As an outside corner, Gardner barely blitzed in his first two seasons, although he did get credited with a half sack. Donald Trump has defended his actions on the day of Jan 6 and those running up to it - claiming the country would have been very different if he had secured a second term. When mirroring a release, the corner will inch away from the line of scrimmage, trying to maintain his one-yard cushion as the receiver works his release.

Time equals yards when youre out on the proverbial island. The cornerback position always seemed like one of the most logical places for the Jets to upgrade, and the value was there with Gardner available after the first three selections came off the board. Asian markets rose Friday following a third straight rally on Wall Street, as below-par US data eased expectations for a sharper pace of interest rate hikes. A whiff, switching your hips/leverage or outrunning the receiver vertically and ceding yards underneath are common mistakes and surefire ways to get beat for big yardage. Gardner was consistent in his college career with three interceptions in each season. Gardners run defense grades have been good and he makes good contributions on outside runs, although he plays on the outside so hes not often involved when runs go between the tackles. Gardner is an in-phase corner because of how he plays at the line of scrimmage. Gardner and Stingley have different approaches to their execution at the line of scrimmage, which influences the ways they cover routes down the field (well get to that later). Defensively, that leaves one position with disproportionate responsibility in limiting big gains: cornerback. Conventionally, an out-of-phase defensive back would be asked to watch the receivers hand instead of the ball playing for a pass breakup instead of an interception but Stingley trusts himself enough to play off of the pace of the route and the intentions of the quarterback to indicate when its time to squeeze space and play the football. Stingley has a great deal of confidence and patience, so hes rarely turned around or left behind in coverage, but he can fall into some inconsistency when defending in-breaking routes like slants that require him to match the physicality of the receiver hes guarding. Utilizing pre-snap leverage thats dictated by alignment, the defensive back will use the receivers first two steps to determine what kind of release to deny with body positioning. The Jets will usually leave one of their corners on the right side and the other on the left, but they swapped them from time to time in the second half of the season as they had Hall shadowing certain receivers in passing situations. Because offenses are expecting man coverage and not looking to take vertical shots, receivers can set up longer releases by selling an inside/outside move and breaking hard in the opposite direction, change speeds and force the defender to play flat-footed, or box out the cornerback and physically deny him from making a play on the football. 20-11, These players should all be critical to the success or failure of the 2022 Giants. Heres a play where he stays at home, maintains outside leverage and steps up to wrap up the runner on the edge. Gardner developed into a good leader, although admittedly Bryant - as the older and more experienced prospect - was the leading voice in the Bearcats locker room. Mental errors are rare from Gardner, but he did jump offside on 4th-and-4 in the season opener last year. Gardner posted terrific workout numbers at the combine that, when coupled with his outstanding size, would make him a mouth-watering prospect for any defensive staff.

The Jets, Seahawks, Commanders, Vikings and Chargers are all teams in or near the top half of the first round that can use Stingley. As a pass rusher, Johnson might not be as technically gifted as some of the other prospects in this draft. Conventionally, an out-of-phase defensive back would be asked to watch the receivers hand instead of the ball playing for a pass breakup instead of an interception . To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. But he refused to do anythingIt was a dereliction, Senator Hawley was pictured showing support to protesters earlier in the day, January 6 committee plays White House national security official saying agents made calls to say goodbye to family members. And after bringing in two potential starters, the Jets should have a much deeper group. You can see the potential in Gardner in the film from his first two seasons. If he reaches his ceiling, Stingley can make multiple All-Pro teams and be the best defensive player to come out of this draft. Hes also rushed punts a few times. In 2021, Gardner lifted his game to a new level as he gave up just 6.8 yards per target and no 20-yard gains all year. From there, the corner will punch if the receiver pushes into him or match the receiver on any out-breaking or deep route. He doesnt have any former teammates on the Jets roster, although one of Cincinnatis defensive coaches, Greg Scruggs, joined the Jets staff as an assistant defensive line coach this year. He finished his three seasons as a Bearcat with 99 tackles, 5.5 for a loss, 3.5 sacks, nine interceptions, and 16 passes defended. Injuries have not been an issue for Gardner throughout his career so far, although with his slender frame, the Jets will no doubt hope he can add some mass without sacrificing any speed. Gardner uses his length well at the line of scrimmage, but there are some technical issues that can be improved; at times, he reaches and lunges and doesn't always bring his feet with him to keep wide receivers framed and square. In addition, he was productive and held up well against the run, which is vitally important for a Jets team that had one of the leagues worst run defenses in 2021. Gardner has the length, experience, and mentality to have success as a press-man coverage cornerback in the NFL. As effective as he was in those first two years, there were still times where he was scrambling to stay with his man or had to recover from an early mistake. When Gardner has a clue of the routes he might see pre-snap, and its confirmed by the receivers release, he eliminates it before it gets 10 yards downfield. This includes two players Robert Saleh and Jeff Ulbrich will look to make major contributions in their defense. He was an immediate impact player for the Bearcats and was first-team All-AAC in all three seasons in Cincinnati. Stingley embodies the concept of playing the ball as though its intended for him, and his wide catch radius and dexterity lead me to believe his arms are longer than pre-draft measurements. Im OK, Zeldin said in a statement. Over the next few months, well be breaking down every Jets rookie, including the undrafted free agents. Both players meet the athletic criteria necessary to handle every kind of receiver, with Gardner (6-2 3/4) standing as the taller prospect and boasting a five-inch advantage in wingspan. This is an ideal position to deny the ball and explains why Gardner wasnt targeted very often throughout his career. This will give the Jets another body for their edge rotation, which typically goes four or five deep. What makes Gardner a top-five pick is his senior year where he proved that he is already well on the path to developing into someone who can actually live up to his incredible potential. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. The Bearcats originally didnt play any zone concepts, which the Jets will of course look to do, but - as noted - Gardner adapted well to these situations when they were introduced and has the instincts to drop from assignment to assignment. Zeldin said he was not seriously injured in the attack. More often than not, just making sure a receiver doesnt come down with the pass is adequate. The obvious thing Gardner brings to the table is his extraordinary length. So, over the last 13 games, he only had one penalty: On the play, you can see how Gardner tries to use his body to leverage the receiver over to the sideline so he has no room to make the play, a technique he often employs effectively, but he makes too much contact as the ball is about to arrive. While neither will necessarily be guaranteed to start, Gardner has the best chance of the two to be a day one starter. Gardners football IQ and awareness are underrated aspects of his game and perhaps what attracted the Jets to him most of all. Either way, it seems likely Johnson will have a big role in his rookie year. Gardner has avoided major blunders because of his arm length and physicality, but he can fall into a poor habit of trying to jump press receivers, punching with two hands before moving his feet. Scruggs was on Cincinnatis defensive staff for the past two seasons and was involved with player development prior to that. He has a tall, slender build, similar to Robbie Anderson, with long arms and big hands. As the Jan 6 committee held its eighth presentation, focussing on the 187 minutes between delivering his speech on the Mall and putting out a video message urging his supporters to go home, Mr Trump claimed he had done nothing wrong. To be in phase means to make contact with the near hip of the receiver, playing between the ball and the receiver (much like being in an effective, legal guarding position in basketball). Its up to the Jets to now continue that process. When routes break, the Cincinnati defensive back sticks closely, flashing his impressive hip mobility at his size. Gardner is an impressive player in press coverage, but I prefer Stingleys patience to Gardners overzealous hands in a league that loves to call holding and illegal contact penalties. In never-before-seen outtakes of that speech, Trump is seen refusing to actually acknowledge that "the election is over.In a one-minute-and-forty-four-second video that's about as revealing as anything about Trump's actual state of mind after Jan. 6, th, (Bloomberg) -- Sri Lankas new President Ranil Wickremesinghe called in the military to maintain public order and troops began dismantling a key protest site near the presidential office early Friday, leading to tense scenes with demonstrators. He takes good angles and displays good range and hustle in pursuit. (Bloomberg) -- Indonesian President Joko Widodo is set for the first visit to China by a foreign leader since the Olympics in February, a sign the diplomatic isolation of the worlds No.

Stingley, who played in just three games in 2021 because of injury, is now two years removed from his collegiate peak and LSUs perfect 2019. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. Trying to stay in-phase at all times is a taxing style of play on the perimeter, but its the most surefire way to eliminate receivers before the ball is in the air. Discover something new every day from News, Sports, Finance, Entertainment and more! The actual punch from a defensive back much like an offensive tackle in pass protection is the final piece of the puzzle, used to keep cushion and leverage on inside and outside releases. His 4.41 time in the 40-yard dash at the combine opened eyes, but he opted not to jump, lift or do the agility drills. Their mission: to rescue an infant left in the country's only baby hatch. Heres a video detailing his unique skill-set: Film breakdown: Ahmad Sauce Gardner, a future New York Giant? Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)During the prime-time hearing on July 21, 2022 of the House January 6 committee, the two panel members leading the hearing used the phrase dereliction of duty to describe the conduct of then-President Donald Trump. Stingleys statistical advantage reflects his special ability to track the football through its flight. Knocking away throws is valuable, but Stingleys ability to snatch the ball out of the air is harder to find. When facing off against Alabama and their impressive collection of receiving prospects in the final game of his career in the BCS playoffs, Gardener gave up just 14 yards on four targets. In the video below, Gardner is at the bottom of the screen. How a corner handles the receivers release informs how hell play the route, in terms of how tight to the receivers body he can be. had to be acknowledged in any cornerback rankings in spite of the yardage and touchdowns allowed, because generating that many turnovers and passes defensed is a scarce occurrence. Reed also has some positional flexibility, so you could perhaps see some packages where he moves inside and Hall enters the game on the boundary. His fit with Martindales scheme makes sense, and it would significantly help the Giants transition to the more blitz-happy philosophy, especially if James Bradberry isnt with the team in 2022. The longer a defensive back can stay in the press/release phase, the less likely his receiver will be targeted. Since 2019, Stingley has met and surpassed any expectations I could have had. His coaches in Cincinnati were impressed with his savvy, notably praising him for naturally figuring out zone concepts before they had even covered it in practice. But what a player can do with the ball in the air is a major piece of evaluating his ceiling. Cincinnati purely played man defense at the start of his career with them, with Gardner often employed in press coverage. Gardner played as an outside corner in college, only dropping into a safety role or playing the slot if there was no receiver on one side. Nevertheless, he can have lapses in technique. Its just become clearer, as hes developed and become more comfortable with himself and guarding his competition, that he doesnt mind allowing more space and opening up his field of vision. Stingleys approach carries a high degree of difficulty at the professional level, but it is a safe way to eliminate explosive play potential and disrupts the timing for easy throws on the perimeter. When the alarm sounds at Jikei hospital in southern Japan, nurses race down a spiral staircase. A whiff, switching your hips/leverage or. We - and they - may need to be patient with him, though. At the top of the 2022, However, in short-area situations (low red zone, goal line, third and short), the mirror release can leave corners vulnerable. 2 economy due to its Covid Zero strategy may be easing.Most Read from BloombergAmericans Who Cant Afford Homes Are Moving to Europe InsteadMusk Lieutenant Scrutinized in Internal Tesla Purchasing ProbeThese Are the Worlds Most (and Least) Powerful Passports in 2022Biden Contracts Covid as Pandemic Shows Its St. Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried and U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist held their only debate Thursday before next month's Democratic gubernatorial primary, bashing Gov. For Johnson, the path to the starting lineup is more difficult as the Jets already have two of their highest paid players Carl Lawson and John Franklin-Myers listed as starters at defensive end. Trevon Diggs whom I discussed. The Giants hired Don Wink Martindale to employ his defensive philosophy which is predicated on press-man coverage and aggressive blitzing packages. Savvy pros will use that lunging aggression to force him off balance, leaving it to Gardners recovery speed to determine whether hes able to contest the catch. The Jets also had additional insight into their other defensive selection because their coaching staff got to work with Jermaine Johnson during Senior Bowl week. As a former wide receiver, Gardner has an ability to attack the ball aggressively and can react well to deflected passes, come down with contested catches or make plays on low throws or close to the sideline. For all of todays schematic ingenuity, the most sustainable method of generating explosive offense is to have an unguardable force in your skill position group. Wearing No. Gardner posted outstanding numbers throughout his college career, as he allowed a catch rate of below 50 percent in all three seasons, ending his career with just a 43 percent catch rate when targeted. Each of these players presented a different challenge for him. He played his best football in 2021, which coincided with a historic stretch of football for the University of Cincinnati. Heres a play where Gardner comes off his initial coverage assignment to blow up a running back in the flat. His tackle efficiency has generally been solid with only a handful of missed tackles each year. Its therefore another positive sign that, in his senior year, he only had two penalties, one of which was an offside penalty in the first game.