[79] NBC began to look to move its programming to another station at the end of its affiliation agreement with channel 28. [35], Amid indications that Durham Life shared the Everetts' programming attitude despite a more powerful signal, Channel 28 still faced the audience-loyalty problems it had under Triangle Telecasters. Even the network's few hits at the time, such as Diff'rent Strokes and The Rockford Files, performed poorly for the station,[36] a problem compounded when NBC programming head Fred Silverman's theory of a "living schedule" did not generate the same success as it did at ABC. [57] The next day, Durham Corporation took WPTF-TV off the market due to the collapse; it had received lesser offers than it had expected. 2021 U2PPP U4PPP - Moving the early newscast actually made ratings worse, as it now had to compete with Jeopardy! The 6 p.m. edition of Newsbeat 28 newscast not only saw no improvement on the same low ratings it garnered in the previous decade, but failed to even top reruns on WLFL of the former NBC sitcom Gimme a Break!, with WTVD and WRAL maintaining their leads. [63] In September 1990, Channel 28 tried moving the 6 p.m. newscast to 7 p.m., displacing Hard Copy (a rare ratings success for the station) and airing after NBC Nightly News instead of before it, with Cheers reruns taking its old time slot. Seller Affiliate means any Affiliate of Seller. WRDC meaning and its full forms are explained earlier. [86] Meanwhile, the change in network affiliation was not the only one at WRDC in 1994 and 1995. [27][28][29], In addition to the upgraded signal, Durham Life, which had far larger financial resources than Triangle Telecasters could have ever managed, invested a considerable amount of money into its new purchase by starting a full news departmentWoody Durham, longtime play-by-play voice of North Carolina Tar Heels sports, served as sports director[30]and purchasing $500,000 in new equipment. WNCN became the sole NBC affiliate in the Triangle, while WRDC became an exclusive UPN affiliate[82] and the local affiliation for The WB intended for WNCN went to Capitol Broadcasting's newly-launched WRAZ (channel 50) that fall with the understanding that the new station would switch affiliations with WLFL three years later. The article is all about the possible meaning, definition, and abbreviation of the term WRDC as well as information on similar terms. It was perennially the third-rated station in the market and did not produce local newscasts for significant portions of its tenure with NBC, which contributed to the network moving to another station. [6] Even though the All-Channel Receiver Act had only taken effect in 1964, WRDU-TV had one form of compensation the old channel 28 lacked: cable TV.

On December 10, 1989, the towers of WPTF-TV and WRAL-TV near Auburn collapsed in an ice storm. [1], The station's first day of programming reflected the unusual situation that was already the case in RaleighDurham television and which would ultimately have an impact on federal regulations. [51] During this decade, the station broke new ground by broadcasting in 3D[52] and stereo sound[53] before other stations (and in the case of the latter, ahead of the network itself) while also being the first station in the area to accept condom ads. However, one thing did not change: the station continued to preempt NBC shows to make more money off of airing Billy Graham crusades and other fare. [93], On May 15, 2012, Sinclair and Fox agreed to a five-year affiliation agreement extension for Sinclair's 19 Fox-affiliated stations until 2017. Feedback, The World's most comprehensive professionally edited abbreviations and acronyms database, Wright Research and Development Center (Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH), Women in Resource Development Corporation (Canada), Water Resource Development Commission (Kentucky), Wiscasset Regional Development Corporation. [17], Another problem of WRDU's early years was Triangle Telecasters's frequent preemption of network shows for syndicated programs. Mere advice or instructions regarding administration do not constitute control or establish responsibility. [73], While the station was out of the red, the loss of news programming assured little to no goodwill from NBC about the future direction of the station. Channel 28 is the third-oldest television station in the Triangle and was an NBC affiliate for its first 27 years of operation. You can check out what is the definition of term WRDC and what does it stand for? The station had no single full affiliation: its first programs were an episode of the CBS soap opera Love is a Many Splendored Thing followed by the NBC soaps The Doctors and Another World. One time WRDU chose not to preempt a network program, they still faced criticism for different reasons; the program was Franco Zeffirelli's mini-series Jesus of Nazareth, and those lodging complaints were religious leaders fearing it would offend their beliefs. Meanwhile, preemptions of NBC shows continued unabated. With just two commercial television stations for more than a decade, the full program schedules of all three national networks were not seen on Triangle screens. | However, when NBC demanded that Triangle Telecasters clear its entire schedule with no preemptions, the Everetts turned them down. Paul Brissette, early 1990s owner of WRDC, on the motive for axing the station's news department[68], While the company initially announced plans to retain its television and radio properties,[69] the interest of buyers in Durham Life itself resulted in a deal. The station was co-owned with WNAO radio (850 AM, now WKIX, and 96.1 FM, now WBBB), which Sir Walter had bought from The News & Observer newspaper after obtaining the television construction permit. CMBI means Chase Manhattan Bank International, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank, located in Moscow, Russia, and any nominee companies appointed by it. The meaning of WRDC is explained in this article below. The station had also lost some ratings momentum with the tower collapse. [45], WRAL and WTVD switched affiliations in 1985 after WTVD's owner, Capital Cities Communications, bought ABC. Although it had an assigned digital channel that it would move to post-transition that differed from its original digital channel, WRDC continued to broadcast its digital signal on its pre-transition allocation (UHF channel 27). [8], Even with a third station on the air, WTVD still held right of first refusal for NBC programming. [89], On January 24, 2006, Time Warner and CBS Corporation announced that The WB and UPN (which had only used its initials as its official name since 2000) would merge their higher-rated programs onto a new network, The CW. [70] The radio stations would be immediately onsold to Curtis Media Group, while Landstreet would form FSF TV, Inc., with Paul Brissette, a Boca Raton, Florida-based investor and president of Adams Television, to buy WPTF-TV. [41] The station defended its programming philosophy by pointing to its most acclaimed and popular examples of first-run syndicated programs such as The Muppet Show and TV movies from Operation Prime Time. [38] The highly profitable radio stations continued to make money, but the broadcasting division of the Durham Corporationbroken off from Durham Life Insurance and subject to two hostile takeovers that it successfully fought off[39]posted losses because of channel 28. [65] On top of that, the whole of Durham Life Broadcasting was suffering bad publicity due to Laurel Smith, general manager of WQDR-FM facing accusations of sexual harassment by male employees while she was also involved in a child custody case with her ex-husband; a memo by company president Felton P. Coley told employees of the company's radio and TV stations, WPTF-TV included, not to talk about it publicly, a point made moot when she resigned.[66][67]. [43] It also dropped NBC News Overnight, arguing to a local newspaper that the station would lose money on the show compared to just showing nothing at all and signing off after Late Night with David Letterman.

After the RaleighDurham market received two VHF television stations in 1954 and 1956 (WTVD, channel 11, and WRAL-TV, channel 5, respectively), WNAO-TV found the going increasingly difficult, as did many early UHF stations. unnamed Durham Life representative quoted in The News & Observer in 1977 as to why the company was buying a money-losing station[21], By 1975, though it had outlived the original channel 28 by this point in time, the station was running out of money, and the Everetts wanted out. Continuing preemptions and Brissette's all-but-nonexistent commitment to local news did not help matters, nor did local press calling it "the worst NBC affiliate in the country". Conseils [94] In January 2013, Fox announced that it would not exercise its option to buy any of the Sinclair stations in the four aforementioned markets.[95]. | [2] Triangle Telecasters won out on April 29, 1968,[1] with a minority share being sold to Charles Woods, owner of WTVY-TV in Dothan, Alabama. WRDC term has more than one definition and meaning, you can check out here and if you have any other query please type in search box. [102], MyNetworkTV affiliate in Durham, North Carolina, Reception may vary by location and some stations may only be viewable with, Formerly separately licensed as WCGV-TV and merged with WVTV's spectrum, but remains on its former channel number as a separate station, transitioned from analog to digital broadcasts, "Authority to Be Asked For New Durham TV", "In Durham, Research Triangle AreaWRDU Becoming Only NBC Net", "Area Viewers Protesting TV Movie About Jesus", "PTL Club Network Succeeds From 'Electronic Pulpit', "Negotiations Underway For Purchase of WRDU", "New TV Station Selects Classic Films For Debut", "Daytime dial: Surgery didn't save 'Doctors', "NBC program carries out students' fantasies", "NBC renews affiliate switch efforts in South", "WTVD leads in Nielsen, Arbitron ratings for second time", "WTVD in May outrates WRAL for the 1st time", "Durham Life Broadcasting seeks buyer for WPTF-TV", "What's in store for WPTF-TV? Contact Both stations share studios in the Highwoods Office Park, just outside downtown Raleigh, while WRDC's transmitter is located in Auburn, North Carolina.

[77] Meanwhile, the other stations Brissette had controlling interests in not only had news broadcasts, but successful ones as well. | [55] Durham Life sought as much as $45 million for the station. WRDC (channel 28) is a television station licensed to Durham, North Carolina, United States, serving the Research Triangle area as an affiliate of MyNetworkTV. UPN only programmed on Monday and Tuesday nights at the time, and would never air any programming on weekends. [64] By this time, lead anchor and producer Terry Thill had been replaced by Ben Garrett.

WRAL-TV and WTVD were highly respected, successful affiliates for their network on the VHF band. CSSF means the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier; Cendant means Cendant Corporation, a Delaware corporation. Honeywell means Honeywell International Inc. [1] The Everett group competed with a very similarly named company, DurhamRaleigh Telecasters (related to WCTU-TV in Charlotte), which also applied for the channel. CPS means Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc., a California corporation and its successors. BTCo means Bankers Trust Company, in its individual capacity, and any successor corporation thereto by merger, consolidation or otherwise. By the mid-to-late 1980s, with NBC's powerful prime time lineup leading the network from last place to first place in the national ratings, WPTF-TV was dead last in the Triangle television ratings. The station's lackluster ratings in the Triangle were a particular embarrassment for NBC; by then, the Triangle had become one of the fastest-growing markets in the country, yet the station's ratings had not grown along with the growth of the region. The station's ATSC 1.0 channels are carried on the multiplexed digital signals of other RaleighDurham television stations: WRDC discontinued regular programming on its analog signal, over UHF channel 28, on February 17, 2009, five months ahead of the official date in which full-power television stations in the United States transitioned from analog to digital broadcasts under federal mandate. | SPE means any bankruptcy-remote, special-purpose entity created in connection with the financing of settlement float with respect to customer funds or otherwise. [32] Likewise, the station's removal of Texas prompted viewer outrage,[33] and less than a year after the station added the show back when the network moved it to a mid-morning time slot,[34] NBC canceled it along with The Doctors, which only WPTF still aired of the NBC affiliates in the region. |

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CSDCC means the China Securities Depository and Clearing Co., Ltd. CSRC means the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

Without a sale, WRDU would have gone off the air. ,random [68] The call sign was then changed to WRDC on October 25, 1991, after the three major cities in the Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill); the station branded as "TRI-28" (later rendered as "TRY-28"). WRAL-TV aired ABC full-time, while one columnist opined in 1966 that WTVD let NBC programs play a "poor second fiddle" to its primary affiliation with CBS. [16] Even then, one writer once called the signal "weak as a Carrie Nation cocktail".

It is owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group alongside Raleigh-licensed CW affiliate WLFL (channel 22). [3] Other stakeholders in the company included then-mayor of Chapel Hill and WCHL founder Roland "Sandy" McClamroch, former Durham mayor E. J. Evans and former Raleigh mayor Jim Reid. On the other hand, channel 28 was on the UHF band and with a weaker signal. WNCN's new owner, Outlet Communications, had very good relations with NBC; it owned WJAR-TV in Providence, Rhode Island and WCMH-TV in Columbus, Ohio, which were two of NBC's strongest and longest-standing affiliates. Mentions lgales

Originating Affiliate means an Affiliate of AmeriCredit that has originated Receivables and assigned its full interest therein to AmeriCredit. On November 18 of that year, Triangle Telecasters, Inc., a group led by Robinson O. Everett, applied to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for a construction permit to build a new channel 28 station in Durham. We could have quadrupled our spending on it and it would not make any progress. Examples: NFL, | Seller Affiliates has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2.7.1; Purchaser Affiliate means any affiliate of the Purchaser, including a transferee who is an affiliate of the Purchaser, and any person who controls the Purchaser or any affiliate of the Purchaser within the meaning of Section 15 of the Securities Act or Section 20 of the Exchange Act; and. However, the Smith family, founders and owners of Sinclair, held 97% of Glencairn's stock; for all intents and purposes, Sinclair now owned both stations. Citing a scheduling problem with a syndicated special, WPTF-TV preempted Maya Angelou's TV movie Sister, Sister when NBC aired it, despite its being set in North Carolina and despite Angelou teaching at Wake Forest University. The station signed off December 31, 1957, and its owner entered into a joint venture with another dark UHF outlet that was successful in obtaining channel 8 in High Point. BCI BECOR COMMUNICATIONS, INC., a Delaware Corporation By: -------------------------------------------------------- Buddy Young, President and Chief Executive Officer "SHAREHOLDER": SCO Capital LLC Name of the SHAREHOLDER By: Steve Rouhandeh -------------------------------------------------------- Name and Title of Authorized Signatory By: -------------------------------------------------------- Signature of Authorized Signatory 4,623,346 Number of BCI Shares to be delivered to SHAREHOLDER SHAREHOLDER's street address: 1285 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY, 10019. Comcast means Comcast Corporation, a Pennsylvania corporation. The Everetts believed they could get more revenue from local advertising than from network airtime payments, due to WRDU's low ratings keeping compensation rates very low in turn. [4], WRDU-TV began broadcasting on the afternoon of November 4, 1968. At noon on June 12, the station's digital signal relocated to UHF channel 28. Some predictions", "The towering implications of one cold day", "The Thill is gone; what's next for WPTF", "Trial puts focus on personnel; sexual harassment by woman alleged", "Woman involved in custody dispute resigns job", "The People's Forum: WPTF newscast needed", "WRAZ to become Fox affiliate in the Triangle", "UPN and WB to Combine, Forming New TV Network", "Sinclair Reups With Fox, Gets WUTB Option", "Sinclair In An Acquisition State Of Mind", "DTV Tentative Channel Designations for the First and Second Rounds", "Five Raleigh Stations Roll Out ATSC 3.0", Sorted by primary channel network affiliations, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=WRDC&oldid=1096550930, Television channels and stations established in 1968, Television stations in the Research Triangle, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles using infobox television station, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 5 July 2022, at 05:29. PSP, HIPAA Generally speaking, NBC was considerably less tolerant of its stations substituting alternative programming for its feed than ABC or CBS. Unlike in the 1970s, it had options this time around to go elsewhere and get a better arrangement, thanks in no small part to cable leveling the playing field between VHF and UHF outlets and a deregulatory-minded FCC ceasing active promotion of the development of UHF, leaving it to market forces. This meant that the network hesitated to offer WRDU a full-time affiliation, believing the Everetts lacked the financial wherewithal to run the station, so it let WTVD continue its established practice of cherry-picking higher-rated NBC and CBS programs (just as WTVD selected the higher-rated CBS and ABC programs when WNAO-TV was in business), leaving WRDU to carry the lower-rated shows as well as NBC's news programming. FMC means The First Marblehead Corporation, a Delaware corporation. [54], In August 1989, Durham Corporation opted to focus on its core insurance business and announced it was placing WPTF-TV up for sale. The new owners hired Vickie Street, former general manager of Adams-owned WWAY, the ABC affiliate in Wilmington, as general manager, answering directly to Brissette. "global warming" [78], By the mid-1990s, even with the network still capitalizing on the success of its Must-See TV campaign, NBC's patience with WRDC was exhausted after over a quarter-century of mediocrity at best on channel 28. Ralisation Bexter. As NBC's ratings slump worsened, it further strained the already shaky WPTF-NBC relationship. It even trailed WLFL, an independent station (and later, a Fox affiliate) that had only been on the air since 1981. . All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. Plan du site [25][17], This was Durham Life's second attempt to get into television.

However, it was a massive technical downgrade. L'acception des cookies permettra la lecture et l'analyse des informations ainsi que le bon fonctionnement des technologies associes. Pourquoi choisir une piscine en polyester ? [83] Even before then, however, the station had started branding itself as "UPN 28" and all but stopped promoting NBC programming; it also delayed UPN's Monday and Tuesday night slates to air on Friday and Saturday nights instead of NBC's weak prime time lineup,[84] which WNCN aired on those nights until September. Ralisations Starwood shall have the meaning assigned to such term in the preamble to this Agreement. [21] Several national groups examined the station, including ScrippsHoward Broadcasting. [61] That same tower was dismantled several years later and then donated to classical radio station WCPE-FM, who reassembled it at a spot near its studios in Wake Forest, North Carolina in 1993. Owned by the Sir Walter Television Company, WNAO-TV broadcast from July 12, 1953, to December 31, 1957, primarily as a CBS affiliate with secondary affiliations with other networks. The FCC eventually fined Sinclair $40,000 for its illegal control of Glencairn but approved its direct acquisition of the Glencairn stations in 2001, after duopolies were legalized. Retail seller means any person that sells any dangerous drug to consumers without assuming control over and responsibility for its administration. The station even preempted the popular prime time dramas Hill Street Blues and St. 03 88 01 24 00, U2PPP "La Mignerau" 21320 POUILLY EN AUXOIS Tl. Similar arrangements were in place at Glencairn's other eight stations, leading to allegations that Sinclair was using Glencairn to make an end-run around FCC rules forbidding television station duopolies. [17] However, the FCC shocked Durham Life when it awarded the license to the much smaller Capitol Broadcasting, owner of WRAL radio (AM 1240, now WPJL, and 101.5 FM) as WRAL-TV. American Express means American Express Services Europe Limited. Channel 28's transmitter was located on the OrangeChatham County line on the market's western fringe, providing only a Grade B signal to Raleigh proper and rendering it practically unviewable over the air in southern and eastern Wake County. Even so, some of that was likely prompted by NBC's already-strained relationship with the station, rooted in the network's chagrin over the 1971 FCC decision effectively forcing it onto an undesirable UHF channel (see above). [90][91] The news of the merger resulted in Sinclair announcing, two months later, that most of its UPN and WB affiliates, including WRDC, would join MyNetworkTV, a new service formed by the News Corporation, which is also owner of the Fox network. Abbreviation | Acronym | Definition | Meaning | Full Form. [22] After two years of negotiations,[23] the Durham Life Insurance Company, which owned WPTF (680 AM), the Triangle's oldest radio station, and WQDR-FM (94.5, now on 94.7), bought WRDU-TV from the Everetts in May 1977 and changed its call sign to WPTF-TV on August 14, 1978,[24] coinciding with a major signal overhaul and new 1,300-foot (400m) transmitter tower near Apex that brought channel 28's coverage area far more in line with WRAL-TV and WTVD than before. Rseau Brissette sold channel 28 to Communications Corporation of America;[87] that firm then contracted with Sinclair Broadcast Group, which was purchasing WLFL, to combine the two stations' operations under a local marketing agreement in the WRDC building. on WTVD and Entertainment Tonight on WRAL. [44] The following year, the news department was dropped completely, with news cut back to brief cut-ins. The ruling forced WTVD to choose one network;[12][13] it ultimately chose CBS, forcing NBC to sign with WRDU-TV by default ahead of the 19711972 television season. Are you looking for the definition of WRDC?

[17] Before buying channel 28, Durham Life had been interested in building a new station on channel 22,[26] a Raleigh assignment that had been proposed for a station in the 1960s. [37] The new, improved signal also had no effect on the ratings of the news; in November 1979, WRAL's 6 p.m. newscast attracted a 30 rating, WTVD's a 16, and WPTF-TV's a measly 1. 1988-2022, [40] It also continued to preempt NBC programming, albeit less often than the 1970s. https://acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/WRDC, Instruments used in the study belong to Al Watany Eye Hospital and Watany Research Development Center (, Figure 6 shows a scatter histogram representing CERES, using simple bilinear interpolation, against the corresponding observational, A total of Dh295 billion has been invested in a variety of projects in the Western Region in a bid to attract tourists and boost economic grown in the area, according to an official statement from a member of the, His Excellency, Mohamed Hamad bin Azzan Al Mazrouei, Acting Undersecretary of the Ruler's Representative Court in the Western Region and Director General of, About Western Region Development Council:Western Region Development Council (, Summary: The Western Region Development Council (, In 2005, the Abu Dhabi government set up the Western Region Development Committee (, The data were obtained from the World Radiation Data Centre (, SGM Alan Graykowski, Western Regional Dental Command (, The company will also acquire, for $8 million in Sinclair class A stock, Glencairn's WB affil KRRT San Antonio; WB affil WBSC Greenville, S.C.; UPN affil, Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, Topographic Asymmetry Indices: Correlation between Inferior Minus Superior Value and Index of Height Decentration, Updating the ASHRAE Climate Design Data for 2017, Gendering environmental assessment: women's participation and employment outcomes at Voisey's Bay, Western Region map to be launched by TCA-AD, Abu Dhabi to host Al Gharbia Development Forum, Abu Dhabi Council for Economic Development promotes entrepreneurship amongst young UAE nationals, Al Gharbia Careers Fair 2010 opens its doors to students and job seekers, Estimation of global solar radiation in Venezuela/ Estimacion de la radiacion solar global en Venezuela/Estimacao da radiacao solar global em Venezuela, Sinclair dances, duopoly combo with Glencairn, wreak (something) on (someone or something), wreak (something) upon (someone or something), Women in Resource Development Corporation, Wiscasset Regional Development Corporation.