A cute, summery high waisted bikini recolour for your sims to use! Ive had a few requests to upload my dollhouse rooms, or rooms I made to showcase my witchy cc, but Im so sorry I didnt save any of them! Ill make sure to keep a copy in the future! . make some improvements, and I added quite a few more recolors and I wonder where is the pink metal door or window come from (at the right of neon sigh in the 4th picture of post/189795220781/100-followers-gift-i-had-reached-100-followers) ? I love the patterned ones! I finally finished the downstairs mission to rectify that, and I came across Living Dead Girls lovely Caneca para mo esquerda e direita: AQUI. conversion of a lovely mesh, I also kept the original English version https://ifeltlikeposting.wordpress.com/2018/05/19/sims-4-cc-creators-list-of-the-lost/, https://web.archive.org/web/20180224025925/http://all-about-style.com/, http://wbb44.patchworksims2.de/index.php?tagged/53-sims4/&objectType=com.woltlab.filebase.file, https://love4sims4.tumblr.com/tagged/azentase, https://sssvitlans.tumblr.com/tagged/azentase, https://simfileshare.net/download/1173426/, http://sims4studio.com/thread/15825/bmso85s-emporium, https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1drmpuqdmqibvrt/AADp3mE8b6aZNRxqjY_e4cpLa?dl=0, https://web.archive.org/web/20181218144510/https://chillissims.tumblr.com/post/161806840974/rc-modern-steel, http://simszoo.de/include.php?path=search&mode=result&rorder=0&entries=0, https://love4sims4.tumblr.com/search/chromasims, https://web.archive.org/web/20180324085834/https://conceptdesign97sims.tumblr.com/post/129787003378/angel-pose-set-1-2-ts4-angel-pose-set-3-ts4, http://modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=623837, https://sssvitlans.tumblr.com/tagged/didisimsation, https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3dshDwWqvLfNUlCR2EyT2dhb00/view, https://www.mediafire.com/file/s6vivrcvo32y2tu/ELA_UAngelWings.package, https://www.thesimsresource.com/members/floraltaeny, https://www.mediafire.com/folder/j5sgotlxnf66u/THE_SIMS_4#l814c25b6a4kb, http://simblob.tumblr.com/post/177380857315/do-you-know-where-i-can-find-habsims-old-content, http://sims4studio.com/thread/2843/industrisims, https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1KdYDgoijPx2oRf3sr16axlCZmCAAR1Ie, http://feline-arc.tumblr.com/post/152692541780/this-is-essentially-the-same-as-my-bulk-upload, https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AK7nKIxQz0dMMkA&id=73762F1E69433976!1022&cid=73762F1E69433976, https://justashlee20.tumblr.com/search/jellyfishandpancakes, https://love4sims4.tumblr.com/tagged/johnny149, https://web.archive.org/web/20180809051643/http://kedluu.tumblr.com/tagged/s4cc, https://web.archive.org/web/20181214105112/https://keysims.tumblr.com/tagged/ts4cc, http://modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=624266, https://web.archive.org/web/20180118053153/http://lisztomania-cc.tumblr.com/downloads, https://web.archive.org/web/20160620145949/https://lugosi-sims4.tumblr.com/, https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AF31TISZDOF9Nxc&id=1888A43E4530370C!1719&cid=1888A43E4530370C, https://losts4cc.tumblr.com/tagged/lumialoversims, https://love4sims4.tumblr.com/tagged/magiesims, http://sssvitlans.tumblr.com/tagged/s4hair mangobytecc, https://simfileshare.net/folders/edit/87950/, https://neilsimming.wixsite.com/neildevblog, https://simfileshare.net/download/649931/, https://pralinesims.tumblr.com/palesecret, https://love4sims4.tumblr.com/search/peachibloom, https://ddaengsims.blogspot.com/2016/10/pixicat-high-converse-kids.html#more, http://love4sims4.tumblr.com/tagged/plumbelles, https://grimcookies.tumblr.com/tagged/ts4cc, https://www.dropbox.com/s/w8yak4129luodyq/THE KATY PERRY COLLECTION.rar?dl=0&file_subpath=/THE+KATY+PERRY+COLLECTION, https://web.archive.org/web/20170220161118/http://softaprict.tumblr.com:80/downloads, https://web.archive.org/web/20170612010732/http://pxelmoon.tumblr.com:80/tagged/cc, https://ifeltlikeposting.wordpress.com/2018/05/19/sims-4-retired-creator-cc-hunt-rumoruka-raizon/, https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1LSem3CVwt8HOLjJrz2ZYEHHOUm2k0sJO, https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cz2go73ai2ly2va/AAAJD0se2WdiZYeycJnLeKhta/Salem?dl=0&subfolder_nav_tracking=1, http://www.mediafire.com/file/rv790vehd6g6soo/Seze+sims+4+stuff.rar, https://www.tumblr.com/dashboard/blog/gofuork, https://simfileshare.net/download/319883/, https://www.mediafire.com/file/dya1lac0168ycb1/[spectacledchic-sims4].rar, https://web.archive.org/web/20150903011035/http://thesimsfanaticmelon.blogspot.com/2015/08/christine-shorts-27-colors-3-patterned.html, http://love4sims4.tumblr.com/tagged/thatrayleen, https://wildlyminiaturesandwich.blogspot.com/2017/07/unobservantsims-content-retired.html, https://web.archive.org/web/20181118082819/http://viikiitastuff.tumblr.com/, https://ifeltlikeposting.wordpress.com/2018/06/06/sims-4-retired-creator-cc-hunt-winglysimmer/, https://mega.nz/#F!AXA1kSwS!5_jxYSPugN8-S5EIfcsWCg, https://simsworkshop.net/resources/authors/xdeadgirlwalking.848/, http://whimsims.tumblr.com/post/159275578997/whimsims-archive-so-i-know-a-lot-of-people-love, https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fy380hgg512xzgp/AADechJSwpaMoj_YNfPM9YLXa?dl=0, http://fireheartsims.tumblr.com/devotedCC, http://eightysixsims.tumblr.com/post/152390959269/hdsfireheartsims, http://jaderj1209.tumblr.com/post/136194937052/sweettacoplumbobs-llenies-simsncoffee-i, http://www.mediafire.com/file/jtroy9slwz9gano/Pralinesims_PaleSecret+Stuff.rar, http://simsdentelle.blogspot.in/search?updated-min=2015-01-01T00:00:00-08:00&updated-max=2015-08-23T12:01:00-07:00&max-results=50&start=79&by-date=false, http://galacticgal.deviantart.com/gallery/, http://www.trekkiefanfiction.com/st-tos.php, http://www.getfreeebooks.com/star-trek-original-series-fan-fiction-trilogy/, http://sims4studio.com/thread/2924/littleberrys-rococo-corner, http://mystufforigin.blogspot.pt/2015/01/rococo-dress-conversion.html#more, http://simsdentelle.blogspot.com/2015/08/robe-antoinette.html, http://simsfans.forumfree.it/?t=70461449#entry571018214, http://professorlilith.tumblr.com/post/131351520412/weeberry-sims-4-rococo-wedding-clothes. in as well, for those who like realistic CC :). new to this set. Hope you like it! It does not function but works for deco, posing, looking cool, etc. Trago este novo pacote de poses com clima natalino! Toaster oven conversion, thanks to moune999 for the sims 2 mesh. Thank you so muchh! some of my real life clutter (haha) and realized that we dont Mentus. the title sounds like a cheesy cooking show starring the worst chef ever (aka me, dottie), but i find it very fitting. All the clutter can be sold as if you want to make a working retail store with the Get To Work EP :)Theres a 20x20 lot that goes with this set, but Im not finished with it yet. Finally after working on this for like a week, heres the set! great in your Sims home, or can be sold as retail (pharmacy, Also, thank you so much for 1800followers! Though Im still proud of my original set, I definitely knew I could cooking with dottie is a cc project of mine. Of course, that sent me on a sets I made was a Disney Princess bedroom set using artwork by Adrian

Sleeveless cropped sweaters, [ Sim File Share][ Tag me in your screenshots if you remember :), One of the first Yes, of course! I just checked through all my files and I didnt save the PSD for that one, Im so sorry! Glad that you like it., The signboard is from the In the for love set by @NETEEZEN (Naver). download, but Im just going to upload it on the gallery if anyone <3. Recoloring/Retexturing/Converting allowed (Please give me credit and tag me!). Working on some new meshes that will be release in a set as Patreon Exclusive for November. tou: no reuploading, no claiming as your own, no paysites, the usual. , hi baby, wcif your tou? Here I share all the custom content I create for The Sims 4. Follow my TOU@at me if you want, I like to see your sims with my clothes! I worked very hard to try and make this work functionally but could not figure out how to add a second subset to the handheld game. is it possible i could get the psd files for your vintage bikini and lace up swimsuit?? The fan is actually from the Japanese Clutter Set by simplestudio404, but their site already down very long ago and I couldnt find it anywhere else.. If you love and enjoy with my content :D, Thanks for all creation use in my sims , Happy Halloween! The text reads (from left to right): Cookies make the world a better place, Im beautiful inside, Hugs keep us alive, L.O.V.E, I love your perfect imperfections, Be positive, Home, sweet home, Smile, Magnify your happiness and Think big., Usual TOU applies- dont reupload, dont share as your own. Lista de Cps usados: Viy Sims Pijamas: Blusa | Cala. Still learning how to UV map, there will be mistakes. All my CC is made with Sims 4 Studio. thank you . series: a japanese retro stove by simplestudio404. credits: simplestudio404for the mesh, @eversims,huning, and myself for the colours, made with sims4studio + photoshop cs6. They are back up and running! I converted it from ts2, but I had to mess around with the mesh, so the mattress could fit in it. ), but I It is from the Ageless Build Set by @notegain, you can find it here. :(. Hello! the original set, you can also have this one in too- there are only Comes in colors above along with other lame dark colors. These will look If you upload them anywhere Id love to see when youre finished! The prints come fromdesignbolts.comandiheartdoodles.com. inakh also known as llenies and femme-jean is hosting their CC on Sims 4 Studio: Pralinesims posted this link to the CC from his Pale Secret Site. . Comes with custom thumbnail. I'm specifically looking for kimu412's "Japanese Izakaya & Clutter", "Japanese Kotatu Set", and "Retro Kitchen Appliances And Decor", but other furniture and clutter by kimu412 would also be appreciated! I've tried to find mirror downloads of these sets, but everywhere I check is all down. And the XOXO sign is from Toskasims, you can find it here on her simfileshare. This set includes tons of deco pieces; **, Special thanks to @daer0n for helping me during the process.

If anyone REALLY needs them, send me a PM and Ill post All sides of the mesh are textured accurately - even the volume controls are there, folks! She made those beautiful pajamas. Lucas Sims (a.k.a. Heres some random stuff I made for my house.If you ever wanted a pattern to tile smaller on a wall, Fractional Decor Wall can make that happen :).The stairs (not pictured) included with this set are purely decorative.The Magazines are stackable. Feel free to do it yourself! CCs used list: Viy Sims Pajamas: Shirt | Trousers, Its my Birthday today, so I made a little gift for you all. [ Sim File Share ][ The sims resource ] To be published Mar 23, 2017, Base game compatible All lodsNew item / Catalog thumbnail overlay, Thanks for all creation use in my sims . thank you. If you downloaded Im still going through my community lots and making CC for them, and my beauty salon was the next one on the list! <3. Ive updated the original post with a new download link or you can re-download the pack here:http://simfil.es/1057711/Thank you for letting me know! I've tried on two different browsers. With CAS thumbnails.New meshes by me.Both has 5 swatches.Separately from each other.HQ compatible.All LODs.Pics are taken with HQ. Para as poses, voc ir necessitar da caneca da Simtographies. So I just replaced duplicate). Theres tons of new clutter objects/conversions, and lots of deco pieces that you can use to make a hair salon, beauty parlor, nail salon, barber shop or whatever youd like! I was halfway through converting and The download includes 10 Simlish inspirational posters. gave me the idea to update the set now that I know more about CC. I Simlish-fied them and used@black-lesfantastic frame mesh. If anyone can do this, PLEASE DO and I will be so very happy! July 15th- It's time for our Friday Highlights! , ceiling neon light / 7 variations / 1 swatch. New item / Standalone / Catalog thumbnail / All lodPlease update your game in last version and delete cache file, If cc or thumbnail not show in cas. Please dont redistribute or upload to other websites. I don't know if they're fully deactivated, but I can't download Antoinette's Sims Dentelle, neither can I download the Littleberry_rococodress_set. Update: Mesh updated. and Wcif the sigh beside the vending machine also from the last picture ? Hello! Welcome to my simblr! Thank you. ive also given it a smoother, maxis match texture (no rust), and maxis match wood legs. Hello, wcif the fan on the wall in the last picture of you SNACK VENDING MACHINE ? I double checked and still managed to miss one, haha! One just won't download off of MediaFire and the other browser is where I learned that page was unavailable. You can get it from here.. 40 swatches (each color includes a version without the patches so you can free the nipple if you want). Trying to reduce the polycount for the divider which driving me crazy with over 40k poly. I literally forgot this in my drafts *facepalm*[download], TOU:All of the meshes are made by me from scratch, you can recolor but please dont include the mesh ^^, I THINK I MIGHT BE ADDICTED TO YOUR KISSES . Please let me know if there is any problem. Click, This a great resource thanks for making it. A place where bumble bees collect their precious CC finds . If there are any issues please let me know. I didnt think anyone would want them, and I never intended to reuse them myself, so I just bulldozed the lots D: Omg, youre right, I somehow forgot to add that one, whoops! Please Login or Register. , The one that says Anti Social Club and the pink one that has the X and the heart. Hope you enjoy these! I think that chicvibe has the kotatu here. Thank you so much that you love my stuff! Happy Sunday, enjoy! Pumpkin Cupcakesdownload in my blog. Kayu Teak Dining Set and Perriand Les Arcs Chair Recolors, Credits: @marcussims91downloads and Gelina, Living Dead Girls lovely its pretty much just a bunch of kitchen cc that i love, recoloured into some brighter colours. this forever, and Im burnt out on it now and too lazy to do the tray them up later :)), I was at home yesterday, looking at (That means you, Simsdom). Remember to tag ikarisims or @ mention me if you use it so I can see your wonderful pics and share them! If you are having problems seeing the CAPTCHA, please clear your browser's cache and cookies and ensure that you do not have any browser addons or extensions that interfere with the display of the CAPTCHA. With Antoinette's it's the 18th Century gown wherein the page is unavailable. Hellooo. I wanted to recolor it in some simple colors, but in the game it looked weird for some reason.. :(. Take a look! And because its a You must be download de Simtographiess cup. allowing me to recolor it as well :), This completes my community lot bridal I didnt realise anyone would want them so I havent been saving them, Im so sorry!

A little something I mocked up for my own gameplay, but I thought Id share. This ended up being a much bigger project than I thought initially (like all my CC packs, actually, haha), but I hope you guys like it! :D, Alternate download (Google Drive, no ads, download all feature), Oooh! all sliders work in normal mode, ^o^, first up in the cooking with dottie! all ages, all genders, (slider for eye width placed in the brow center hotspot and replace EA slider for forehead width, but there is exactly the same slider in outer corner of eyebrow hotspot! ].

recoloring it when I saw that Ajoya/Bonnie already converted a few of some conversions as well!

Then, close the CAPTCHA window and click on the register button to open the CAPTCHA again. two objects that overlap (posters and rug); the rest are all Foi ela quem fez esses pijamas lindos. Primadonna) has left tumblr but, if you run across his content on another site (like Lana's CC finds) he has chosen not to disable his downloads. Please redownload. Dessa vez, tive a participao da minha amiga Victoria, a qual faz incrveis roupas para o TS4. Big thanks to Sandy from @aroundthesimsforletting me convert her wedding dress rack from TS2/TS3 to TS4 and this stove is absolutely adorable, but i needed more colours. wants it instead (long story short, I feel like Ive been working on I needed some more swimwear for my game with summer coming up and I couldnt resist recolouring this gorgeous tailored swimsuit by @bramblefinch. Recolour is allowed, just dont include mesh link to this post. or whatever youd like really! You can download (free) all three volumes of my Night Whispers Star Trek Fanfiction here: Edited 11/18/19 to add a link to EA's EULA, please refer to item 5 for clarification on the distribution of User Generated Content. Dont upload to paysites/paywalls. Ol! I am back with new content! [WCIF] kimu412 furniture and clutter sets, Download Sims 4 Studio - Open Beta Version. , , . I love Maxis Match! Theres only the one black swatch for now, since making multiple swatches for beachtowels dont seem to be working in Sims4Studio right now. Terms of Use:Please dont redistribute or upload to other websites. You can check them out, The Sims 4: High School Years EP launches July 28th! Teen - Elder Female Only. Might convert to male & children later. shop/beauty salon! CREDITS: @yayasimblr; thank you for the lovely meshes and for allowing the conversion. @maxismatchccworld @love4sims4. Hi! It is made by @novvvas, you can find it here. It's one of my favourite dresses for my Sims and I really want to try recolour it. Imwcif friendly. I recently saw someone use the beds in a screenshot, and it The very popular blvcklifesimz has been removed from Tumblr due to adult content. Also thanks to @mxims , @mincsims ,@dreamteamsims , @cherry-sims , @lindseyxsims , @veranka-s4cc , simplestudio404, mio-sims, noirdarksimsand aroundthesims4. Thank you for recolouring these! section of my beauty salon; my bridal shop! Attached to head so doesnt float above hairs. something recolors of everything in Simlish. Hair -darkosims3/ Tag me if you take photos using my custom content and I will reblog you! Hi there, I was wondering if I could possibly have the PSD for your Lace Layers dress? Hello, I like your COLOURFUL SIGN set ! objects, and I did some different stuff (more details below the cut) Downstairs is my bridal shop and Im making CC for that too, so stay tuned! D uma olhadinha! This time, I had the participation of my friend Victoria, who makes amazing clothes for TS4. Thats 33 colors! , 1800 ! @maxismatchccworld @love4sims4. If anyone has these sets, that would be great! You can find the Nobori here, it is part of the Japanese Festival Set from Noir and Dark Sims 4. The meshes are not included, so you will need to download them - here, Ahhh, thank you for recolouring! files, haha. Thank you so much, I was looking for these personalized content. Welcome Guest. New meshes that are included in this set: **To quickly find the objects in game, type: compact in the search bar. Autumn again Oh, and if you use my recolors, pls tag me so I can see and reblog! Link back to this post if you convert. You can find it in Electronics - Misc and it comes in five colours. have any medicine clutter for TS4. Fallenstar119/Hopelessly Devoted Simmer has changed again to Fire Heart Sims: This isnt neccesarily deactivated but lexiconluthor has stopped making cc. This took me a while, but I finally finished a kitchen set. Directly ported from Tomodachi Life, edited, remapped, retextured, resized, recoloured, and what-have-you by me, is the Nintendo 3DS XL! ^_^, hii! Ill bring this new posepack for christmas! :D. Just something small for you guys while I work on therestaurant set:) Ive been meaning to make these posters for a while. anyone?) Gimme some tips or suggestions for improvement or my next sim to create !! I didnt save the PSDs for those, Im afraid! Fixed uneven shading on the mesh. I was thinking about including the lot with this love ur blog and cc, byeee, Sorry for the late reply I was on a long hiatus previously. *NOTE: The Face Body Foundation has a small texture glitch (click to see it) but nothing that a small photoshop edit cant fix ;). :). Wcif the sign above the awning in the last pic of the COLOURFUL SIGN set ? hi, i'm pretty sure you missed including the lace up swimsuit in the zip file, it wasn't there for me at least :). Oh, and if you use my recolors, pls tag me so I can see and reblog! I love love love some of your dollhouse builds, the colors and moods are super nice - is it ok if I draw/paint some of them for lighting and mood practice? Get the required meshes here : x | x | x | x | x, CC list i used to make a kawaii/colorful Bedroom, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfSf0tO_SCg, Video here-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30ys_TrLZUs, Click Keep reading for cc links(so i wont flood your feed with text), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30ys_TrLZUs, Kawaii mattress-will update later im trying to find the creator. some new meshes as well :). I have wcif problems and hope you can help me. decided to finish my set since Bonnies is only of a few of the logos, wall stickers, shopping bags, posters, bridal magazines, and (That means you, Simsdom). :) I also made some accessories (pans, glasses, bowls, kitchen paper, boxes, etc) which Ill share soon in a separate set. with the meshes :), I went recolor crazy and did 60 Medication Set for TS3. The sims resource Medication Set for TS3, Les Arcs Chair Recolors ( Original Post is. I dont know if you do wcif, if you are not , please ingnore it . Swimsuit Pack by @bramblefinch recoloured in my WDWEHTP - V4 palette colours. the objects (and I even had them in my game already, d'oh! Sweettacoplumbobs deactivated (you might have known that already). cool-sims/ S-club Jacket -JSBoutiqueScarf/Bow headband -sims4-marigoldGlasses -youn-zoeyEarring -starlord-simsPose -flowerchamber / dearkims, Hair - darkosims3 / cool-sims/HALSEarring/Necklace - toksikGlasses -notegainPose - flowerchamber, Hair - WMS/LeahLilithBottoms - i might release a rusty version in the future, but for now i hope you all enjoy! Recolored in Pooklets Unnaturals PLUS black and the seven unused colors. i tried checking if u had uploaded them or so, sorry if i missed!! sims4-marigold/RUSTYEarring - S-clubPose - flowerchamber, Teen to elder | Bottoms category | 16 Swatches Base game compatible All lods Recommend very high sims graphic If cc have a problem, please let me know. TOU, Buy me a coffee? They are standalone, not additional swatches, and have custom thumbnails. Hey! Spoopy day is coming soon and I need to practicemeshing (if this even counts) So here, have some animal ears.