Research has shown that it is a common problem. Rides good looks good great gas mileage cargo cap good sound system. It should run and last me for another 200k miles. The EGR valve controls a valve which lets a small amount of exhaust gas back into the intake system for further burning. Technology is basic on the entry-level work truck, but improves in the LT and higher models. The 5.3 engine has all the power you need. Sitting 4 two months still no start. I love our Silverado! There was one year that had more issues than others. Upgrades include parking sensors, a rearview camera, lane departure warning, and forward collision alert systems. Overall I really like my truck and if you get one I am sure you will too. Real nice pickup Silverado is the best vehicle I have owned. It is a well-made and safe truck to consider buying. This article applies to the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (2007-2013). No problems really, gas mileage isn't great but you don't get a work truck for the gas mileage. Copyright 2022 Endgame360 Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Silverado 1500 is a complicated vehicle with thousands of parts. I like the front seat compartment that you can either fold up or leave down. It gets the job done whenever I need it to. Has space for people in the back to have room. I dislike that it has no ashtrays. I pull my 10,000 lbs camper with it. I just have access to it. This makes new truck owners really upset. But, you might be surprised at what the single most troublesome part of the new 2014 Silverado is. All the features such as the freon going out or even a simple as my windshield wipers I have all done as maintenance and did not cast a ton of money. He is a member of the Automotive Press Association, and keeps up-to-date on the latest changes in the industry. Thank you. Other than not knowing how much gas is in the vehicle, it functions well. I have driven all the way up and down California and experienced no issues. Bad design with the ac hoses keeps cracking in the same place. Where the Toyota stands out is with better reliability ratings, and a more comfortable cabin. Very easy on the eyes, maneuverable in traffic. Do the normal required maintenance to it and you'll have a great reliable vehicle to last you a very long time.

", article "23,000 Trucks Recalled Because the Dang Seatbelts Might Fatigue and Seperate", article "Kansas City Chevy Owner Concerned About Shaking", article "Stop Driving Order Issued for Silverado 1500, Tahoe, and Subrban Owners", article "Silverado Seat Belts Recalled for Being a Little Too Flexible", ranked it 77th out of 80 Chevrolet generations in overall reliability, Compare With Other Silverado 1500 Generations, so much better if they used the right replacement parts. It's a diesel. Does haul horse trailer well!

Just had them do it when I took it in for an oil change. Drives like a car but hauls like a truck!

Far better than my 2009 Silverado in every aspect. This article applies to the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (2014-present). I would buy another one in a heartbeat though because it is been a dream vehicle. This system was originally used in early 1980s Cadillacs. For safety there are antilock brakes, airbags, OnStar, as well as traction and stability control. Replacing the ground costs $250 to $325. Overall I think this vehicle is nice but not quality and requires lots of maintenance to maintain any quality work for this truck.

It is quiet when on the highway. Gas mileage as expected 14-15 towing and 19-20 empty with lift and 35" tires.

Comfortable seats and nice to drive. The truck is comfy when taking road trips. One of his current cars is a Lexus LX570, built on the same platform as the 200-series Land Cruiser, but its a better value in the used market. Very comfortable truck. Widespread air conditioning system problems, a rough transmission, and the seats are not as supportive as some rivals. My truck is extremely comfortable.

Typically, the dealer provides a loaner car while the transmission is being rebuilt or replaced. It has a screen along with options such as map or Bluetooth. Silverado 1500 owners have made 586 complaints about the 20142018 model years. Read on to learn what your Chevy Silverado is saying to you. 70,000 Miles replaced fuel pump ran 1 day. It's a high quality, strong, reliable truck. Currently have 102k miles on the truck. There are 20 recalls affecting the truck, worse than other vehicles from 2014. Fits 6 people relatively comfortably. It has too many built in electronics and the issues it does experience are generally with these. The handling, the quietest and power. The only issue I have with it is the way it shifts. This article applies to the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (1999-2006). If I were to go to any other model it would be the 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. I enjoy the reliability of this truck. But AC compressors were replaced almost as much as condensers. I love the space inside the cab as well as the fuel efficiency. I appreciate the steps to reach inside the bed. Overall, the 2014 Silverado is a good choice, but there are fewer complaints on the 2015 model. Signup for free email alerts over at Was not well thought out in the design. On a final note, while 2014 was the bad year 2015 saw a decrease in problems but still had more than later years. And comfortable ride. While all of these new features and technologies would suggest problem areas for the 2014 Silverado, the biggest issues are related to the heating and air conditioning system. So for those interested in a used Silverado we recommend staying away from both 2014 and 2015 Chevy Silverados. Thats good because the previous generation Silverado had some glaring problems. The cab is a little short for my 6ft 3 inch size. However the towing capacity its great. His mechanical experience evolved from modifying off-road trucks as a teen to focusing on automotive electrical systems as he got older. It gets me back and forth to work in style and comfort. Also long warranty. There are many components that go in to a truck, and even so, only a few will be looked at here. I do all my oil changes at the Chevrolet house. Besides being an entirely new truck almost all of the engines available in 2014 were of a new design. This truck also holds its value really well and I was surprised about the durability of it. Over the years, he has driven hundreds of cars, working on many of them. The old adage that you should stay away from first-year vehicles is true in Silverados case. The back seat has enough leg room for my husband to sit in the back and he is 6ft. Just had to replace AC compressor and condenser at 111, 000 milesguess I should feel lucky this didnt happen sooner reading up on this problem from others. Sure, this generation has its problems but at least it's better than the 2nd Generation Equinox. The Cylinder Deactivation system, known as the Active Fuel Management system by GM, shuts off some of the cylinders when extra power is not needed which improves fuel economy. Never buy a GM again, Truly like a rockwish it would sink and go away. All in all it has been an extremely good vehicle. The exhaust system components can then get too hot and cause the engine to catch fire. The 2014 Silverado 1500 series is a full size truck, and may have trouble fitting into residential garages depending on the configuration. At 60,000 miles it dropped an injector. My truck is so comfortable and roomy. The Stabilitrak system gave a lot of owners problems. The 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 series is more expensive than other full size trucks, with a price range of $25,298 to $39,505, depending on the model and mileage. Had a few issues with control arms and ball bearings but great truck without those issues. Cylinder deactivation continued to be a key economy feature of these engines. I like everything about the truck.

However, the owner can actually make a major difference in how the truck operates over the years it is asked to. After getting this truck, we've definitely become a Chevy family! After completing our research including 535 owner reviews, and information from 20 government and automotive websites, yes, the 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 series is a good truck. It has a lot of power and is comfortable on the inside. If that works, you're in business. This article applies to the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (2014-present). I prefer the brand. I have had to deal with several recall notices. Enjoy the quietness of the cab with these newer models. I couldn't ask for a better truck. 72k miles Cylinder 4 misfire trouble code 10 psi cylinder compression TECH BULLETIN says it all: All the issues I've had have been fixed. Reliability ratings are similar, ultimately, if youre looking for a full size truck testing out both is worth the time to see which you prefer. The truck is very comfortable and has a lot of legroom for a tall person. 5. Has good gas mileage at about 18 mpg for such a big truck. The only problem that I have encountered was a constant alert of low tire pressure in one of the tires. In many cases, the steering would lock up or try to center itself while turning. Overall it is a great truck that is very reliable. This seemed to happen while making turns for some reason. The back seat folds completely up if you need to haul things that you do not want to get wet in the bed of the truck if it is raining. Repair Pal estimates them to be $740 per year. Recalls have been easy fixes for small things. Otherwise, you may have to visit your friendly radiator retail outlet. I love my truck. Needs to be a recall, a $35,000 truck shouldn't be having this problem at such low mileage. From work to trails to anything, it will keep on running like a dream ! If not, it's time to contact eBay for a new valve. It is a used work truck that we had to buy at the last minute because our mustangs wheel flew off and we needed a vehicle. Overall, if you need to tow, the Silverado is the winner, but the Toyota is more affordable to own long-term. The vehicle has a backup camera which we love but not a lot of extra bells and whistles. Comfortable seating and reliable all around. Great truck reliably pulls 8-9k gooseneck horse trailer 2-3 times a month. Great AC! It is great to be able to pick up some or all of the seats in the back to haul things that you want inside the cab. Wont start.Before that it would just shut off going down the road! I have experienced no problems! Scheduled maintenance is the vital key. There have been a couple of minor recalls which the dealership has taken care of. Great fuel economy for a pickup truck. A problem with the software caused the engine to idle with most of their cylinders, thus overheating the exhaust system. Let that be a lesson to us owners to stop sitting in our cars?

It's huge and I find it difficult to park at times. 75,000 is started having electrical issues taking my power steering, backing up and electronics out. Did not get stuck in it when going in deep snow. I have had my truck for over 3 years now and performance has been great with no major problems that need repairs. Some owners have found a loose ground causes the engine to stall, but there are many issues which can cause an engine to shut off. Its big and everything is already breaking on it and it isn't that old. I kept getting it filled but the sensor would not go away. It is a very great truck it has brown leather seats, Bose system, heating steering wheel, a/c and heating system on both driver and passenger seats. Running tally of owner grievances filed to These occurrences happened within the first ear of ownership and were not related to age or mileage. Technology, towing capacity, and interior materials are better in the Chevy. I am not really sure why but whoever owned it never got it serviced. The truck is easy to park. Having the back up camera feature is such a great safety measure. Passenger seat shakes when no one is in it! Paint and appearance still in great shape, no noticeable rust at 102,000 miles. It is also comfortable and affordable. V8 5.3 love the power. If that doesn't work, you may need to replace the gaskets. I wish the air conditioner cooled faster. The truck started having electrical issues after a year, affecting the seats, radio and electrical display. Owned it 4 years now only problem is the act which has been a hassle. I highly recommend this type of vehicle. A bit of gas eater other than everything good. Big bed for hauling and has the power for the heavy duty stuff. Base technology includes an AM/FM stereo system with 4 speakers, with USB and AUX inputs. Great truck for work and regular day driving. The faulty weld can cause the control arm to change shape and eventually separate.. The highest-rated half-ton truck is the Toyota Tundra, which is in the same price range. Extremely good smooth ride. It has plenty of power for the package it has meaning the higher geared rear end. Plenty of space for 2 car seats and luggage. Paint is chipping all the way around the truck, on the bumper, fender, doors. The base engine in the work truck and LT models is a 4.3L V6 with 285 horsepower and 305 lb.-ft. of torque. The 2014 Chevy Silverado is the first model year of the third generation, and has more complaints than other full size trucks. Chevrolet Silverado review. It's also very dependable. It is a very reliable vehicle. When new, the price range was $25,575 to $49,180. The ltz package has everything I wanted. Comfortable seats. Only issue is the ac that is had to be replaced twice which is bad in a Texas summer. GM promised to fix the plaintiffs bumper in exchange for confidentiality. Best purchase ever - fits us, our two dogs, and our baby! My a/c fan went out, my radiator went out, my a/c compressor went out, my steering box went out, my vacuum pump went out. Peeling paint is another complaint owners have. So, in general, there were real issues related to the heating and AC system in these 2014 trucks. It fits 3 car seats comfortably. Very reliable. Its a 2014 Chevy Silverado we actually redone the bed of the truck and turned it into a flatbed. Drive carefully as the unnecessary electrical components can short out and kill the vehicle while driving locking the steering wheel. The longevity of this truck is awful and unexpectedly going backwards with issue after issue. The Chevrolet Silverado is a generally reliable vehicleas long as it's properly maintained. Tied in with the Stabilitrak issues was that the entire bank of gauges would go blank. It's comfortable to drive. Great reliability, never had issues. In current market conditions, full size trucks are very popular, and depreciation is only about 15% over a 5 year period.