While were on the topic of traditional German food, lets talk about the ubiquitous beer and pretzels that youll find in every beer hall or biergarten. Located in Munichs fancy BMW World building, its fine dining menu has earned it a regular spot in lists for the top ten restaurants in Munich. Its awesome too. As you can see, theres no shortage of delicious things to eat in Munich, so I hope you enjoyed this list of the best restaurants in Munich. Wow 5.00am am my tummy is rumbling. The restaurant is large, busy and informal with a fun atmosphere, although more for meat eaters than vegetarians read about my previous visit here, More info | Haxnbauer Website | Sparkassenstrae 6, 80331 Munich. Im putting Augustiner Brustuben as my #1 Munich cheap eat recommendation because this place has dirt cheap beer, like literally half the price of Oktoberfest. And while restaurants in Marienplatz (and around) can often be overpriced and touristy, Haxnbauer is no tourist trap. In Munich the local variation is Weisswurst (white sausage), made with finely minced veal and spices, that in the days before refrigeration was made fresh each day without preservatives, hence it is traditionally eaten as a morning snack. If youre looking for a 3rd wave coffee shop in Munich (complete with man bun baristas), then this is your place. More info | Grapes Weinbar Website | Facebook | Instagram | Ledererstrae 8, 80331 Munich. Heres a roundup of the best cheap restaurants in Munich (plus other options for saving money on food). Great article. If you want to get an easy overview of all the sights in Munich, check out this Hop on Hop off bus tour. The pagoda is a landmark in this huge park in the centre of Munich and the bus stops here, although youll enjoy the park more if you arrive on foot, bicycle or hire one of the cycle rickshaws or horse and carriage rides that run through the park. I hope youve packed your stretchy pants and drool bucket, because in this post, Im sharing with you my favourite Munich restaurants.

That TooGoodToGo app sounds INCREDIBLE!

Trust me when I say the pizzas here are more than enough to feed two people they are the size of a planet, and theyre happy to cut them in half and serve them to you. Really tasty burgers, a friendly owner and a central location! That was weird, but yeah, you get my point: the hot chocolate is damn good. But hey, after bringing visitors from all around the world to these restaurants, Ive gotten a pretty global seal of approval. Ive been hunting for a good Chinese restaurant in Munich for ages, but havent been too successful so far. 2. Sitting here and enjoying an (expensive) ice cream sundae is one of my favourite things to do on a hot day. You may also enjoy: 15 of the best day trips from Munich by train. You can even watch them slowly spinning in the window, taunting you with their gorgeousness. Its name does translate to The Crazy Ice Cream Maker after all.

Haxnbauer is a beloved institution that features in every guidebook for good reason: its juicy, juicy pork knuckles. You may also enjoy: 20 fabulous things to do in Munich, Germany. Ive already mentioned the biergarten at the Viktualienmarkt which is very close to Marienplatz, but our favourite biergarten from the trip was at the Chinesischer Turm or Chinese Pagoda in the Englischer Garten Munich. What Im saying is, these are restaurants you can visit for a good meal without feeling totally weird and out of place always a bonus for an awkward potato like me. Food prices in Munich arent cheap, but if you order in advance with this app, then you can easily get a good feed for less than 5 euros. Buy your ticket from the ticket machine on the station platform with cash or card. They are relaxed about you consuming food that you might have bought at the market stalls so long as you order a drink. Does it get any better than this?

Single tickets 10.50 Return 17. TONS of choices, massive portions and relatively friendly staff. Hard to describe, but imagine a fluffy cloud of sweet bread sprinkled with cinnamon and soaked in vanilla sauce. More info | Viktualienmarkt on Munich Tourism website. Man, where was this a few months ago when I was in Munich and had NO idea where to eat! Im definitely loving all your sweets spots though!! Read more about How to spend a weekend in Munich in the sun or the rain from On the Luce. Instead, the star of their menu is theirPfannedishes, which consists of pan fried potatoes with a bunch of other goodness. Like, I would happily fill a pool with it and splash around on board a giant marshmallow. @Stephanie We certainly found it was a great place to try German food and a fun atmosphere for a pre or post flight meal. Its practically hypnotic. This is my go-to Vietnamese restaurant in Munich. Ive tried it and its.. interesting. There are small plates for nibbles and bistro style dishes such as smoked trout fillet, beef tartare, terrines and sorbets and if the weather is fine theres a small terrace at the back and they open the windows wide onto the street. You can take both bus and train from Munich Airport into the city centre and we decided to take the train as it was very easy and straightforward. 3.

In the arrivals area theres the Bayern Lounge where you can use the touch screens for information on things to do in Bavaria and before you fly home pick up some regional specialties on sale in the adjoining caf.

The staff will even give you a free sample scoop of it on top of your cone if you ask. When visiting a city like Munich for a short break I love to stay in a centrally located boutique hotel like Hotel Cortiina. If youre looking for an elegant but informal place to have lunch, here are a couple of options that we enjoyed; You may also enjoy: 3 days in Munich our itinerary of cool things to see and do. If you are planning to make other journeys that day you may wish to buy a day pass which is 13.

I cant lie to you, finding good Asian food in Munich has been no easy feat. Its also right across the street from one of Munichs most IG-friendly spots, the Infinite Staircase. Thanks for sharing this idea. The hotel is inspired by Italian style blended with subtle Asian elements. hamburg germany hotels If youre looking for a good burger (the pulled pork here is awesome) with a side of nostalgia and friendly service, this is a cute place to go. A hip hangout for conscientious locals, The Potting Shed provides a stylish setting for their sustainable dining and drinking. It literally tastes just like Munichs beloved Augustiner beer, except creamy and milky? Not bad at all. If you are looking for a place to lunch with a biergarten atmosphere but fancy something a bit more sophisticated than bratwurst and sauerkraut, then head to the Hofgarten and the Tambosi outdoor terrace. It's timeless classic Italian cuisine. Check prices here. An odd experience, but their regular flavours are tasty too. Read more: Munich outdoors where to go cycling, surfing and wild swimming. And so, with so many good restaurants in Munich to choose from, here are my top picks for a 1st time visitor.

Despite being the best known place for tourists to drink beer in Munich, there are also groups of regulars dressed in their lederhosen and its a fun atmosphere with locals and visitors mingling together. To line your stomach, where we might buy a packet of crisps in an English pub, the most popular snack in Munich is the pretzel which is sold in every beer hall. Plus, the ambiance is really upbeat and nice. We have suggestions. Our bathroom was wall to ceiling marble, with a powerful walk in shower and a waxed paper door screen, echoing a Japanese style. A great spot for a nice brunch or lunch in Munich. Its a large bar and brasserie with a stylish atmosphere and outdoor terrace. There are a row of small shops selling sausages and meat products along one side of the Viktualmarkt so this is a great place to get acquainted with all the local sausages and meat products in Munich. A guide to Pelion Greece from the mountains to the sea! The atmosphere is intriguing. Firstly, when I eat out, its mostly to have traditional Bavarian or German food. Truth be told, its not a secret by any means, and there will be plenty of other tourists around, but if you want some delicious pork knuckle in a homey atmosphere, this is a good place to go in the center of town.

Cheap beer! Seriously, every Munich restaurant guide mentions it, so it must be kind of good at least, right? We visited Munich on a short break and can recommend where to eat in Munich for the most delicious German food. This list is ongoing and Id love to add to it. The food you get will depend on whats left over that day, but its an excellent way to minimize food waste and save a few bucks. Address: Two locations, I prefer the one at the 25hours Hotel Munich The Royal Bavarian (Bahnhofplatz 1). One of the top Munich restaurants for breakfast thats for sure. The Hofgarten is a beautiful formal garden that was once a private space of the Wittelsbach rulers and their court, now a public park, with fountains, parterres and a central pavilion. The space is nice and airy, with an outdoor terrace if you want to eat outside. This is a classic American diner, serving up baskets full of burgers, fries and of course, delicious, delicious milkshakes. Its a chewy ring of soft bread thats liberally sprinkled with salt, designed to make you thirsty for more beer and a typical food to eat in Munich!

And while I havent heard spectacular things about their other offerings, the hot chocolate (which comes as a chocolate block on a stick that you melt into your own frothy cup of hot milk) is amazing. 18, 80539 Munich. I would recommend you definitely get a big pretzel and Obatzda (this orangey cheese dip), its a Munich must eat. juliet statue munich capulet tripadvisor marienplatz It's really great post.Thank you for sharing. Subscribe below to become part of #TeamSmartie and gain access to my exclusive VIP library full of resources like checklists, guidebooks and more: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

At lunch time, most main courses are under 20 euros and you can even get a three course lunch menu for 36.50. Dont miss it. Admittedly, as a creature of habit, I tend to visit the same restaurants over and over, which is why I never thought I was qualified to make a list like this. Need a guidebook for Munich? We had breakfast in the Grapes Weinbar next to reception, which served an exceptional breakfast, beautifully presented on a long table. Address: Multiple locations, click here to browse. This is a restaurant chain with locations in all of Munichs hotspots, but I love them because they combine delicious pizza with a surprisingly nice ambiance AND cheap prices. This is another popular biergarten with a similar self service caf, where you can sit under the trees with a view of the lake. You can buy your lunch at the self-service caf areas where they serve Bavarian traditional dishes. The small internal courtyard was perfect to sit on sunny days leading through to a well equipped gym. If the weather is good, definitely grab yourself a nice breezy outdoor lunch at a beer garden. Taste the food of Alabama 20 dishes youll want to try! What are the best restaurants in Munich for families with children? Welcome! There was a wide range of delicious things to try, from the hot dish of Turkish eggs, to the local artisan cheeses, to the freshly squeezed orange juice, outstanding coffee and array of nuts and seeds to sprinkle on your fruit or muesli. 1. An alternative is the S1 train which takes a different route and takes a little longer to Marienplatz. If you fancy ripping into one of these delicious delicacies, then look no further than Haxnbauer, where giant pork knuckles are the starring attraction. I still havent found many cafes that I adore, and I have yet to find any that tick ALL my boxes (good coffee, cute vibe and excellent WiFi), but if you need a place for a caffeine fix, here are some of my favourites. Perhaps youll wander through the Viktualienmarkt admiring the fresh produce, stocking up for a picnic in the Hofgarten or stopping to buy a bratwurst from a street food stall? Haha great article Christina, but my question is do you ever eat at home!!! You can even do a brewery tour here with the brewery master, which takes place most days except Sunday and its the place to get your last taste of Bavarian beer before you fly home. munich platzl hotel town tripadvisor bavaria That said, I know sometimes the cravings from home hit hard and one needs an adequate break from all the sausages and potatoes. The giant schnitzel though is of course the star of the show its so massive you could easily share one, or eat it over two meals. I cant lie to you, the brunch scene in Munich is pretty sad compared to some other major cities. If youd like to explore Munich by bike, check out this 3 hour guided bike tour to see the city. This, in my opinion, is the best lunch in Munich! Bar Centrale is open through the day with a small menu of freshly cooked pasta dishes coming from the tiny kitchen, if you can find a place to sit in the back room. LeDu is good, and while it offers more of a Westernized take on Chinese cuisine, its tasty nonetheless. As I said before, Im not fancy, but if youre in the mood for some of the best places to eat in Munich that are a little nicer, here are my recommendations. A favourite among Munich hipsters, Cotidiano has a few locations scattered around the city, all-day breakfast being a highlight. This is often hailed as one of the best coffee shops in Munich (and go-to spot for awkward Tinder dates. Full disclosure: I have never eaten here but some friends of mine have and raved that it was the most amazing meal theyve ever had. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Pretty much everything clocks in at under 10 euros, except the schnitzel (10.90) and the steak, for obvious reasons. Its a huge beer hall with many different rooms as well as a large biergarten and the atmosphere is very jolly as you drink beer from a foaming stein (beer mug) and listen to the oomph band. Another great option if you are looking for somewhere atmospheric for drinks is Die Goldene Bar which is at the back of Haus der Kunst and has a terrace overlooking the Englischer Garten. Theyre served as an optical illusion and taste awesome too. NOTE: Dont confuse this for Augustiner am Dom, which is really close by. except at a cheap price. In summer, what could be better than meeting up with friends in the biergarten for a weissbier under the shady chestnut trees? As an alternative for a nice dinner on Saturday night, you might like to try Brenner Grill (Maximilianstrae 15) which is also part of the same restaurant family and is close to the Residenz. As a result it's always full, so How to Travel With Just One Bag This Summer, According to Reddit, Why Mobile Passport Is the Best-Kept Secret Among International Travelers, U.S. Airlines Told to Sit Families Together Free of Charge, Londons Heathrow Sets Limit on Passengers Through September, Mask Mandates Are Returning at These National Parks, Travel Greener on an EV Road Trip in Colorado, Take a Bite (and Sip) out of These 7 Summer Food and Wine Festivals.

Heres a list of where to eat in Munich if its local Bavarian delicacies youre after: In my opinion, this is one of the best restaurants in Munich city centre. More info | Englischer Garten on Munich tourism website | Info about Chinesischer Turm. Steinheil 16 may be a good solution. They also have a menu of small plates, snacks and sandwiches. Another German institution which youll especially enjoy in Munich is the biergarten or beer garden an open air terrace where best traditional food and beer in Munich is served. More info | Tambosi Website | Facebook | Odeonspl. And yes, this list has been three years in the making. In my opinion, if youre going to be eating out in Munich, you should be trying as much local cuisine as possible because its delicious. This is located right by the main food market (Viktualienmarkt) in the center of town, so a worthwhile stop for a cup of hot choco. Check out our Privacy Policy and Disclosure. Zoom in to see updated info. Since the summers in Munich can be quite warm, the biergarten are often situated under shady trees, or in parks, making it a delightful way to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle of Southern Germany. If you are wondering where to eat traditional German food in Munich, the popular choice which has become something of a tourist attraction is the Hofbruhaus. I absolutely enjoyed eating German foods, especially bratwurst and schnitzels ? Throw in live music on Thursday nights Photo courtesy of Schweiger2 Restaurant Showroom's Facebook, For a special dinner head over to the Schweiger2 Restaurant Showroom where, unlike any other place in. I love to look around food markets as a way to discover more about the local food culture and to find out whats produce is in season, so that I can look out for it later on restaurant menus. SUCH a great idea. One does not simply travel to Munich, Germany without faceplanting into a pillow of carbs and potato. They have multiple locations across Munich, but the most popular is right in Marienplatz. Munichs largest food market was originally situated in nearby Marienplatz but was moved to this site in 1807 when it outgrew the square, and is marked by a central maypole that has decorative figures to tell visitors what trades were available nearby. munich vultures Daddy Longlegs is a cute place close to the museum quarter, making it a nice stop for refreshments after some museum hopping. Ive only had lunch here but the food was nice and of course you cant beat the views. Im sure its nice too but my heart belongs to Augustiner Klosterwirt. The Bavarian sausage or wurst, is a must-eat street food in Munich, served hot dog style in a fresh white roll with a squirt of mustard. The train goes every 20 minutes and the journey is around 40 mins. 4 80331 Munich, Germany. Why do I stress its for visitors (rather than maybe locals?). Rischart is one of Munichs most beloved brands and bakeries. Although its definitely not the traditional kind of dim sum I would enjoy in Vancouver, you do get a variety of tasty plates for a cheap-ish price (their lunch special is 3 plates for 9.90). I gotta visit Munich (and you!). The Chinese Pagoda sits at the centre of the biergarten, with tables and benches set around it under the shady chestnut trees. We also ordered a delicious tuna tartare as a starter which is their signature dishes and I also enjoyed my Aperol sour aperitif, a popular local alternative to the Aperol spritz that has migrated everywhere from northern Italy. Just kidding. Great article!! NOTE: They do get really busy so I recommend calling ahead if youre coming at peak times like weekends. The decor here is incredibly festive and the atmosphere alone is worth a visit. If you are craving Vietnamese food to eat in Munich, I definitely recommend checking out Bami House 1976. It may not be in Munichs city center, but its close to the museum quarter and the technical university. Last but not least, if you REALLY want to ball out and treat yourself, theres Esszimmer. Its actually a Feng Shui hotel and it made sense that one of the owners is an architect and designer, which shows in the clean lines combined with the use of rich patterns and textures, creating a warm and elegant look. The prices are reasonable, the dishes are tasty and their Vietnamese iced coffee is the best Ive found in Munich so far. oh man everything looks amazing, especially the pancake and the steak! Yup, most of the dishes cost no more than 10 euros. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. We may have been heading home after our weekend in Munich with Fly BMI but there was still time for a last taste of Munich at the airport before our flight.

Check out the Munich Tourism website for more information to help plan your visit to Munich. They have two locations now, and I far prefer the one in the 25hours hotel because the university location is more often than not filled with people studying, and the ambiance isnt nearly as nice. The caf is on the observation deck where you can watch the planes come and go, combining good coffee with plane-spotting and lots of space for the kids to run around. The menu has lots of Bavarian specialties and I enjoyed the trout, with parsley potatoes and the sweet white asparagus that was in season. What seals the deal for me? After lunch we cycled on through the Englischer Garten towards the Seehaus Biergarten beside the Kleinhesseloher lake. But if you are wondering what to eat in Munich, be aware theres also a more sophisticated and cosmopolitan side to the Munich food scene, with plenty for foodies to enjoy. This article is originally published at Heatheronhertravels.com, Posted on Published: July 31, 2018- Last updated: June 18, 2022, Scandinavian tours to enjoy in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, 10 fun things to do in Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada. Theres a food court with lots of different restaurants and things to eat in Munich Airport on the first floor mezzanine, and up one more level is the Cloud 7 caf, which has a cute retro theme and is decked out like the interior of an old plane.

Its smack dab in the center of town, literally in the shadow of the Frauenkirche and my favourite place in Munich to getSchweinsbraten. Lost Weekend is GORGEOUS. If you find yourself in Munich during the Christmas season, you 100% have to eat at Liebighof. This 2 hour food tour of the Viktualienmarkt is a good way to taste the best of the market with an expert guide you can then ask your guide for recommendations as they will probably know the best restaurants in Munich too! *FYI - this post may contain affiliate links, which means we earn a commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase from them.

Some of the most popular restaurants in Munich for cheap eats include: Save up to 50% at Munich restaurants when you book on Tripadvisor, Our first time eating Afghan food, our, Great risotto, super friendly staff, nice. This popular Italian bar is right opposite Hotel Cortiina where we stayed and part of the same family of hotels, bars and restaurants that serve some of the best food in Munich. The neighbourhood of a market is always a good place to find excellent restaurants since they have access to the freshest and best quality produce and theres a great biergarten at the Viktualienmarkt where you can sit under the chestnut trees. Of course youll see Bratwurst (a sausage made with finely minced pork or veal) served throughout Germany, typically grilled over charcoal and served with sauerkraut (pickled cabbage) and mustard. Its also very popular with students. Yes, you need to awkwardly enter a university building to get there, but the views (and cappuccinos) are more than worth it. While there are a lot of good places to eat in Munich, Ive struggled to find anything that matches up to the quality and price of my hometown, Vancouver. We enjoyed our al fresco lunch here on the Tambosi restaurant terrace, watching the groups playing boules and the cyclists passing by. If you are looking to satisfying a craving for big, fluffy pancakes, then definitely stop by Mr. Pancake. @Paulina - those schnitzels are so moreish! Munich and italian food is my favorite thing. You may also enjoy: Top 10 things to do in Heidelberg. Good food in Munich can come cheap, but whats even better than that? So lets say you wanted sushi, you could pay 5 euros through the app then pick up your food at a designated time. Its right next door the Europes only airport brewery, the Airbrau brewery, biergarten and restaurant where we stopped for a meal on the way back through the airport. Most beer gardens will have the same food on offer, and will be self-service. Preysingstrae 69, 81667 Mnchen, Germany, With a menu based on fresh ingredients, a great staff, and a very family-friendly attitude (and even a hip edge), Preysinggarten is a place to unwind, and bring the kids! AIRBRAU is a perfect recommendation from a local--we asked them where they would go for great German food for a birthday or special occasion. Secondly, these are all restaurants close to the city center, and offer good food at affordable prices, alongside decent service and patience for English-speaking guests. Haxnbauer is AMAZING. If youre looking for an especially photogenic plate, check out Auntie Has Flying Noodles. OR, for a more gourmet option, I recommend you go to the fresh food market, Viktualienmarkt in the center of the city. Here, you can grab random little things for a picnic then eat them at the beer garden there. Last but not least, I present to you one of Munichs best kept secrets: Caf im Vorhoelzer Forum. ITS SO GOOD. We loved the impeccable sense of style and very professional and friendly service at Hotel Cortiina, which is part of a small group of hotels and restaurants, such as Bar Centrale across the road and Buffet Kass Bar nearby, both of which we tried. What are the best restaurants in Munich that deliver? This article may contain affiliate links that provide commission on purchases you make at no extra cost to you. Hotel Cortiina is located very centrally just 5 minutes walk from Marienplatz, on a charming side street with quirky independent shops like the gift shop opposite selling dachshund gifts and another devoted to Cuban cigars. Its a popular place for locals living nearby to come for dinner or for a bite to eat before their flight. Another option is the Lufthansa Airport Bus which runs every 15 minutes and offers a non-stop service to the city centre. Especial like that steak sample and pork knuckle. For food thats light and elegant, with a well chosen glass of wine, youll enjoy Grapes Weinbar which was next to our Hotel Cortiina. So this is an app that I think is really cool and if youre on a tight budget, its a great way to score rock bottom cheap eats in Munich. !, Not only the quality is really high (this are the least fat, Best Meal we had on our recent visit to, Amazing Restaurant in the centre of town, of food and great selection of wines (try, Sehr leckere Vietnamesische Suppe Pho Bo, Japanese Restaurants for Special Occasions in Munich, Vietnamese Restaurants for Special Occasions in Munich, Restaurants for Special Occasions in Munich, Restaurants with Outdoor Seating in Munich, Restaurants near Hotel Metropol by Maier Privathotels, Restaurants near Mandarin Oriental, Munich, Restaurants near Fork & Walk Tours Munich, Restaurants near NS-Dokumentationszentrum Muenchen, Restaurants near New Town Hall (Neus Rathaus). Off to Munich for a quick business trip. I always come here for a meal if Im leaving Munich for a long period of time, or as a celebratory meal when I come back. New to the blog and my very lame jokes? The 4th floor room where we stayed was in an apartment annex next to the main hotel entrance, which had its own doorway from the street. The prices are a little higher than average but not outrageous considering the experience of it. This is a great place for burgers in Munich, way better than Hans im Gluck, the most popular burger chain the city (which is way overrated in my opinion). Looking to expand your search outside of Munich? If you want a really good deal, they have a lunch special where you can get a burger, drink and fries for 8 euros! Be warned though the portions are absolutely huge. We tried a selection of sausage and sauerkraut, potato salad, white sausage, a cheese Pt seasoned with paprika called Obatzdaand of course lots and lots of beer. They also have a section on their menu devoted to vegetarian burgers. If you are looking for a romantic and unique dinner in Munich, then their sunset menu (54 euros for a 3 course meal, not including drinks obviously) is a good choice. Also, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Tradition meets innovation at Wirthaus in der Au, where Bavarian specialties are updated for modern tastesespecially the dumplings, which are so popular the restaurant sells its own dumpling cookbook. The emphasis is on healthy food with some treats of Eisbaer artisan ice cream and crpes for desert. Let me know in the comments if you have any Munich restaurants youd like to recommend. Theres beautifully wrapped gift boxes decking the ceilings, lovely bauble arrangements all around and oh yes, youre probably wondering about the food. If you love to soak up the atmosphere of the local food markets on your travels, then the Viktualienmarkt in the centre of Munich is the place to wander on weekdays or on a Saturday morning (its closed on Sunday). Located directly behind the university, this ice cream place is truly cray cray and I love bringing friends here when they visit. I received complimentary flights, hotel and activities from Flybmi, Munich Airport, Hotel Cortiina as part of a sponsored* visit to Munich to highlight the Hidden Treasures of Munich. This is where you'll find travel inspiration for the 50+ traveller looking for an authentic travel experience with a little luxury.

Here is some of the best brunch in Munich Ive enjoyed so far. German food isnt my favorite so I always have a hard time eating in Germany. Read more, 15 of the best day trips from Munich by train, hotel near Munich Airport? More info | Buffet Bar Kull Website | Facebook | Marienstr.