We even provide free direct installation The total program savings count up to 2.4 TWh electricity and 1296 million m3 natural gas. Click here to view the products you are eligible for. Whether you are looking to replace your interior commercial lighting, or natural gas water heater or furnace, there is an energy-saving solution for you. The Consumers Energy Business Marketplace includes Consumers Energy is Your Business' Teammate. products at the time of sale. Products shipped only to Michigan addresses. Please use live chat or email marketplace@cmsenergy.com for more information. To participate,you need to be a Consumers Energyelectric or combo customer (electric and natural gas) with an individual, dedicated central air conditioner or an air-source heat pump that is not shared between building units; does not participate in a disqualifying Consumers Energy rate or program. And rebates from Consumers Energy help to offset the price of the products, making energy-saving electric and natural gas equipment a cost-effective choice. rebates and free shipping, making them perfect for DIY projects. Consumers Energy keeps you up to The Pilot & Specialty programs increased from three in 2009 to 13 in 2017. Consumers Energy is excited to announce the launch of the Preferred Contractor Marketing Kit for 2022. Thank you for your continued support of the Insulation and Windows (INWIN) Program. It should read as shown below: Consumers Energy Insulation and Windows Preferred Contractor Program c/o ICF This may cause you to enter password incorrectly. Please select which type of Consumers Energy customer you are to view eligible products. All together they avoided 457 kilotons of CO2 emissions. Energy offers free energy audits and rebates for businesses as part of bottom line by replacing standard efficiency products with higher efficiency alternatives. The certificate holder is to be named as additional insured and is Consumers Energy. The program will continue to accept application submissions through the remainder of the year, however any submissions after Dec. 1st, 2021 may experience delayed rebate checks until early January 2022. Residential customers who have already received instant rebates by enrolling in the Smart Thermostat Program upon purchase of a new Nest thermostat from the Consumers Energy Store are not eligible for the $75 Prepaid Mastercard upon enrollment. The Consumers Energy Insulation and Windows (INWIN) Program is designed to improve the energy performance and durability of existing residential housing in Consumers Energy service territories. And your Nest thermostat can do it automatically. This program was expanded the following year to include Food Service and HVAC. Since the assessment program was implemented in 2015, over 17,000 assessments have been conducted. participating distributors. 248.912.8902Nick.LeRoy2@icf.com, Rob Murawski, Account Manager Attn: Insulation and Windows Program Studies also show that energy-efficient energy-efficiency products to install, you can purchase them at a substantial Jackson, MI 49201. You can help reduce their energy use by offering incentives for installing: You'll be able to effectively address many of the problems homeowners often experience, such as: Consumers Energy helps generate valuable leads by promoting the program to our customers. 586.212.4689Rob.Murawski@icf.com, Rebate Application (fillable PDF version), Tenant to Property Owner Rebate Reassignment Form, Tenant to Property Owner Rebate Reassignment Form (fillable PDF version), Contractor Digital StoreFront Collateral Request Portal, 2022Co-op Advertising Program Guidelines, 2022 Preferred Contractor Marketing Kit (PCMK). For suggestions to find the best web browser for you Customers who receive electric service from Consumers Energy may be eligible to participate in the summer season. Program Please contact your account manager to schedule one-on-one training. Get an answer from an expert on the Google Home Help Forum. We are pleased to announce the continuation of the Program into 2022. Rebates. your browser. Please try again later. lighting, lighting controls and refrigeration upgrades. The trademarks DNV GL, DNV, the Horizon Graphic and Det Norske Veritas are the properties of companies in the Det Norske Veritas group. This is not the same as your Consumers Energy billing account. Rush hour events happen when theres unusually high demand on the grid. During these events, your Nest thermostat will adjust your homes temperature by up to 4 degrees, helping you to use less energy. And when it comes to improving your Michigan businesss energy use, Consumers Energy can be a valuable teammate. upgrades, like replacing your interior and exterior incandescent bulbs with LED The intent of the service is to help your business save energy and improve your charge, depending on the type of service you have with Consumers Energy. To help you start saving even sooner you can now receive rebates on eligible replacement products instantly at participating distributors. The program has consistently achieved scores in the 8.5-9+ range. Nest thermostats learn what temperatures you like so they can keep you comfortable and help you save energy. The self-direct program allows eligible customers to run their own energy efficiency programs and not participate in the Consumers Energy Business Energy Efficiency Programs. Eligibility Requirements: Business customers that use less than 1,200,000 kWh of electricity or 15,000 Mcf of gas per year. 734-892-9129David.Anderson@icf.com, Account Advocate Team We're currently experiencing system issues which may result in website slowness. Common upgrades include improving lighting; The contractor will then recommend equipment upgrades that will David Anderson, INWIN Program Manager Once youve decided which date on new rebates for energy-efficient products like indoor and outdoor Please be advised that Consumers Energy address has changed on the INWIN Rebate Application form. workplaces can improve employees health and comfort, and can translate into The Consumers Energy Smart Thermostat Program will give you a $75 Prepaid Mastercardfor signing up for Rush Hour Rewards. Services

increasing insulation; and retrofitting, repairing or replacing HVAC equipment. VIEW PRODUCTS Achievements save you the most energy and money. 517.980.4044Robert.Riley@icf.com, Nick LeRoy, Account Manager Some of these products are ENERGY STAR and/or DLC listed. As a Consumers Energy customer, you also agree to the. West, MI There will be a maximum of 14 rush hour events each summer, and each rush hour event will be no longer than 4 hours. As a participating contractor in the Consumers Energy INWIN Program, you can expand your business and provide customers with more comfortable, safe and durable homes. Central, MI Your maintenance and alterations or builder's license(s). Consumers Energy is pleased to announce the launch of the Co-OpAdvertising Program for Insulation and Windows (INWIN) Trade Allies thatreceived a gold, silver or bronze badge in 2021! Critical rush hour events can occur between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m.on weekdays between Juneand September. discount through Consumers Energys website. hot water saving devices, water heater pipe insulation.

The rebates help offset the cost difference between choosing a standard product and an energy-efficient one. In October 2008, the state of Michigan required the states investor-owned utilities, alternative retail suppliers, electric cooperatives and municipal electric utilities to develop and implement an energy optimization program. Making In 2009, the Small Business Trade Ally program was launched, offering higher incentives to small business customers. In the unlikely situation of a critical need on the electric grid, Consumers Energy may need to call a critical rush hour event. You get your rebate taken right off the price of the product at the time of purchase. Consumers Energy rush hours will start in May and end in September. Electric click here. Business Energy Efficiency Solutions. The updated application is available for download on the Consumers Energy website. Don't Know. Energy rush hours will occur on non-holiday weekdays and weekends between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. in the summer. Caps Lock is on. The program offers financial incentives to participating homeowners for the installation of qualifying insulation and windows measures in eligible single- and multifamily dwellings (fewer than four units). These rebates can cover A friendly reminder to please submit all 2021 outstanding applications as soon as possible. All products include instant DNV designed a commercial and industrial energy optimization program consisting of two main elements: an incentive program, which is called Business Energy Efficiency Programs, and a self-direct program. Through the Business Assessment program, a Consumers Energy-approved Discover the rebates available when you make energy efficient updates to your business. Not only does it save money, but it can boost your companys Miscellaneous Measures- Electric Products, Miscellaneous Measures- Electric & Natural Gas Products, Miscellaneous Measures- Natural Gas Products, HVAC Products- Electric and Natural Gas Products, Foodservice Products- Electric and Natural Gas Products, Foodservice Products- Natural Gas Products, Up to 55 gal, less than 75 mbh and .64 UEF, Up to 55 gal, less than 75 mbh and .68 UEF, Over 55 gal, less than 75 mbh and .80 UEF, Less than or equal to 25 in total conveyor width, (M-F, 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. & Sat, 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.). their Consumers Energy will give you a $75 Prepaid Mastercard for signing up for Rush Hour Rewards. To learn more, visit the ENERGY STAR sectionwithin ConsumersEnergy.com. Offshore classification fleet in service, Electric grid performance and reliability, Reliability, availability and maintainability (RAM), Ship management, operations and ship design. In 2016, a midstream program was launched offering an instant discount on energy efficient lighting products. 165 W. Michigan Ave. 877.404.7937Consumer.EnergyHomePerformance@icf.com, Rob Riley, Account Manager VIEW DISTRIBUTORS. contractor will analyze your businesss energy use and compare it to similar energyhub Electric & Gas thousands of dollars worth of a contractors work. For expedited same-day enrollment, please bringa copy of: Your insurance company may submit the certificate of insurance. The objective of the program is to increase the demand for energy-efficient improvements for insulation and windows to produce long-term electric and natural gas energy savings to Consumers Energy residential customers. Energy assessments and upgrades. Natural Gas Please use live chat or email marketplace@cmsenergy.com to continue. takes is an unexpectedly large utility bill to realize that energy efficiency Consumers Energy provides electricity to 1.8 million customers and natural gas to 1.7 million customers in Michigans Lower Peninsula; in total, they serve more than 6 million customers in Michigan.

As a part of the programs emphasis on customer satisfaction, and as an additional method to help meet increased savings goals, a facility assessment program was implemented in 2015. LED-lit exit signs and a variety of indoor and outdoor LED lightbulbs. Easier rebates with our online application. And for each season you stay enrolled, youll receive an additional $25 Prepaid Mastercard. We're sorry for any inconvenience and ask that you try again later today. businesses. For more information on becoming a Consumers Energy Insulation and Windows Trade Ally, please visit the Join Us page. The total program savings count up to 2.4 TWh electricity and 296 million m3 natural gas. Appliance Service Plan does not affect your regulated utility service. *Appliance Service Plan is not regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission. happier, more productive workers. document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Consumers Energy Marketplace. energy star energystar gov please visit In 2016, the assessment team achieved an exceptional customer satisfaction rating of 9.2. Consumers Energy hired DNV to design and implement their program. With Rush Hour Rewards, you can get rewarded for using less energy when everyone else is using more. One-stop shopping. Plus, youll receive an additional $25 Prepaid Mastercard for each season that you stay enrolled. Easily access your bills, our transfer services, and more. Discover instant discounts on energy efficient products for your business and start saving today, Our Instant Discount Service makes energy efficient products available to businesses at a reduced price from of energy-conservation products like indoor and outdoor lighting. All rights reserved. If you start to feel uncomfortable, you can stop participating at any time by changing the temperature. Tell us more and well help you get there. Youll only get one rush hour event a day, and there will never be more than 3rush hour events in a week. your business more energy efficient improves your bottom line in a variety of 2019 marks the tenth year of the program, and it has grown to offer over 400 different energy efficiency incentives. Thank you for your continued participation in the Consumers Energy Insulation and Windows (INWIN) program in 2021. DNV, in conjunction with their partner, Franklin Energy implemented a business energy efficiency program that achieved Consumers Energys first year goals and has since continued to meet and exceed the clients stated savings goals every year. Product rebates are Customer is good for your companys bottom line. Simple delivered to the commercial, industrial and contractor markets as a reduction in the purchase price of qualifying environmental reputation and serve as a marketing tool. lights or installing faucet aerators, can be done by the contractor free of For the best performance on this website and others, please upgrade ways. Please find updated applications enclosed with the new address for your use and discard the old applications. All it You need to be a Consumers Energy customer with central air conditioning to participate. Consumers Energy East, MI Were sorry, were experiencing technical difficulties that are resulting in occasional payment errors. Register to attend one of the following seminars to become a preferred contractor in Consumer Energy's Insulation and Window Program: There are no seminars currently scheduled. To get the most out of Google Home, choose your Help Center: U.S. Help Center, U.K Help Center, Canada Help Center, Australia Help Center. The programs meet the clients customer satisfaction goals and exceeds the savings goals every year and has grown from 10 to 60+ employees since it started in 2009. The Business Energy Efficiency Programs include a Large Business program to install energy efficient equipment at qualifying customer locations, a Direct Install Program designed for qualifying small businesses that offered higher incentive levels for a limited number of energy efficiency measures, and a Pilot & Specialty Program for specific segments to determine the long-term opportunity for energy efficiency programs.