It makes him the king of melee combat, and rightly so:) Of course the other skills are still very powerful and the basis of many variants. Then it's usually "Hey, that's pretty COOOL". Additionally, any runes, jewels, or gems that where socketed before cubing will be lost. GW is excellent in the cow level. 2 clear choices - Offensive, which gives a might aura, and defensive, which gives holy freeze. But berserk is probably among the most damaging single attacks in game. You calculate your Weapon Minimum/Maximum damage with this formula: Weapon Minimum Damage = (Base Minimum Damage+1) * (1+ (+x% Enhanced Damage)/100) + (+x to Minimum Damage), Weapon Maximum Damage = (Base Maximum Damage+1) * (1+ (+x% Enhanced Damage)/100) + (+x to Maximum Damage). Why use Taunt and attract monsters to you? Only IAS from the weapon matters. i actually agree ebotd in a ghost spear just feels much better than it looks on paper, maybe its the range 5. Plus, they work with your party members, people love Barbarian BO:) They work on enemies too, so you can Warcry AND BattleCry enemies and both will be in effect. The thing it affects most is deadly strike items. Note some other skills can affect absorb rates (Conviction, Lower resist), and in PvP play, using a full absorb rig against an elemental damage user is frowned upon. The second weapon isn't used.

When you perform normal attacks, you will alternate between the weapons in your hands. Stack your Crushing Blow, Critical Strike and Open Wound mods.

Last thing! This skill only gives a +1 skill bonus. Thus one result with one combo of weapons might be totally different from another set of weapons. You can leech much better with this and it leaves very little time for the enemy to hit you (and even if they do, you are probably whirling/killing/leeching). Also the reason why mace barbs and the IK maul work well in MF runs. Sometimes Damage Reduced. Should be complete at level 80 or so, this is your typical PvM MF barb, it is extremely biased towards sword users due to its versatility for PvM, MF, dueling and the availability of good swords. Other run/walk items are mainly additive and both suffer from diminishing returns later on. We believe this is an automatic critical hit of 100%, so regardless of what the skill description says, your barb will do double damage each time. Range doesnt matter much either so one chooses PB instead of BA. For the patient people, his killing power isn't as high, but as a defensive character he is pretty much king. I also love the fact that PB are indestructible so you dont have to worry about weapon repairs. You can one hit them. One point is more than enough. Firstly, potentially lower damage. PDR gear (more of a luxury item, but it makes a huge difference to your staying power). A small sacrifice in MF results in much shorter runs. Some monsters cannot be stunned 100% of the time, notably stuff like "special" monsters like Champions/Uniques. Whats wrong with Whirlwind, except not registering initial 2 hits?

The rest they shrug off. Specializing in Frenzy means dual-wielding weapons, attacking and moving really quickly, and doing heavy damage to every enemy within arm's reach. Stun: One point needed as a prerequisite for Berserk. But 1 point is essential, as you can EASILY take down PI monsters with it. Will I be immune to lightning? That would be more than half a second. Im interesting in PvM only, but Im curious - what makes Grief + Beast superior to 2xGrief? +x% Enhanced Damage and +x to Minimum/Maximum Damage = The mods on the weapon. Thus, his damage potential is incredible, where Leap Attack or Frenzy only deal 1 or 2 hits at a time. The attack speed is calculated for each arm swing, so different weapon speeds will result in different attack speeds. Not all warcries stack like this (Taunt/Howl will override Battlecry, for example), but most will stack with Warcry. Recent testing has revealed that the number of hits landed with your WW is only increased by IAS on your weapon. The key is specialising in it. Everyone I know (including me) that's played assassin has developed the Shadow Discipline tree at least to Weapon Block. Daggers, Throwing Weapons (and Assassin Claws): (0.75 x str + 0.75 x dex) / 100 Broken as. Please note warcry is NOT affected by the cast timer, hence a singer with a fast cast rig works extremely well. how good are these weps for being untwinked and about how long (in lv's) will they still be good for me? To get healed you must be wearing another absorb item, with this the damage absorbed would be higher than the damage being dealt out, so it would add to your health instead of subtracing it, and in essence "heal" you. How many points do I need in Increased Speed and Natural Resists? The remove of undead physical resistance to 0% from Sanctuary aura is game changer against Gloams or other undeads. WW starts with two hit checks at 4th and 8th frame where you hit with your primary weapon only. It is 100000000% times better than Leap as it can be used to attack and has unlimited range (level 1 Leap is more like a hop, or small jump.). Whirlwind vs Everything Else, which is better? Every weapon has it's own advantages and disadvantages. Barbarians can dual wield any one-handed melee weapons - one-handed swords, one-handed axes, one-handed hammers. "Dual": Dual leech (mana and life leech) or dual stat - (str and dex). If you plan on any player vs player then it is the best route. Admittedly, at early levels, the -% damage can be a pain, but this skill is well worth the effort. Also taunts monsters to enter into melee combat (except for. Note: Applies to single opponents only. Especially if you are runnign forti with a might merc. What weapons/weapon types can they do it with? You'd only need 5-9 points in Natural Resist, beyond that isn't recommended as the diminishing returns factor is too high.

This will result in the same sword with: It is possible to get BOTH a prefix AND a suffix. 5-10K or even more berserk damage is very achievable, and extremely deadly. thanks for the replies, they've helped GREATLY. Well, you'll love the Ironbarb. @Topic: Maces pack a lot of power but are slow. Useful for a MF barb, if you sacrifice Chance guards for LoH, you could kill Meph or Baal in roughly half the time it normally takes a non LoH user. (You can buy all (except the conquest/cryptic) from Larzuk the blacksmith in act 5. A strong part of the barbarian is in his mastery skills.

You might also pump str and wear laying of hands, both of which pump your off-weapon ED. Unless playing a variant, Leap Attack is fine with just 1 point, for mobility enhancement purposes. Throwing mastery is (obviously) for the ThrowBarb. grief + beast becomes (600)*10=6000. In some areas it is better to have more life leech so there is less risk of dying, such as in the cow level. Frenzy Barbarian is one of the main and best known builds for the Barbarian class in Diablo II. Having all the damage but not hitting a high defense barb or paladin is of no use.

Contrary to popular belief, it's not as easy as the stereotype makes it out to be.

so grief + beast is the best, beast + beast the worst. For other 2-handed weapons, first break point is at -30, second at -60. Chance to Hit for Melee Attacks: 100 * AR / (AR + Ddef) * 2 * alvl / (alvl + dlvl) Only a few monsters in the game can resist it, or are immune. What is the mastery bug and why is Deadly Strike useless? Actually, many players dislike the use of a shield when berserking. Scientifically plausible way to sink a landmass, Sum of Convergent Series for Problem Like Schrdingers Cat.

It also is caused by people casting a lower level of BO on yours, and can get very annoying, and sometimes dangerous (losing 1K HP's in the middle of a battle, for example). This will cause Blocklock, and it's not a good thing to be blocklocked while surrounded by a horde of monsters. Rare cases involve barbs pumping their str, but again, it's not recommended you do this unless you have a specific build in mind. Also, a longer weapon range will also greatly increase the effectiveness of your WW, as you can hit many creatures or a single creature more times due to the range. You can also use the "Heart Carver" rondel or a +3 warcries weapon to boost it up. Note that Battlecry seems to work on all monsters. Theoretically the lower level barb should require a few passes to hit the high defence barb (as the description reads "-25% target defence", assuming that each hit lowers your opponent's defence), but this does not hold true. In addition, it will bypass blocking animation (uninterruptible), but this is a double edged sword, as it can be good and bad. How does elemental damage in weapons work in Diablo II?

Grief, EBOTDz will do lots of damage and take care of your mana and life needs. Like the thought of walking around in the cow level without nary a scratch? You might see Shout, BattleOrders, and BattleCommand simultaneously on some barbarians, a very powerful combination. With 2.4 patch Sanctuary even works!! You can raise your AR by acquiring items that give to +AR. All swords (even the 2-handed ones), all 1-handed axes and maces, and all throwing weapons. Ahh I see, I wasnt aware of that quirk for whirlwind, the first part definitely skews it heavily in favor of making the second weapon an ED booster especially for short whirls. 8/09 - Patches. This does reduce the damage, and the power of the weapon for both single-handed and two-handed version is listed on hovering.

Of course, whether you max it or not will depend on your barb build and whether you like the skill or not. At this time im using a crystal sword, which is lower in damage than other weps ive found but has 5% life steal on it and after doing trist runs i got the gnasher, which is only 4-9 damage, but adds 8 strength and has 50% chance of open wound and 20% chance of crushing blow i believe. They must be hired in NM as in other difficulties their auras are different, and not as useful. You must log in or register to reply here. A 150% enhanced damage armour might add upwards of 500 extra damage, perhaps even more. Where a normal barb does melee he throws. A golden rule is "Damage is King". This works much better than pumping dex. As a final point, they can also wield a two-handed sword in a single hand in order to dual-wield. The other choices should give you a much better result. You can see this clearly when using a slow weapon in one hand (like Schaefar's Hammer) and a faster weapon in the other hand (like Baranar's Star). I would say Grief main hand ALWAYS. Life steal will make Frenzy Barbs more resilient. Being both blocklocked and having a good chance to be stunlocked isn't a good thing at all. As you can see it's not automatically 95% chance to hit, since you still have to factor in level difference. Grim ward is excellent for some classes, which apply the "daisy chain" (Taunt some over, kill, grim ward, scare the rest, move to next location and taunt, GW again, to set up a system to GW's. So the main advantage is that you can potentially get more hits in. Maces: 1.10 x str / 100 Also all swords can be used as a 1-handed weapon on a barbarian. Pure berserker: Sacrificing defence for killing power. Most people leave it alone or put 1 point to boost up their warcries, even though BComm's duration runs out, the bonus it gives to other warcries will not run out until the actual warcry itself runs out. Naturally, this is on paper only, and WW doesn't look very impressive on paper. A level 50 barb in hell mode will have trouble regardless of how much AR he has. More like having to repair is a pain mostly in PVM. Barbarians (and Assassins, in the expansion) are the only classes who can dual wield. In 0.8 many items had different mods. Also, we do not know how this factors in with dual wielding whirlwind.

Dueling is difficult as a Frenzy Barb because you have to get close to your enemy and physically attack them first, one swing at a time. But for simplicity's sake, we'll use "speed" as in 10 base speed + 20 Shael = -10 speed. Bash: One point needed as a prerequisite for Frenzy. Taunt is useful at times, but those are selected times. For one, all external (non weapon) IAS WILL NOT APPLY TO WHIRLWIND. Note that Shout will help a party though. Leap Attack. Single player barbs might have more trouble, try asking for help in the Single Player forum, and for barb related matters, state they are single player as most advice given out is biased towards to multiplayer/closed realm side of the game. You can stun them, but not all the time, perhaps 50%. : Cruel XXX-Sword of quickness. The unique boots "WarTraveller" also have the mod "adds 15-25 damage" which can increase your damage by a couple of hundred, handy for those who PvP. thunder born god forums However, lets say max Shout, well, you could end up with much higher defence rating, which will make a large difference in the PvM (and sometimes PvP scene). It's not autohit but does increase your chances a lot. How does the player setting affect the elemental damage of mobs?

Frenzy needs 2 weapons (so no frenzying with a war pike). It's no use to say "throw a few points in Shout" as that will be a barely noticeable difference. With an Ironbarb, who is defence orientated, focusing not only on defence rating, but also other factors such as resists, block, and getting equipment to add to these will vastly increase his effectiveness as a Tank/Brick character, able to defend against all that is thrown at him. Some builds can benefit from Taunt's ability to pick things off like this. Well, no one says you have to be cookie cutter. Back to AR, generally a higher AR will serve you better, but notice that level difference plays a part too. It's been tested and the answer is no. Leech (both mana and life leech should aim for at least 5%/5%+ to be effective in hell mode). Singer: Another strange, but very amusing subclass. Keep in mind that the whirlwind speed is determined by the primary hand's weapon speed, this is especially important if you are trying to hit a specific frame speed for WW on an assassin when selecting the right type of claw to use. I like 2 handed eBOTD GPA or Ghost Spear for when I need Berserk against single targets, for example vs the council. NO. You should give your merc some form of life leech to keep them alive. Also, note that some things cannot be scared away, but this can work to your advantage at times (isolating a boss, for example). There is NO best weapon, so no best mastery. Energy: This should be left at its base value. For the Secondary Weapon, pick another one of the above.

IAS = Improved Attack Speed? Second hand I really liked Azurewrath in 2.3 patch - I was clearing Throne room in p8 much easier than with 2x Griefs or other combo. BC is fun on a Singer maxed out for the -100% or more def, not to mention -50% damage. These cruel swords are extremely popular, since they have 3 sockets that are automatic. Also, remember although Damage is King, Speed Kills Too. Also, high damage = more leech. But defence as in Defence Rating, well not as one might initially think. Well, it's not like we were magically bestowed with them Everyone has (usually) worked for their items, and some were playing at the very start of the game. There is a complicated answer to this and I can only provide partial information.

In PVM, you usually have a might merc and/or fortitude, the extra off-weapon ED from beast becomes less significant and 2xgrief is better. Don't bother with this in PvP, unfortunately the radius is a great inhibitor. The lower classes of spears are much faster, but then their damage stats are a little lacking. Those 50% lifeleech barbs you might have seen/heard of are pretty much built for PvP. Even though beast has only ~half the damage of grief, the multiplier from the fanatacism aura is enough that your final damage is higher. If I max Battle Command do I get +20 skills? Frenzy + WW = almost "old school D2C" style WW, but maxing both isn't a good idea - it sounds good, but in practice you will find yourself using one much more than the other, essentially wasting 20 points. WW speed is fixed, although you can go slower if chilled (sometimes resulting in many more hits due to slower movement). "Def", "AC": Defense Rating. You don't have to just click whirl stop click whirl stop, holding down your mouse button and "sweeping" and area is MUCH better, and good against tough foes or ones that take a long time to die (Cow level/Izual comes to mind). However, it is a good choice for a barbarian that uses warcries (yes, not only can you stack warcries on yourself, you can stack them on enemies too! Leap does have a knockback radius, but it is very small, and not much use. Axes have very little durability, Id think hard about Grief for player vs monster. I wouldnt use Whirlwind until they fix it. Swords, however, are the most versatile weapon's class due to the fact that they have a good damage/speed ratio, and have a usual range of 3. Also in pvm whirls tend to be a bit longer so the usage of each weapon will approach 50%. Your defence drops to zero as well. I might add Im planning to use Berserker Axes as base, although I dont exclude swords/maces. ), or a build that is always close to the enemy. Battle Cry: Weakens monsters. Yes, I know Talic whirls fast. This results in your current life/mana to be reset to your base levels. This is the primary skill of the singer barb. This skill combines VERY well with many other skills available to the barbarian. If you are too low level, howl will not work. There ARE some important things to note about which hands to use which weapon. Of course, you can always have the friendly paladin/druid boost your damage with their Auras and Spirits in a team game. Also, Im going to use Find Item, so 2xDoom, although it looks neat, is not an option. Your answer could be improved with additional supporting information. The radius is the most disappointing part, as it barely goes past your character.

BC works on everything, Warcry doesn't work on Champions or Unique monsters. WW also has very low extra damage compared to other skills. Like from charms. (You CAN USE FI on Fire Enchanted Monsters that explode, however.) You want to make sure every shot counts, especially in PvP. A point in Berserk however will counter this problem quite effectively. Barbs are boring! Having a mana stealer eqipped in one and life stealer in 2nd hand, will only add the mana steal effect. Do not transmute a Cruel sword if you have one, since the recipe will randomise the mods. Since a barb tends to be a front line melee specialist, he should look for something for crowd control or more damage.

What is the best Mercenary for a Barbarian? How can I use parentheses when there are math parentheses inside? The best answers are voted up and rise to the top, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site, Learn more about Stack Overflow the company, Slight correction: Without Double Throw, Barbarians can't throw. (thanks to Statistics forum). 2 clear choices are the NM mercs of act 2. @Zemmi Correct, IAS is the abbreviation for the Increased Attack Speed equipment bonus. It depends on the type of defence. JavaScript is disabled. Are they on their own separate attack timers or is it a chance to swing both at the sametime thing? The 1-handed maces can be good for Frenzy characters, but generally not well suited for a whirler as the slower speed and lower range go against them. In that time, most opponents flee so if you manage to land hits itd be mostly with Grief. '+x To Minimum/Maximum Damage' = all non weapon +min/max damage. In PvP it is a different matter, some argue that maxing is worth is as there is nothing better for a barb to put his points in, but other like to put it at 10 and let those charms with faster run/walk do the job. I was aware of the AR as well but left that out as a simplification. However, few people could afford this. If you are willing to use swords, Grief or EBOTD and Azurewrath is an interesting combination as the aura makes killing undead easy. Now imagine you wore a fortitude instead which added 300% off-weapon ED Against tougher foes, short whirls can quickly make mincemeat out of them, while leaving your barb with little damage. Second Note: I'm sure I will get bombarded with messages from mathematically inclined gamer, saying "you can't modify a weapon's base speed!" Where the axe/knife has sorter range, but moves faster in the air, making them at times harder to dodge. How to help player quickly make a decision when they have no way of knowing which option is best, JavaScript front end for Odin Project book library database. Most barbarians eventually acquire a high damage cruel weapon, or an elite unique weapon so in most csaes 7-10% mana/life leech is good enough to keep your life/mana globes full. Holy freeze is another choice for some, who prefer the crowd control ability. Concentrate was improved a lot in D2X. A small note, Axes DO NOT have the 150% to demons extra bonus damage. Frenzybarb: 2 weapons, and zip around the map like crazy. Thrower: Where this was once a crappy subpar-submerged-subclass, it is no longer. For PVP: Grief Ba + Beast BA, no contest there. For kicking (dragon talon), trap laying, double swing, double throw, frenzy, and whirlwind, the. Increased Run/Walk is open to debate, but for PvM builds, it is more of a luxury then anything. Remember where we said above you can build a barb 2 ways? If you are using double swing, double throw, or frenzy, both will be used per click. hallowed defenders judgment