It is possible for a NavigationWindow to navigate to a page using one of the following: The Source property. It provides compact and extended display modes with built-in navigation view How to: Bind a NavBarControl 1) look for AboutView and AboutViewModel in the same namespace as the controller. wpf Page based applications are developed This topic describes how to implement navigation for composite Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) applications using the Prism library. Hi Andy, Thanks a lot for this post. Content is automatically rendered as a clickable hyperlink that navigates the current page to the target page. To facilitate navigation, WPF implements the following: As such, this style of navigation is known as structured navigation. It'd define a property say public PageBase CurrentPage {get;set; }, and it'd also define all the page navigation commands. The WPF has given the way to create the Web Page kind of Windows application, where one can navigate between the Window or Page controls. How to: Programmatically create a NavBarControl with groups and items. In WPF application, you can navigate from one page to another page; such a navigation system is known as Page Based Navigation. Page Class. This will bring up the code In this WPF example, we will develop a basic WPF application. 2) Create instances of them. There are numerous resources on In this article we will see how to navigate different UserControls in a The WPF navigation framework is difficult to use to support the MVVM pattern and dependency injection.