She has always found him to be boorish, but when he arrives at the house, he's far more civil than before and he even has a beautiful fiancee in tow. Believe it or not, it's been a decade since the men of "Entourage" graced our small screens. Turtle tells Vince to have their accountant handle the sale.

E, Scott and Drama go to Dice's home to break the news to him. Eric agrees, but has second thoughts and ends up breaking up with Ashley. Later, Queen Latifah breaks the news to him that Amanda Daniels is bringing an NFL team to L.A.

Turtle receives a call from a furious Carlos: Why is Mark Cuban interested in Avin? Resigned, E tells the guys to forget it; their focus should be on the wedding.

Ari calls Sarah and finds out that even his daughter thinks he doesn't listen: She gave him a demo months ago that some of her friends recorded and he has yet to listen to it. In the Variety article Shauna arranged, the reporter trashes him as a product of Hollywood nepotism, and the fancy new office Vince sets him up with (primarily to accommodate the desk) only underscores E's dependence. Adding to his aggravation, his prize client refuses to talk to him until he lands Johnny Drama a role -- a tall order considering Drama's current lack of star power.

Eric gets the offer of a lifetime when Sloan suggests they get together with her gorgeous friend Tori for a threesome. Phil Yagoda suggests they find a replacement for Drama if he doesn't want to do the show, but Eric tells him no -- the show is E's property, and he wants to keep working on Drama.

At an emergency therapy session, Mrs. Ari announces she will need to re-evaluate their relationship. Vince matches his brother's action, taking E under his wing at the Mondrian pool, while Drama and Turtle peruse the online meat market of Craigslist personals. E and Walsh shake hands, but Ari finds himself mired in another sour relationship when Lloyd's breakup with his boyfriend, Tom, leaves the assistant too heartbroken to work. While the cops see no sign of an intruder, the maid discovers all of the guys' underwear has been stolen so Ari urges Vince to call his security guy. This article was originally on a blog post platform and may be missing photos, graphics or links.

As things heat up inside the car, Ari is startled by his date's roommate and the mood is broken. As soon as he hangs up, Ari and Mrs. Ari get another call on the home line from Marlo Klein, looking for Andrew. Ertz alternately apologizes and then rages at Vince before excusing himself to clean up. In the end, it's just a little too freaky for Turtle, but Drama opts to take the furry romp as a consolation prize for his lost bet. Ari contacts Amanda, and she agrees in principle to the deal, but Nick's offering half Vince's usual quote. While on a call with Sloan's father to lobby for Eric, he accidentally lets slip that Sloan is pregnant. Although E tries to get the test pushed back, he learns it will be in four hours. Jim, who happens to be Blige's favorite staffer, drops the scandal at her feet after cleaning out his desk. The brutally honest broad often provided career advice to Vince, helping adjust to his new life on the A-list. In the end, Sloan goes with Eric, a fortunate choice, since Mandy and her fiancee decide to take a break, opening the door for Vince. E, on the other hand, gets shot down when he finally admits to Anna that in addition to having a crush on her he thinks she should pass on 'Silo.' He tries to leave, but is stopped by a cop who has questions about the coke they found.


Written by Doug Ellin
Directed by Doug Ellin

Eric and Sloan have split up, and E gets an angry call from his former fiance insisting he remove his stuff from her home. Drama volunteers his new condo for his baby bro's "welcome home" party, which Turtle slowly escalates from intimate gathering to all-out rager. Eric is surprised to hear the accusation when Ari relays it to him. Drama confides to the guys he threw the game.

Vince, Johnny, Scott and Stamos all head to Las Vegas. Since then, Rex has done a guest spot on the sitcom "Fresh Off the Boat" and had a role in the 2020 Netflix film "Feel The Beat.". While Turtle chaperones,

Sophia meets Vince at the hotel. While E grapples with his director, Drama sees a customer wearing a "California Homegrown" hat that he must have. It featured the pair and their two daughters showcasing their own recipes. Meanwhile, it's Turtle's 30th birthday and the day begins with a phone call from his mother who chews him out for looking like a loser in People magazine wearing sneakers to the premiere with Jamie-Lynn. Meanwhile Vince and the guys list the signs they are seeing so Vince can make a decision about 'Benji.' Charmed by the video and another testimonial from Turtle, Sofia agrees to meet up with Vince.

When Lloyd catches Ari crying reading the miner script, Ari reveals that without his family, his job and Vince are all he has left. Meanwhile, Ari has lunch with his old friend Andrew Klein, now a TV lit agent in Encino. Walsh sweats out the screening by performing calisthenics in the hallway, but after the flick Vince and E congratulate him on a job well done. Stamos offers to do the show if Drama beats him. Despite Drama's loss, Stamos promises to read the script. But when Vince fails to show for a breakfast with the studio chief the next day, the offer is rescinded. At Van Nuys, Ari runs into Vince and crew on their way for a getaway with Natasha and a plane full of models. In light of his conflicting interests, the actress sends E packing, but when he gets to the Van Nuys airport, it turns out Ari's math skills don't measure up. The basketball game ends up being somewhat awkward since Vince sees Ari across the court, but responding to Amanda's enthusiasm for the Wharton script, Vince expresses interest in taking the project.

Seeing Vince at the game reopens Ari's wound from losing his star client and he begins a campaign to woo back Vince. Its not exactly clear why he is so smitten with her unless its just her British accent that has his heart racing. Amanda hesitates to work with Ari on coming to terms, and the crew begins to suspect that she's trying to sabotage the deal for some unknown personal reason.

To take their minds off work, Vince and his crew lay down their troubles - and their wallets - at the track. With Cuban also headed to L.A. Ari doesn't earn any friends with the power play, but 'Silo' receives a green light. "There we go," Ari says. What upsets her most is that it took him hours to get home after the news broke he put work before his family.

Sasha informs Vince that she has been offered $200,000 for a five-man gangbang. Favorite '90s rom-com leading men: Where are they now? She also guest starred on a number of hit shows such as "NCIS," "White Collar," "Royal Pains," "Perception," "Hawaii Five-O" and "Covert Affairs."

She informs him that she's moving forward for a divorce. But Ari gives him a speech about the hard work needed to be a self-made man. Vince demands that everyone stop tiptoeing around him and just tell him the truth.
Later, when Turtle quizzes Drama, Drama explains he had his balls crossed so his answer didn't count as a lie. Jeremy Piven's career as a veteran character actor continued after "Entourage" as he appeared in films like 2012's "So Undercover," 2014's "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For" and 2021's "Last Call." Apparently, Koufax hasn't left his house in weeks, meaning the game jersey Turtle, Drama and Ronnie intend to buy at auction will skyrocket in value after his imminent death. However, the car repair backfires, sending Drama further down the spiral of depression because he sees it as ANOTHER thing he has to rely on his brother to do for him. He and Lloyd give Andrew a Hollywood-agent makeover but when Barbara starts grilling Andrew he has a panic attack and Barbara sticks with her "no."

Eric gets a call that Seth has agreed to the role and when he and Charlie and Seth are waiting for their meeting at the studio, Seth taunts E, revealing that Sloan called him after all. Vince sets up a meeting with the head of Warner Brothers to tell him the good news.

Meanwhile, Ari is still preoccupied with his daughter's burgeoning romance with Max. And Vince won't piss in a cup."

Vince turns to Scott for advice about Sasha and drugs.

Queasy with nerves, Eric ends up fleeing the party. On the way home, E asks Vince, "You didn't really like it, did you?" Vince says he thought it was great, but E tells him, "I thought it sucked." A call from Turtle interrupts the conversation. '


Directed by Seith Mann
Written by Doug Ellin

Eric finds himself in the middle of a bidding war for 'Smokejumpers' when Ari announces he's finally read the script and wants to sell it with Vince attached at the "general" meetings he's set up. Ari heads to John Ellis to discuss the offer after all. Meanwhile, Ari's boss starts to make a move to steal Vince away from Ari, putting a damper on Mr. Gold's rare good mood. Mrs. Ari rejects the idea; she knows he'd be on the phone the whole time. Eric is pining for his ex-girlfriend Sloan while sleeping with her stepmother and Ari has a perfectly good second wife in the wings in Dana Gordon, but he wants the first Mrs. Ari back. "I'll have a $2 million advance check cut today. Ari surprises her with the news he quit his job. Vince doesn't get so lucky with the screening of 'Medellin.' Matt Damon, Bono and LeBron James guilt Vince into giving a substantial donation to Damon's charity for kids. Kevin Connolly has taken part in a variety of projects since wrapping "Entourage," including starring on the short-lived shows "Friends with Better Lives" and "Pitch." She refuses to back down: not only did Lizzie keep a journal, she has recordings of Ari.
Turtle and Alex meet for an awkward lunch and he begs for another shot. Back at Vince's mansion, Eric gets a call from Ashley and decides to console himself with her, leaving Vince, Drama, Turtle and their dates to continue the party.


Directed by Mark Mylod
Written by Doug Ellin

Nervous about the test-screening for his client Charlie's new sit-com, Eric is upset when he learns that Ashley doesn't find Charlie likeable. ride enjoy june entourage film entourage gronkowski