This style of architecture allowed for a maximum amount of light to infiltrate churches, cathedrals, and other religious buildings built during the Middle Ages, and it allowed builders to achieve dizzying heights for their vaulted ceilings. The Sainte Chapelle windows consist of 15 panels and a large rose window. If you look long enough at the Sainte-Chapelles rose window, which dates back to around 1495, it almost looks like a huge firework exploding; the colors are incredible. Just ring the bell on the sidewalk and an old monk will appear and let you in. Who designed the Sainte-Chapelles stained glass windows? All Rights Reserved. Landmarks in Singapore The Sainte-Chapelle was constructed in 1242, and was commissioned by the French king at the time, King Louis IX. After sightseeing, take a romantic stroll along the embankments of the Seine. It was built to house the relics of the Passion of Christ and served as the private chapel of the Royal Family. The Sainte Chapelle stained glass windows are like a book that tells the story of the Bible, and how the relics that were housed there came to Paris.

Painted architecture is somewhat rare among Gothic churches these days. Love Paris, London and Italy?

The Sainte-Chapelle is located on the le de la Cit in the historical center of Paris. Well, there are 1,113 panels, and some were replaced during the successive restoration campaigns between the Middle Ages and the 19th century. Built in the 13th century over a shockingly short period of only 7 years, Sainte-Chapelle was constructed to house some of the most precious Christian relics, including the Crown of Thorns worn by Jesus Christ as he was crucified. It also lets you explore in detail the rose window representing the Book of Revelation:- Saint John hearing the voice of the first animal- God on his throne holding the Book of the Seven Seals- Saint John and the Seven Churches of Asia at the feet of the Son of man.

The infamous Viollet-le-Duc (the architect responsible for numerous restorations in Paris, including the Notre-Dame) helped out as well, though unofficially.

In summertime sunset timing is around 9.30 pm whilst in wintertime is around 4 pm. Theres no denying that Paris Sainte-Chapelle royal chapel is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture, it even won Tiqets Venues award Best Landmark last year!

To be considered as Sainte Chapelle it needs to follow some criteria: The nearest Sainte Chapelle is the one located inside Chteau de Vincennes. You mentioned earlier that the Sainte-Chapelle is an example of Gothic architecture.

Does it need a lot of maintenance?

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It culminates in the Apocalypse, or Final Judgment, which is shown in the rose window. Stained glass windows were actually originally created to help illiterate people read stories from the Bible. The 15 different stained-glass windows of 15 meters each on the first floor are beautiful, but they still can not be compared with the sumptuousness of the massive stained-glass windows of 600 m2 that cover the second floor. Website:

The scale is huge, and the colors and details with many shades are amazing. Click here to learn more and to make your booking! Paris - Attractions & museums - what to see, The Sainte-Chapelle stained glass windows by Jean-Christophe BENOIST - WikiCommons. The biblical books included in the Sainte-Chapelle stained glass windows are as follows: Take a look at the windows in order, and you will experience them as the original designer of the chapel intended. This was melted during the French Revolution and now the relics are part of the Treasure of Notre Dame (saved from the fire). So, whats kept you in your role with the Sainte-Chapelle for 25 years? You can visit the Sainte-Chapelle free of charge if you are: Sainte-Chapelle is now a secular building, so theres no dress code. With large chandeliers hanging from above, you feel that you are in a magical castle. The stained glass has been maintained and restored throughout the 20th century, and all the windows were removed during both World Wars. It highlighted Paris as a major destination for Christian pilgrims, and underscored its already dominant role in the dissemination of the Gothic style throughout Europe.

You can visit this former royal chapel for just 11.50.

Its tympanum represents the Last Judgement and it deserves to admire it with attention to the details. paris

The windows were restored to their 13th century goodness, and are actually some of the only parts of the chapel that was restored to its original 13th century condition. To read more about the incredible restoration, see this page. | Disclaimer | Privacy Policy | Contact | Work with Us |, Best Time to Visit Sainte Chapelles Stained Glass Windows, Visiting Sainte Chapelle and Sainte Chapelles Windows, Have the same proportions as the Sainte Chapelle in Paris, but not necessarily its dimensions, Host at least one relic of the Passion of Christ, The oldest wall painting in Paris (13th century). However, I find that most visitors are inclined to spend the most time on scenes that capture their eye. When the sun is overhead, the rays dont enter at an angle so it is not a good time for photography. Adult tickets are 40, students and people under the age of 26 usually pay 20 for a ticket, and kids tickets are 10. The Crown of Thorns was only shown to the public as part of a veneration event on the 1st Friday of each month until last spring. They tell the story of the Bible, and how the relics that were housed there came to Paris.

However, contrary to most Gothic structures of the period and despite its rich interior decoration, the exterior of Sainte-Chapelle is relatively simple and austere, devoid of the usual flying buttresses or any major sculptures.

Thats where youll find the rose window, and when the doors to the upper chapel are open, you can see a myriad of colors of the stained glass.

Available in 6 languages (FR, IT, ES, DE, EN, CH). Its common practice in Catholicism to house holy objects inside ornate containers called a reliquary. No documents actually identify the architect of the Sainte-Chapelle, but it is widely accepted that Pierre de Montreuil, the architect of the Basilica of Saint-Denis and of the transept of Notre Dame Cathedral, oversaw the construction of Sainte-Chapelle. If these windows sound like a story that you need to follow along in a certain order, youre right! Priority access to visitors with a reserved time slot. Have you ever looked through a kaleidoscope?

Rose window? When you will observe it in detail, you will find that each of them depicts a scene from the Old and New Testaments, and in total 1113 scenes are depicted.

They are composed of 1,113 little pieces of glass and most of them date from the 13th century.

Stay up-to-date with our latest news, blogs and specials by signing up for the Vacation Perfect newsletter. When you first enter the dark, moody and low-ceilinged lower level after having waited in the painfully slow security line for way too long, you think: OK, this is cool, I guess, but nothing can prepare you for what lies above in the upper chapel. It helps you see the windows in clearer detail.This device complements the information tools already in place (audio-guides, information boards). Its the one where you can see Christ surrounded by his disciples, and sitting on the shoulder of Judas is a little green demon or devil. I never tire of visiting the Sainte-Chapelle and I am always amazed by the beauty of the upper chapel. Posted The panels tell the story of the Bible, and how the relics that were housed there came to Paris. And, what better way to honor their importance that to build a chapel filled with stained glass windows? That's because paint pigment is one of the first things to fade and deteriorate as the centuries pass, and it's not typically the first priority when it comes to restoration efforts. The western facade is the most spectacular.

The Crown of Thorns was bought for 135,000 livres tournois about half of the annual income of the royal domain at that time while the construction of the Sainte Chapelle cost about 40,000 livres tournois, three times less than the Crown of Thorns.

The last window depicts the history of the relics that were brought to Paris by King Louis IX. Usually, French soloists from Euromusic Productions perform at the chapel. Its the sheer amount of stained glass in the upper chapel that is so impressive, the supporting walls seem to disappear and one is left with the impression that the whole edifice is made up only of light and colour. Commissioned by King Charles V, it was consecrated under the rule of King Henri II and it hosted a fragment of the Holy Cross brought from the Sainte Chapelle in Paris. Molli is a writer who lives and breathes Paris. Adress:8 Boulevard du Palais, 75001 ParisTransport: metro ligne 4, Cit stationOpening hours: January-March - Mon-Sun 9:00-17:00 / April-September - 9:00-19:00 / October-December - 9:00-17:00, O'Bon Paris - 148 rue de Courcelles - 75017 Paris, THE SAINTE CHAPELLE : THE DAZZLING STAINED GLASS WINDOWS.

Famous Van Gogh paintings So, beginning in 1836, the entire chapel needed to be restored, including the stained glass windows. This public bodys primary mission, apart from opening and maintaining over 100 national monuments, is to conserve, restore, and maintain the monuments that fall under its responsibility. Having visited the cathedral of St Chappell twice, I would recommend it to the tourist visiting Paris for the first time. In the 13th century, much of the worlds population was illiterate, thats why churches were decorated with sculptures, stained glass, and paintings telling stories of the Bible. Then the pieces of glass are assembled scene by scene and held together with strips of channeled lead. This added yet another dark layer on top of the already fading stained glass windows, making it nearly impossible to make out the images. After that, the present steeple wasnt built until 1855. There is also a rose stained glass window in the Sainte-Chapelle, but it was added in the 15th century. These windows tell the story of the Bible, from Genesis until the Resurrection of Jesus. Dont miss this beautiful (and recently restored) Chapel and also Chteau de Vincennes, one of the most beautiful castles near Paris! The Dazzling Stained Glass Windows of Sainte-Chapelle, Chicken Tagine with Preserved Lemons and Purple Olives, 2017 Paris Real Estate Report: The 7-Year Itch, 7 Of The Best Hot Chocolates Youll Ever Taste In Paris. Is that what makes the Sainte-Chapelle stained glass windows so impressive? Sainte Chapelle suffered from fire and flood during the French Revolution, many parts of it were destroyed, including the rinoid - a symbol of the royal family of France. The Upper Chapel is adorned with a unique collection of stained glass windows. The original Western Sainte-Chapelle rose window was replaced in 1495; that was recently restored and unveiled to the public in 2016 and its now acknowledged as a masterpiece of flamboyant Gothic architecture. Whatever the reason, its a good thing they did it! Thankfully, the chapel is maintained by our public body, theCentre des monuments nationaux, which is a public establishment of the French Ministry of Culture. The Sainte-Chapelle is known around the world for its collection of 15 stained glass windows that are 15 meters tall. DID YOU KNOW? The other famous display of stained glass in France is in the Chartres Cathedral, which is about 90 kilometers from Paris. chapelle solosophie stained sainte chapelle solosophie cite

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