To fire the weapon, the soldier aims the missile at the target. There are three main variants in use: the Stinger Basic, Stinger-Passive Optical Seeker Technique (POST), and Stinger-Reprogrammable Microprocessor (RMP). The nose of a Stinger missile has, essentially, an infrared digital camera in it. It is called a "passive" seeker because, unlike a. Denmark said that it will provide parts for 300 missiles, to be assembled in the United States. When the seeker locks on, it makes a distinctive noise. [44], The Chadian government received Stinger missiles from the United States, when Libya invaded the northern part of the African country. The FIM-92 Stinger is a passive surface-to-air missile that can be shoulder-fired by a single operator (although standard military procedure calls for two operators, team chief and gunner). [37] The U.S. government collected most of the Stingers it had delivered, but by 1996 around 600 were unaccounted for and some found their way into Croatia, Iran, Sri Lanka, Qatar, and North Korea. The Reagan administration provided 310 Stingers to Jonas Savimbi's UNITA movement in Angola between 1986 and 1989. In February 2022, several nations announced that they were providing Stinger missiles to the Ukrainian forces defending against the Russian invasion.

The presence of such missiles was confirmed by photo evidence even though their actual number and origin were not clear. "Amid fears of Russian air dominance, US to send anti-aircraft Stingers to Ukraine. " While the missile is flying, the image of the airplane that it is trying to hit may become off-center on the image sensor. Stinger missiles have the ability to go supersonic, and have a range of fire of nearly 5 miles (8 kilometers). Stingers also are used on the U.S. Army's AH-64 Apache combat helicopter as an air-to-air weapon [source: Raytheon Missiles & Defense]. [18][19][20] As part of Operation Cyclone, the CIA eventually supplied nearly 500 Stingers (some sources claim 1,5002,000) to the Mujahideen in Afghanistan,[21] and 250 launchers. But a Stinger missile needs a whole array of them, because its job is to track the target while it is flying. [29] If this report is accurate, Stingers would be responsible for over half of the 451 Soviet aircraft losses in Afghanistan. [61] In late April 2022, Raytheon Technologies CEO Greg Hayes told investors that the company was experiencing supply chain issues and would not be able to ramp up production of Stinger missiles until 2023. An improved Stinger with a new seeker, the FIM-92B, was produced from 1983 alongside the FIM-92A. The Nicaraguan contras were not provided with Stingers due to the lack of fixed wing aircraft of the Sandinista government, as such the previous generation FIM-43 Redeye was considered adequate. By over-correcting this way, it lets the missile anticipate the path of the moving plane in the same way that you anticipate the path of a moving object. A software upgrade in 2001 was designated F. Block II development began in 1996 using a new focal plane array sensor to improve the missile's effectiveness in "high clutter" environments and increase the engagement range to about 25,000 feet (7,600 m). The sailors of this detachment would deploy to carrier battlegroups in teams of two to four sailors per ship as requested by Battle Group Commanders. Each launcher comes pre-loaded with two missiles, and has access to a further nine more reloads (for a total of twenty SAMs). [34] Another source (Jonathan Steele) states that Stingers forced Soviet helicopters and ground attack planes to bomb from higher altitudes with less accuracy, but did not bring down many more aircraft than Chinese heavy machine guns and other less sophisticated anti-aircraft weaponry. It is principally manufactured by Raytheon Missiles & Defense and is produced under license by Airbus Defence and Space in Germany and by Roketsan in Turkey. This allows it to distinguish targets from countermeasures much better than the Redeye and FIM-92A, which have IR-only. The Stinger's 70 mm missiles are fitted with high-explosive (HE) warheads, and are capable of hitting target at ranges of up to 4,000 metres away. Rachael Jeffcoat, Epstein, Jake and Haltiwanger, John. [16] On 30 May, at about 11.00 a.m., an Arospatiale SA 330 Puma helicopter was brought down by another missile, also fired by the SAS, in the vicinity of Mount Kent. That's why the U.S. and its NATO ally Germany decided to give the Ukrainians a potent weapon that might help even the odds the Stinger antiaircraft missile [sources:, Gould and Altman]. lav battlefield vehicle icon wiki wikia health vehicles battlelog Lithuania,[59] It can be adapted to fire from a wide variety of ground vehicles, and from helicopters as the Air-to-Air Stinger (ATAS). But it's still fearsome. The BCUs are somewhat sensitive to abuse, and have a limited shelf life due to argon leakage. That day, video footage emerged of alleged Turkish soldiers (backing Syrian opposition fighters) firing what apparently looks like a Roketsan-made Stinger against either Russian or Syrian aircraft (or possibly against both).[53]. To fire the missile, a BCU (Battery Coolant Unit) is inserted into the gripstock. Insider, March 1, 2022. The missile looks at the angle of off-centeredness and changes its angle of flight proportionally. By 7 March, the USA reported that it and its NATO allies had together sent more than 2,000 Stinger missiles to Ukraine. Both Russian pilots were rescued. The replacement FIM-92C began development in 1984, and production began in 1987. The Stinger is launched by a small ejection motor that pushes it a safe distance from the operator before engaging the main two-stage solid-fuel sustainer, which accelerates it to a maximum speed of Mach2.54 (750m/s). This device consists of a supply of high-pressure gaseous argon which is injected into the seeker to cryogenically cool it to operating temperature, and a thermal battery which provides power for target acquisition: a single BCU provides power and coolant for roughly 45 seconds, after which another must be inserted if the missile has not been fired. When Russia invaded Ukraine in late February 2022, outnumbered Ukrainian defenders on the ground were vulnerable to attack from Russian helicopters, which also had the ability to transport Russian troops rapidly around the beleaguered smaller country. [54] C-type missiles were fitted with a reprogrammable microprocessor, allowing for incremental firmware updates. The soldier pulls the trigger, and two things happen: The missile then flies to the target automatically and explodes. By: Marshall Brain & Patrick J. Kiger Production of the Redeye ran from 1969 to 1982, with a total production of around 85,000 missiles. [18] Milt Bearden saw it as a "force multiplier" and morale booster. 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This means that the target is an airplane less than 2 miles (3.21 kilometers) high and it is visible as a shape (rather than a dot), then most likely the Stinger missile can hit it. 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The technology enables the missiles to destroy drone aircraft either with direct hits or by detonating near them, a capability that was demonstrated in Army testing in 2017. (March 3, 2022), Gould, Joe and Altman, Howard. "U.S. Army Opens 5-Year Search For Stinger Missile Replacement. " With the arsenal declining from obsolescence, on 10 November 2020 the U.S. Army issued a request for information for a replacement MANPADS. [35], The last Stingers were supplied in 1988 after increasing reports of fighters selling them to Iran and thawing relations with Moscow. The guidance section includes the seeker assembly, a guidance assembly, a control assembly, a missile battery and four wings that provide in-flight maneuverability. The missile is 5.0ft (1.52m) long and 2.8in (70mm) in diameter with 3.9in (100mm) fins. Oct. 9, 2017. [18], Wilson and his associates at first viewed the Stinger as "just adding another component to the lethal mix we were building. Until it was decommissioned in September 1993, the U.S. Navy had at least one Stinger Gunnery Detachment attached to Beachmaster Unit Two in Little Creek Virginia. While modern flares can have an IR signature that is closely matched to the launching aircraft's engine exhaust, there is a readily distinguishable difference in UV signature between flares and jet engines. 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Wall Street Journal. During the recovery operation, a Libyan MiG-23MS was shot down by a FIM-92A. Marshall Brain & Patrick J. Kiger The seeker has a 20% chance of losing lock to countermeasures. It is able to launch Stinger missile at a rate of one every four seconds (15 missiles per minute). In other words, it uses a multiplier. Italy,[57] Sept. 19, 2017. [4] The Stinger-RMP is so-called because of its ability to load a new set of software via ROM chip inserted in the grip at the depot.