But here well be taking a look at some of the most notable 4-Star Moonlight heroes that deserve your attention. The drop rate information can be found at the bottom of the Custom Mystic Summon Drop Rate list.

Starting with the Awaken update on April 28th until July 21st at 02:59 UTC, the following 5Moonlight Heroes will be available in Mystic Summon. Heroes can now be filtered according to the Buffs and Debuffs they apply.

Ranked Match matchmaking will be improved.

In the MolaGora Farm, Heirs can acquire one free MolaGora each week.

Improvements to UI so that the Exclusive Equipment equipping screen provides a quick view of information related to the Exclusive Equipment.

When summoning the currently selected 5Moonlight Hero, a confirmation pop-up window will be displayed. Aside from the limited characters, these characters are the best picks for players more focused on PvE contents in Epic Seven: - Tamarinne: the best offensive healer in the game. Addition of the button, situated in the same place as the current Cancel button.

If you buy something we may get a small commission at no extra cost to you.

An issue where you could make duplicate nicknames in the game will be fixed. The Adventure Points obtained in all regions of the Unrecorded History epilogue will be consolidated into one, Ritania Adventure Points. Unfortunately, theyll only find a picture of AOLA staring back at them. An issue where the effect from Episode 1 Chapter 7-4 Dead Hill stage was not displayed properly, will be fixed.

When the second round of the Custom Mystic Summon begins, players will be able to additionally select one 4 and 5 Moonlight Hero each.

FandomSpot is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by any brands or trademarks on this site unless explicitly stated. If you collect enough mileage and tap the Epic Craft button, the [Craft x1] button for Lv.85 Equipment is activated and Epic Equipment can be crafted.

A coin that fades away as time passes, and eventually disappears.

When a 5 Moonlight Hero listed in Mystic Summon is selected, three 5 Moonlight Heroes become available. However, thanks to several buffs to her kit, she has returned as a great tanker who can still cripple an unprepared enemy who cant strip invincibility.

All other assets & trademarks are property of their original owners. Mission rewards and stars can be earned upon completion of the mission, and additional rewards can be obtained based on the number of times the mission is accomplished.

(Previously 700,000).

We regret to announce that we are ending the coverage of Epic Seven. Not only this, but T.Crozet can also dispel all buffs from both himself and a target ally while granting them increased critical hit resistance or a barrier depending on their class.


T.Surin is often considered the better pick for PVP due to her added debuffs, stealth, and combat readiness boosts, but BBK is a lot more versatile when it comes to PVE. An issue where BGM would not play in certain sections of some side stories in Journal > Story Journal > Hero Stories will be fixed.

A chance to summon the Moonlight Heroes you desire!

Now you can choose the ML 5 star and 4 star hero you want, although for a limited time. If you wanted a 4-Star hero, your only hope was to pray you didnt get spooked by the 5-Star while spending your Mystic Medals or risk it all with Galaxy bookmarks. Read on for more information on its uses and how to obtain Mystic Medals. The prologue button size will be reduced.

Ranking information and reward information are displayed separately. I dont think those links you provided are of the custom mystic banner, but just the regular mystic multi-banners.

A feature will be added on the left side of the Hero List > Sort to select by Buffs and Debuffs.

Premium Supply Pass resets on the first of each month together with the Expedition Depot.

The most notorious limited character that dominated Epic Seven's Arena for 1 year, Seaside Bellona's (SSB for short) skill set allows her to deal significant damage while inflicting debuffs, as well as counters the entire enemy's team constantly if she and her allies are hit 5 times consecutively. Instead, you will be able to receive rewards according to the number of stars achieved.

Upon reaching maximum mileage, the number of guaranteed Epic Equipment is increased by 1 and decreased accordingly upon crafting Epic Equipment. - Krau: one of the best tanks in the game. 2022 FandomSpot Heroes and Artifacts selected for Custom Mystic Summon and other items are available for purchase using Moons Mirage Coins in the Moons Mirage Coin Shop.

Still, we have to pay respect to Aux Lots for providing us with so many fun times! That said, she can still be a genuine threat in the right situations. An issue where the button [Change] would not become inactive after equipping Equipment that is on temporary Equipment slots, will be fixed. BBK is a great AOE damage-dealing Thief who, thanks to a recent buff granting her invincibility at the start of the battle, has seen a slight resurgence in popularity.

[Available Heroes and Artifact in Custom Mystic Summon], 4-5 Moonlight Heroes selected for Custom Mystic Summon, 3-5 Heroes and Artifact that were released 6 months before the end of the Custom Mystic Summon period except for Limited Heroes and Artifacts.

Landy's unique artifact is a good Ranger artifact, especially for those that spam AOE attacks as it increases their Combat readiness by 10% for every AOE attack, with a chance of granting 75% attack up based on the number of enemies' buffs.

Players can select one Hero among those in the list for Mystic Summon.

Fun content on everything pop culture. This page lists the material Mystic Medals in the game Epic Seven.

[Connections > Lorina] Mission will change. Purifying from the main Abyss screen will have a short visual effect.

The pop-up activated by selecting Exclusive Equipment will now show the Exclusive Equipment effect description and minimum/maximum value. A new boss, Incomplete Fastus, will have new mechanics and undergo a balance adjustment. But as mentioned previously, she has since fallen off due to the number of interrupts present in todays meta.

She has recently received support and remains a relevant damage dealer for both PvE and PvP. After proceeding with Epic Craft, you may craft Lv.

Custom Mystic Summon Conditions and Others.

Information and images on [Help > Sanctuary > Forest of Souls] will be updated. 85 Epic Equipment of your desired Set.

After the initial clear of each floor, you can Replay without consuming currency, but cannot obtain a clear reward.

An issue where you are not automatically moved to Artifact inventory after pressing Arrange button when trying to buy an Artifact from Stars Mirage Coin Shop while the Artifact Inventory is full, will be fixed.

T.Crozet absorbs a portion of the damage suffered by the ally in the back row, and boosts his combat readiness whenever that hero is attacked (with a chance to counter the attack). Equipment will be selected according to the conditions set and be placed within the replacement slots. Her unique artifact offers the same effect as Luna's unique artifact, but instead of for ST damage, it is for AOE damage and is one of the best artifacts to have in the game.

Upon tapping the Recommended Equipment button, you may select your preferred Set and Stats. As more and more debuffers are released, C.Zeratos stocks will only continue to rise.

If you have acquired or already possess Element Summon Bookmarks, the Element Summon function will become available even if you are yet to unlock World Boss. One of the more balanced choices for both PvE and PvP, Holiday Yufine skill set consists of all AOE attacks, allowing her to clear waves of enemies easier and more effectively for farming in PvE, with the 3rd skill being able to cleanse debuffs being immensely useful for PvP as well. Half appeal of ml and limited units are how exclusive they are. This will help new players, especially the equipment crafting pity mechanic. After the metagame progressed, Carmin saw less viability. Lists a random 50 Mystic Medals at their shop. We are also getting Tamarinne and Kayron banner, alongside the Abyss challenge, which I am not looking forward to due to having to deal with RNG.

After a certain amount of time after the Moons Mirage Coin Shop will close and all the Moons Mirage Coins you own will reset and will not be available for the next Custom Mystic Summon. And with that said, Assassin Cidd is likely the stronger pick but if built correctly, both of these units should be able to take the first turn and eliminate an enemy threat.

This shop will remain open for 7 days after the Custom Mystic Summon ends and can be found in Shop > Moons Mirage Coin.

Carmin has risen to the top of the PVP meta, then fallen to relative obscurity, and then to the top again. Singelica had a brief stint in PVP as an anti-reviver but doesnt see much play nowadays in RTA. The Custom Group Summoning system, in the simplest term, is a special banner system that allows you to spend your summoning currencies (bookmarks or bms for short) on 3 specific characters that you choose yourself from a select pool of characters.


- Celine: a character with an amazing skill set that counters a lot of PvP characters that use non-attacking skills. Entry Conditions: Only one Hero per class can be used in the team.

However, if the rewards are good, then I guess it isnt that bad.


An issue in the Advent Side Story Natures Decline and Decay where the entrance animation in the Hell/Epic Hell stage replays after the monster, Dust Mushroom appears, and the Boss attacks, will be fixed.

His portfolio can be found at ruelbutler.com.

Video games, movies, TV shows, cartoons, anime, toys, comics, and so much more. Master Duel Guide & Walkthrough Wiki, Super Smash Bros.

Can enter Urgent Missions without leaving the current map.

During this era, all you needed to do was build your Carmin fast enough to get that skill three off and proceed to wait for your opponent to forfeit! When selecting a character, you will have both the character and their artifact rated up, for a total of 3 characters and 3 artifacts rated up in 1 banner.

You can now Purify from the main Abyss screen.

Epic Equipment can only be crafted through the [Craft x1] button. In addition, for every roll, you gain 1 star coin and after rolling 120 times, you will be able to directly recruit 1 of the 3 characters to your roster with 120 star coins. (Finally, two 4 and 5 Moonlight Heroes can be selected).

Match against opponents in the same league or one league above or below your league nearest to your MMR. Monsters in all regions of Episode 3 will have their levels lowered by 5 levels.

However, Aux Lots was the premier support to any cleave comp before all of this. There will be changes to Equipment equipping, crafting, enhancement, and extraction.

The number of cores extracted from enhanced Equipment will be increased.

The custom banner did suggest we can select any 4 or 5 star hero from the start to 6 months prior to the banner as the banner hero. Aux Lots first and third skills are irrelevant here, as we only care about his second skill, which boosts an allys combat readiness by 100%!

An issue where some of the effects of the Dimension Loop skill of the boss Pain Pursuer Moroi did not match the description will be fixed.

(3 weeks total), Hall of Trials Boss Kayron Practice Battle period: 4/25 (Mon) server reset ~ 4/28 (Thu) 02:59 UTC, Hall of Trials Boss Kayron Ranked Battle period: 4/28 (Thu) after maintenance ~ 5/15 (Sun) server reset, Clear Bonus points will be increased to 1,000,000. The maximum number of repeat battles will increase upon reaching the 5th Generation. As the monsters levels decrease, the Gold and EXP earned by clearing the stages will also slightly decrease.

(, Best 5-Star Moonlight Heroes in Epic Seven (Ranked), 15 Best F2P Heroes in Epic Seven (Ranked), Epic Seven: Top 10 Best Heroes For Abyss, Ranked, 10 Best Characters in Legend of the Galactic Heroes (Ranked), Company of Heroes 2 Best Mods: The Ultimate List. Pokemon Legends: Arceus Guide & Walkthrough Wiki, Shin Megami Tensei V Guide & Walkthrough Wiki, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Guide & Walkthrough Wiki, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Guide & Walkthrough Wiki, Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) Guide & Walkthrough Wiki, Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered Guide & Walkthrough Wiki. Mileage points are accumulated according to the Hunt.

Mystic Summon rotation Heroes can be changed to other rotation Heroes without limit, and the summon count for guaranteed summon will be maintained.

But over time, people have started to realize just how much of a troublemaker he can be.

Earn rewards by completing various missions in an even deeper and more dangerous Abyss. She is often compared to Tempest Surin because the two fill a similar role as life-stealing damage dealers.

Visit the new Forest of Souls in the Sanctuary.

This guide aims to explain how to unlock and use this new Custom Group Summoning system and recommend the best picks for the system based on 3 criteria: Limited characters, PvP oriented characters and PvE oriented characters, with some honorable mentions.

After the first incapacitation, the bosss Health and Defense are slightly lowered and Attack is slightly increased. We feel sorry for all of those who traded him in for a selector after Smilegate patched his kit. Singelica has managed to stay relevant due to her vital role in Wyvern 13 one-shot teams. Within the same Hunt type, mileage points are accumulated collectively across all parts.

[Arena Resolution Season Ending Notice]. Players can select other Heroes without limits before performing summons in Custom Mystic Summon.

Match with the opponent nearest to your MMR within a certain range based on your league. Tamarinne & Idols Cheer Drop Rate Up, 13. Ritania Adventure Pointswill be obtainable as a stage clear reward for all regions of the Unrecorded History epilogue. All Guides 2019 Epic Seven Wiki for Beginners.

That list you displayed does not include a number of old heroes like DJB, JKise, etc.

(Unharvested MolaGora will not accumulate and can only be harvested once a week.).

With her Passive allowing her to gain Fighting Spirits and resets her S3 CD based on the number of enemies' buffs, she can essentially spam her S3 until she defeats the opponent's team. This Artifact allows your strongest ally even more opportunities to attack the enemy.

Purification cannot be used in Challenge Mode.

T.Crozet typically allows squishy heroes like Landy and Rem to sit comfortably in the backline without the fear of being one-shot. In this Drop Rate Up event meet the Fire Elemental Thief Kayron who greatly improves the casters survivability with his immortalityeffect and can deal a large amount of damage with a powerful AoE attack. Only cermia will be excluded not too big of a deal.

She allows unique utility in her being able to grant the entire team the ability to prevent critical hits from enemies, in addition to being extremely tanky for longer fights.

Players can also acquire Idols Cheer, an Artifact that increases the Combat Readiness of the ally with the highest Attack when the caster is attacked. They also revamped the mystic summon rotation, allowing you to pick 3 ML heroes instead of having only 1 choice per rotation. You can acquire Premium Exclusive Rewards from Premium Supply Pass when you accumulate points from each boss.

You can now log in and start using the Team Builder.

It is important to note, the Custom Group Summoning system be available from 4/21 (Thu) 03:00 ~ 5/19 (Thu) 02:59 UTC, however, the moment you have chosen the 3 characters of your choice and have summoned once, you will NOT be able to change the selection and the banner duration will END in 14 DAYS counting down from that moment. While he doesnt offer much in the realm of team support, he does his job well enough to be picked for niche situations.

Aux Lots sees little-to-no play nowadays due to the emergence of units like Politis and Celine, who counterattack when an enemy uses a non-attacking skill.

An issue where players would not be able to leave the screen when a certain input is repeated in the Manage Equipment screen, will be fixed.

The first and oldest Limited character to ever be released, Diene is a decently balanced Soul Weaver (or Healer) for both PvP and PvE content. These following honorable mentions are characters that are immensely powerful and are in the selection pool. And 4-Star Moonlight heroes have seen various levels of play over the years, both in PVE and PVP. Additionally, he can almost infinitely prolong the life of units that thrive in extended battles (like Little Queen Charlotte). Use the Auto-Select button to automatically select Enhancement materials based upon adjustable conditions. Sadly, this is no longer the case, and cleave is all but dead and buried in its traditional form. The purchase limit for items in the Coin Shop will reset.