Angela created the first version of this site in 2003, when she was a classroom teacher herself. Channel the beloved character the Tin Man from this classic work. So freaking adorable! > Get the Diary of a Whimpy Kid books here.

Check out these easy ideas. Country Living participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. "Furry" glasses are a necessary finishing touch.

If they can't stop reading Dr. Seuss' The Lorax, outfit them with orange shirts, furry glasses, and signs that proclaim, "Save the Truffula Trees!". Toddlers are certainly as headstrong as Hermione Grangerthough they may need a little more help mastering her go-to spells and charms. So easy, especially if they already have the orange outfit! Fun for dress ups at home too. Get the look by donning colorful striped sleeves and putting some face paint on. You'll Love These DIY Western Halloween Costumes, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

Hi, Im Holly! This, This story kind of creeps me out a little however it does make for a really cool costume for kids or adults! If you buy from a link, we may earn a commission. These easy to make Troll headbands are a great way to create simple book parade ideas without needing actual crazy hair! Either way, you'll love taking a trip down memory lane as you scroll through these easy Halloween costume ideas, which include sibling costumes, best friend costumes, and more. This adorable Disney costume turned out even better than expected and cost a fraction of what it would have been to buy the costume instead. Country Living editors select each product featured. Perfect if Shh We Have a Plan is a favourite book of your kids!

What I love most about this DIY, One of our favourite films this year has been Toy Story 4, with, If you have more than one child, they may enjoy dressing up as different Frozen characters for fun themed sibling costume ideas. 14 Books About Nocturnal Animals.

This incredible sibling costume for classic Narnia book The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe is truly spectacular. Embody every child's favorite bus driver with this spunky costume. If you intend on going as Pipi Longstocking, then its your hair that will really seal the deal. Or of course, Mickey Mouse ears instead! For a thrifty superhero costume, this is a fantastic tutorial on turning an old T-shirt into a cape. And to make sure that the kids wont confuse you as just some fancy bunny, dont forget your clock! frozen disney figure playset story doll anna complete elsa kristoff sven Get the tutorial at A Pumpkin & a Princess. Each year there is a different theme for Australian Book Week and it takes place in August. Get the tutorial at Living After Midnite. As long as you've got a magnifying glass in hand, you can make it work with pretty much whatever you find in your closet! ImMelissa Taylor, mom, writer, & former elementary teacher & literacy trainer. If you have more than one child, they may enjoy dressing up as different Frozen characters for fun themed sibling costume ideas. All you need is a red striped shirt, jeans, a beanie, black-rimmed glasses and youre all set! This costume was created using a Cricit cutting machine, which not only created the cut out leaf shapes but also printed the tattoo designs. The best thing about these rainbow-colored costumesbesides the fabulously silly book they referenceis the fact that they're fully customizable. I love this non traditional Tin Man costume if you are looking for book week costumes for girls that are traditionally male characters. Read thestep-by-step instructions here. Maybe a long sleeve vest is a good choice. This, Plus the next Thor film will feature a female Thor, so theres no reason little girls cant rock the hammer this Book Day!

See how you can create a Captain America shield and costume at home on the cheap! Favourite Australian childrens book series Macca The Alpaca costume and Dharma The Llama are brought to life in this epic sibling costume. If you have the time!

Download blogger Rachel Faucett's printable mask template, grab your sewing machine, and start crafting this classic costume based on the beloved book. Felt crafts are some of my favourite due to their simplicity and inexpensive nature.

If you have an old dictionary or book that you dont mind tearing up and if you are quite crafty with paper, then this costume will be worth the time. Alternatively, you can recreate the Maxs wolf onesie with a hoodie and sweatpants by following theinstructions here. Bring this classic character of Anne Shirley to life with nothing more than a few wardrobe basics, some hair ribbon, and a straw hat. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, The Most Clever Halloween Instagram Captions, 127 Halloween Jokes To Tickle Your Funny Bones, 30 Pumpkin Jokes That'll Carve Out a Smile, Our Best Fall Wreath Ideas for Your Front Door, 36 Fall Dinner Party Menu Ideas to Win the Season, Serve a Cocktail Packed with Crisp Autumn Flavors, These Halloween Puns Are Frightfully Clever, 42 Best Leaf Craft Ideas We're Loving This Fall, 64 Fall Porch Decorating Ideas You've Got to Try. These super cute costumes can easily be adapted to school-age kids and are pretty darn simple overall. Those fuzzy pants look really warm too! Alice from Alice in Wonderland is always a darling costume, but for a different look from the book, your child can be the short-tempered Queen of Hearts this Halloween. Think of all the characters in fairy tale storiesThere are so many good options.

24 Low-Maintenance Plants for the Lazy Gardener, The Best Michigan Beach Town for a Summer Getaway, Easy, Cheap, 30-Minute (or Faster!) It is also perfect for any Book Week theme! We held aBook Character Parade around the school to show off our costumes and it was so much fun to see what all the kids wore! Another childrens storybook favourite, I love the fact this Very Hungry Caterpillar costume is in butterfly form instead. But you can remind your kids of the happier parts of the story by dressing them up in these sweet, old-fashioned outfits. Like many little girls, my daughters adore unicorns and they love Thelma the Unicorn too. Get the tutorial at Maniacs in the Middle. Seriously how awesome is it!

If you enjoy some mystery-solving along with your Halloween festivities, were thinking you should don a Nancy Drew costume. Whooooooo can make this seriously sweet Harry Potter Hegwig baby costume? Plus the next Thor film will feature a female Thor, so theres no reason little girls cant rock the hammer this Book Day! This is probably the most comfortable costume on this list. This is a classic costume with a twist the famous scene of Alice in Wonderland stuck inside the white rabbits house makes a fun difference to a traditional Alice costume. Thanks for collecting them in one place! Or, choose a more recent favorite character like Elephant and Piggie!

Our Sunday audio podcast is designed to get you informed and energized for the week ahead. Country Living editors select each product featured. Here, we've rounded up some of the most creative book-inspired Halloween costumes on the net. This homage to the classic series by Kay Thompson will delight both kids and adults. And usually, it is cheaper to make something at home than purchase a costume. This Camilla Cream costume is pretty popular on Pinterest and its easy to see why. costume here that'll have your fellow Halloween party guests in stitches, a Lorax tutorial for those interested in saving the Truffula trees, andof course!a Little House-inspired look, too. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, 25 Cute Matching Pajamas to Wear This Halloween, These Halloween Treats Are Even Better Than Candy, 45 Halloween Door Decorations for a Spooky Home, Halloween Party Games the Whole Family Will Enjoy, These Dog-Owner Halloween Costumes Are Too Cute, 25 Fun Trunk-or-Treat Ideas to Take for a Spin, 15 Halloween Costume Ideas for Dad and His Sons, 45 Halloween Activities to Do With Your Family, 35 Best Book Character Costumes Any Avid Reader Will Love. However, if you have no time and energy to make one, you can simplyopt for cutout hatlike the girl in the picture above is wearing. For more childrens Book Week costumes Australia, here are some of my favourite pre-made options: Need a last minute Halloween costume? Soren of Classic Noise bought an adult-sized onesie (which she attached a fabric tail to) and made a paper crown. Any thoughts on viewing?

Not only is this DIY costume the easiest way to let the wild rumpus start, but it's also a fabulous idea for keeping your baby warm all evening. Another take on Luna Lovegood, this costume is perfect for the tween set. Playing cards, craft foam, and patterned tape come together for a look that might make her say, "Off with their heads!". Required fields are marked *. Grab a pair of overalls and two large pieces of cardboard, then craft your way through this adorable, instantly recognizable costume. Found on Pinterest. Awakened can change your mindsetand that can change EVERYTHING. Because it's no sew, the answer is everyone, that's who! Harry Potter fans will have no trouble recognizing you in this one. This would not be a proper Book Week costume list without a mention of the Gruffalo. The site may earn a commission on some products. For us, it was Toy Story Barbie as part of our family costume.

I love the simplicity of this Lorax costume an orange hoodie and track pants teamed with some felt. With 11 years of teaching experience and more than a decade of experience as an instructional coach, Angela oversees and contributes regularly to 15 easy book character costumes for teachers, Waldos iconic accessories as listed here, lots and lots of red tulle and some black felt. Flapper-style elements like dresses, pearls, and dangling earrings give the novel's glamorous parties modern-day appeal. Silver spray paint and cardboard lend ingenuity to this iconic getup. Ill have to save this page for when the grandkids start to arrive. Let the wild rumpus start! So it may feel inevitable that the characters from your beloved children's book would be your go-to inspiration for a super-creative DIY book character costume and a memorable Halloween. This is an incredible, For a thrifty superhero costume, this is a fantastic tutorial on turning an old, Back to school photo ideas & free printables, School birthday treats that arent cupcakes, Alice in Wonderland stuck inside the white rabbits house, Books about becoming a big brother or sister, 35 Easy DIY Family Halloween Costumes & Group Costume Ideas, 31 Legitimate Work from Home Jobs for Mums (No Experience Necessary), 150 Hobbies For Mums: List Of Hobby Ideas For Women, 20 Exciting Balloon Games For Kids That Are Perfect For Parties, 50 Cool Activities & Birthday Party Games For Kids. Copying Pipis clothes is easy enough, but you must learn how to get those characteristic braids. The adorableness is almost too much to handlewe love the striped tie, little yellow sweater, and tiny witchs hat. Maybe you're a teacher looking for a fun way to teach a literature lesson on October 31, maybe you're looking for ideas for your kids, or perhaps you're a parent wanting to step back into those magical, memorable pages yourself. Here are some great Dr Seuss costumes: This DIY Sam I Am and his green eggs and ham make a fun, simple Dr Seuss costume for book week. An easy one to create from large cardboard panels, paint and pens. (Bonus points if you bring along a few real cookies for Halloween snacking!). How about one of these book character costume ideas from the favorite childrens picture and chapter books?

Get the tutorial at Ashley Brooke Designs. Get glitzy with this Great Gatsby-inspired costume. Heres a fantastic tutorial on making your DIY Minnie Mouse ears. With her copy of The Quibbler and larger-than-life sunglasses, your girl will go from a Muggle to a Hogwarts student in a flash.

Another simple Dr Seuss costume that can be created mostly with clothing your kids may already have or some inexpensive basics from the local department store. Or create capes inspired by their favourite book superheroes instead. This is an easy Rapunzel braid tutorial made from yarn which would be perfect paired with a pretty dress for a princess costume. You are sure to see one or two of these at each Book Week parade or when scrolling ideas on Pinterest. You can wear modern clothing and still get the classic look likeCrafty Teacher Lady here. A Psychologist-turned stay at home mum to 2 energetic little girls, helping busy mums to take back control of their lives, while still making time for the fun stuff too. This Sneetches costume show exactly that! Things may have not gone so great for Hansel and Gretel in Grimms Fairy Tales, but we have no doubt that your kids will have a much better outcome this Halloween.

Such cute ideas (and many are simple too). Muggles, here's your chance to embody the wackiest and most wonderful Harry Potter character of them all! The loveable God Maui from Moana is a fun choice and not one you would expect to see so often for fancy dress parades. Leave a comment below. This would not be a proper Book Week costume list without a mention of the Gruffalo. Get the tutorial at The House that Lars Built.

This adorable costume will remind your adventurer to never grow up! Get the tutorial at The House That Lars Built. And if you're a parent yourself, you've probably also shared the books that meant so much to you with your own child or children.

This is a great tutorial for creating your own, Roald Dahl was one of my absolute favourite authors as a child and his books are still much loved by children today.

Privacy Policy. Pull off this turn-of-the-century outfit by puttingthese key items together.

This, Another simple Dr Seuss costume that can be created mostly with clothing your kids may already have or some inexpensive basics from the local department store. This book is certainly a tear-jerker, but you can celebrate those warm fuzzies by partnering up with your little one for Halloween. If there's one person who'd appreciate this Laura Ingalls Wilder costume, it'd be Ree. The most challenging part is making the hat.

Check out my other round up of teacher costumes: Are you dressing up for Halloween this year? > Get the Where The Wild Things Book here. Its easy, colorful, fun, and unmistakable. Though both costumes are easy to put together (as you can see onthis guide), the latter is more fun and more recognizable to kids. After all, its winter in Australia in August! Hello, Even the striped socks are DIY: Simply apply a coat of acrylic paint to a pair of white socks. Help your teen or pre-teen channel Katniss Everdeen's strong, courageous personality with this easy-to-assemble ensemble. Who says your superhero needs to be one that already exists in the pages of a book?

matched cassia ally condie reyes characters bubble books nerds signing series wiki reading trilogy fellow ten reached crossed helm mrs Of course Minnie should make an appearance on this list! Disney costumes are a popular choice for many kids for world book day and book week and they tend to come in and out of trend based on film releases and sequels too. ), Ready for the A to E book character costume list? Heres another one you can pull off if you are pressed for time.

Get the tutorial at Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom. This Mr Tumnus faun costume is a great way to bring some of the Narnia magic into Australian Book Week dress ups. You probably know The Wizard of Oz as a famous movie, but did you know that it was a book first? Inspired by board books, picture books, and chapter books, there are so many costume ideas here, I think youll find one that you cant resist. Woodys sidekick Buzz Lightyear with his signature space ranger outfit is a popular choice for kids who want to grow up to become astronauts some day. Luke Skywalker needs his robotic sidekick and this R2D2 costume was too cool not to include.

Let her raid her own closet for mismatched clothes, and she can help make the felt scarf. We did a Toy Story family Halloween costume and our youngest was Bo Peep. Get their friends giggling with this faux "underwear-only" look. So it only seemed right to start with Book Week Costume ideas from these classic storybooks.

With almost every character you can think of making their way onto the pages of a storybook at some point, almost anything goes for Book Week, so long as it features on the pages somewhere so bring your childs favourites to life with one of these fun costume ideas: The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series has always been popular, especially now it has been up on the big screen too. The solution is NOT to manage your time better or work more efficiently. Some of these are less traditional book characters, or they are book characters that dont fit under the other headings.

By the way, kids shouldn't get to have all the fun. Join over 87,000 educators who follow us on Pinterest, Join our community of over 160,000 teachers on Facebook, Join over 22,000 teachers who network with us on Twitter, Join over 23,000 teachers who connect with us on Instagram, Join 22,327 educators to learn about new resources.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Winnie the Pooh are two favorite book character costume ideas for babies and toddlers talk about cute! Add some cute ears and a tail, and youre set for Fox in Socks! Because all of these ensembles are easy to DIY, they double as excellent last-minute Halloween costumes as well. "I absolutely adored them.". This is a really creative tutorial and super fun too.

I tried to watch the Youtube video listed on the Dr. Suess Cat in the Hat costume and it says Sorry this video is private I have never even seen this message on Youtube before. If the idea of dressing as a princess in a long dress makes you worry about comfort, remember that they key element here are the colors. Which Halloween costume ideas are your favorite? If you're an avid crocheter (or want to become one), this DIY Waldo hat is easy to crochet. "Hilarious that I wound up living in the country!" Shel Silverstein's classic book comes to life in this all-green get-up. It's bound to make them feel as cool as they look. With the new film coming out soon, they make popular book week 2020 costume ideas. They even have some great Book Week costumes for teachers.

If you cant find any book week dress up ideas that your kids love, maybe its time to go against the grain! Felt crafts are some of my favourite due to their simplicity and inexpensive nature. 10 Cleaning Games To Make Chores More Fun, Raising Confident Daughters: 10 Tips For Parents. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Hi! Join me in creating a life that you love! Quintessential classic Disney and especially popular during the 2018 Book week pirate theme. Dr. Seuss seems to inspire so many charming Halloween costumes, and this one is no exception.

It's fully DIY, easy to mimic at home, and undeniably hilarious. Loaded with humour and adventure, this Dog Man costume is sure to make them proud. The 2022 Book Week theme is Dreaming with eyes open and is scheduled for the week of August 20-26 in Australian schools. Copyright 2022 Imagination Soup. Book Week celebrations are a wonderful way to encourage a love of reading for children and motivate them to read more. Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll is one of the most classic of booksso it's safe to say that this is one of the most classic book character costumes! Not to mention, he has some great catch phrases too. Drawn by the quirky creatures seen in the book Theres a Wocket in My Pocket!, your child can capture the books wordplay with this easy costume. While it may be a modern day hit, Harry Potter has easily become a classic that will be loved for the generations to come. Literature's most beloved housekeeper just got a costume tutorial! But, anyone from Harry Potter is also a great costume choice. Your child can mimic her one-of-a-kind look with top-to-bottom stripes and those famous flyaway braids.

Or what about Miles Morales? These are the stories most of us grew up with, no matter our age and they are always easy to spot in the crowd amongst the newer book characters and recent favourites. How cute is this? This story kind of creeps me out a little however it does make for a really cool costume for kids or adults! Or, you can use some of the tutorials here to work your DIY magic. Or have your kids create their own book-themed superheroes using some inspiration from these superhero book week costume ideas!

With the motion picture film Trolls and the subsequent Netflix series, Poppy and Branch have become popular favourites with kids in their modernised version of the classic Troll Dolls.

Get the tutorial at Ashley Brooke Designs. Add some cute ears and a tail, and youre set for, My kids love watching The Grinch film although we have not read How The Grinch Stole Christmas together yet. Its pretty amazing what you can do with a coloured shirt and some felt. The boy who never wanted to grow up is a simple costume to create, especially if you have some green clothing already.