Hi everyone. Armor: Archon plate Duress runew Gloves: Draculs gear: Just my 2 cents. Gloves: draculs. Personally I dont find a dedicated smiter build is necessary and just stick with my zealot and switch to smite (1 base point) for the ubers only. Your results may vary but I like to run maxing zeal and sacrifice so I can run everything else up to the ubers (PVM) much faster.

Helm: guilaumes

any suggestion 4 gear (not super expesive stuff). The damage comes from crushing blow not extra points in smite.

i also keep mighty scepter unique, goblin toes, coa and stormshield as side accessories if i dont feel tanky enough. I also think absorbs with thundergods, ravens, dwarf star is very helpful to survive. my conclusion right now, its worth using conviciton when you have bad gear.

If you cant over stack enough res then conviction can work just to stay alive. -at that level mana shouldnt be a problem how good is that ring? I find the g face and gores to get 50% crushing is good enough even with only 1 point in smite.

S there is no reason to keep conviction right now. But with 21 lvl convection, it helps a lot to hit mobs (-% defese), i anule monster convictions (expecially uber mephisto), and its nice to playing in teans to help sorcs and stuff on baal runs.

Its good for chaos runs, or places where u face tons of Undeads, but i need realy to try outher weapons.

Ring2: Crafet 9%ll , +5stg, +75 AR, +50 life, + 15 mana; and dawrfs (only agains ubers) Azurewrath with one socket with shael, Griswolds with 3 p diamonds, Duress runewold, Draculs, cat eye, globlin t, thundergoos, raven frost, crafted op ring, vampire gaze.

Thanks for the tips guys.

-i use a Guillaumes Face with a socketed res - maybe socket ur vampgaze? -life and mana steal dont work on smite, use a life tap wand on secondary to help. Yes fanaticism is always better if u can use it.

i run - paladin skills diablo combat ii shield wiki strategywiki holy smite mana attack defensive i think after using fade for teatchery, and getting conviction from mephisto, i wont have max resisntence only in fire (missing only 16%).

What i notice is, this change make me more vunerable (even with 20 sacrifice and 20 zeal, and with about 20% Life leech) ive lost sustain because of less phisical damage, but using Draculs Grasp compensate it.

After dying a few times in my 2 first pandemoiun events i decided to swith fanatism for convicion, using azurewrath blade (with +20% IAS). even a lvl 10 weapon (the gnasher) is better than azure wrath. Armor: Archon plate Duress I was talking about conviction (lowers enemy resistence and defese). res isnt as high as i would like but it works.

as much res and crushing blow as possible. Amulet: Highlords

hammerdin diablo zealot build skill blessed hammer pally paladin builds vengeance

Shield: Griswolds with 3p diamonds

Belt: Thundergos

But now, with better gear, and resistence charms, I respect again to fanatism, because in general is much better and safer. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, World of Warcraft Arena World Championship, also I think you mean salvation not conviction (conviction lowers enemy res).

Because if you get lvl 21, mephisto wont have this aura anymore.

Helm: Guillaurmes face with Um, and Vampgaze (depending where i am playng)

Boots: Globlin, but i will try Marrowwalk next time (to be able to life tap first, without swith weapons), and try to get a teleport in 2nd weapon (in second weapon right now i am using life tap wand with spirit)

-you can counter mephesto conviction with salvation if ur attackspeed is high enough.

Remember leech doesnt work against ubers so instead of the lifetap wand use call to arms on the switch weapon to boost life for a bit more safety. It is a strong build for soloing and playing with a party and the Conviction is very helpful for Enchanted characters and characters that focus on doing Elemental damage. Using kind of mid gear right now. Ring1: Raven frost

which can be easily replaced. Shield: HOZ with pDiamond My Conclusion: if you have bad gear and want to do ubers, i might help to use lvl 21+ conviciton, but fanatism is better for better AS and life leech.

I give an example of how this works in my Diablo 2 Tips & Tricks post found here: https://steemit.com/gaming/@hydroflux/diablo-2-tips-and-tricks. After trade fanatism 4 conviction, i was able to finish uber event witout been killed.

What you think guys, what is better ? this build lets me run and zeal for organs also. Never made fortitude because i dont feel that i ever needed it - my actual build itself is pretty budget - besides greif or hoz.

If you have dracs you dont need a life tap wand or any other form of additional life tap. Also just over stack res with charms as much as you can to overcome mephs conviction.

I have not upgraded him much beyond the stuff that I found, made, was gifted, or traded for in game during the initial few weeks of the Ladder reset.

-just make a black on a 3 sock mace or get a mighty scepter unique and put in a shael to increase attack speed.

This is a Paladin Conviction Zealer/Smiter build that I make in Hardcore mode nearly every Ladder reset that I play Diablo 2 Lord Of Destruction on Battlenet.

I respect stats again and i am back with fanatism.

I did a zealot and put a point in smite do do ubers.

smite + fana

-make black - even on a flail its fine since ur using your shield to do damage. When getting diablos horn becomes realy hard to deal with cold imunes on that spot (tried some chaos runs too, but seems conviction work better there).

I make 2 first ubers with fanatism and died a lot, then i make 2 with convicions and was able to do the event witout dying. paladin diablo auras defensive ii strategywiki wiki zeal

The bigest problem of this change is to trade phisical damage, for cold damag. Boots: gorez Belt: Thundergos

Fanaticism over conviction is a tougher call but I think overall speed is better with fanaticism and sometimes speed = survival against ubers.

-Crushing blow is what carries u through 90% of the fight with ubers, the last 10% will always be a slog with out grief/fortitude -i like gore riders because it has open wounds and crushing blow.

Amulet: Highlords Boots: gore rider or goblin toes And most important, in uber event before, even using the teathery runewod to stack fade, i was dyng. Have fun running. and a lot of resistence charms.

Weapon Azurewrath with shael, (+50% atack speed). Helm: Guillaurmes face with Um

Use the torches to save enough for grief for overall better speed for everything.

Gloves: Draculs

I hope that you find this build useful, informative and enjoyable!

Curent gear: Main : pb Grief.

Note: Notice how I up his Resistance cap by adding points to the Fire and Lightning resist auras.

Ring2: dwarf Gear: budget gear: Ring1: Raven frost


weapon: gnasher or tomahawk