[10], The Canadian scholar Mark Totten wrote the Independent Soldiers gang was typical of the gangs in the Lower Mainland which started out as an ethnocentric gang and became more diverse with the passage of time. Shahid Kapoors Jersey poster smashes it out of the park! Amero, the Hells Angel wounded in Kelowna, was arrested earlier this year and charged with conspiracy to kill Sukh Dhak and Sandip Duhre. For the B.C. He was an anomaly, really. Two of the men there were arrested with loaded guns, charged and later convicted. Pat Fogarty said in an interview. A former Vancouver gangster killed in a daytime shooting in a busy downtown Toronto neighbourhood had connections with a dangerous criminal alliance known as the Wolf Pack gang, according to investigators in British Columbia. Music stimulates areas of the brain that, in people with disabilities, are weak or damaged. On the day of Gurmit Dhaks funeral, McBride was one of several associates who met up afterwards in Vancouvers Kensington Park. (Photo: PNG files), Jujhar Khun-Khun (left) with the late Sukh Dhak in an undated photo. Establishing a resource pool of outstanding professional and amateur musicians, teachers, and music therapy professionals. Police were watching them, later executing search warrants at apartments in Vancouver and Surrey and seizing caches of firearms. Jonathan Bacon, the oldest brother at 30, wasshot dead in Kelowna on Aug. 14, 2011. Nearly eight years later, no one has been charged. Shocked onlookers saw Naicker collapse, fatally wounded, on the concrete beside a grey Infiniti SUV, drivers door open, a window broken. He basically pulled up in a red Porsche and said if you come and work for me, you can have one of these.. Jan. 19, 2012: Dhak associate Sean Beaver is shot to death in Surrey, second man wounded. renamo zimbabwe mozambique nacional fotw threats worries war flags moambicana tuvlkin martins antnio aug 2008 mz rnm crwflags In 2005 IS leader Sukhvinder Singh (Bicky) Dosanjh died in a car accident, leaving the outfit in disarray. Or I could be walking in the mall and walking out and get shot. CBC's Journalistic Standards and Practices. Gangster James Riach escapes injury. Jan. 25, 2018: Hells Angel Larry Amero, wounded in the 2011 Kelowna shooting, is charged with conspiracy to kill gangster Sandip Duhre and Sukh Dhak in 2012. Closed Captioning and Described Video is available for many CBC shows offered on CBC Gem. The Independent Soldiers are no longer considered Independent. [10] When the shoot-out was over, 3 people had been killed and 8 were wounded. Armed hitmen were roaming the streets of Metro Vancouver looking for more targets. Khun-Khun was critically injured, but miraculously survived again. The time spent in military service seemingly and miraculously improves participants social skills, basic life skills, and instills in them a belief in their abilities. Police said the group was plotted to kill Phil Ley. We were right in the line of fire. Corey Ross Foster is associated to the Independent Soldiers gang, Man who survived gang assassination in Kelowna sentenced to life in Philippines prison, 2 alleged gang members arrested in Red Deer: ALERT, Crown agrees to no jury in Okanagan gangland slaying trial, Extremely violent: Vancouver gangster shot dead in Toronto linked to Wolf Pack gang, Shooting of Vancouver gangster Sukh Deo in Toronto targeted, police seek witnesses, Potential criminal activity returns former Okanagan gang member to prison, Two Okanagan residents with gang connections charged, drugs and weapons seized, Airline workers face insults, physical threats amid travel delays: Worst Ive ever seen, Hoover Dam explosion: A look at whats happened so far, Truck driver in deadly Humboldt Broncos crash granted day parole for 6 months, Micrometeoroid causes uncorrectable damage to James Webb Space Telescope, Heat warnings in parts of Canada as temperatures expected to exceed 30 C, U.S. President Joe Biden tests positive for COVID-19, 6 in 10 Canadians avoiding airports due to delays: poll, Hoover Dam transformer explodes, sparks brief fire but no injuries, Starstruck: humanitys deepest look into the cosmos, Police credit pizza delivery man for saving 2 kids, 3 teens from burning home, WestJet employees back strike vote if deal not reached, Virtanen accuser emotional during cross-examination. Porteous said a litany of shootings and murders that spanned months were all related and they are all intertwined more or less from that particular conflict that Wolf Pack alliance against the Dhak-Duhre-UN alliance.. The best-known gangs are not necessarily the most dangerous or most powerful, Supt. He was well-respected. According to police, from early on Roueche, 35, had links to the triads criminal organizations in Asia. Aug. 14, 2011: Gunmen linked to the Dhak group carry out a brazen shooting outside Kelownas Delta Grand Hotel that results in the murder of Jonathan Bacon and injuries to Larry Amero and two women in their vehicle.

He's the police officer in charge of the Organized Crime Branch of B.C. Sign up to receive daily headline news from the Vancouver Sun, a division of Postmedia Network Inc. A welcome email is on its way. Music builds and strengthens the auditory, visual/spatial, and motor cortices of the brain. He faced a robbery charge in 1997, but it was later stayed. In 2005, IS leader Sukhvinder "Bicky" Dosanjh was killed in a car accident. The United Nations gangchose that name because it claims to welcome members of any nationality. We have enabled email notificationsyou will now receive an email if you receive a reply to your comment, there is an update to a comment thread you follow or if a user you follow comments. The Hells Angels, declared a "national criminal organization" by the Ontario Superior Court in 2009, was then estimated to have about 460 full members in Canada. Visit our Community Guidelines for more information and details on how to adjust your email settings. The two groups got together around 2006, joining forces to compete against the United Nations gangand the Hells Angels. Notorious gangs of British Columbia | CBC News Loaded. Larry Amero of the Hells Angels (left) with the late Randy Naicker, who founded the Independent Soldiers. On Jan. 15, 2013, two of the Dhak pals directly involved in the Bacon murder were targeted on a quiet laneway in Surrey. Read more about cookies here. Two of them Christopher Iser and Mike Shirazi are caught with loaded firearms and are arrested. Jarrod, 28, isin custody awaiting trial on cocaine trafficking charges. Gurmit Dhak talked about his life in an anti-gang video for the Odd Squad. This emphasis on the value "equal among equals" will emphasize the programs goals.

We just ran. 'Every day I've got to look over my shoulder,' he said. Music is a way through which people with special needs can channel intense emotions and energy. Dhak was shot to death in November 2012 at a Burnaby hotel. When search suggestions are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. In October, Dhak associate Stephen Leone, who had been part of the Kelowna hunt, was shot to death in Surrey.

Full-patch Angels act independently but each one may use non-members or 'associates' for whatever criminal activity they are into. They have become a puppet club for the Hell's Angels while also acting in alliance with the 'Wolf Pack'. Studies have also shown that children and young adults who have difficulty focusing when background noise is present are particularly helped by music. Dhak and his burly bodyguard Thomas Mantel headed to Burnabys Executive Hotel on the Lougheed Highway. June 25, 2012: Independent Soldiers founder Randy Naicker gunned down in Port Moody.

The goal of the Music program is to expose those with autism and other disabilities to an environment where individual differences are celebrated and where no one will be embarrassed. One Community One Voice. Dhak bit. Rouechehas been serving a 30-year sentence in the U.S. since his arrest therein 2008 on drug trafficking charges. Retired Vancouver Police gang expert Doug Spencer was one of the officers monitoring the funeral that day. Liberal regrets supporting trafficker", "Long-time gangster loses appeal of sentence for assault", "Part Two in our series about Unsolved Homicides", "Search warrant turns up organized crime", "Cash flies as rival gangs battle it out in B.C. The positive impact of music on social skills has been demonstrated beyond people with disabilities. It makes headlines when groups feud and the violence spills into the public streets, but gang membersoften collaborate as well. The longest was a seven-year term for manslaughter after an associate in his vehicle shot and killed a 19-year-old outside a Vancouver nightclub in 1999. A year later, he pleaded guilty to kidnapping and assault and served jail time.

Every day Ive got to look over my shoulder,Dhaktold Spencer. Lotus gang leader Raymond Chan approached him right off the school grounds, Spencer said. But he has admitted that he drove Bacons killers to Kelownas Delta Grand Hotel on Aug. 14, 2011, where McBride and the late Manny Hairan jumped out and began firing at a Porsche containing Bacon and his associates. Years later, Spencer approached the elder Dhak about doing an anti-gang video for the Odd Squad to warn others about the perils of gang life. Fatal flashpoint: Gurmit Dhak's 2010 murder ignited a gang war that's still raging. Oct. 22, 2011: Dhak associate Stephen Leone, who was in Kelowna helping in the Bacon hunt two months earlier, is shot to death in Surrey. Things escalated further when Duhre was shot to death in the lobby of Vancouvers Sheraton Wall Centre on Jan. 17, 2012. A black handgun was left near the scene. None of them are like that now.. He tried to be a good big brother to him.. Jeff Carroll of the Kelowna RCMP Drug Unit. (Photo: Don Sipos, PNG files), Police cordon off the scene at Burnabys Metrotown mall on the night of Oct. 16, 2010, where Gurmit Dhak was murdered, igniting a gang war with seemingly no end. Get the Vancouver Sun, National Post and 14 other news sites for only $2/week. Oct. 27, 2010: After Dhaks funeral, police covertly follow some mourners to Vancouvers Kensington Park. This website uses cookies to personalize your content (including ads), and allows us to analyze our traffic. Both were gunned down in Burnaby in November 2012. Music is uniquely interactive. Postmedia is committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion and encourage all readers to share their views on our articles. His attitude was make money, not war, Spencer said. Neuro-typical children and young adults are more likely to play and get along following a shared musical experience. The conflict accelerated when some of the leaders began to get taken out, he said. The gang is into the drug trade, especially "dial-a-dope," an operation based on clients phoning in their order, then the gang arranging fast delivery and raking in huge profits. Instead, they have taken advantage of globalization to establish international connections and are quite entrepreneurial, according to Fogarty. man who survived a targeted shooting August 2011 in Kelowna that killed Jonathan Bacon, has been sentenced to life in prison for drug smuggling in the Philippines, local media is reporting. The elder Dhak did business with all sides, including Hells Angels. He just wanted to make money. Email vantips@postmedia.com. stamped on their jackets and baseball hats. Khun-Khun pleaded guilty earlier this month to taking part in the fatal attack on Red Scorpion Jonathan Bacon outside a major Kelowna resort hotel in August 2011. 1,200 to 1,400 identified individuals associated to gangs and organized crime in B.C. The UN was founded in 1997 by Clay Roueche, who brought together high school friends from around the Fraser Valley.

(Photo: PNG files), The tit-for-tat violence was ongoing, says Vancouver police Supt. In 2009 he took 20 bullets in a Burnaby parking lot, but survived. Fogarty described the brothers as "completely fearless.". The search warrant resulted in the seizure of a Conducted Energy Weapon, Canadian currency, what is believed to be fentanyl, cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, shatter, oxycontin, methamphetamine, over 1,000 various pills, numerous stolen credit cards, IDs, passports, and drug paraphernalia. When Independent Soldiers founder Randy Naicker stopped outside a Starbucks on a warm June afternoon six years ago, he had no idea that a rival gang had fixed a tracking device to his SUV. Studies indicate that when young people with disabilities learn a musical instrument, improvements are seen in attention span, concentration, impulse control, social functioning, self-esteem, self-expression, motivation, and memory. He didnt cross people. Two Amero associates are charged with Duhres murder. Jason McBride pleads guilty to second-degree murder. Bacon, Amero and Riach had joined forces in the Wolf Pack gang alliance. The gang has publicly feuded with rivals such as the United Nations and Hells Angels (in the past), this has led to many unsolved murders, drive by shootings, and jailing of members. The gang is now believed to be led by Peter Adiwal, whose trouble with the law goes back more than a decade. [9][10] One witness recalled: "A fight broke out, and all of the sudden bullets started flying. Jan. 16, 2012: Longtime Dhak associate and major underworld criminal Tom Gisby is targeted with an explosive device near Whistler. Copyright 2021 All rights Reserved. The Independent Soldiers, otherwise known as the IS, is a organized crime group from British Columbia, Canada that is engaged in organized crime across the nation and in Canadian prisons. Oct. 16, 2010: Popular underworld figure Gurmit Dhak is shot to death outside Burnabys Metrotown mall. B.C. Over the past few years the gang has gained prominence in Vancouver, as well as Kamloops, Kelowna, Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Surrey, and elsewhere. June 7, 2016: Wolf Pack gangster Sukh Deo, whose name surfaced in connection with the 2012 murder of Duhre pal Bin Toor, is shot to death in Toronto in a targeted hit. The Independent Soldiers, or IS, brought together Indo-Canadian gangsters in southeast Vancouver about a decade ago. Few of those behind the violence have been held to account. IS member James Riach, 29, was also in the Porsche Cayenne when Red Scorpion member Jonathan Bacon was shot in Kelowna, but Riach fled. Some are notorious but many don't even have names. Membershipcan befluid and there are various levels of gang affiliation. Bacon shooter Manny Hairan was killed. Two masked gunmen blasted him at the busy Port Moody intersection of St. Johns and Queens, before running off and hopping into agetaway vehicle. March 18, 2013: Wolf Pack associate Rabih Alkhalil is charged with the murder of Sandip Duhre. The Criminal Justice Branch won't say why prosecutors agreed to not having a jury. Both men were shot to death in front of shocked hotel workers. [7] Members of the gang wear red and black clothing in public together the initials I.S. This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. : Politically charged racist float in Alberta stirs controversy but lets calm down! Joint musical interactions can enhance emotional empathy, prosociality and bonding. But earlier this month, three former Dhak associates Jason McBride, Michael Jones and Jujhar Khun-Khun pleaded guilty to participating in the fatal Kelowna attack that left Red Scorpion Jonathan Bacon dead in August 2011. After Bacons murder, they called a news conference to warn the public about the brewing tensions, explaining that the Dhak group was aligned with Sandip Duhre and his associates. Independent Soldiers gang member and associate may face numerous drug- and weapon-related Man wanted in assault on mom, toddler in Chinatown back in custody, B.C. The gang has grown steadily over the past few years and can be seen on the streets with their red and black colors as well as clothing tagged with the initials I.S. Fogarty described the UN under Roueche as capable and smart, and good at bringing in other people. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Integration into existing military bands, at all levels of participation, and working with other IDF soldiers in all levels of service. Dhaks execution was the flashpoint for a near decade-long war that has raged across the province and left many dead and wounded in its wake. mall", "RAW VIDEO: Surveillance footage of August 14, 2011, shooting at Kelowna's Delta Grand hotel", Dmtr-Kolompr criminal organization, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Independent_Soldiers&oldid=1099651350, Short description is different from Wikidata, Pages using infobox criminal organization with ethnicity or ethnic makeup parameters, Pages using infobox criminal organization with rivals parameter, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, August 2011 - An Independent Soldier member in James Riach was in a vehicle with known. [8][7], On 16 August 2003, the Independent Soldiers in the Loft Six nightclub were involved in a shoot-out, allegedly with their Dhak-Duhre group rivals on the dance floor. It was June 25,4:45 p.m. Friends and family insist that Naicker, a convicted kidnapper and long-time gangster, had left his criminal past behind. Despite escaping earlier attempts on his life, Naicker ended up being an easy mark that day. [3] The Sunset Boys were a group of mostly Punjabi-Canadians whose favorite meeting location was the Sunset Community Centre and Sunset Park. Hells Angels, the favorite businesses are drugs, prostitution and money laundering. 's Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit, which keeps tabs on the activities of gangs and their members and gets them behind bars when necessary. According to Fogarty, some crooks have started their own gangs because they did not want to go through the two-year indoctrination to become an Angel. They arrived about 11:30 a.m. Their killer was there, too. The musical programs aim is to further integrate our Special in Uniform soldiers. Spencer said he first met the Dhak brothers when they were in elementary school in south Vancouver. Anti-gang police worked hard to stem the violence. As a result of theturmoil among its leadership, Fogarty views the Red Scorpions as "out of it" now in terms of its place in the west coast gang hierarchy. Membership is believed to be multicultural. There was an error, please provide a valid email address. As of 2009 the IS are operational within Calgary and Edmonton, and are believed to maintain ties with one of Calgary's Asian gangs and an ever growing presence of the Rizzuto Crime Family from Montreal. Identifying and recruiting candidates with special needs - singers, keyboardists, drummers, guitarists, and bassists. James Riach, a B.C. When Gurmit was in jail, he reached out to me and asked me to go talk to his little brother and get him away from the guys he was hanging out with, Spencer said. Nov. 26, 2012: Sukh Dhak and his bodyguard Thomas Mantel are shot and killed at the Executive Hotel in Burnaby. Serving in the IDF generally, and participating in music, encourages our special needs youths to become secure and independent soldiers who integrate into society. In 2000, he was charged and later convicted of possession of a loaded weapon. The trail of violence led all the way to Mexico when Tom Gisby, a major organized crime figure in B.C. in disarray as police keep going after them. The gang is generally engaged in turf wars, drug distribution, money laundering, and other criminal activities. ending immigration detention arrangement with CBSA, Woman attacked in unprovoked stranger assault on bus in Vancouver (with video), Two people charged in connection to New Westminster assault and armed robbery, Brandon Nandan of New Westminster gets 15 years in CFSEU-BC-led investigation into drug trafficking, ONTARIO: Imran Malik of Milton charged with sexual assault, Ontarios Invest India Invest Canada Summit, ICCR Chair of Indian Studies at University of Calgary, Toronto Mayor Tory orders City to ensure Sikhs not discriminated against for their religious beliefs, Patrick Brown disqualified from Conservative leadership race; Brown hits back (updates), Poster of Canadian film Kaali sparks outrage. About 11 years ago several young gangsters doing time at a youth detention facility in the lower mainland formed the Red Scorpions. Audience Relations, CBC P.O. In 2015 the Independent Soldiers resurgence was also interrupted by the Kelowna RCMP after a search warrant was placed at a residence in Lake Country. [4] The gang were initially petty criminals but started to work for the Punjabi Mafia in the 1990s as mid-level drug dealers and the group chose to further assert its independence after the murder of their rival Bindy Johal in 1998,[5] the name Independent Soldiers was chosen as a way to emphasize their independence from all groups besides the Punjabi Mafia. Aryan Khan bail verdict on October 20, NCB paints him as a junkie, NCB accuses Aryan Khan and others of illicit drug trafficking, Alfa Romeo Introduces New Limited-edition 2022 Giulia Speciale, MINI celebrates its 20th anniversary in Canada with MINI United, Lincoln Star Concept Sets The Stage For 3 New EVs, Fraser Health Crisis Line can help with winter blues and substance use concerns, 2019 IIHF World Junior Championship to hold South Asian kickoff in Langley. [2][12][13] The IS was mainly made up of Punjabi-Canadians but over the years they became more multicultural and accepted other ethnicities in the lower ranks as the Independent Soldiers activities may be social or criminal and members can be seen wearing their colors and logo with the initials IS on them. I am a dreamer who dreams of a world full of The I.S consists of many nationalities with higher positions generally filled with Indian-Canadians of Punjabi descent. Meanwhile Sukh Dhak, who police believed was calling the shots on his side of the conflict, was on trial at the Vancouver Law Courts, accused of conspiracy and drug trafficking.

Supreme Court drug trial in October 2012. In doing so, they find themselves able to contribute to society to the best of their ability. They were normal kids. Hairan, identified as one of the Kelowna shooters, dies. At its peak the gang had 100 members,according to a2011CBC documentary,The gangster next door. This page was last edited on 21 July 2022, at 22:40. In October 2010, he was gunned down outside Burnaby's Metrotown mall. May 30, 2012: Duhre associate Gurbinder Singh (Bin) Toor, 35, is shot to death outside a Port Moody community centre. McBride, now 42, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder May 1.

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These areas are tied to speech and language, social skills, reading and reading comprehension. City of Surrey: Tips to stay cool and safe during extreme heat. The close friend of Gurmit Dhak will not be eligible for parole for 13 years. Precursor materials have to be imported illegally, then there's the lab work, and then distribution of the methamphetamine. Sept. 16, 2011: Dhak associate Jujhar Khun-Khun is shot outside a Surrey house that Sukh Dhak was visiting. Police suggest the fortunes of the UN, the RS and the ISare currentlytrending down in the west coast crime scene. The Dhak-Duhre side also had links to the already notorious UN gang, they said. Please try again. Frankly, even today we are still dealing with a derivative of that ongoing conflict between those groups. (Photo: Jason Payne, PNG files), Sukh Dhak, younger brother of Gurmit Dhak, outside his B.C. A month after the Kelowna attack, Khun-Khun, who has now admitted he hunted Bacon, Amero and Riach on 30 to 40 occasions, was critically wounded in a Surrey shooting outside a house that Sukh Dhak was visiting. So far, Jones has not been charged in connection with Naickers murder. Jones, 31, has also been identified as a suspect in the plot to kill Naicker during the sentencing of another man, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy in August 2016. I have got to worry if I jump out of my car am I going to get shot? The gang displays its logo on t-shirts, rings, tattoos and even bricks of cocaine, as well asthe gravestones of members killed in action. Gurmits path changed when he was in high school. [1] Totten wrote the Independent Soldiers are a high-level gang in the Lower Mainland, and together with the Red Scorpions and the United Nations gangs are one of the largest gangs in the Vancouver area.[11]. Jan. 13, 2013: Dhak associate Manjot Dhillon is shot to death in Surrey after posting anti-Wolf Pack images on his Facebook page. Criminal Intelligence Service Canada (CISC) also reported thateight of the Angels' 34 chapters were in B.C., which would make them the largest gang in the country. ON Wednesday, December 19, theKelowna RCMP Drug Unit executed a search warrant in the 500-block of Valley Road, targetinga 32-year-old male who is a member of the Independent Soldiers gang. 365 Bloor Street East, Toronto, Ontario, M4W 3L4. I dont know.. Naicker was shot to death in 2012 in Port Moody. I think the real flashpoint we saw was Gurmit Dhak getting killed that was a big one, Vancouver Police Supt. We couldn't see anybody; we didn't know who was shooting, and people began crawling over top of each other to get out of the way". We encountered an issue signing you up. By 2005, the IS were operating across British Columbia and Alberta. Frankly and I have said this publicly before even today we are still dealing with a derivative of that ongoing conflict between those groups.. Khun-Khun and Jones were handed 18-year terms for conspiracy and will have to serve five more before they can apply for parole. CFSEU officers also seized cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy and other illicit substances at the clothing drive. The Canadian Asian gangs are into the drug trade and prostitution, and are especially dominant in the methamphetamine trade. The agreed statement of facts in the other case said that Jones accessed Naickers parkade before the shooting, fixed the tracking device to his vehicle and then waited for an opportunity to kill him. The bloodshed didnt stop in Kelowna. About 120 gangs operate in British Columbia. for decades, was shot to death near Puerto Vallarta. Jan. 15, 2013: Dhak associates Jujhar Khun-Khun and Manny Hairan are targeted in a Surrey shooting. Feb. 25, 2013: Dhak associates Jujhar Khun-Khun, Jason McBride and Michael Jones are charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder in connection with the Kelowna shooting and Jonathan Bacon murder.