Heat Advisory Issued for Mercer County: Heres What You Need to Jacque Howard: Were All in This Together, Shiloh Creates Vital Zone of Development in Trenton, Artworks Reminds Us to Nurture Our Inner Artist. 2018 TRENTONDAILY / GREATER TRENTON | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If this is an emergency or you are in need of police assistance, call 911 or contact your local police department. 1847. Auditors are elected to four-year terms and officially assume office the first Monday in April. The future sees an increasing need for this process which includes: education and guidance for patrons; extensive knowledge and implementation of legal procedures; detailed descriptions of land areas; and documentation of public testimony. : To provide and maintain an efficient, safe, environmentally sensitive, and cost effective county transportation system to effectively meet citizen's needs for personal mobility and movement of goods consistent with the importance of transportation. * Process all UCC financing statements presented for filing into the statewide central notice system.

ADDRESS: * Reviews and updates insurance coverage for county property, * Binds and stores copies of the official county newspaper as county record, * Verifies daily cash sheets prepared by the county treasurer, * Coordinates distribution of hunting and fishing licenses between vendors and the general public. UNDER FEDERAL AND STATE LAW, PROVISIONS CONTAINED IN ANY DEED OR OTHER INSTRUMENT FOR THE CONVEYANCE OF A DWELLING WHICH RESTRICTS SALE, RENTAL, OF A PARTICULAR DWELLING BECAUSE OF A PERSONS RACE, COLOR, RELIGION, OR NATIONAL ORIGIN ARE INVALID UNDER FEDERAL LAW AND ARE UNENFORCEABLE.

Mercer County Courthouse Emergency Management/911 Coordinator Carmen Reed - 745-3302 or 745-3695. Pioneer Technology Group 2017 version The landfill has a 10' x 70'certified truck scale which isavailable to the public at a cost of $10.00/truck. You must call the County Clerk's office at 309-582-7021 to confirm the correct amount due. license applications prior to that date.

For smaller schools that do not have a superintendent, the county superintendent serves in that capacity. Mercer County Emergency Management provides an integrated emergency management system that prepares Mercer County for an emergency or disaster. The County Clerk has maintained records of all documents affecting property since Mercer Countys incorporation in 1838. The Clerks of Court Association was formed in 1952 as the N.D. County Judges Association. Person(s) who use the information contained in this database(s) to commit a criminal act are subject to criminal prosecution. * Keep a record of each patent, deed, mortgage, bill of sale, security agreement, judgment, decree, lien, certificate of sale and other instruments required to be filed or recorded in proper books provided for such recording, upon receipt of the filing or recording fees. As defined in the N.D. Century Code, the auditor is the chief financial officer, the elections officer, and the secretary to the county commission. Wood (burnable & sorted)$31.00/ton (minimum charge of $8.00); Asbestos (by permission only) $12.00/bag or $20.00/barrel; Large (dead) Animals$10.00 ea, Small (dead) Animals $5.00 ea; Items that maynot be accepted by the landfill include; liquid sludges, paint residues, hazardous waste and un-rinsed pesticide containers. Copy and paste this code into your website. If there is no document found there is a $2.00 search fee. 400 South Warren St. 4th Floor You can reach the Clerks public records search engine at http://records.mercercounty.org/. In addition they now meet by regions twice a year and also attend educational classes on a regular basis. Personal checks are accepted, made payable to "Mercer County Clerk". "Nebuchadnezzar, the King, sent to gather together the princes, the governors, and the captains, the judges, the treasurers, the counselors, the sheriffs and all the rulers of the provinces to come to the dedication of the (golden) image which, Director of Tax Equalization/Land Use Admininstrator,Cyndi Zueger. It looks at the hazards within a community to determine the risks that could impact the population. : The period following an emergency or disaster that gathers the resources to allow a community to return to near normal activities. Contact us to ask questions, find legal resources, and get help with understanding court forms and procedures. Commission Secretary: The auditor schedules meetings, prepares agendas, and takes minutes at commission meetings. The Center is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Only Real Estate Financing Statements (UCC) will be accepted at County level, all others must be filed at State level. The Mercer County Recorder's Office presents the information on this site as a service to the public. * Child Support: Because of the number of divorces and a growing number of state and federal laws, the number of child support cases has expanded faster than other court responsibilities. Well educated and in a position of high profile, superintendents often became community leaders and several held leadership positions with the state. Treasurers are elected to four-year terms on a nonpartisan ballot during November elections and they officially assume duties in May. For more information and updates on office openings and closings in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit the Mercer County Clerks website: https://www.mercercounty.org/government/county-clerk or call the offices main number at609-989-6465. They assist teachers and administrators and provide information on school law and legislative matters. The Office of the County Clerk is responsible for the filing and recording all documents affecting real property ownership and transfer within Mercer County. The master plan is then put into effect by ordinances controlling zoning, regulation of subdivision developments, street plans, plans for public facilities, and building regulations. These serious crimes include murder, gross sexual imposition and burglary.

County Clerk Paula Sollami Covello Explains Recording of County Property Records, Historic Trentons Day in The Life: The Port of Trenton, Box Lacrosse Makes its Way to Trenton New Jersey, Heat Advisory Issued for Mercer County: Heres What You Need to, New Jersey State of Rental Assistance Available Until July 25, https://www.mercercounty.org/government/county-clerk, Heat Advisory Issued for Mercer County: Heres What You Need to Know, Innovative Housing Vessel Ready for Boarding in Trenton, Heal the City Scholarships Celebrate Parent and Student Success. During this recovery phase a community may have an opportunity to change or rebuild in such a manner to further reduce the risks to the community. Sheriffs are elected every four years. You don't have javascript enabled. By summer, a preliminary budget is ready for examination by commissioners, and the final budget is approved by the commission in October. ASSUMED NAME FOR BUSINESSESNew businesses, click on Assumed Name documents for instructions and form. What Happens When Taxes Are Paid? No personal / identifying information is stored. Tax Liens: Recorders Office does not do searches. The Veterans Service Officer is in the officeTuesday & Wednesdayfrom 8:00 am ct to 4:00 pm ct. By accessing this database(s), you agree to indemnify and hold harmless, Mercer County, Ohio, the Mercer County Recorder and their employees from all claims, demands, action, causes of action, suits, damages, costs, injuries, fees, attorney's fees and liability, legal or equitable, that may be occasioned by the inclusion of inaccurate or incomplete property or financial information in the database(s). ***You can now begin the process of requesting copies of birth certificates, death certificates, and marriage licenses online. The clerk of district court could well be called "Custodian of Court Files" because much of the clerk's time is spent working with legal records. Later, a separate organization was formed for clerks of district, county, municipal and Supreme courts. Dispatch and Correctional Staff Patrol Staff and K-9, Todd Schwarz, Mercer County States Attorney 745-3518. A copy of your photo ID for certified copies, A written request accompanied with a signature and address, Proof of relationship in the written request (simply state your relationship to the person whose document you are requesting), Date of birth or a range of years to search by, Parents' names (very helpful because many very old records list the child only as a baby girl or a baby boy), Date of death or a range of years to search by, Date of marriage/civil union or a range of years to search by.

It is an important job because maintaining accurate, updated and accessible records helps bring efficient delivery of judicial services. Mercer County Criminal Courthouse

Mercer County has more than 650 miles of County highways. This includes deeds, mortgages, and their related documents, as well as tax liens, powers of attorney documents, and veteran discharge papers known as DD-214. You will need a photo ID and you must appear in person to apply. : If certain hazards or risks can be minimized prior to the emergency or disaster, it can significantly reduce or eliminate the necessary response. Share this page on your favorite Social network. Marriage license beginning August 1898 and a few marriage possibly get a Book number and a Page number. for details! The salary is set by state statute and is based on the population of the county. By proceeding further or entering this site, you are indication that you have read and understood the foregoing disclaimer and agree to its provisions. Please enable it {{item.Event_DateTime | formatDateEvent}}, - {{item.Event_EndDateTime | formatDateEvent}}, Incorporation, Limited Partnerships, Fictitious Names & Non-profit Organizations, Residential Foreclosure Help & Information, UNOFFICIAL 2022 General Election Candidate List, 3 Ways to Vote 11/8/22 General Election, Know your Rights NJ Voters Bill of Rights, OPRA Requests (Vote by Mail Request Lists, Petitions, etc. Today, the sheriff's departments duties include making arrests, enforcing all state and local laws, maintaining jail facilities, transporting prisoners and mentally ill patients, serving legal papers, holding public sales of property under court orders and attending district court. IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT THESE TERMS ("TERMS"), DO NOT USE THIS WEB SITE. Four phases or principals are utilized to develop this comprehensive approach. Many other county clerk offices also use it throughout New Jersey, so if you use it in Mercer, you will be able to use it in many other counties, including Middlesex. 609-571-4200 ext. Mill levies are calculated for all taxing districts (such as cities, school districts, townships, fire districts, water resource boards, and park districts). A governing board of three or five commissioners makes the administrative decisions for the county. During this recovery phase a community may have an opportunity to change or rebuild in such a manner to further reduce the risks to the community.

: The mobilization of resources to meet an emergency or disaster. Additionally, as part of their ongoing effort to provide thier constituents with the most efficient and accurate services in recording and filing documents, the Mercer County Clerks Office offers e-Recording. Princeton, MO 64673-1240, RECORDER EMAIL: tammy.crouse@courts.mo.gov. hunterdon Planning: This phase develops the plans used by communities during an emergency or disaster. With more school districts consolidating and more state control of local programs, county superintendents have taken on greater roles as record keepers, coordinators and technical advisors. Agenda items must be received no later than noon on the Friday preceding the meeting. Our court staff can give procedural guidance, but they cannot give legal advice. Director of Tax Equalization/Land Use Admininstrator,Cyndi Zueger745-3294. County Superintendent, Gontran "Buster" Langowski 748-6120. Over the years, the types of records on file at the Clerks Office have evolved, as have the methods for recording these documents. The information filed and recorded in the recorders office is used by the auditor, treasurer, commissioners and other county officials, along with the general public and business entities. Wanda Knutson, Clerk of District Court 745-3262. The County Treasurer's Association was founded in 1958 for treasurers and finance officers. They also propose legislation to better serve the taxpayers. The Mercer County Recorder's Office has tried to ensure that the information contained in this site is accurate. Taxes & Budgeting: After the fiscal year begins (January 1), the auditor starts preparing the budget for the following year by compiling revenue, expense, and levy estimates. With all recordings, enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope. All state holidays are observed. Counties brought order as homesteaders and settlers moved to Dakota Territory, county sheriffs provided urgently needed law enforcement. Private sales of foreclosed property are held throughout the year. Penalties and interest is subject to change and is not updated on the Website. Documents must have original instruments for recordation, notary seal, date and signature when required, prepared by, return to, and a self addressed stamped envelope for returning. It is office policy not to accept blanket documents. OFFICE HOURS: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Record and maintain Real Estate documents, File and maintain State and Federal Tax Liens, File and maintain Military Discharge documents. 802 E. Main St. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. It provides a guide for all responding agencies, both public and private. Before the county commission approves payment of bills, the auditor checks all of the requests for payments. Mitigation: If certain hazards or risks can be minimized prior to the emergency or disaster, it can significantly reduce or eliminate the necessary response. The records are available for public inspection between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, located at 209 S. Broad St. in Trenton. Documents received after 4:00 p.m. will be recorded on the next business day. They are required to prepare year-end financial statements. Self-Help Resource Center The treasurer's office provides easy access to tax and real estate records throughout the year to anyone who requests that information. Although the staff cannot conduct a title search by law, they can help familiarize the public with the computerized recording and indexing system. * Vital Records: Death certificates are registered and burial permits filed. The members meet annually to communicate changes made by the State Legislature and discuss issues pertaining to the county treasurer's office.

YouCANNOTpay delinquent taxes on-line or by personal check. Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Child Support cash payments accepted at 175 S. Broad St. in Trenton on Monday and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. For emergent filings, use the Judiciarys Electronic Document Submissions (JEDS) system found at the Self-Help Center. But their primary responsibility is administration of court records. Auditors are elected to four-year terms and officially assume office the first Monday in April. Shannan Senger, County Recorder 745-3272. By utilizing imaging technology and a modern electronic land records management system, the e-Recording system allows individuals to record documents remotely. muhlenberg courthouses clerk shanda