i a l We've integrated CBs, cultures and other relevant bits and pieces from popular mods, like Missions Expanded, 1356, and similar. n r n e CZE and RAJ added to countries, as well as new 1.30 tags and their flags. u A c C 1 o 3 o A negative modifier speeds up culture conversion; a positive modifier slows down conversion. Any way for the event not to trigger for trade company provinces? As a reminder, our CK2ToEU4 converter exports the mods directly into EU4's mod directory, no manual move required. r

in cricket, is it a no-ball if the batsman advances down the wicket and meets fulltoss ball above his waist. Our position is that EU4 conversion only converts nobility and some merchants or burghers, and does not represent the majority of population - peasants and serfs. a Convert "Never fully converted" provinces, Skipping a calculus topic (squeeze theorem). o a The problem is not too bad unless you are colonizing a colonial region so (assuming you are not using a colonial region mod) it should keep your African and SEA colonies the same culture. Story: man purchases plantation on planet, finds 'unstoppable' infestation, uses science, electrolyses water for oxygen, 1970s-1980s. < o Western nations also have many decisions which can strengthen missionaries by 1% each. r i i Turkoman provinces in the Cappadocian region will become Cappadocian Culture for Greek Culture Group Owners provided there is another Cappadocian province nearby. Positive tolerance speeds up conversion ever-so-slightly; negative tolerance can significantly slow down culture conversion. a

T A province's Local Autonomy has a direct affect on culture conversion speed. All land held by western/eastern/chinese/indian/muslim nations will remain in their possession, only african tags will be wiped - similar to Vanilla Vic2. T Primary culture will mostly be what you expect, unless the country is a colonial country what had a majority of primary population diverge from ex-primary culture. The default mapping of Qing to China can prove wrong in cases where another Chinese Empire is still living. o You can get it here. L Independence CB is now not always available to everyone (ugh). e 0 To use HPM Hybridization you need to already have it installed locally in Vic2's mod folder. Is the fact that ZFC implies that 1+1=2 an absolute truth? t

s Fixed issues where out-of-scope provinces from VN were sometimes mangled. Absurdly long country names are now clipped (hello Revolutionary Revolutionary Revolutionary Revol) so their filenames no longer crash when written. s Where to even begin? e How can recreate this bubble wrap effect on my photos? Kreol, Antarctique and other minor fixes. i l a 1 I waited about 150 years I think but nothing happended Ok thanks. Yeah, you'll need to get other cultures accepted to see them pop up in the new world - it's more of a Vanilla with sprinkles sort of mod rather than a complete overhaul of the system, to keep it compat with other mods (and game versions) and to maintain the vanilla gameplay, if desired. Finally, if you are lucky and/or rich, you can hire an inquisitor advisor for +2% missionary strength. f e t l T

l Metis disabled as we have no means to generate them. o For Greek Culture Group Owners of Yorouk, Turkoman and Tukish Provinces: Provinces in the Trebizond area as well and the provinces of Cankiri, Amasya, Tokat, Amastris, and Sinop will change to Pontic Culture. It is only visible to you. I think after 3 provinces the reformation stopped. o i Why does hashing a password result in different hashes, each time? D r v From fixing incoming eu4 saves containing bugs in save syntax, to tons of bugs of our own Yep, we fixed bugs. C During initialization certain provinces on the German periphery are flagged as Ostsiedlung province and begin with a certain amount of culture conversion already started. Unlocking socialists at game start has been fixed, for those saves that manage to contain a surviving Dithmarschen or similar countries. mexican and brazilian eu4 cultures now correctly map across respective regions, and mexican native regions have been expanded from mexican_region to include rio_grande_region and california_region. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader.

Due to many players converting earlier than advised and then not seeing political parties, we've pushed conservatives much earlier, into 17th century, possibly even earlier. Fixes to a plethora of unification events and chains. C The problem is that the provinces never switched. o A v

m o i d In a word, the province culture or religion represents rather the contrary, the locals culture or religion, while your government official religion or culture represents the administration. d Loading EU4 mods such as Development Expanded, which contain odd stuff in their mod files, will no longer crash the converter. If none of the four are appropriate, it will convert to you primary culture, Zhuang and Tay Nung provinces will swap to Pinghua culture for Chinese Culture Group owners, provided there is a neighboring Yueyu, Xiyue, or Pinghua province, Provinces in the West Manchuria region will become Dongbei culture, Provinces in the Ordos area will become Jinyu culture, Provinces in Yunan as well as the provinces of Guilin and Luizhou will become Yungui culture, Malayan provinces whose owners are in the Thai Culture Group will swap to Dambru if they neighbor a Thai or Dambru province, Karelian, Sampi and Nenet provinces owned by someone in the East Slavic group will swap to Pomor culture, Ruthenian, Lithuanian and Byelorussian provinces in the Lithuanian region owned by someone in the West Slavic Culture group will swap to Litvin culture, Syriac and Aramaic provinces owned by someone in the Mashreqi Culture Group will swap to Moslawi culture, Khaliji and Bahrani provinces owned by someone in the Persian Culture Group will swap to Khuzi culture, Tartar Culture Group provinces owned by someone in the Persian Culture Group will swap to Sart culture, Persian Culture Group provinces owned by someone in the Tartar Culture Group that are not Eastern Persian or Aimak culture will swap to Sart Culture, East Persian and Aimak culture provinces owned by someone in the Persian Culture Group will sawp to Tajihk Culture, Mongols - Turco-Mongols or Mongolic Turks will have special cultures depending on the province's region. Touched up province mappings for Balkans, Egypt, Sudan, Moldavia and a few random others. o o t Germany can now form via Erfurt Union chain, sidestepping SGF and NGF where those aren't possible. WSF and Zapadoslavia cultural union loop snipped.

Turkish culture becomes Turkoman and Yurouk Culture twice as quickly. c t Backwards! e M e This will cut the conversion progress by 3/4. n Cookies help us deliver our services. Fix for provinces controlled (in wars) by tags that didn't survive conversion. You can change this in configuration files. General cleanup of a huge amount of culture mappings. n i o That would have come in very handy in my first game as the Ottomans. l

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Valve Corporation. This page was last edited on 31 October 2021, at 18:48. This Mod does not differentiate normal colonization from Expelling Minorities! e What happens if I accidentally ground the output of an LDO regulator? <= m Fixed a bug with HPM province names not being loaded for localization purposes. 150

o l e e We have now changed how this works: Example - Ottomans: Balkans will convert as states (eastern-tech cultures there are civilized), but Egypt will not, unless Misri (Egyptian culture, muslim group, uncivilized) are an accepted group and thus produce Ottoman cores - and provinces will cores do convert as states.

Sadly that has been an issue from the get-go, due to how AI works in this game. s Converter can now also unpack compressed EU4 save games automatically, and use them normally. Is moderated livestock grazing an effective countermeasure for desertification? t i o tags that managed to remain in the converter. o p Fix for unsupported government mapping crash. . = s Site design / logo 2022 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under CC BY-SA. n i r Some ugrian cultures reshuffled to better mapping matches.

Provinces in North Asia (Siberia) will change to Siberian culture. Provinces in the MENA continent without a port will become Anatolian culture. A e Turkish/Anatolian convert 1.5 times as fast when you are Greek, Provinces of Old Uyghur culture convert 4 times as fast, Tartar provinces that are not in Central Asia or Nogai province convert 2.5 times as fast for East Slavs, Jurchen provinces in the Donggye Area convert 3 times as fast, Provinces in Liaoning convert 2 times as fast, Provinces in Jilin area convert 1.5 times as fast, Provinces in Heilongjiang and Ilan Hala areas convert 1.25 as fast, Provinces in the East Manchuria region convert to 1.1 times as fast, unless those provinces are Russian, English, Cornish and Northern English provinces convert 1.5 times as quickly for the Anglo-French Union, Provinces convert to Vietic 1.5 times as quickly in the Vietnam region and the Champa, Indrapura and Mekong areas, Occitan and Breton provinces convert half as quickly for the Iberian and Langue d'Oil Culture Groups and for Southern English culture, The Western Manchuria region and Ordos area converts 1.5 times as quickly for the Chinese Culture Group, The Yunan region converts twice as quickly for Chinese provided the province has at least 15k urban population, Hellenization - For Greek Culture Group Owners, Oghuz provinces convert 1.5 times as quickly for Greek Culture Group Onwers, Apulia and Calabria convert 1.15 times as quickly if they are Orthodox, Sicily (exluding Malta) convert 1.3 times as quickly if they are Orthodox, Sicily will convert to Maghrebi cultures 1.15 times a quickly provided Sicily is Muslim, The eastern Adriatic Coast will become Dalamatian 1.25 times as quickly provided the province has at least 7.5k urban population, Retake the Steppes - For Romanian Culture Group Owners. Those provinces NOT containing their cores will convert as states. Conversions of games past year 2000 will no longer crash.

r u d Crimea, Poltava, Kharkov, Donetsk become Romanian twice as quickly when converting from Tartar, Anatolian culture converts twice as quickly for the Oghuz Culture Group provided it has the owner's state religion. C

JavaScript front end for Odin Project book library database. a Voltaire's Nightmare conversions require a working HPM installation. 0 There must be some way to do this more quickly, right? At 1,200 Development, provinces of your culture group can spread if your primary culture is unavailable. | l Puppets (vassals, colonies, PUs etc) now transfer half their industrial score to overlord for purposes of industrial power. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. e r r l Should I remove older low level jobs/education from my CV at this point? i Advisor bonus like +10% Trade Power? e This will take multiply your current conversion progress by 1.25. Another issue entirely is that you probably switched religion too quickly -- during the first 50 years of Reformation, provinces within the German culture group switch spontaneously on their own, and at a decent rate. Iberian cultures in upper_peru_region have been split into south_andean and platinean more realistically. r i o C A province can be considered protestant after the reformation if at least 51% of the province is protestant (even if there are still 1% jews and 48% catholics). It shouldn't be too hard right? l Cultures in disputed border provinces mix organically. Playing as France, no other cultures besides Francien are able to be spread. u Corrections to many province mappings, for vanilla and VN imports. o Whether people are civilized or not depends on their eu4 tech group and related configuration file (tech_groups.txt) so this is perfectly moddable. g o T Accepted cultures are now distributed by a census - those cultures that are in the same group as primary and >15% of total country pops are accepted. f e i | Why can't I convert from Animism to Catholic? Many kilobytes of decisions and events have been scrubbed clean, updated and tested. Compatible with almost everything (it worked fine with MEIOU & Taxes in my experience, even though it's shown as outdated). o Yeah, this isn't something I can change since Paradox changed the behaviour of the AI in one update. o Scandinavian unification decision restored. Can a human colony be self-sustaining without sunlight using mushrooms? r Among its ideas are one giving +3% to conversions and one that gives an extra missionary. Most notably, idea of having territories inside Europe was semantically off-putting as players equated territories with colonies. >= When using HPM hybrid conversion mod do NOT enable HPM in Vic2 launcher.

Anatolian culture provinces will change to Turkish for Turkish Primary Culture owners. v I have the following problem: I started as Teutonic Order and I wanted to create Prussia. However, consider the opportunity cost - there are more valuable admin idea groups than Religious (I would usually rather have Innovative or Administrative ideas, for instance).

t o @TurtleShroom this mod is unfortunately no longer supported/being developed, and was last updated 4 years ago. Catholics and Reformed, for a Protestant nation), reduce taxes, or increase stability cost. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

i r o These will help the provinces change to a german culture - even if the owner is not German! Drop an Error for this Lines in /events/00_rowan_colonial_cultures.txt (2 Total) : there's potentially a mod that could help fix the issues people point out thus let this mod do its job! Coptic culture separated from coptic religion. Enter the full URL of your item or group's Facebook page, Enter the full URL of your item or group's Twitter page. n l c 1.30 reforms integrated and will affect starting reforms and government type on conversion. Greek Culture provinces owned by Turkish, Yorouk or Turkoman Primary Culture nations will become Anatolian culture.

So I rather see, like you say, conversion (culture or religion) as converting or settling a majority of a population to another culture /religion (like 51%). Every (insert frequency of conversion tick) provinces that are eligible will advance their conversion percentage by an amount equal to t t M Fixes to liberal revolutions not firing, and other issues related from importing socialist governments - this won't be possible any more. {\displaystyle ToleranceModifier = \left\{ \begin{array}{ll} 1+\frac{Tolerance}{1000} \quad |Tolerance >= 0 \\ \frac{Tolerance+3}{3} \quad |-2.7 <= Tolerance < 0 \\ 0.1 \quad |-3 < Tolerance < 2.7 \\ 0.05 \quad |Tolerance = -3 \end{array} \right.}.

Fixed province ownership algorithm which was horribly broken for years without anyone noticing. C 1000 HRE will no longer try to form cultural unions. i {\displaystyle CultureCostModifier = \left\{ \begin{array}{ll} \frac{1}{1+NationalCultureCostModifier} \quad |NationalCultureCostModifier>=0 \\ CultureCostModifier = 1- NationalCultureConversionCost - LocalCultureConversionCost \quad |\text{else} \end{array} \right.}. In theory, looting a province into the ground will make it easier to convert - but the economic cost is probably not worth it.

e Example: A 10 development province with 33% autonomy province should take around 57 years to change cultures with no other modifiers. e P >= s This means the overlord will receive more factories than their puppets during conversion and start off at a stronger industrial score. c o @DavidHarkness: I don't know what you mean by a "special" advisor; all types of advisors occur randomly. 3 (Kashubian, Old Prussian, Latvian, Polabian, Polish, Sorbs, Silesian, Czech, Moravian, Lithuanian, Estonian & Slovenian). Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. Users should hopefully notice none of this. You will be missed. Qing now maps to its own tag, albeit having a simplified decision to become China. Two of them (Act of Uniformity and Advancement of True Religion) cost nothing, while others reduce tolerance of heretics (i.e. s n Now we doubled it again, and further reduced memory footprint. 3 a However, it grew in scope and scale considerably: This small patch release has been focused on various small fixes and feature requests that make life easier: This commit was created on GitHub.com and signed with GitHubs. 0 r l m Adding subcultures for Vic2 union tags - this is important. n

i EU4 ship names now imported and used for Vic2 ships where possible. r m Yeah, basically. l Fronter has been ironed to no longer demand CK2 export directory (which stopped being relevant in 1.29 as mods from official PDX converter are now exported to eu4 mod directory). T t t l a You signed in with another tab or window. = As EU4 province density in Europe approaches Vic2, almost all provinces are mapped 1-to-1 across western Europe. e Why don't non-accepted cultures get added to the mix?

Added (finally!) 2 n e english to american culture only after independince. M o + n This means Japan and equivalents will be able to industrialize quicker than before, similar to vanilla. M f L

Whether this new culture will be accepted or not largely depends on whether the colony is absorbed during the conversion process, or if the colony has eaten their overlord (for example, Portugal's. r But I have to convert EVERY SINGLE county in my country with my missionary. { In the US, how do we make tax withholding less if we lost our job for a few months? m e We've dropped support for some vestigial EU3 (!) Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. Instead of relying on common-sense directory paths, Fronter will now prevent usage of paths that "don't exist" (notably when OneDrive symlink folders get in the way). N Our. e If a nation is uncivilized, all provinces owned will be imported as full states. For non-HRE HREs coming in from conversions, they will now retain their non-HRE HRE tag and possibly unite into that one. a Using "accepted cultures" to now finally display a country's primary religion. C 1 Announcing the Stacks Editor Beta release! o r a 1821 is at 85% of 1836 rates, while 1444 is at barely 15% of 1836 levels - meaning hardly anyone literate at all. To C++ from C#! i Other CK3 religions map into existing ones (mostly various pagans, religion_heresies, etc). So far, the patient is stable, so this is an opportune moment to make a release - before we take chainsaws and jackhammers and go do bowel drainage.

M (From CK3), Moved all Gnostic faiths to link to Gnostic, Moved all Yazidi faiths to link to Yazidi. M u i Either decision can only be taken once every 25 years.

A nation's Culture Conversion Cost modifier can speed or slow down culture conversion. This is. o Colonial cultures diverge from overlord - for every culture originating in the Old World colonies in the New World will have their culture changed. 80 u r r

Hopefully no more migrating minors. Many players have voiced concern how converted provinces in EU4 do not have fully assimilated previous culture/religion on conversion, but only a small fraction. 0.05 f Besides stability, which you said you are keeping high, there are four main ways to improve conversions.

o Slovenes no longer emerge from Austrians. i f Same with Britain. This causes enormous gameplay balance problems as we use the states to verify full cores and assign them over.

e a Fixed a bug with fully decentralized HRE crashing when not assigning cores due to dead emperor.

T ( C Therefore you need to convert to Protestantism. i N u

f u I think DCC is actually more realistic. e The best answers are voted up and rise to the top, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site, Learn more about Stack Overflow the company. Localization is no longer problematic on Linux build, and Russian localization of party names is no longer missing. e t Disputed provinces are now assigned according to absolute dev, not weight. n M Now converting in 1821 will allow you to research at least the first level of tech while waiting for the second to unlock at 1836. Short story about the creation of a spell that creates a copy of a specific woman. Last release, we brought in HPM Hybridization. t We just update it to appropriate neoculture (English->Yankee). Culture Conversion fires every year during the January 1 calculation tick provided the province meets the requirements. All cultures have been reordered and checked (yet again, work that never ceases), fixing may minor mismaps. e Many new 1.30 provinces now resolve ties where they used to map to multiple Vic2 provinces. C So the mod does work but only for players then ? Fixed a bug where HPM cultural mappings could override vanilla ones when HPM was disabled. Even Observer now gets a bespoke newspaper. i I have been observing colonial AI nations just converting any culture to their primary culture after forming. This release, although small, is rather impactful.

c Tartar provinces in Cherson, Zaporizhia, Basarabia become Romanian twice as quickly.

i This large release started with a focus on colonial cultures and how they diverge over time from their overlords. Those states that contain their cores are in fact states, the rest are territories. 2.7 M {\displaystyle Progress=2 \times \frac{Historic Modifier \times AutonomyModifier \times CultureCostModifier \times ToleranceModifier}{DevelopmentModifier}}. s C = e = The Marcus earthshattering gamebreaking worldstopping error fixed. o


I agree that the administration sometimes was different, but that's also precisely that which lead, sometimes, to rebellions or revolutions (I.e, African Slaves rebelling against the French administration in The Caribbean). It only takes a minute to sign up. + r ) Support for dynamically renaming provinces according to incoming non-vanilla EU4 province names and/or cultures holding them. Most of other updates have been under the hood, tinkering and improving core converter components, changes that should be invisible to users. For me, the fact that British government replaced not only the administration but also the population with English Protestant settlers in today Northern Ireland is a perfect example of a population "conversion" (in this case settlement) and not only a nobility.

| New flags added and some flags corrected. l Ottomans will now start as civilized, but with lower literacy than European nations. else Small countries named after their main province/city ("Lucca" for example) will rename to something else if they no longer hold their namesake province. o + n e If you don't want to go down the Religious ideas route, enacting some of these decisions can significantly speed up your conversion time.

g However we have now allowed an option to convert everyone, which is a requested but. All rights reserved. i

Previously this produced a hotbed of confusion for users. Conqueror or Great Conqueror leaders can also help get the ball rolling decades earlier - but once they kick the bucket, Separatism will jump back up to what it would have been without them. r

u German/Polish provinces now swap names according to owner.