So glad to hear that, Norma! I hope Catherine sees these comments! One of the most annoying things that the purse-carrying population has to deal with is the tricky business of figuring out where your bag goes in your car. Returned items without Return Merchandise Authorization will not be accepted. Learn more about her test drives in vehicles and DIY articles! Right now its me and one Instagram ad so this review is sooo helpful to me and soooooo appreciated! Both designs are comfortable. Thanks so much for letting me know how you had done itI love it that wayworks perfectly! . How I Finally Purchased (and Funded) a Handbag I've Been Stalking for 3 Years, Planning Some Updates to My Spring-Summer Bag Wardrobe, Here are My Faves, My Fave Yellow Paint Colors: Duron Sugar Cookie and Duron Tea Biscuit. We are here to help you.

Rather than making your handbag take up ample space on a car seat and creating unnecessary clutter, you can easily place it in the car bag organizer instead. floor is filthy and I dont want my handbags covered with that, There are no screws or wrenches, just ties with the best car handbag holder, net catches the handbag and holds it like a hammock. We know that it is hard to find awesome products on Amazon that suit your needs best. Once your return is received and inspected, we will email you a notification of receipt. KIMLUD.COM - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Never miss a Between Naps on the Porch post! First day I launched it outside of Cincinnati, a professional organizer (Organize365) was Skyping with 20+ professional organizers in the morning of September 24, 2013. Have always wanted a place to put my purse but had no idea anything existed.

Thank you for one more thing to make life easier. Catherine shared the process of how this handbag holder came to be and I found it fascinating. My console slides back a bit, then lifts up-no problem. $(document).ready(function() { I thought you would enjoy her story and if you have a center opening console, you may find the suggestion she left to be helpful. If the order is cancelled you will get full refund. Or youve found yourself trying to look for your ringing phone, only to miss a very important phone call that could change your life. Before returning an item, customers must contact us to apply for a return. This adjustable and durable faux leather large-capacity bag fits easily between the front seats of any car.

How To Use 1. form = btn.length ? Take the circle attachment and the bottom cord. If the order is cancelled you will get full refund. Please note that this car handbag holder is compatible with all car consoles. (you can get them in black, white, tan) My concern is tossing the purse into it could make the strings slide out of the hooks, but worth a try. It's not safe to shove it down by your feet near the pedals, tossing it into the back means you can't easily reach for it, and it's an awkward act of servitude to ask your passenger to hold it for you. Naturally, the placement of my LV or Gucci and Coach bags, any of them, was met with harsh resistance. Your lipstick will never be the same after that. I dont want it to get dirty so I really hate putting this purse on the floor of the car or having it fall from the passenger seat if I make a sudden stop. See you tomorrow for Tablescape Thursday! The faux leather back seat organizer connects easily from one front seat to another without covering your console or dirtying up your car interior. I think this is the perfect Mothers Day gift! Replies to my comments ), or my son placing his cleats on it when I placed it on the filthy floor, or having to stretch to get it in the backseat. So thankful that she did create it because its definitely making my life a lot easiernot to mention saving my handbags! RefundsOnce your return is received and inspected, we will email you a notification of receipt. The brand says it's big and sturdy enough to hold bags of all sizes, and it even has a built-in pocket to store things like an umbrella, eyeglass case, and your phone. So many times my purse has ended up on the floor of my car, not to mention contents everywhere.

As a special bonus, if I am in a hurry, I forget to close my handbag. Hey Susan! As an added bonus, pet parents can drive safely with their pooch in the back, as the purse holder acts as a barrier between their pet and the front seats.

Attach the buckles to the driver and passengers headrest. When the kids are in the backseat, I store some health bars for them to snack on, which fits perfectly in the back-facing storage pocket. Ive been a chef, traveled a great deal, and I love to be inventive with DIY. $24.99); i have a little car (honda fit) with no console . Extra Efficient Protection, Wide and Upgraded Storage, Fast, Simple, and Easy Assembly: Theres no need to struggle with any bolts, screws, and suction cups with this mesh large-capacity bag! XXX, I bought it from your suggestion but do not use it as a purse holder.. My pup sometimes falls through the opening when we put on our brakes and she also gets so excited when we open the hatch because she knows we are getting out her stroller so she started jumping to the back.. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.

This Car Handbag Holder keeps all your essentials in one place like your purse, beverage, snacks, documents, gadgets, and a lot more. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Own the space, do this simple DIY, and get the Best Car Handbag Holder. Eight months later I signed with a large licensing firm and they took it to over 100,000 retailers and sold over 1mm units in a little over a year. , Women helping women. Yes, many purses have been stolen from the front passenger seat on a nice day. I purchased one as soon as I saw your first post. Let alone tidying your car takes so much time and energy. This car accessory will really make your driving experiences so much better. I get in from the outside, toss it in, sanitize my hands and the handbag straps, and drive off. If the customer has returned the package without prior authorization, sends to the wrong address, returns an incorrect item, or submits an empty package,areyoushop.comreserves the right to refuse any compensation. Items must be unworn, unwashed, and have original tags attached. Customers need to bear shipping costs, and the Return Shipment Tracking Numbers must email Order ID Number is also your RMA Number must be on the Shipping Label. A 30% restocking fee will be charged for all returns. form.prop('action') : ''; It looks so nice that way. The reviewer added, "Where has this been all my life?!". Your handbag will be fully accessible and youll be able to easily just toss your handbag here and not worry about it again!

Thanks for the recommendation! btn.attr( "target", "_blank" );

I only recommend what I love and either already own or has outstanding reviews. -) Utilizing unused space to keep the purse from getting dirty on the floorboard or falling out of reach. Oh, the joys of motherhood as my bag is tossed on the car floor and it just explodes like an erupting volcano. Thats how I had seen it in the photos at Amazon, so thats how I have been using it. seats Indeed, this cargo tissue purse holder works great not only for bags and purses but also for your favorite accessories! Trying to grab anything from the backseat while driving is not only risky but ridiculous. We accept order cancellation before the product is shipped or produced. I am loving mine so I know what you mean. - eBay Money Back Guarantee - opens in a new window or tab, - for PayPal Credit, opens in a new window or tab, Learn more about earning points with eBay Mastercard, - eBay Return policy - opens in a new tab or window, - eBay Money Back Guarantee - opens in a new tab or window. So I always take my whole wallet out with me.

She loved your write up so much she really wants to use my product! Also, cool that other readers have found other usesprotecting their dog, oxygen tank, etc. The handbag holder is available here: Car Handbag Holder. Customers need to bear shipping costs, and the Return Shipment Tracking Numbers must email 2. What a great story and the product is helping so many people. My purse would end up tossed in the backseat, or someone dared to put it on the floor. Purse holder for car will help you eliminate these situations since you will be able to precisely locate and retrieve all your belongings quickly.To place a handbag in your lap causes your clothes to crease or crumple up and can look very unprofessional and unsightly. Hugs, and happy travels!!

Theres nothing more to the installation! Youve probably been in a situation where you spent at least 5 minutes digging around your bag, looking for your wipes or sunglasses, only to find them lying messily at the bottom. Thank you! backseat barier Susan perhaps the inventor (genius) of this snazzy must-have would be kind enough through your blog to set up a give-away to one lucky winner. 1 Car Handbag Holder 1 User Manual 1 Circle Attachment. ~ Dana XO. Extra Efficient Protection: This extra thick and durable purse storage and pocket forms a complete barrier between you and naughty pets and children seated at the rear, so you dont have to worry about any dipping sauces, water, or dogs causing you trouble while you drive. The car pockets between seats will save your time and energy and even allow you to reach faster for your things. If you buy Rainmakers Academy information and do not take action you will get little to no results. -) Keeping your kids in the back seats. I had a woman that follows your blog call me with a question on how to use it with a console that doesnt open from the front (I have suggestions towards the bottom of this note). My daughter and I shop a lot and I have to cram my purse by her feet and hers is already down there (so she gives me a dirty look) but neither of us wants to put our purse in the back seat so were both happy! We have the benefit of practicing passive income generating techniques for 7+ years, and have an established skillset as a result. You'll find answers to the most frequently asked questions, Have a question not answered under the FAQ tab? Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

Copyright 1995-2022 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. I have dumped by bag on floor a number of times due to a sudden stop and hate the inconvenience of the back seat. Adjust the cord. Unlike other automotive consoles & organizers, We designed our bag holder for car with a "honeycomb" hexagon shape stitching to stand out. Today, we are going to make your handbag/purse stop flying around the front seat and it will no longer sit on the floor! 2. What a treat to hear from the inventor and her story. We cannot cancel the order if the product is already shipped out.Returns For RefundWe stand behind everything that we sell and will do everything possible to assure you are satisfied. Not only for the safety, but I hate putting my purse on the floor-car or anywhere else! handbag in the backseat and you need something from it. Say goodbye to spilled make-up and sauces, and say hello to a cleaner interior with this extra reliable purse holder for cars! Fast, Simple, and Easy Assembly: Theres no need to struggle with any bolts, screws, and suction cups with this mesh large-capacity bag! }); Thanks, Sheran! Surprised it even holds a large tote or knapsack. The item you've selected was not added to your cart. Thanks so much to Catherine for sharing the process shes gone through to create this holder and for the tips on how to use it with a car that doesnt have a front opening console. The faux leather large capacity bag is also designed with stretchable fabric and adjustable straps, making this car net pocket compatible with both large SUVs and compact sedans. Messes on the floor and your purse getting dirty. Years later I received notes that the solution was still working great with their heavy purses. I have a new purse in the light shade of pink thats popular now.

A Subtle Degree Of Difference - The between seat car organizer is tailored from top-notch PU leather with a poly filling quilting for best user experience. Tucks my bag away nicely but within reach. I have a little secret: I know the best car handbag holder on the market! Thanks so much, Ginger! Kay, I just hooked mine up the way you described tying the cords underneath the seat belt latch part and its working great! Customers have the right to apply for a return within 30 days after the receipt of the product. . You'll find contact information for Susan. (function( w, d, $, undefined ) { You can kind of see how its hooked over them in the photo and below. I love all these ideas everyone is coming up with to make it work with cars that dont have a console. A young man walked by and grabbed it off the seat and ran! 3. She shared that a handbag is supposed to rest on the holder as I have mine in my photos. I am not placing it on the floor NOR will anyone else.

Package Dimensions: 16.5 x 6.5 x 2.0 inches, Definitely do not under any circumstance put your email in this box below if you hate valuable tips on how to create income from homebecause we'll send them to you if you do that (so definitely don't if you hate money or just love working really really hard). We cannot cancel the order if the product is already shipped out. This awesome car handbag holder (purchased HERE) has been working beautifully despite the fact its really designed to work in a car with a center console that opens from the front, not the push-button type that opens in the center as mine does. Rita Moreno Says She Dated Elvis as Revenge Against Cheating Ex Marlon Brando: 'It Was Wonderful', Rita Moreno revealed she dated Elvis Presley to get back at her ex-boyfriend Marlon Brando for cheating on her, Machine Gun Kelly Poses with Daughter Casie at the 2021 American Music Awards, The American Music Awards, hosted by Cardi B, are broadcasting live from Los Angeles on Sunday, Jennifer Lopez Sings from the Heart in New 'On My Way' Music Video, Jennifer Lopez released the official music video for her song "On My Way," which is featured in her upcoming rom-com Marry Me, Stars Who Opened Up About Their Sexuality and Gender Identity in 2021, The Best (& Worst) Jeopardy! I read your blog every week for metamorphosis Monday. btn.parents('form:first') : $(document.createDocumentFragment()), In fact, the product I am about to share is ONE I have been using, because theres no way my Louis Vuittons are gonna end up anywhere near the floor! The car back seat mesh organizer takes only a minute to install and does not require any additional electronics or lights.

I try to wear slacks with pockets when I shop. I know, so amazing! Actually, when they are not in the car, I toss my umbrella in the extra pocket. To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. This ingenious design is essentially a piece of mesh with straps attached to it that instantly creates a hammock of sorts for your purse toward the back of the center console. Gain more space and save your handbag from torture. Thus having a purse holder for car ensures that you will not have to face this problem anymore.The uniqueness of the purse holder between the driver seat helps with: -) Organizing the car.

However, it took a woman to fix a mans oversight and she did! "use strict"; You will find that your handbag fits in effortlessly. Thank you for sharing. With your Car Bag Holder, you will have a safe trip to the grocery, school picks up/drop-off, and road trip. Information without action is worthless. We use these real references from real students for inspirational purposes only. It must also be in the original packaging. About a month ago I shared an awesome product that solved an ongoing problem Ive been dealing with forever: trying to keep my handbag out of the sun when Im out running errands or on trips AND trying to keep it out of the floor whenever I have to stop suddenly. You spend hours if not days researching your desired product on Amazon but none fits your needs. mine should be arriving today!! Susan, I bought this based on your review!! If the return is confirmed, please place the item securely in its original packaging and order number must be on Shipping Label, and mail your return to the our designated address. Keeping your essentials in a car caddy can help you find them easily. Im using the other hooks I bought and they work but it would be more convenient if they could hang on the front but I am getting in the habit of using them correctly. Still think about him almost every day. Wide and Upgraded Storage: Do you need storage for various everyday items? It works wonderfully. All Decorating, Tablescaping, Before and Afters, Thrifty Finds, and Gardening.

I wonder if that would work for your car? Ive been telling all my friends about how cool my handbag holder is. 1,To return an item, please email customer service atSale@areyourshop.comto get the return address. Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. But more than 4,700 five-star ratings point to a solution in the Car Cache Purse Holder. I think I may try it that idea in my car since it would look a bit neater than having it through the armrests. In fact, I never worry if my purse is open or shut. We accept order cancellation before the product is shipped or produced. While you search through your purse for at least one of those items, your bag flies into the backseat, where it is now at the mercy of your kids. since i usually drive alone my plan is to attach it to the passenger seat, possibly backwards, we shall see.

if ( 'submit' == btn_type ) { Returned items without Return Merchandise Authorization will not be accepted. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. A few days ago I was so surprised to get a comment on that previous post from the clever inventor of this awesome holder. . Then, after 3 days of heavy car use, with passengers and rain, I learned how badass it is. Faux Leather I suggest working from the front seat in daylight to get this installed. Right now, the Car Cache Purse Holder is on sale at Amazon for 40 percent off, but there's a clickable coupon on the product page that brings the price down an additional 25 percent as well. RELATED: Calling all shoppers! Especially when you have kids, it is always a challenge to keep a clean car. There are no screws or wrenches, just ties with the best car handbag holder. We will also notify you of the approval or rejection of your refund.If you are approved, then your refund will be processed within 5 working days, and a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment. Everything in your faux leather back seat organizer stays in place without falling over even during fast driving or travel on curvy roads. Plus if someone is riding with me, I hate having to put it in the back seat. When I get in the car, I place it in the holder. They confirmed that the bag holder does exactly what it's designed to do it successfully keeps their purse from falling into the second row of seats while allowing them to get into the center console if needed, too. I cant wait!! They started blogging/tweeting about my Car Cache and that afternoon an executive from Amazons headquarters called me and asked if his team can put a store up for me, Cause this is going to be big! And they did!!!! It must also be in the original packaging. When I first moved to the area I met a woman while shopping who had her purse stolen. Dana is an experienced DIYer and test drives vehicle brands too! 2021 I put my keys in one pocket, and I have a little fold over case the size of a business card holder to put my credit card, drivers license etc in. Hugs, Kath. Kimlud is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

I definitely loved hearing from the inventor Susan! Super moms who need to make stops at the grocery and pet owners who need to take their cats and dogs to the park will surely love this simple yet premium back seat net bag! (Now, if only I could have a profitable dream, lol!) Thanks for always educating us in what is out there Susan!

Same when getting gas, while you are busy pumping the gas they steal your purse. Now, for cars that do not have a console lid that opens from the front Customers told me of a great solution! As one woman said You can steal my purse, but I am not walking home. Awesome. Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. No worries about this DIY install because the best car handbag holder that you need right now is an easy fix with no tools required! btn.attr( "formtarget", "_blank" ); Problem solved ! Plus, this car bag holder will keep your pets and kids from moving to the front seat allowing you to drive undisturbed and safe. We Are Committed to You, Committed to Quality - The automotive seat back organizers straps are fully adjustable, with reinforced sewing at the carriers in conjunction with the straps to prevent ripping when weighed down by heavy objects. Where theres a will, theres a way! All of the snacks are gone. //the formtarget attribute is only used for buttons with type="submit" /html5 Thanks so much, Brenda! Car Cache Purse Holder, $11.24 with coupon (orig. Thats why we designed a unique car console organizer, the Car Pocket Handbag Holder Between Seats, to bring order to your life. To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase. and I just received my new packaging last November so am just now trying to get the word out. It works great. Where do you find one with strings instead of Velcro strap that goes under console? The Rainmaker Family is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The sales figures stated above and on The Rainmaker Challenge are Stephen&Chelsey's personal sales figures and students of Rainmakers Academy's sales figures. If you missed my previous post about this handbag holder, youll find it here: This $16.99 Product Changed my Life! And thanks to a double discount, its only $11 right now. I miss Max, too. -) Preventing someone's purse from sliding & flipping over when driving. Im so glad, Vikki! View cart for details. purse in installed handbag holder off floor and seat! document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Subscribe for Daily Blog Post Updates! Don't subscribe it looks worthless but it is truly invaluable the best card handbag holder, When I installed it, initially I was thinking, really this is a piece of crap what did I buy it for?. If you're not willing to accept that, please do not join the Rainmaker Challenge or apply for Rainmakers Academy.

Faux Leather Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. Never let anyone move your handbag, its YOUR car. I received my Patent 2.5 years ago and took the product back (they marketed it completely inaccurately!) If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission. Price:$9.99(as of 21/07/2022 11:18 PST- Details)Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. My purse is not going to spill out everywhere when I forget to zip it or close it. I am sure I will love it as we have similar tastes!! Your results will vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to your background, experience, and especially your work ethic. This was such a great invention for women and I cant wait to buy myself one of these. If it does not I am so sorry because this is a total game-changer. Sign up to get hand-picked deals, celebrity fashion inspo, and more delivered by text message. Do you think she/you would consider doing so? I may try that on my car. Buy It! This car front seat organizer holds purses, bags, cellphones, documents, and many other items firmly. Celebrity Guest Host Show Moments, Billie Eilish Ditches Her Blonde Hair for Brunette Tresses: 'Miss Me? Theres even a back pocket on this holder! Although I know my backseat is a wonderful place, its not the place for my handbag. asked about how to use it with her console that slides open Now every car is different, but I suggested that she purchase 3M Command hooks and stick them to the Back of the console, upside down, and tie the strings around them. Thats so smart about not leaving it on the seat while pumping gas, Ive never thought about that before. Definitely a game changer! We stand behind everything that we sell and will do everything possible to assure you are satisfied. Thanks Susan. Thanks for all the suggestions, love your blog, I miss Max, that is why I started to follow!! Never miss a Between Naps on the Porch post! ', The singer revealed that she dyed her hair dark brown after debuting her blonde look earlier this year, Sen. Tammy Duckworth Calls Going Back to Work After Having a Miscarriage 'Inhumane', "Even though we cleared my calendar for the day, I was still on the phone. The woman that called today and told me about your blog (Thank You Priscilla!) I purchased one of the handbag holders from Amazon. Update: Check out the suggestion Kay made in the comments of this post describing how shes using this handbag holder in her car even though her car doesnt have armrests or a front-opening console. Now us women dont have to do that with this great invention!

It doesnt need any tools and bolts. Honestly, I dont know how I survived without this before. Order ID Number is also your RMA Number must be on the Shipping Label. } Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. Great to hear from the inventor! Place the circle attachment between the backrest and the seat of the passengers seat. Create a safe and convenient space in your car for your bag and order the Car Cache Purse Holder today while it's still on sale at Amazon. That was the issue she had with how it had been marketed in the past and why she took back over the marketing of her holder. Therefore, we craft all of our stylish but functional products with practicality for the outdoors in mind. Comes with an easy attachment buckle option and the velcro strap for the lower attachment to the console. Attaching the adjustable straps to the back of the two front seats leaves the mesh in the middle ready to support your purse, as it prevents any bag from sliding off the center armrest and onto the floor behind you. I would like to share a tip.

btn.prop('type') : '', 2021 TECHAIAPP.COM - A REGISTERED BRAND OF KIMLUD. I have taken many of your suggestions, and they have always worked beautifully!! FACEBOOK is a trademark of FACEBOOK, Inc. Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Square, round, hobo, they all fit and they NEVER move! Really, whoever designs cars, forgets that women have HANDBAGS, so I guess its a man designing the car. To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase. One shopper said it took two minutes to install this clever purse holder in their car and they feel the mesh quality was much nicer in person than in pictures online. Items must be unworn, unwashed, and have original tags attached. Thanks for sharing Susan and thanks to Catherine for this genius idea! You can still fit your elbow on the console.