser verffentlicht erste Soundbar: Sennheiser Ambeo, Live-Fuball: DAZN kauft Bundesliga-Rechte von Eurosport, T5 True Wireless: Klipsch stellt neuen In-ear-Kopfhrer vor, Marantz enthllt neue AV-Receiver SR5014 & SR6014 (Update), nuBox AS-225: Neue Nubert-Soundbar ab sofort erhltlich, Convert2mp3: Musikindustrie macht YouTube-Downloader dicht, Honor Vision: Das ist der erste Fernseher von Huawei, Noise Cancelling Headphones 700: Bose prsentiert neuen ANC-Kopfhrer (Update), High End 2022: Mark Levinson Showroom zum 50. Danke fr die Info @aphrox und @scrolllock. Finden Sie Ihr Thema in ber 15 Mio. Dann hoffe ich mal, dass meine Frau das auch darf, Also Ihr knnt auch sicherheitshalber in der App ganz unten rechts auf ''Men'' gehen, dann oben rechts auf das ''Rad'', scroll runter bis ''Gerte und Dienste autom. Is anyone else on the latest firmware (1009.2) hearing some static from the sub when you, during playback of something, turn the volume down to 0 and than turn it up 1 click? this was the only issue from my end preventing me from getting this set up. Leider habe ich direkt nach dem ersten Einrichten die Soundbar aktualisiert, daher kann ich es nicht so gut vergleichen. So atmos works w ps5 in 4K/120hz now?? Actually, I heared of nobody so far, where it got fixed. They went out of stock with Samsung eshop ( where I bought it from) so I accepted that. Latest firmware is 1009.2. The adaptive mode in my opinion is the best of all currently, it was the same as you used a lot of surround but after the last update the adaptive mode is so good that I use it in both movies and music, only in games I do not use it obviously why it automatically goes into game pro mode, but in adaptive mode there is much more detail than in surround mode. Vielen Dank Sichelios jetzt wei ich wenigstens fr was die 5 LED da sind. Have UPDATED to version 1010.1 through smartthings/hw-q950a/information/update and havent noticed anything other than apparently a fix for the rare and occasional rear speakers audio tinny interruption, I'll get my Q950A in a month.. Do you guys like it? () . Sometimes they make firmware updates for other new models and roll them out also for q950t (for example, the q950a update made a big improvement to the q950t when it rolled out). When there's something that takes full advantage of what the soundbar can do it's immense. Does it really work as good as a traditional Atmos setup? I always keep my q950t in adaptive by the way but lets see If the surround mode improved that much, so that I will change. Ich geh mal davon aus das der 995er Zacken besser ist. A forum community dedicated to home theater owners and enthusiasts. Ist q935b im hnlichen Niveau wie q950a oder kann man da beim alten bleiben. One was the TV remote was not also turning the sound bar off (it went to mute and then stayed on stand by with a red light that stayed on. I don't have other Echo devices in the same room, but it works for me fine. :/. However they are now back in stock since Monday and my replacement has still not been sent. . because audio standards are so variable. No issue! SmartThings shows the update. Hngen geblieben ist sie mir auch schon ein paar Mal. I am using it in a 14*27 room and it is very very loud. Hi, can you confirm that LPCM 5.1 working via Earc on Apple Tv 4k connected to Lg cx? when the internet might interrupt) The bar seemed to have issues with things directly connected AND using Dolby Digital. But what you are saying for the native TV App seems to be correct as the extra 2 channel for the ear level and height channel are like the 'middle' channels between the front and rear which would explain why the SIDE and Side TOP come from both front and rears. Your price is astounding - as even in the UAE it costs a lakh (in rupees). You dont need to use both remotes. I can't even use the full volume. Samsung UBD K8500 Blu-ray Ray player. Is the bar still connected to the internet and have you checked the connection settings in the SmartThings app? Playing 9.1.6 test tone via windows player and it reads DA notification on soundbar. Certainly, the advent of the Dolby Atmos soundbar ushered in an era where you can achieve home theater-style immersion without having to install a large, expensive and complex AVR-based system. I'm on firmware 1010.1, and Spotify is working from both my Android phone and Windows 10 laptop. Now, Samsung has upped the ante by presenting a soundbar system, the HW-Q950A, that offers 11.1.4 3D immersive sound reproduction., Maybe this update fixes the sound/volume issue the EU people were having or maybe something to do with Dolby MAT support? Mine says no new updates? Never done it before and I am too lazy to google it. I have been using 1008.0 since day one of the release and haven't had this issue yet. Lypertek drops price of PurePlay Z5 TWS earphones, Auro-3D finds a buyer to secure its future, Netflix loses nearly one million subscribers, What's new on Sky, NOW and Paramount+ UK for August 2022, Netflix teams up with Microsoft to deliver its ad-supported subs tier. Ist mir die letzten Tage immer mal wieder passiert und grade innerhalb von 10 Minuten zweimal. 0022247688888 So Samsung released a new firmware update for the hw q950t soundbar today. . Along with a 7.2 Channel home theater from JAMO. In other words, the adaptive mode gives a lot of realism to the sound and that has an effect on the fact that, for example, in dolby atmos in some scenes you confuse reality with fiction and that some sounds you think is at home and is actually in the movie. Has anyone else updated to it? Here is a link to the Dolby 7.1.4 test tones, you can play these on a USB from a TV, blu-ray player ect (also a 9.1.6). . : 2001-2010. Ich glaube auch, dass es am Update liegen knnte. Sie schreiben uns, dass Alexa seit dem Update auf 1006.2 auf Ihrer Soundbar HQ-Q995B nicht mehr funktioniert. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. - The 616 watts is unlikely to be the RMS power consumption. , : , : 1 ( ) , , , . Ich bin Nutzer der 950A und bin durch den Preis sehr im Gewissenskonflikt.

/ Would be nice to have LPCM via eARC and some more out of the surrounds, will maybe wait a day or two to see further info on AV forums before I update. unterschreiben? . The power output from the sub-woofer is very poor and over-all sound stage that it produces is not as how it is advertised.

I just spoke to Sony support with two issues I was having with the TV. Um eine Antwort zu erstellen, musst Du im HiFi-Forum registriert sein. I have the 950t - stupid question - how do I do the FW update? . aktualisieren''. JavaScript is disabled. Lol. Well an update was released today. I still cant get DTS:HD-MA to pass through my A90J. Optoma UHD51 Projector. I figured it out - its set to auto update. () ( ) . Only 7.1. (Cant cancel for full refund and buy elsewhere as the 50% offer is finished now and my offer has been approved). Downloaded the 1010.1 firmware from Samsungs site and installed via USB On smart things, there's now the 1010.1 but there's still the same firmware 57 for the sub. Yes, you are correct, so I did some more testing. [player id=1355], , : / 6, : / 2, () 2014-2023, , , , / , : , : , , : / 1, : , : , : , : , 2014-2023, . , : : : . Teufel Cinebar 11 Schaltet sich nicht ein ! I have set my 5 GHz band on CH 36 which should be fine in this regards. Firmware update and still muffled center channel when playing atmos in combo with LG CX. Most companies market the PMPO watts which is really misleading. - I believe atmos effect has improved but too early to tell. Just for the record . 75 Samsung 8K QN900A, Samsung Q950A Soundbar, Panasonic UB820 4K Blu-Ray Player. Usb is the only way for now. I've seen people running the Apple TV 4K (which uses LPCM Atmos) with this system and that hasn't been an issue? 1) Does Atmos notification appear on soundbar when playing 4k remux movie with TrueHD like LOTR 4K edition? I was in the market few month back and wanted to get this one but didn't want to spend that kind of money, hence asked a friend to get Klipsh cinema 600, and I'm happy with it. : . 1 Home Entertainment Tech Community & Resource. . This is ridiculous now. Warum habe ich das Update ausgefhrt? 2- : . For example, if in a movie with dolby atmos they close a door in adaptive mode, it sounds like the real thing. How do you update through smart things? Wenn ich die Konsole direkt an die SB anschliee dann funktioniert aber kein 4k und 120hz oder ? My HW-Q950A works perfectly fine with Dolby Atmos via HDMI ARC. ( ) . Ah that explains everything! Basti82 am 02.06.2022 Letzte Antwort am 02.06.2022 4 Beitrge, Done am 22.05.2022 Letzte Antwort am 26.05.2022 3 Beitrge, king_maxi am 06.12.2013 Letzte Antwort am 06.04.2014 11 Beitrge, Tricky2206 am 22.03.2015 Letzte Antwort am 25.03.2015 3 Beitrge, Hellgate am 30.05.2022 Letzte Antwort am 31.05.2022 2 Beitrge, wildschnubbs am 19.02.2015 Letzte Antwort am 22.02.2015 6 Beitrge, das_ubersoldat am 20.07.2012 Letzte Antwort am 21.07.2012 4 Beitrge, Rhear am 22.11.2014 Letzte Antwort am 22.11.2014 2 Beitrge, ollinit am 23.10.2010 Letzte Antwort am 24.10.2010 4 Beitrge, Der_Rote am 22.01.2020 Letzte Antwort am 22.01.2020 3 Beitrge, Top 10 Threads in Komplettsysteme und Soundbars der letzten 7 Tage, Top 10 Threads in Komplettsysteme und Soundbars der letzten 50 Tage, This soundbar at the price point you were able to get is literally god's Happy New Year gift to you. Soundbars have evolved since they first came on the scene, getting better each year while tackling ever more ambitions tasks. The Apple TV and the switch use LPCM thats why the bar don't drop that often or by matter of fact not at all (maybe it really is an internet bandwith issue in this terms, as Switch wont drop using LPCM and ATV very seldomly, e.g.

( ) . I had quite a lot of issues with audio drop outs and I wasn't very impressed with the adaptive setting until the 950a firmware update was released (I used surround over adaptive until then). I found this file to test Dolby Atmos Objects from Youtube channel "Listen to 360". Bei Amazon kostet die Soundbar gerade 1124 Euro. Maybe try unplugging the soundbar from power for a minute. Dann hoffe ich mal, dass meine Frau das auch darf :). Did you have any issues with the bar and the old firmware, besides lack of LPCM via eARC? () . So just wake up and indeed the update 1009.2 was automatically installed. Still a majority of time using the TV remote will turn it off correctly. LG 65C9 OLED TV Sky Q. Oppo UDP 203. : 1- : . 9.2 Denon 3600 7.1.4 system, TV 2020 Sony 85-900H LED, Klipsch RP8000, 4-RP500SA heights, RP240D side surr, RP450C ctr, R26A surr, Subs: SVS PB1000 Pro & R-12WI, BasX 500 5 ch amp, PS3, 3 Valencia Tuscany HT seating in Dark Chocolate. Everything sounds a bit more clear and details are louder. My TV is a Sony. Sweet, thanks! Bekomme meine 995B fr 970 ink Cashback heute geliefert, passend zu meinem 95B wirds hoffe ich noch mal einen besseren Klang liefern als die nun in die Jahre gekommene Bose (die ich aber immer schon sehr gut fand). I had about one dropout every 40 minutes or so with my previous Fire TV Cube. There are other things that can affect the soundbar as well, like proximity of WiFi mesh or repeaters. :) Via ARC/eARC everything worked flawlessly without drops. I had this issue with a HW Q800A, C1 and ATV4K and ended up returning the Soundbar. I was able to download this update (1020.1) via Samsung Smartthings Application using my SmartPhone. r/Soundbars Ich hatte keine Tasten gedrckt oder sonstwas gemacht, einfach nur geschaut und auf einmal war der Ton weg und die Soundbar stand auf BT. "Okay aber wenn ich sie ber den tv anschliee bekomm ich die Hkchen grn? I find the performance is mixed dependent on device, service, media, etc. Connected directly to the bar or to the TV and then via ARC/eARC to the bar? I want to update cause I have crackling notices going from the speaker while playing music. The TV comes with Dolby Atmos/Vision and have plugged a Google TV doongle to the tv set. ( ) 0022241535086 0022236717212 0022236413746. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts,, I can't see anything online about this currently. Im so lazy! Any other improvements you could see/hear in this short time. Alexa funktionierte bei mir zwar auch nach dem Update, aber ich hatte mehrmals Verbindungsprobleme mit dem hinteren linken Lautsprecher. Another user claimed that LPCM worked via eARC for the first time for him, which previously only worked via HDMI in. 2014-2023 . If smart things app doesn't find it you can update it by USB . Thor: Love & Thunder and Netflixs Sea Beast Reviews and the latest 4K + Movie/TV News. Please do PM me in case Croma offers the unit there at Rs 75K (For my parents' house). but played via KODI and it's totally messed up, sides and wides and rears play from front only. New home: if I go soundbar thenSonos vs Samsung? Yes, I just checked for an update and it showed the sound bar and also went through the update search. Samsung HW-Q950A 11.1.4 Soundbar - Reveal & Review. 3- : , 06-05-2017 : , 114 30 / 2014 | , Pietroni P. : . Also wenn man keinen Austausch zugestimmt hat? LG DSN8YG Sound ist nach update sehr leise, Bose Solo 5 Lautstrke ber TV Fernbedienung, Ton aus Soundbar und TV-Lautsprechern gleichzeitig, JBL Bar 5.1 kein Ton bei Anschluss ber HDMI-ARC. . Thanks for sharing! I have a philips low cost OLED tv, the model 55OLED754 (european model, as in the US are made not by TPVISION, but P&F). Teufel Cinebar Lux - selbststndiges Einschalten. Anyone tried it or knows what changed? It feels so good when one get such deals - all about being in a right place at the right time. Set to Auto. Ive been chasing all week with customer service on the phone and email and they say its on order. I'm an avid AV enthusiast, photographer, video producer, and drone pilot who spends his spare time exploring cities, listening to music, watching movies, and playing video games. : . You are using an out of date browser. Der Tipp von Waldi_77 hat mir nicht geholfen. Ps5 dont have atmos for games, cant test it. But still, I have 4k remux LOTR with TRUEHD-ATMOS and when I play it via hdd connected directly via usb to TV via NATIVE player, I get no DA notification whether in standard or surround mode. I am using it with bluetooth for now. Musstest ihr euren Ausweis wieder vorzeigen bzw. So what do you guys suggest to use "STANDARD" mode always so I listen as creator intended? It just stays in standby mode (not off), but it will eventually turn off on it's own. Ausserdem habe ich immer wieder Verbindungsabbrche und die Soundbar hngt sich auf. TVs: Sony XR-65A90J Calibrated | Sony XR-65X95J Calibrated. JBL and Infinity Speaker Deals are Back!!! I got it for 68k from croma during Diwali. I'm pretty sure that if you would connect lets say a fire TV Cube, which uses Dolby Digital, directly to the bar, you will have similar drop outs Vvry frequently. 0022247688888 I have all my devices (PS5 etc) into TV and then EArc to the bar, except for the Switch which is direct into the bar. I own the Q950T but as far as I recall the firmware update that "fixed" it came out because Samsung released the Q950A and implemented the firmware for that device to the 950T as well. Vor dem Update (1002) hat Alexa funktioniert. Tried it on and it does the sound of LPCM better.for ps5. Kann das zufllig jemand besttigen? : ( ) . , : : , . I love when movies have Atmos with this soundbar, it's so good! . Did you ever find out about this? I've just updated my Q900A through the app this morning. TVs: Sony XR-65A90J Calibrated | Sony XR-65X95J Calibrated. Anyone know anything about the update yet?