Contact Sheri to get your dog on the road to becoming a Good Dog! Dogs dont judge their person, but might wonder about their leadership skills/choices. Charlie & Wags, canine mentors at The Puppy School in Fort Collins, demonstratehow to stay no matter what thedistraction. Unlike some animal behaviorist who persist in asking questions such as do animals have emotions or are animals intelligent, most people who have lived with a dog (or any animal) dont have to ask such questions as the answers are abundantly obvious. And, a walk on a leash can never replace a walk off leash. We tend not to bother to learn either a dogs verbal language or their body language. Rewarding dogs for good behavior and training without punishment has been Sheris passion for over 20 years! Walking with your dog is the most important thing you can do for your dog (its good for you too and essential for your relationship with your dog).

The vast majority of dogs are happiest living with at least one other animal in the house, preferably another dog. That is why The Puppy School also works with recently-rescued adult dogs adopted through shelters. Behavior Training will teach you to use positive reinforcement techniques to train your dog whether you want excellent manners at home, a canine good citizen around town, or a reliable and responsive hiking companion!

And, as for intelligence, I consider the most subtle and simplest to be the most sophisticated. A dog must have some time off leash everyday to explore on her/his own, to take time to smell where s/he wants to, to make decisions on her/his own. Treats have a purpose, but most people who use them misuse them either to bribe or to distract a dog rather than to teach. HomeCurrent ClassesIn-Home trainingFuture Classes, About MeCredentialsContactFind us on Facebook. Cities contribute to unsocialized dogs when they do not offer off leash opportunities for dogs other than dog parks. Excellent one-on-one instruction specifically tailored to what you and your fur child need.

Pulling on the leash is almost always a sign that your dog is not getting enough daily exercise and mental stimulation. "Very attentive! "Roo" Randal, Founder and Head Teacher at The Puppy School in Fort Collins, has more than thirty years of experience working with dogs and helping people to better understand and communicate with them. And, if you do only have one, then it is important to let your dog get together with other dog friends everyday (not just once a week). She started a shelter school in Cuernavaca, Mexico to offer basic training to shelter dogs to improve their chances of being adopted. We seem to think so little of their capabilities even though we are asking them to learn a foreign language (English) most often when they have only been on the planet a few months. How many different types of barks does the average person understand? Many cities have successful programs that allow a dog to get a permit to be off leash once they pass a test showing that they are friendly with people and other dogs, well-behaved, and under voice control.

. We all have different philosophies and perspectives on animals, including dogs. Puppy pupils learning how to wait patiently at "treat circle" . "I discover and roll in wonderful smells and s/he washes them off first chance s/he gets!" If they are of similar age, even better, as their interests and energy level will tend to be similar. Achieving well-rounded, well-behaved, happy dogs (and happy people)! If you make all decisions for your dog, neither your dog or your relationship with your dog will grow beyond a certain point. Some people are, but for the most part, we also regularly seek other human companionship. My hope is that cities all over the country will open at least some areas (other than fenced in dog parks) to welcome dogs off leash. Coaching for you and your pup or adult dog. Dogs tend to make much more effort to understand us compared to the effort we make to understand them. Cities should have certification programs that allow well-behaved dogs to be off leash in public places. We dont own animals. Starting classes with your recently-adopted dog (no matter what their age) helps to ensure a good understanding of what is expected in the new home. Each of our clients makes a carefully considered choice when deciding on what dog trainer or puppy socialization and learning center they will entrust to teach and coach them and their canine companion. Roo has fostered hundreds of dogs of all ages, temperaments and breeds, providing them not only with a safe and loving home until a permanent home was found, but also providing critical teachings to lay the foundation for that happy co-existence between people and dogs. Thats why she started The Puppy School, which focuses primarily on puppies! If the main way you communicate with your dog is through the leash, your relationship is lacking. Roo has fostered hundreds of dogs of all ages, temperaments and breeds, providing them not only with a safe and loving home until a permanent home was found, but also providing critical teachings to lay the foundation for that happy co-existence between people and dogs. Crates/kennels are cages unless the door is open. Our use of words (or commands as they are sometimes known) to communicate our intent reflects our perspective. How many people know what it means when a dog licks her lips or when she lifts one paw slightly?

Most people expect far too little from their dogs, and give far too little of themselves even if they may provide plenty of good food, nice dog beds, excellent veterinary care and a comfortable home. In my own case, although I have had and continue to have many great friends, none has ever been greater than the dogs who have shared my life.


Specializing in helping puppies & recently rescued adult dogs. The Puppy School Perspective & Philosophy. I have outlined some points regarding my philosophy and perspectives on dogs (and how humans see and treat them).

Roo is also the Founder of Camp Laugh A Lot (, a summer camp for Lakota children that includes activities to enhance awareness and compassion for animals and an in-school Reading with Animals program. Serving Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Timnath & Larimer County. Helping people understand what their dogs need and how to provide that through effective direction and communication, the right exercise regime, and the right energy helps ensure a happy and healthy relationship between people and the furry members of our families who share our daily lives. A dog needs to get out every day, exploring new areas often and routinely meeting new dogs and people. To help you determine if we are the right one for you, here we share a bit about our perspective and philosophy on dogs and about our relationship with them. Positive Reinforcement for you! Would you be happy living in a household of only pets and no other humans? The primary purpose of a leash is to prevent you from getting a ticket. My commitment to them is no less and no greater than it is to any other family member. Let's call a spade a spade. The average dog has learned or tries to learn all the English words we care to teach them. "S/he takes the most special finds out of my mouth and just tosses them away!" One can only get you so far with treats. People sometimes inadvertently create addiction in their dogs. If your dog pulls on the leash, before you contact a dog trainer to fix "the problem", consider what the real problem may be. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. She founded the Lakota Animal Care Project on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, a non-profit organization that provided basic animal health care and a rescue/adoption program for thousands of dogs on the Reservation over the span of adecade. Once you solve that problem by ensuring your dog gets enough daily exercise and mental stimulation, you may not even need the help of a dog trainer -- maybe just a fitness trainer to ensure you are fit enough to provide the right exercise for your dog. We look forward to welcoming you and your canine friendat The Puppy School in Fort Collins! One of the (many) great things about having a dog as a family member is that family member is also always a great friend.

They also pay attention to our body language and learn what our smiles or frowns or shrugged shoulders mean. Building a solid positive foundation from the start makes for a great relationship between people and dogs.

In addition to her dog training experience, she has worked with therapy dogs, taking them on visits to public schools, homes for seniors, and orphanages abroad to bring companionship and moments of happiness to others. Roo specializes in helping people and young dogs build that foundation. But Roo also has a special interest in helping adult rescued dogs who may not have had the opportunity as puppies to establish that solid, positive foundation.

I prefer to ask walk with me rather than heel. The average person thinks their dog is super smart if they understand sit, stay, come, but the dog understands so much more the heart, the soul. You will be rewarded with a refund of $30 when you keep all of your scheduled appointments . A ball/frisbee can be fun, but should not be used to replace walks. Naturally there are circumstances where one dog is best for a variety of reasons, but a lone dog shouldnt be the automatic default. Dogs are no different. You will never really know your dog fully. Some dogs who have gained fame because their people spent time teaching them English words have demonstrated that they can recognize and fully comprehend more than 100 English words. So, even though it is more expensive (in food and vet bills), I strongly encourage everyone to consider adopting two dogs instead of one. This has to be learned and earned by both parties. I am so very thankful for the friendship, companionship, love, loyalty, protection, and patience gifted to me by my own dogs and others over the years. Award winning certified dog trainer Sheri Gintner MS, CDBC brings her background in psychology and decades of professional experience to every dog training class, Out on the Town session or in-home behavior modification lesson. Respect allows you to go much farther. How patient and understanding they are, and, despite our shortcomings they still want to follow us. If you use treats to bribe, its like giving children candy to get them to do what you want. Overall, I consider a dog (or any animal that lives with me) as a family member. Despite our "poor" choices, they choose to follow us and respect our choices. Roo is also the Founder of Camp Laugh A Lot (, Charlie & Wags showing soft mouths used at all times. In my own way of thinking, animals experience the range of emotions that we do as people (and who knows, maybe even other emotions we havent even felt), and may often feel these emotions even more deeply than we do as they have fewer inhibitions and fewer distractions. No matter how big your yard is, it can never replace a walk. Roobrings her excellent communication and teaching skills developed as a former public school teacher and Director of a childrens camp to ensure your canine companion not only learns, but that non-furry family members do too! In this way, animals, including, but not limited to dogs, are so clearly extremely intelligent. A nice big back yard is nothing to a dog alone in that yard if s/he doesnt get out (i.e., off the property) every day. Walking with our dogs is one of the most important things we can do for our dogs overall health and happiness (and for the health of our relationship with our dogs). Start training your new puppy or take your rescue dog to the next level using positive training techniques based on the science of learning theory. A healthy relationship between people and dogs is built on mutual respect. Good Dog! In this case, s/he may as well be in a not so nice, tiny back yard as a big yard only helps the person to more easily forgive their own lack of responsibility. Let's be fair to our dogs and recognize which of us has the problem. More on our Philosophy and Perspective on Dogs. "Why did s/he just pass all that wonderful wildlife habitat so we could walk in this desolate, wildlife-free place?" Equally, animals should not be allowed to own us by running our lives.